Part 9

I soaped myself up as the warm water cascaded down my tanned skin, causing me to think about how Paul, Freddie and I were all squeezed in here yesterday. It was such rad fun. Whoa!

Then I soaped my throbber and watched the foam being rinsed off the head. It looked a bit like cum and reminded me of those awesome pics Id sent to Kyle. I imagined him looking at them and jacking off, then thought about the pic of him in his Speedos and that tasty looking bulge. Mmmm!

I started to stroke my beef and imagined what might happen after wed met in Cape Town. Soon after, I arched my back to see how high my load would shoot into the steamy air.

Paul and I rode our black BMXs to school. Later, our swim team had training. The coach reckoned I was performing pretty well in the 100m butterfly and 100m freestyle. They were Kyle's best swims too, so I figured we'd compete in those at the Cape Town meet in a few weeks.

Id often wondered if the guy who invented locker-room showers was gay or whether hed just run out of money to build walls. All the guys in the team had semis, including me. The more we checked each other out, the harder we got. Even the coach was pretty hard. He had a way awesome mutha hanging off his crotch.

He'd told me once that shaving his body improved his times. None of the guys on the team shaved, though. There wasn't all that much to shave. We were all pretty smooth except for our bushes of pubes and the stuff above our ears.

By the time Wednesday had arrived, it'd been a pretty regular week. Nothing special, except for mom's cooking and Kyle's emails. He had almost all my pics now. Tomorrow, he would get the ones of me firing my cum at the camera lens.

Paul and I rode home from school together each afternoon as usual. He stopped in at my house for milk and a bit of soccer practice in the yard, but left for home soon after. We'd talked about what had happened over last weekend and agreed that Friday couldn't come quickly enough. Freddie kept pestering us at school about the same thing.

Mom and I carried our plates to the dinner table and sat down to eat.

"Is it true what they say about oysters, mom?"

"How do you mean?"

"Well, are they really a cool aphro thingy?"

"Aphro thingy?" She paused for a moment, then laughed. "Oh! You mean aphrodisiac!" She laughed again. "Well, judging from the state of your bed sheets they are."

I turned instant crimson. Suddenly, I didn't have the courage to eat another oyster in front of her.

"I do your washing, remember," she continued.

My eyes remained lowered. I didn't have a fucking clue how to respond.

"Daniel, you are just so gorgeous and sweet when you get embarrassed. I suppose this is the time for us to have a little chat."

In between mouthfuls of food she told me how I was so much like my father. He had told her lots of stuff about when he was a teenager and couldn't leave his meat alone for a second. Then he met mom and gave the job to her. That really made me laugh. I was feeling more at ease now.

Mom went on to say that I'd come from a long line of males whose hormones were so busy they made a swarm of locusts look like a non-event. That made both of us crack up big time.

"Daniel, I don't want to give you a swelled head, but you're a very handsome young man, just like your father was. You've got his ... what's the word you use? Yes, awesome physique." Mom's eyes got a little teary at the thought of dad when he was alive. "Anyway, son, I'm sure it won't be long before there's a queue of girls at the front door clamoring for your ... uh, attention."

We laughed again. I wanted to tell her about the three girls at the water park when I popped a few blonde pubes out of my boner-filled Speedos, but I figured I'd better not.

"Did dad have many guy friends, mom?"

"Hoards of them. Some of them were gay, too."

I turned crimson again.

"Do you have any gay friends, Daniel? I'd be surprised if you didn't. Gays tend to be attracted to strong, masculine types like you."

"Not that I've noticed, mom."

After doing the dishes I went back to my room and worked out with the chest expander in front of the full-length mirror. I was naked, as usual. I wanted to watch every muscle in my body. It was pretty rad to see that V shape from my chest down to my narrow hips. My lats were getting bigger too. It was neat to see that long, steel bulge all the way from my armpit down to my waist.

I faced away from the mirror and looked over my shoulder at the image of my buns below the tan line. I made them contract and relax a few times, and imagined Paul's face getting busy in there. I bent down and looked between my legs at the reflection of my hole in the mirror.

"Lick it good, Paul. Get that hot pink tongue of yours as far inside me as you can," I thought. I could hardly wait for him to sleep over again on Friday. I ran my hand around my sweaty balls and smelt the warm, spicy scent on my fingers.

