Part 6

It was a pretty ordinary week. School, swim practice, homework, TV ... the usual stuff except for Kyle's email. I sent him the rest of my pics during the week. Not all at once, of course. I wanted him to fill his jeans with sticky cum every day.
hiya daniel,

fuck, man! ya pics are outathis world! ya have such a way cool bod. ;) i love ya tan and narrow hips and that six pack. oh, and those pecs! shit they're so damn hot! when i download ya stuff i always check to see if the coast is clear. then i get naked in front of the comp and jack off lookin at ya awesome boner and ya blonde pubes. i musta jacked off 5 times every day this week hehehe. it's gonna be wild when ya get to cape town daniel. i can hardly damn wait!

your friend
PS: and ya buns and hole are fuckin wild too! *lick* :)
I checked out my pics again. Was I that good looking? I was tempted to send them to other guys I knew on the Net, but decided against it. They might post them somewhere. But it would have been cool to know if other guys thought the same as Kyle and Paul did.

I answered the phone. It was my Paul.

"Hi, Daniel. You got plenty of cum saved up?" he giggled.

"What time you gettin' here?"

"Bout 5 or so."

"Can you get the camera again?"

"Think so. Seeya about 5."

Paul came into my room and dumped his overnight bag on the spare bed. He was in baggies and his shirt was unbuttoned. I could see his sexy brown nipples and horny pecs but I didn't comment. No point in giving this hunky dude a big head. Well ... that would come later.

"What are you smiling at?" he grinned.

He knew the answer already, the teasing little shit. I grabbed him around the waist and pulled him on top of me. We wrestled for a while until I let Paul get me in a headlock and hold my face against one of his nipples. He smelt of fresh soap.

"Boys! We only have one house, y'know. Don't trash it!"

"Sorry, mom. We were just..."

"Acting like boys, yes, I know. I hope you grow out of this kind of thing before you go on your respective honeymoons. Otherwise you'd have the hotel staff calling the police and reporting domestic violence!" Mom cracked up at her own joke and collapsed on the bed. "To tell you the truth, boys, I wouldn't have you any other way. You're both absolutely gorgeous and I love you dearly. Come over here and give me the biggest hug ever."

Paul and I sat either side of mom and gave her a big, loving squeeze for several seconds. When we let go, mom looked at our innocent faces.

"I don't believe it! One minute you're trying to kill each other and the next you're both all teary. I'll never understand boys. Never! Now, promise me something."

"What?" we said in unison.

"Promise me you'll stay alive long enough to have dinner in about two hours."

After mom had closed the door behind her, Paul asked me why I wanted him to bring the digital camera over again. I couldn't resist licking the tear off his cheek before I answered. He returned the favor before we stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds. I guessed that we were trying to figure out why we were acting so weird.

"I want to send Kyle some more pics. I've got a few ideas."


"Just keep pressing the shutter button, man. You'll see. Lock the door."

I ripped off my clothes except for my d cap and got into the g-string Mike sent me. Paul knelt down in front of me and aimed the camera lens at my crotch.

"You got my whole body in, man? I want Kyle to see the look on my face."

"I've got from your thighs up to your head ... the one on your neck," Paul giggled.

"Don't shake the camera, prick. I want these pics to be perfect. Oh! Before you start snapping, you'd better wet my g-string. I want the head of my cock to show through the nylon."

"Where's the water?"

"On your tongue."

The kid lowered the camera and worked up plenty of spit in his mouth. Then, his dripping tongue licked my crotch. He sat back on his heels and looked at me. His spit smelt wild.

"Shit, man," he said, "that looks so fucking horny. I can see the ridge on your head and I can almost make out your piss hole."

"K, man, just take a pic about every few seconds 'til I tell you to stop."

I moved the g-string down on one hip, then the other. My blonde pubes spilled out. Two pics. I put my thumbs into the top of the g and lowered it to show half my thick shaft. Three pics. I put my finger under the side of the g and pulled it so one hanger fell out. Four pics. I placed my hands either side of my cock and rubbed the inside of my thighs. Five pics. I peeled the g down my shaft until just before the cock head. Six pics. "Kyle should be fucking wild by now," I thought.

"K, Paul, I'm gonna let my cock bounce out of the g. Get ready to capture the big moment, dude."

My young beef was getting real hard now. I peeled the g until my seven inches of hot boy meat sprang out like it was on a mission to the moon. Paul took a shot of it bouncing. Nine pics.

"Time for the big finale, Paul. Suck me 'til I tell you to stop."

Paul put the camera down and worked his awesome red lips up and down my shaft as he held onto my legs. His tongue was setting my cock head on fire and my balls started to tighten. I was getting pretty close to cumming.

"Fuck, man, get off!"

Paul let my wet cock snap out of his mouth, grabbed the camera and aimed it at me.

"Talk dirty to me, Paul. I wanna shoot with no hands. I want Kyle to see all of my cock and all of my cum."

I stood there with my throbber pointed at the camera while Paul talked about licking my nads and fingering my hole. My nuts hugged the base of my shaft. I watched the camera as my boy juice splattered all over it. It was on Paul's hands and in his jet black hair. It was all over the camera which never stopped clicking.

Paul wouldn't let me transfer the pics to the hard disk until he'd licked my milk off the camera and everywhere else it went. When he'd licked the last blob he could find, he balanced it on the tip of his tongue and kissed me.

