Part 8

It felt really weird to be standing naked in mom's bedroom. Even weirder was seeing Paul and Freddie naked there, too. I pulled the covers off mom's bed. "I don't wanna risk cum stains, man. Paul, go get my plastic ground sheet and the sheets off my beds."

We folded mom's covers and sheets and put them where they'd be safe from any flying boy juice, then we covered the bed with the ground sheet and stuff. We all flopped on the mattress, exhausted after a totally awesome day. I turned off the bed lamp.

I was laying on my back in the center when I felt Paul's hand on my chest. He rolled onto his side and pressed his boner against my hip. His fleshy, red lips kissed my ear and worked their way around to my mouth. His kiss was soft and gentle. I closed my eyes and let the rad sensation of his warm, tender lips touching mine relax my whole body and mind. I drifted off into ecstasy.


"Fuck you, Freddie! What?"

"I feel like I'm kind of in the way." Freddie sat up on the bed. "I'll go sleep in your room."

I was mad, but I felt sorry for the dude. "Freddie, you're our bud. Besides, this was your idea. Sleep here with us. You never know your luck, man. I might wake up in the middle of the night and fuck the shit out of that cute bubble ass of yours. Now, go to sleep, dammit."

He laid the side of his head on my flat stomach. "Can I sleep with my head down this end?"

I felt my cock go into his mouth."Not now, Freddie. Jeez! I'm too tired for a blow job, man."

He spat out my beef to speak. "I just wanna go to sleep feeling your meat in my mouth and your awesome blonde pubes in my face."

He returned my semi to his mouth. I couldn't say no. He was appealing to the better side of my nature. Paul's moist lips met mine again as his hand massaged my chest. His fingers worked their delicate magic on my brown nipples before the three of us fell asleep.

I woke to the soft light of the early morning sun filtering through the lace curtains. Paul and Freddie were still sleeping, and my cock was still in the kid's mouth. I figured that's why I had a boner. Then again, I always woke with a piss boner. I wondered if I'd had a wet dream during the night. If I had, Freddie would have swallowed it all anyway. Lucky little fucker.

The dude sighed and moved his legs and hips slightly. I could see part of his pink hole. I reached over with one hand and parted his buns a little so that I could see the rest of it. Then, I heard Paul stir and yawn.

"Hi, Paul."

"Hi, Daniel." He yawned again. "I'm bustin' for a piss."

"Me too."

Freddie woke and spat out my cock. "Me three!"

I thought Freddie's idea was way crazy but we all went out to the backyard anyway. Maybe crazy was good. The cool morning air felt totally rad on my skin. We stood side by side with our hands on our hips, angled our piss boners at the fish pond and let our bladders do their thing. Three simultaneous jets of yellow bombarded the pond. It felt kind of exciting not to be holding my cock as I pissed. I didn't know what time fish normally woke up, but I figured we would have scared the fucking shit out of them anyway.

"What's for breakfast?" Freddie asked has he shook the last few drops of piss from his meat.

"Two courses, man. The first is in mom's bedroom."

I grabbed Paul's arm and held him back as Freddie raced into the house. I watched his firm, cute ass and tan line disappear as the screen door closed.

"Listen, Paul. I'm hot for that kid's ass. I've never fucked anybody before. Are you gonna get all jealous if I do?"

"No. It'd be rad to watch your boner sliding in and out of Freddie's hole and your nads bouncing around. Like I told you before, I just love whatever your cock does."

There was still a drop of piss on my cock head. I collected it with my fingers and wiped it on Paul's nose. He tried to grab me around the neck but I ducked and took off toward the screen door. He chased me at full speed all the way to the bedroom where Freddie's startled expression greeted us as we burst in.

"Jeez, you guys are keen. Am I that sexy?"

When I asked Freddie how he felt about my filling his hole with my beef, he thought for a moment.

"Well, I'm not sure, man. That's a fucking big tool youve got, but there's only one way to find out. Just go easy, OK?"

A few minutes later, Freddie came back from the bathroom with the oil.

"What took you so long, dude? I told you where the oil was."

"I had to make arrangements for your accommodation."


"I took a dump!"

"Oh! ... Uh, yeah."

I was still trying to come to terms with the idea of Freddie emptying his bowels for me as he climbed onto the bed and got down on all fours. I knelt behind him while Paul got on his knees in front.

"Daniel, before you do the dirty deed, man, can you lick my hole to kind of relax it? I'm nervous."