I then wrote a quick email to Kyle and told him he could expect the 'climax' of my pic story tomorrow ... 'if' I had time to send it. "hehehe - suffer, dude." I didn't comment much on the latest pic of himself. It was one of his face. I figured if I complimented him too much, he'd think I was some kind of fairy -- but I must've studied his magic face for a whole ten minutes.

He had this surprised expression like he didn't expect to be photographed. A big mop of straight, black hair sprouted from the open top of his cap and fell over his ears and forehead. I wanted to get my hands on it and rough it up. His mouth was slightly open and his fleshy lips begged to be tasted. His nose was way cute.

Anyway, it was a good thing I didn't tell him all that shit because he would have thought I was gonna arrive in Cape Town in fishnet stockings and stilettos.

I pulled the covers off my bed, laid on my back and stared at the ceiling. I thought of what mom had said about the cum stains on my sheets and some of dad's friends being gay. I wondered if she suspected I was gay. My crimson face at the dinner table wouldn't have helped to convince her otherwise. I hoped she'd never bring the subject up again. Besides, I thought, they reckon it's normal for young guys to fool around before they grow out of it. I made myself laugh thinking that I wanted to keep fooling around for a helluva long time yet.

I rolled off the bed and went back to the comp. I stood as I looked at the pic of Kyle's face again. My boner was pointed at his awesome lips. I began to fantasize.

"You want eat my throbber, Kyle?"

I imagined Kyle licking his lips and nodding. Having to use my hand kind of spoilt the dream a little, but I still managed to fire a helluva load of hot boy juice at the screen. Jet after jet splattered on his way cool face. A lot of it scored his open mouth.

As I licked my cum off the screen, I thought about how much more rad it would've been to be licking my creamy load off his real face. Maybe I'd get that chance in a few weeks.

Before I left for school next morning, mom said that she had some stuff to do in town and that she'd be home late for dinner. That afternoon, at swim practice, I noticed the coach had a bandaged hand.

"Hey, Daniel? Can you hang for a little while after school? I need you for something."

"Sure, coach."

"Meet me in the showers."

I told Paul I wouldn't be riding home with him that afternoon. "The coach wants to see me, dude. Probably something about my times or whatever."

"K, dude. Catch you tomorrow."

After my final class for the day, I walked into the showers. "Hi, coach."

"Hi, Daniel." He produced a safety razor from his bag and handed it to me. "Listen, bud, I want you to help me out."

"Hey, coach! I'm proud of my patch of blonde! It's taken me most of my life to grow it!"

He laughed. "See my hand, Daniel? I sprained it yesterday. That's what the bandage is for. But it means I can't shave my body. I want you to do it for me. You'd better undress, though, or you'll get your clothes wet."

We both took off our gear. I hung my cap on a hook. We'd seen each other naked in the showers plenty of times so it was no biggie.

The coach was an older guy -- at least twenty two. He was really well developed, especially between his legs. It had to be seven inches on the slack, and had a monster head with a high ridge. He was cut.

I wasn't really sure what his hair color was because his head was mostly shaved. But his pubes were black stubble because they hadn't seen a razor for a while. He handed me a can of shave creme.



After hed wet his body under the shower, I squirted the shave creme on my hand and started with his head, then worked the creme around his face and neck. He raised his arms to let me at his armpits. His bulging biceps were totally awesome, and made me wanna squeeze them to feel their solid power. I put some creme on his chest and examined the deep channel between his hard, square pecs that ran all the way down to his navel. His nipples were larger than average and dark brown.

I knelt down to put creme on his pubes. As I smoothed the white foam around his balls and stubble, his monster meat kept colliding with my hand.

"Sorry, coach."

He looked down at me and smiled.

I worked the creme up and down his inner thighs and couldn't help noticing his cock getting bigger. Pretty soon, that mutha was pointed straight at my face. His meat was so thick and heavy, it hung on a slight downward curve. His huge knob was half the size of my fist. Meantime, my own seven was practically bursting its skin.

"Don't worry about it, Daniel. Happens all the time when guys shave each other. Just ignore it."

