Part 7

I woke about 2am. There was enough light from the comp screen-saver to see Paul asleep on the other bed. He was sprawled out naked on his back, like I was.

I thought about Paul's brown and pink hole, and the way it was pointed at me the other night in the tent when he acted like I was a strawberry ice cream. He had perfect skin and awesome white globes, made even hornier by his Speedo tan line. My boner was killing me.

I rolled over onto my chest, grabbed the pillow and shoved it under my stomach. I thought about Paul's moist hole and hairless hangers while I fucked between the pillow and sheet. The window was wide open and I could feel the cool air on my ass above my steaming balls and rigid meat. I looked over at Paul. "Shit! Why waste my boy juice on a fucking sheet?"

I crept over to Paul's bed so as not to wake him. My cock was so fucking long it got there about five minutes before the rest of me. His elbows were up near his head, revealing his milky-skin armpits. I smelt the one closest to me -- its sweat was spicy and horny. I took several long, deep sniffs and wondered if the aphrodisiacs I'd heard about were as good as this. Nah. Impossible.

His eyelids fluttered. I glanced down at his bush of black pubes and saw that his throbber was bouncing. He was having a wet dream! Shit!

Quick as a flash, I managed to get my tongue under his cock head. I was lucky. His cum didn't spurt but kind of dribbled out of his fat six inches and straight onto my tongue. I forced his sticky boy juice down my throat with several swallows, then gently licked off the little blob that appeared soon after on his piss hole.

He would have been really mad if he'd realized he’d missed out on knowing what I was doing. But it was kind of exciting to watch him sleep while I was enjoying his rad body.

I stood up and thrust my cock into the air. My seven inches seemed like seven feet. It was parallel to the floor and hovering over Paul's chest, which made me feel really powerful but kind of apprehensive at the same time. I began to stroke my tool while pointing it down towards his body. I didn't have to wait long. My thick boy milk hit his tanned skin like a dozen silent missiles and exploded on impact. I had to scream in my mind so I wouldn't wake him. He was a mess. Cum covered him from his navel to his smooth pecs.

I was lucky again. He didn't even stir as I carefully licked all my warm cream off his flawless skin. The best part was licking my juice off his brown nipples.

When I woke about 7am, I noticed the smell of fresh spit and cum on my body. I looked over at Paul. He had his eyes closed like he was asleep, but the fucker couldn't hide his wicked grin.

"Have you boys thought about how you'll spend your Saturday?" mom asked.

Paul and I looked at each other and shrugged. The phone rang. Mom answered it.

"It's Freddie, son. He'd like to know if you want to go to the water theme park."

After Paul and I had done the breakfast dishes, Mom stretched out her arms and closed her eyes. It was her signal for both of us to hug her. Then we made like airplanes and zoomed around the room until we zeroed in on the target and planted a couple of big kisses on her soft cheeks.

Back in my room, Paul and I started to pack our stuff for the water theme park.



Did you really get off last night watching me piss?"


"Well, you weren't exactly kicking and screaming to get out of the bathroom."

Paul kept packing his things and didn't answer.


It seemed a long time before he spoke."Man, I feel such a fucking jerk about that. It's not that I like piss or anything. Well, nobody else's." The dude blushed. "It's just you. You're awesome. I don't care what your cock is doing as long as it's doing something. Even just swingin' in the breeze. It's rad, man. And so are you. It's like you were some kinda hero or something. I dunno, man. It's hard to explain."

I unbuttoned my shorts and flopped out my meat. Even at half mast it was big. "Kneel in front of me, dude."

He did as I asked and looked up at my face with his gorgeous, big blue eyes.

"K, Paul, look at my beef and repeat after me. I think you're an awesome cock."

"I think you're an awesome cock."

"And I promise to eat you every chance I get."

"And I promise to eat you every chance I get."

I placed my cock on his left shoulder, then on the right.

"I now pronounce you Sir Cock Sucker. Rise, Sir Cock Sucker."

We hugged and laughed for a long time.

Freddie arrived about mid morning with his swim gear. I handed him a banana.

"You'll need this to put down your Speedos at the water park, man."

Freddie lunged at me and we fell on the floor wrestling and laughing. Paul joined in.

"Not again!", mom said. "Are you boys practicing for World War III? What IS it about boys???"