So was I, especially after what the kid had told me about his shit. It kind of spoilt my excitement. As my face got closer to his ass, I was surprised to discover no bad odor. What a relief! In fact, he smelt pretty cool, kind of sexy even. I tasted him once just to be sure. Yep, it was fine. As my tongue worked his pinky, I could feel it relax and get bigger. The sounds of Freddie slurping on Paul's cock was coming from the other end of the bed. I guessed that would help to put him in the mood to 'accommodate' my boy meat.

When I looked down and watched my oiled throbber being slowly swallowed by that tight, pink hole, I thought how damn awesome this was. I was actually fucking someone for the first time in my life. Jeez!

"Are you okay, Freddie. Am I hurting you?"

The dude answered me with more slurping noises that weren't in any dictionary as I looked up at Paul's face. His blue eyes met mine. The wicked grin on his face said it all -- Freddie was giving him way cool head.

I gripped Freddie's hips tightly as I slid in and out of his white globes, slowly at first, then gently increasing my pelvic thrust. I could feel my hangers brushing his ass when my hard rod was all the way in. His hole felt totally wicked the way it gripped my shaft like a vice. I fucked harder and faster. My nads weren't brushing his ass any more, they were thumping the hell out of it. A bucket of cum was threatening to explode out my cock any second now.

I heard Paul start to groan. That immediately triggered my tight balls and unleashed the fury of my rock-hard seven inches. Freddie had boy juice jetting into him at both ends while Paul and I must have been audible for blocks. Fuck! This was so damn awesome!

My bud and I removed our still-swollen beef from the kid.

"Damn!" Paul complained, "I didn't get to see your throbber sliding in and out of Freddie's hole!"

"Next time, dude."

Freddie rolled over onto his back, looked up at us and licked his cum-soaked lips.

"Unreal, dudes," he sighed. "Way damn awesome."

We were still buck naked in the kitchen as I broke the eggs into the pan.

"I know this won't make the 6 o'clock news, guys," Freddie complained, "but I haven't cum yet."

Paul licked Freddie's hole and fondled his balls while I let the little fucker jack all over my cock. When his torrent had finally subsided, Paul and I watched the kid's pink tongue lick his cum off my five inches of soft meat.

"Damn! We don't have any cum left for the eggs!"

We all cracked something serious, then had breakfast. Later, we put mom's bedroom back as wed found it. All was cool again.

We smelt bad. All that sex and sweating meant only one thing. Shower time.

I'd never been in a shower with three guys before, or three of anything. There was no way we could avoid each other's bodies. It was rad fun soaping each other up every place we could think of and goosing each other's asses. Our boners must have collided a hundred times. One time, I was behind Paul and tried to stick my cock up his crack but there was no room to move. The wet skin on his back was shiny and brown. His jet black hair clung to his head and formed narrow strings down his neck. Despite our boyish giggling -- which didn't stop the whole time -- I was getting as horny as a rhino. Freddie found a stack of excuses to keep dropping the soap and give my meat a quick suck on his way back up.

We stepped out of the shower and took turns drying each other. There was something awesome about feeling the other guys' cocks and buns through a soft towel. As I dried Paul's hair he just stared at my face with his loving blue eyes. Meantime, Freddie took so long to dry my ass, I thought he'd never stop.

I answered the phone. It was only 9am, and mom just wanted to know if we were all OK and hadn't trashed the house.

"Meet me at 12 at the Burger Palace. And bring the boys. My treat for lunch."

I hadn't written to Kyle in a while, so the guys and I gathered around the comp. My email told Kyle that I was sorry Id forgotten to send more pics of me, but that I'd make up for it this time with four pics. I also told him about the stuff that had happened last night and this morning. When I sent the email, his was waiting for me.
hiya daniel,

and hi to paul [your paul] and freddie if theyre there and lookin at the screen instead of your dick hehehehe

i just gotta tell ya about somethin that happened.

this pizza guy came around when paul and me were alone at home. well, my folks were out for the night and paul and me ordered pizza and yeah we were buck naked and permanently hard - when the pizza came, paul quickly wrapped a towel around him and went to the door - now the pizza guy was a hot blonde, he musta been about 17 or so and he was wearin these tight jeans and t shirt and you could see his perfect bod thru his shirt and he had a huge bulge in his jeans.