"Yeah, right, ignore it. You've gotta be kidding, coach."

We both laughed as I stood up and continued to smooth the creme over the rest of his legs, then down his back and arms. When I'd reached his hard buns, I worked the foam around those rad globes, then into his ass crack. It didn't need to go there, of course, but I wanted to feel his tender hole with my fingers.

"You're pretty damn good at this, kid. Remind me to sprain my hand more often."

Our boners danced around as we cracked up. After I'd dipped the razor into the basin of hot water, he knelt in front of me.

"Do my scalp first."

My rock hard cock was just inches from his face and I could see that his eyes were glued to it. I tried as best I could to concentrate on shaving his scalp, but I was wishing like fucking hell that he'd swallow my beef and let me shoot a bucket of hot cum down his throat. He was the coach, though. There was no way we could do that.

I wasn't sure if it was me moving closer to him or the other way around, but I felt my aching cock head touch his face a few times. I looked down and saw something wet and slimy on his lips. It wasn't shaving creme. Fuck, I was so damn hot!

Somehow, I managed to get through shaving the rest of him without splattering him with a truckload of my boy juice.

"You've forgotten a bit, Daniel."

I looked him in the eye and smiled, then blushed a little. "No I haven't, coach."

I dipped the razor in the basin and knelt down in front of him. That nine inches of thick, smooth meat was now standing straight up in the air. I could see the hard rod of steel muscle that ran the length of its underside.

"I'm gonna have to hold your cock to get the razor around your pubes, coach."

"No problem." He looked down and smiled at me again.

His awesome throbber dwarfed my hand. As I worked the razor around his stubble, I just couldn't help jerking his meat a little. I hoped I wasn't being too obvious as I let my fingers wrap around its huge, smooth head. I wanted to feel its thick ridge and awesome shape.

I pulled his cock down to shave off the rest of his stubble when I heard him groan. His monster was pointed straight at my face. I instinctively opened my mouth.

With each of his loud moans, massive torrents of hot cum jetted between my lips. The salty taste of his delicious juice filled my mouth. He must have shot six or seven wads, and I saw them all explode from his slit. When the last of his cum missiles hit its target, I looked up at him. He watched me as I swallowed several times.

"I'm sorry, Daniel, I just couldn't help it."

"Don't be sorry, coach. I've never been so horny in all my life. That was totally fucking awesome!"

"Well, Daniel, you know what they say about one good turn."

He asked me what I liked. I told him he'd gotten me so damn horny before that I wanted to fuck his face. He knelt down in front of me. My hands grabbed the back of his head and pulled his waiting, open mouth to my throbbing boy beef. I watched it glide between his lips. Then, I got my pelvic thrust thing happening. It was so damn excellent to be fucking the coach's face! Woohoo!

His tongue worked my head as my balls bounced off his chin with every stroke. His fingers massaged the skin between my nads and my hole. Pretty soon I let out an almighty scream and shot the biggest load I could remember. It seemed to last for fucking ages! I could hear the coach gulping as my boy juice began to run dry. Then I watched him remove my cock from his mouth and suck the rest of the milk from my swollen knob. He swallowed, licked his lips and stood up.

"Just make sure your butterfly and freestyle times improve, OK? I'll be at the end of the pool with my cock out to make sure they do."

We both cracked up majorly.

"Hey, coach! I'm not done shaving your pubes."

"Not a problem, Daniel."

I watched him take the bandage off his hand, dip the razor in the basin and shave the rest of his stubble himself. His grin was a foot wide. Id been conned, but hey...

After riding home as fast as I could, I dropped my bike on the front lawn. "Mom?" She wasn't home. I headed straight for the fridge, grabbed a carton of milk and went to the phone. I punched in Paul's number.

"You what???? Tell me more! I wanna know!"

I told Paul the rest of the story about what had happened with the coach.

"That's totally awesome, man. You telling the truth?"

"Cross my heart."

"Man, you've made me so horny now I'm gonna have to sort myself out. That is soooo incredibly rad!"

I laughed and hung up. Then I called Freddie and told him the story. Mom arrived home shortly after. I was so high, I said I'd cook dinner.

"You're such a sweetheart, Daniel. What's it going to be?"


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