Then the most unexpected thing happened. Mom joined in. After we'd allowed her to win the wrestle, we all screamed in mock agony. She grabbed us by the scruffs of our necks and led us to the door.

"Have a good time, boys. Bring me back three big kisses."

The curved walls of the water slide seemed to zap past at lightning speed. I felt myself hit the water with a thud as Paul and Freddie followed in huge showers of spray.

We'd bought all-day tickets so we could sample all the rides and other stuff. It was so rad! We were having so much fun laughing, our stomachs hurt like hell.

"Why are some of the other guys wearing baggy shorts?"

"Dunno," I said, "must feel like they've got wet blankets hangin' off their hips. I like Speedos. Anyway, I'm fucking starving. I could eat the crotch out of a low flyin' elephant. Let's get some dogs."

I asked the guy with the white cap to give me double ketchup and mustard. The other guys followed my lead. By the time we'd shoved the dogs down our throats, we looked like we'd been in a body-painting contest. We all licked our fingers and put our papers in a trash can.

We stood a few yards from the dog stand just observing other people. The sun was really hot and I had half a hardon. So did the other guys. The outlines of their cock heads were showing through their Speedos. The sight of their semis made me harder. Pretty soon, we all had throbbers screaming to get out of their flimsy confines.

A group of girls walked past. I saw their eyes checking out our beef, then they started giggling and pointing. I casually put my thumbs in my Speedos and lowered them a little so that a few blonde pubes showed. I'd never been with a girl and wondered what it would be like to dip my dick into an oyster. Anyway, it felt kind of cool to show off my hard seven to total strangers before they disappeared into the crowd.

"Hey, Daniel!", Freddie said. "It's been a way cool day, but how 'bout we go back to your place now."

Paul agreed with Freddie. I had a pretty fair idea of what their motives were. The moment we arrived home we all headed for the fridge.

"Mom! We're back!"

There was no answer. We took turns drinking straight from the milk carton but, by the time it got to Freddie, there were only a couple of mouthfuls left.

"You guys suck."

We all cracked up big time. It was only when Freddie slammed the fridge door shut that I noticed the note.


I'll have to collect my kisses later. Your grandma isn't feeling too well and I've gone to visit. I'll be home tomorrow. Don't trash the house! And phone me so I know you're OK.

Mom xxx

"Hello? Mom?"

"How was the water park?"

"Awesome, mom. How's gran?"

"She'll be fine. Just needs a little sympathy and company, that's all."


"Uh oh, here's trouble. I can tell."

"Can Freddie and Paul sleep over tonight? We already checked with their folks and it's OK."

"Did you tell their mothers I wouldn't be there?"

"Well, uh..."

"Daniel, what am I going to do with you? Well, I guess I'll have to learn to trust you to be in charge of things there. Promise me you'll be good."

"Promise, mom. I love you, mom."

"I love you too, son. See you tomorrow about lunch time. Oh! And I've made your favourite pizza. It's in the fridge. There should be enough for the three of you. Just bake it in a hot oven for about ..."

"Twenty minutes."

She laughed, called me gorgeous and hung up.

Freddie was already out of his clothes, thrusting his pelvis and twirling his dick around. His laugh sounded like it was coming from an teenaged devil.

"This is way cool, man. It feels so rad to be in the buff in the middle of the house! Specially somebody else's house!"

"Just take it fucking easy, Freddie. My mom'll kill me if we don't take care of the place. OK?"

Paul butted in as he ripped off his gear. "Chill, Daniel. Freddie won't be knocking any walls down with that little weenie."

Our naked bud threw a cushion at Paul. I was still laughing as I took off my shorts and t. As I checked the cock in my Speedos for a second, I wondered about those girls at the water park. The Speedos were soon on the floor.

We spent the next half hour mooning each other and running around the house like dogs chasing cats. It was awesome fun and we didn't stop laughing the whole time. Sometimes we would accidentally crash into each other and fall down wrestling. There was something that really rocked about our naked skin touching in a situation where you would normally be dressed and well behaved. We all had enormous boners but, somehow, this was a different kind of fun to sex.

It wasn't just because we were naked, either. It was totally cool to see our clothes scattered all over the floor. It reminded me of what our teachers said about teens being rebellious. Well, if this was rebellious, it was fucking great! I wanted to be rebellious for the rest of my life!

