Part 5

It felt really weird to be walking through the house naked, but the risk of being busted was kind of exciting.

"Are you sure your momís in the bathroom?" Paul whispered.

"Yeah, man. And she takes forever in there. Quick! Move ass! Richard will be here any minute now."

Paul and I grabbed a couple of dinner plates and hopped up on the kitchen bench. We each placed a plate under our asses and squatted. A few seconds later, Richard walked in. He was wearing another one of those totally fucked hibiscus shirts that flowed freely over a pair of Bermudas.

"What the hell?" The expression on Richardís face was priceless. He was in total shock. Paul and I couldn't resist giggling.

"What is this? What are you kids doing? Where are your clothes? How come youíre stark naked?"

I tried as hard as I could to keep a straight face. "Weíre about to fix your breakfast, Richard. Specialty of the house." I exploded into laughter. Paul couldnít hold back either.

"Breakfast? What are you kids talking about? This is insane! Iím going to get your mother."

"I wouldnít if I were you," I said seriously. "I just might tell her about all those porno mags I found in your suitcase."

The blood drained from Richardís face. He stood there with his jaw scraping the floor.

"K, Paul. Letís fix breakfast for our guest of honor."

Paul and I strained our asses and out popped the main items on the menu -- Ďplopí, Ďplopí -- one on each plate. We bounced off the bench and our bare feet hit the vinyl floor. Both of us were giggling like hell and holding our stomachs.

The floral shirt walked over to the plates and stared at them. His eyes shot out of their sockets on springs."Eggs? You guys laid eggs?"

It was all too much. Paul and I doubled up and fell about laughing so loud you could've heard it for blocks.

Mom hurried into the room."Whatís all this noise? Whatís going on here?"

No sooner had Richard explained what had happened than mom burst into hysterical laughter and had to sit on the floor before she fell in a heap. She rolled over on her back and laughed so much she had tears streaming down her cheeks. Paul and I were doing the same. Richard just stood there scratching his head like a jerk.

I smelt mint and opened my eyes. Paul was shaking my shoulders and looking down at me.

"Daniel? You were laughing in your sleep. What the hell were you dreaming about?"

After Iíd told Paul all about my dream, he cracked so much I thought heíd bust a gut. He fell on top of me so that his head was on my bare chest. I ran my fingers through his soft, shiny, black hair. It felt way cool to have him hugging me and laughing. The shaft of orange morning sunlight coming through the open flap of the tent made it seem totally unreal, like I was still dreaming.

"How come your breath smells like mint?"

Paul lifted his head and looked lovingly at my brown eyes. His giggling subsided. "I went inside and brushed my teeth. I wanted to smell nice for you."

The kid leaned closer, opened his mouth and sent a rush of minty, warm breath up my nose. I drank it in. It beat the fuck out of fresh air. He gazed at me with those awesome blue eyes and smiled that wicked smile of his. I wondered what he was up to.

"Can I lick your nipples, Daniel? Your nipples rock, man. I just love Ďem. They're so damn edible!"

He didnít wait for an answer. He alternated between licking and sucking my nipples, spending a few seconds on one, then the other. Pretty soon, my brown nipples were hard and erect. I watched his pink tongue sending me to heaven. Fuck, this was horny!

"I wanna lick you all over."

I said nothing. I just wanted to lay there passively and let his tongue work its incredible magic. His face came close to mine and I closed my eyes. I was completely relaxed as I felt his warm wetness glide over one eyelid, then the other. The world was a fucking way cool place to be right now. He licked my nose and I could smell his sweet breath. Then he moved to my ears and poked his tongue in all the cavities. It was totally awesome. I opened my eyes and saw that we both had major boners. Our cocks accidentally touched for a second and it was like a bolt of lightning had shot through my body.

Paul took my hand and kissed it all over. Then he licked all my fingers. He led my hand down to my crotch, held my index finger to the head of my cock and let it gather my pre-cum. He moved my finger to his boner and let his pre-cum mix with mine. Then he put my finger in his mouth and sucked it. His blue eyes were smiling that most wicked of wicked smiles again. Jeez, this was driving me fucking wild!

The kid gently forced my arms up and around the back of my head, then lowered his face into my left armpit. I watched him lick my small bunch of blonde hairs. The smell my stale sweat mixed with his spit, but he was loving it. Then he moved to my other armpit and, this time, spent a few seconds enjoying my spicy odor before he started licking again. I watched his jet black hair hanging down over his face and swaying from side to side as his pink tongue licked me like a pet puppyís.

After Paulís tongue had moved back to my nipples, he stopped and looked at me.

"Fuck, I love your body, Daniel. Itís so damn rad. I could just eat you forever."