All the pics taken before I blew were awesome. Even I got hot looking at my own bod. Paul was watching the screen with me and saying, "jeez!" and "fuck!" and "rad" and all that other stuff. I guessed he really admired me, but he couldn’t quite figure why I was laughing.

Some of the pics of me cumming didn't turn out because Paul had gotten too excited and lost concentration. I didn't wanna send Kyle a pic of the ceiling light. But a couple were totally rad. One of them had this big blob of white cum on the bottom corner of the frame. You could still see all of my body and face, though, and this fucking awesome jet of juice flying out of my cock straight for the lens. Another pic had a couple of blobs of cum on the screen obscuring most of me except my dick and face. My expression looked like a cross between stubbing my toe and winning the lottery.

"What do you think, Daniel?" He emphasized 'you'.

"You want the truth?"


"I think you look fucking rad with my cum in your hair."

Paul reached across the dinner table and grabbed the bowl of potatoes.

"Hey, dude," I said, "mind your manners. We're civilized in this house."

Mom tried to stop the food in her mouth from exploding all over the table as she dissolved into laughter. Paul wasn't quite sure what to think.

"Mom? Must you behave like that when we have a dinner guest, even if it's only this boring fart?"

Still laughing, mom grabbed a napkin, leaned across the table and whacked me over the head.

"Ouch!" I pretended. "Hey, it's cool that Richard's gone."


"Do you like him, mom?"

She didn't answer right away. She cleaned up her mess with the napkin and then spooned some sour cream and chives over her potato.

"Daniel, I miss your father. I get lonely sometimes. God knows I couldn't cope at all if I didn't have you. And when I saw your..." The pause was deafening.

"My what?"

"Well, when I accidentally saw you in the buff on your bed the other morning..."

I started turning crimson again. Paul noticed, and a huge grin spread across his cute face. I wanted to kill him.

"Well," mom continued, "I couldn't help thinking how it reminded me of your father's, I mean your father."

"I never saw that pic in the family album, mom."

Mom leaned across the table and whacked me again with the napkin. Then she went on to tell us that she didn't really like Richard but that she also didn't want to hurt his feelings when he’d phoned to ask if he could stay over. After all, they dated each other before mom met dad and got married.

"Son, I know what you're thinking. Richard and I don't have sex. And, as for his weenie, well, it's weenie." Mom turned her attention to my friend. "Paul, I don't know if you've ever seen Daniel like that, but I can tell you when he was born he was all prick and ribs."

While Paul choked on his food, I could have put the color of a beet to shame. Mom suddenly put her hand to her mouth.

"Oh! I'm so sorry, Paul. That just slipped out. Honest! I didn't mean to ... oh! I'm soooo sorry, Paul!"

When Paul had recovered from his throat full of food, he started to alternate between coughing and laughing. Mom and I eventually cracked up too, and were totally hysterical for what seemed like ages.

Mom thanked us for doing the dishes and said she was going to bed early.

"We should get a dishwasher, mom."

"I already have one. He's handsome with blonde hair."

"Night, mom."

"Night, Nancy."

"Night, boys."

Mom kissed us both on the cheek and went to her room.

"Your mom's way cool, Daniel. I really like her a lot."

"Yeah. She's got great taste in sons, too. Hey, man, I'm busting for a piss!"

"Me too."

Paul hardly pissed at all, then stood aside to let me at the toilet bowl.

"You call that a piss, Paul?"

His black hair tumbled over his forehead as he looked at the floor.

"What's up, dude? You OK?" I cupped his lower jaw in my hand and made him look at me. "Paul? What's the problem, man?"

Those big blue eyes silently searched mine for a few long seconds. He didn't have to speak. I suddenly knew what he was thinking. I roughed up his hair and patted his cheeks.

"It's OK, man. You know I love showing off my cock. You can watch if you wanna."

He sat down beside the toilet bowl and looked up as I unbuttoned my shorts. I took out my semi and let the yellow piss flow freely into the bowl. When I was almost done, I couldn't resist shaking my meat and flicking a few drops onto his face. He smiled at me like it was Christmas.

"Did you know I was pissing in the shower the other day?"


hi kyle,

paul is with me now - he took the pics - im gonna send u a couple at a time - its kinda like a story hehehehe - lemme know what u think - paul and me are really lookin forward to seein u at the swim meet - and maybe after hehehe.

daniel & paul
"Do you really like him?"



"I don't even know the fucker."

"Well it seems like you dig him a lot."

I got out of my shorts and t, then asked Paul to get his gear off and sit on the floor. I stood over him and grabbed his head. I held his face to my groin as I made circular motions with my pelvis. "I like you a lot too, Paul." I grinned.

"How much?" His voice was muffled because his cute face was buried in my family jewels.

"You talk too much, man. Get this meat in your mouth."

Paul wrapped his lips around my semi. It was so damn wild to feel it getting hard inside his mouth as I started to slowly fuck his face. I wanted to watch my shaft glisten with his spit as it glided in and out of those awesome, full, red lips. His blue eyes looked up at me. Shit! He would have fucking died for me if I'd asked him to.

My nuts tightened. I blew my hot juice into his face and down his throat. I could hear him swallowing hard trying to keep up with the sticky torrent. No matter how many times I fucked this wild dude's mouth, it was just as awesome as the last time. He knew my cock so well he could zap electricity all through my body. This had to be the best feeling in the world. Ever.

Paul allowed my meat to flop out of his mouth, then licked off the remaining blob of jizz.

"Stand up and kiss me."

I opened my mouth and let his cum-soaked tongue inside.

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