At one stage, I heard a knock at the front door. I was so intoxicated by the thrill of being 'naughty', I just walked straight up to the door, opened it and stood there with my seven inches sticking straight out and bouncing around. But nobody was there. Paul had rapped his knuckles on the wall while I wasn't looking. We all cracked up and rolled around on the floor. I couldn't remember when I'd laughed so much.

My energy was fading fast so I slumped on the sofa. The feeling of cool leather on my skin was totally rad. There I was, sitting where I would normally watch TV with mom, except this time my boner was pointed at the ceiling and my patch of blonde was free.

I watched Paul and Freddie still wrestling. They were a twisted mass of arms, legs and bare skin. As they writhed around, I got several glimpses of their holes, balls and throbbers. The sight of their bare asses and flying cocks kept the blood pumping into my boy meat, even though I was too fucked to do anything about it. The kids soon ran out of puff and collapsed in a heap on the floor, breathing heavily and laughing when they could catch enough air. This was the coolest!

We were all still in the buff as I opened the oven door. The awesome aroma of freshly cooked pizza filled every corner of the kitchen. I closed the door.

"About another ten minutes should do it, guys."

"I can hardly wait!" Freddie's voice sounded squeaky, like he'd gone back three years. "You got plenty of mozzarella on it?"

"You like mozzarella?"

"It's awesome, man. Like when it's melted and sticky and creamy and warm."

Paul and I looked at each other for a second. Our telepathy was working well. I took a mixing bowl from the cupboard as Freddie's eyes darted from mine to Paul's.

"What are you guys doin'?"

"So, who goes first?" I grinned.

Paul grabbed a kitchen chair, put one foot up on the seat and spread his buns. He held the mixing bowl under his cock with one hand, and started stroking his beef with the other. His brown and pink hole looked just too fucking cool to resist.

"I'll take his hole, Freddie. You can lick his nads."

Freddie dived underneath Paul's legs while I rubbed my throbbing meat up and down Paul's crack. I grabbed his chest from behind and massaged his pecs. His nipples were erect and solid, and I could feel the electricity in my body becoming unbearable.

"Fuck, Paul! Hurry up and cum, man! I can't stand this much longer!"

Paul let out a series of loud 'ahhhhhhh' noises, jetted his mozzarella into the bowl and looked down at Freddie licking the remaining ‘cheese’ off Paul's swollen knob.

"My turn now, guys. I can't wait!"

I held the bowl under my cock and put my foot on the chair. I could see Paul's tongue working its magic on my hangers, while it was obviously Freddie's tongue that was up my ass trying to reach my tonsils. I watched my huge load explode into the bowl and mix with Paul's.

Freddie's nads were kind of cute. They didn't hang very low but it was cool to lick them. Paul's tongue was busy sending the dude's ass to heaven. When Freddie blew, it reminded me of the noise he'd made earlier hurtling down the water slide at the park.

By the time I'd poured our combined cum all over the pizza, our cocks had subsided for the first time in hours. I put the pizza back into the oven to let our boy cheese warm for a minute or two.

Paul turned on the TV while Freddie got the plates. We couldn't believe it when a Pizza Hut ad came on the tube, causing us to crack up again.

We all watched each other with obvious curiosity as we devoured our food. None of us seemed to have the courage to comment until Freddie spoke up at last.

"It doesn't taste any different."

Paul and I agreed. The strong flavors of peperoni, mushrooms, onion and chillies kind of overpowered the taste of our boy juice. But it was still excellent fun to eat it that way.

For the rest of the night we listened to music [although, that's not what mom called it], wrestled and just had a rad time being naked. Then we hit my room and checked for Kyle's email.
hiya daniel,

hey! what the fuck are ya tryin to do ta me, dude? your pics are fuckin HOT! i can hardly wait to see the rest of the "story" hehehehe.

your friend
I wrote back to Kyle and sent off some more pics. Meantime, Paul explained to Freddie how he'd taken the pics of me cumming to camera while I clicked through them on the comp screen. Freddie's eyes popped.

"I've seen some hot pics, man, but nothin' that rad. Jeez! Awesome!"

"Hey guys," I yawned. "I'm fucked. Who's sleeping in what bed?"

"How about we all sleep in your mom's bed together?" Freddie's eyes had that doggie, pleading look.

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