well when paul took the pizza his towel dropped off and he was standin there by the door starkers. so he tells the pizza guy to come inside so he can get the money - this dude doesnt know what to do with himself and I could tell when he came in that he was as horny as a rhino cos his cock just grew inside his jeans and he was redder than any beet id seen. i also had a towel around me by the way, no way I was gonna let him get a free peek at that. besides, when I saw what happened I got hard straight away, so I had to stay sittin where I was. anyway Paul is all straight faced, the towel is still where it fell and he comes back and gives this dude his bucks and by now pauls throbber is pointin at this guys chest. this dude didnt know what the fuck to do, he just took the money and walked out - i wish he'd stayed tho - he was HOT!!!! blonde tanned dudes turn me on somethin nasty. when he left, paul and me collapsed - we laughed so damn hard that our stomachs hurt - i couldnt believe that he just carried on without pickin the towel up - we still laugh about it. send more of your pics daniel. i can hardly wait to see em all. you remind me of the pizza dude cos youre blonde tanned and got the same size cock :)

your friend
8===========> ------
We rounded the corner near the Burger Palace and saw a camera crew out front. There was this big van with THOMPSON PRODUCTIONS written on it and all these guys with TV cameras and shit. Some guy wearing a baseball cap was waving his arms around and shouting instructions. As we got closer, the guy spotted me.

"Hey, kid! You wanna earn a hundred bucks?"


"Yeah, you with the blonde hair and the d cap."

Paul and Freddie stayed where they were as I walked over to the guy.

"The name's Thompson. George Thompson. Listen kid, we need an extra in this shoot. Can you roller blade?"


"Hold it a minute," he shouted at the crew, "gotta do some business."

Inside the restaurant, I introduced mom to George. They shook hands. Paul and Freddie were seated at the table and looking really excited. I didn't know how I felt. Sort of nervous, I guessed.

"Nancy, I'd like your written permission to use Daniel in the ad for Burger Palace. His fee is $100. Sign here. It's just the standard release form."

Mom scanned the paper. "Well, I guess it's OK." She took George's pen and signed.

Mom, Paul and Freddie joined the stack of people watching the shoot while I took off my t like George had asked. I didn't need the Speedos he'd offered because I was already wearing mine under my baggies. I took off my shorts, put on the knee pads and helmet and got into the blades. A woman holding a small case approached me.

"The kid doesn't need make-up, Doreen. He's got a great tan," George said. "Sides, I wanna see some of that sweat."

I went to the spot that George had pointed to. The set went silent.


I bladed down the street, dodging the other extras, and flew straight in through the twin open doors of the Burger Palace. That was it. Done! Then, it took ages for the crew to set up inside the restaurant with their lights, cameras and cables and stuff, so mom, Paul, Freddie and I sat at a special table they'd reserved for us and had lunch. I was still in my Speedos and blades.

"So, what did you boys get up to while I was away seeing granny?"

The guys took a sudden interest in shuffling their fries around.

"We just did guy stuff, mom. Y'know."

"I know. Wrestling and generally causing havoc." She smiled and looked at us all. "I know you boys are not angels and, to be perfectly honest, I'd be disappointed if you were."

Finally, the crew was ready to shoot the next scene from the interior of the restaurant. This time, I bladed through the open door and up to the counter. I smiled at the girl and nodded at the sign that said 'Burger Palace Monster with the Works'.

After that, we did some shots they called 'pickups'. George thanked me and mom and gave me his card.

"Excellent job, Daniel. Your check's in the mail. I think we'll be seeing more of you, somehow."

On the way home, we dropped Paul off, then Freddie. Mom let me drive the car up the driveway and into the garage. I kept it under 60.

I spent the rest of the afternoon on the comp surfing. There were some pretty neat sites but I kept going back to Kyle's. His pics were rad even though they weren't porno. This kid had taste which made me wonder what he would think of me in Cape Town at the swim meet. I starting writing an email.
hiya kyle - had a rad day today dude - i got to be in a TV commercial bladin in my Speedos! its gonna be on TV in a week or so - its for a burger joint

hey im gonna send a couple more pics with this - i think ull like em - but im savin the really special ones for a few days yet - suffer dude hehehe

oh and don't think i go around doin this kinda stuff all the time man - its only for special occasions :)

After dinner, I told mom I was really tired after all the stuff that had happened that day and wanted to go to bed early. Besides, it was school tomorrow. She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the forehead before I kissed her on the cheek.

I was laying naked on top of the bed because it was too warm for covers. My mind recounted the shoot at the Burger Palace, but my thoughts soon turned to fucking Freddie's ass that morning. Then I started thinking about the times I'd fucked Paul's face. I couldn't decide which was better. They were both way awesome.

I turned over and put the pillow under my stomach. As my hard, dripping seven slid up and down between the sheet and the pillow, I thought about how it would be to fuck Paul's hole.

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