I watched his tongue massage my nipples, then leave shiny, damp trails all over my tanned chest. He paused again."Dammit, your pecs are so fucking awesome, Daniel. They make me so fucking hot! Jeez!"

He resumed licking my chest. The warm, savory smell of his spit invaded my nostrils and made me so incredibly horny, it caused me to wonder if I would blow my load before he'd finished tongue-bathing me. The skin on my cock was ready to split. My nuts were aching like hell to be emptied.

Paulís tongue moved down to my flat navel and made circular motions around it. Next, he licked my small patch of blonde pubes and made them sparkle with his spit. He looked up and our eyes met. The corners of his mouth curled into a smile as he planned his next mischievous move. Whoa!

I watched Paulís spit dribble over my boner. He used his finger to spread his saliva over my cock, then licked it off. I couldnít stop my solid meat from jerking with each of my ass contractions. He looked up at me again with the devil in his eyes before he lifted my hard dick to his lips and let me watch his young tongue lick its swollen head.

"Donít cum, Daniel. Iím not finished yet."

"Shit, man! Youíre driving me fucking crazy!"

Paul turned around so that he was facing in the opposite direction. His knees were on either side of my chest and his cute ass was pointed right at my face. I could see his boner on the other side of his swinging hangers. Apart from his small patch of black pubes, there was no other hair. Just his flawless, olive skin.

As this incredible kidís tongue licked my nads, I looked at his cute pink hole and wondered what it would be like to ram my cock in there. Could it be as good as fucking his face?

The awesome magic of Paulís tongue worked its way down my inner thighs and to my feet. He spent some time licking them and sucking my toes before he rolled off to one side and spoke.

"Turn over, Daniel."

While his wet lips and magic tongue investigated my shoulders and back, his boner lightly brushed my ass crack a couple of times. An unexpected urge to spread my cheeks overcame me, then I heard his second order.

"Get up on your knees, Daniel, and spread those fucking awesome globes."

The steamy warmth of his tongue in my hole was just too fucking much! I was gonna blow the biggest load of my life any second now. "Paul! Iím gonna cum!"

"Hang on, dude!"

My bud crawled between my legs and laid on his back. His face was just a foot away from my throbber as a thick, silver strand of pre-cum connected my cock to his chin. There was a cheeky sparkle in his electric blue eyes.

"I wanna see your Daniel juice go in my mouth this time," his soft voice pleaded.

Paul rested on his elbows and put his face a few inches away from the head of my aching meat. He opened his mouth wide and fixed his gaze on my piss hole. I was so fucking horny after all of Paulís licking I didnít need to lay a finger on my dick. A torrent of hot teen juice exploded straight into his mouth. Jet after jet after jet of molten, white cream plopped onto his pink tongue until my body sagged with exhaustion. A little blob of my cum missed its target and stuck to the corner of his mouth. I gathered it up on my finger and wiped it on the back of his bottom teeth. He closed his lips around my finger and swallowed several times. Then he licked the remaining pearl of cum from my knob.

"Shit! What time is it? Weíve gotta fix Richardís breakfast!"

By the time we'd put on our shorts and tís and rushed into the kitchen, Richard was already there standing next to mom. He raised both hands to reveal an egg in each one, held between his forefingers and thumbs.

"Hi, guys. I was kind of hoping youíd fix me those special eggs of yours again."

Paul and I cracked up. We collapsed on the floor in uncontrollable laughter.

Mom came over and looked down at us. "Are you boys on something? Good Lord, I just donít understand teens at all," she sighed. "Theyíre so inexplicably crazy! What am I going to do with you two lunatics?"

We fixed Richardís eggs but, this time, we didnít add any special ingredients. Besides, Paul and I agreed that our cum was too special to waste on some lamo head sticking out of a floral shirt.

After breakfast, Paul and I showered together. "Man, it's so damn cool the way the hot water runs down your chest and cascades off your cock like a little waterfall," he said, then squatted and drank it. I figured Iíd better not tell him that I was pissing. When we'd towelled each other and gotten dressed, mom kissed us goodbye, then Richard gave us a lift to school on his way to the airport.

"No offence, boys, but the eggs werenít so great this time. Mustíve been because you guys were in a hurry."

It was so excellent to see the end of that smarmy prick.

Swim practice was really neat. Freddie was there as usual and came running up to Paul and me. "Hiya, guys! When do I get invited over again?" We both winked and smiled at him.

Our coach had us do a whole bunch of stuff including rescue training where I teamed up with Paul. I had to get behind him in the water, put my hands under his arms and hold his chest. I was surprised when I felt his pecs. They werenít so big but they were solid damn muscle. I could feel his hard nipples pressing against the center of my palms.

I pushed off the pool wall and ferried my "patient" to the other side. I was sure he must have felt my boner through the ass of his Speedos. When we got to the other side, he turned and faced me.

"Fuck, youíre a horny bastard, Daniel. Donít you ever think about anything else besides your fucking dick?"

"Yeah. Your cute ass."

The coach gave us fifteen minutes break, so we headed off to the lab to use the school comp. All the doors were unlocked and nobody else was there. I downloaded my email and saw Kyleís name.
hiya daniel,

thanx for the pics man, theyre AWESOME! send the other ten! jeez! i can hardly wait to meet you when you come to cape town. i wanna get my lips around that meat of yours. ill practice on my friend paul until you get here hehehehehehe

8=========== ------ s q u i r t ( :

your friend
When I looked up from the screen to say something, I saw that Paul had taken off his Speedos. His cock was rigid and lined with pale blue veins. I freaked!

"What are you doing, Paul? Somebody could walk in here any minute! Fucking jeez!"

"You didnít blow me this morning, man. Iím horny, 'specially now after I felt your boner on my ass in the pool."

"Damn, Paul! You picked a fine time to want a fucking blow job! We could get busted!"

Paulís blue eyes sparkled as his lips slowly spread into a wide, wicked grin. "Yeah, dude, we could."

I got the message. Yeah, this could be way cool. Having sex where someone might come in and see us rocked. It was a rad idea. Paul grabbed my hand and led me to the middle of the room.

"Here? Youíre loco, man. If somebody comes in, weíre fucking gone!"

"You wanna risk it?"

When Paul looked at me like that it was impossible to say no. My eyes gave him the answer he wanted. My crazy friend put his hands on my shoulders and gently forced me to kneel in front of him. It kind of felt cool to have him boss me around like that for a change. My gaze left his eyes and focused on his hot boy meat. It was fucking gorgeous. Thick and straight. Pre-cum oozed out of its swollen head. I grabbed his blob of juice with my tongue before it fell to the ground. I didnít wanna waste a drop.

"Stay like that."


"I wanna see what it looks like shooting my cum into your mouth. Open up, man. And no fucking argument, K?"

It felt strange but exciting to have Paul acting so macho and bossy. It was great! I studied his body with new eyes. He looked lean and mean. He was slim but well defined. His tanned skin was still wet from the pool and the shine highlighted his muscular definition. I'd never realized how horny this dude could look until now.

Our heads simultaneously turned toward the direction of the noise. "Fuck! Weíre gone!" We freaked! Our terror froze us solid.

"Can I watch?" The voice emerged from the shadows. It was Freddie.

"Fuck, man! You scared the living fucking shit out of us! Who else is here?"

"Nobody, dude. I found the key and locked the door. Can I watch?"

Paul ordered Freddie to go back and unlock the door. He obeyed, returned and stepped out of his Speedos. His cut cock was standing at full mast. The fact that we could be busted at any moment only heightened the thrill of what we were doing. It was totally rad. Nevertheless, my stomach was churning and my heart was pounding like a wired bass drum.

I returned my attention to Paulís throbber. It was still as hard as iron and dripping pre-cum. I licked it off.

"I wanna blow my load like you did this morning, Daniel, without stroking. Know what I mean? Get me hot, man."

Freddie didnít need to be asked. He went behind Paul, spread the kidís cheeks with his hands and starting tonguing that tasty pink hole.

"I thought you wanted to watch." Paul groaned.

"I will -- just before you shoot. Lemme know when."

I put my face under Paulís perfect nads and started licking them with long, sensuous strokes. I could see his blurred shaft resting on my nose. It felt hot and heavy. Freddieís and my tongues almost met as we licked every inch of Paulís ass and balls. Then we heard the trembling, high-pitched warning.


Freddie leaned around so that he could see Paulís cum explode while he kept his finger in Paulís hole. Meantime, I was shit scared that somebody would walk in and see us.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck!"

The whole fucking swim team must have heard Paul scream! I was sure weíd get busted, but I opened my mouth as wide as I could and watched Paulís hot juice spurt out of his bulging cock head. I felt every jet of delicious milk that landed on my tongue. Some shot right to the back of my throat. Some landed on my lips.

When Paulís deluge had finally subsided, he looked down at me and burst into maniacal laughter which caused his still-hard cock to bounce around and slap my face.

"Man, that was so fucking rad!" he giggled. "We couldíve had half the team standing around applauding right now." He laughed again. "But weíre cool, guys. Nobody saw us."

"Hang, Paul. Thereís still a bit of your disgusting shit on my lips," I joked.

Paul grabbed his dick and used its head to gather up the cum that hadn't managed to make it into my mouth. He manipulated his meat to spoon-feed me the rest of his boy cream. I drank every wicked drop.

"Well, Freddie? How was that?"

Freddie sniffed the finger heíd had in Paulís hole. "You guys are way fucking awesome. When do I get invited around again?"

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