Part 11

Freddie met us at the front door, then escorted us through his house and out to the backyard. The inground swimming pool was huge and shaped like a kidney, with a spa at one end. The garden reminded me of a tropical rain forest. The houses on either side were hidden behind all the greenery. It was like we were on a private island.

I saw a blonde guy at the far end of the yard near a big grapefruit tree. He was having trouble stuffing his monster beef into his Speedos. His jeans and t were scattered on the grass. I guessed he was maybe late teens, but he looked kind of familiar. Freddie led us over to him.

"This is Dick, our neighbor. I invited him over."

As we all shook hands, Dick's strong grip wasn't surprising. He had a tanned swimmer's body that was awesomely proportioned. Wide shoulders, smooth deep chest, narrow hips and muscular arms and legs. The only body hair that I could see was a sprinkling of fine blonde fluff on his forearms. He was fucking gorgeous! Freddie smiled at me. The little shit knew exactly what I was thinking.

"How was the pizza?" Dick asked.

Doh! Now I remembered! He was the pizza dude! "Great, man. Totally wicked." I couldn't think of what else to say.

Dick dove into the pool as Paul and I ripped off our baggies. We had our Speedos on underneath. Within a few seconds we were all jumping around like golden porpoises in the sparkling blue water, with our wet skin glistening in the hot sun.

Dick heaved himself out of the pool and sat with his legs apart on the tiled edge. I swam up to him and got an eyeful of his wicked bulge. Meantime, Paul and Freddie were fooling around at the other end. I asked Dick about his pizza job.

"Just a few nights a week, man. Pays for the car and nights out with my girlfriend."

I wondered if he'd noticed the look of disappointment on my face. But I still wanted to get a chance to see his meat surrounded by nothing but fresh air.

"Feel like a piss?" I asked.

"Yeah, I was about to go down to the grapefruit tree and give it a thrill."

"I've got a better idea."

Dick and I stood at the edge of the pool just a few feet away from where Paul and Freddie were fooling around. We waited for them to dive before we flopped our cocks out. "No wonder his name's Dick," I thought. He was cut and about six inches on the slack.

He smiled at me. "You're supposed to be watching the guys, Daniel."

As Freddie and Paul began to surface, Dick and I allowed our yellow streams to run free just before the guys' heads bobbed out of the blue water. The look of surprise on their piss-splattered faces was totally fucking priceless, but they both let us finish pissing before they dove again. Dick and I jumped back into the pool, making two giant splashes.

We spent some time swimming underwater, dragging each other's Speedos down and goosing one another. Finally, we'd become tired of forever pulling our togs up. Four pairs of Speedos hit the grass.

It was way cool to be swimming naked. Every chance I got, I dove in to check out Dick's awesome meat. How I wished he wasn't straight. After a while, the four of us hauled our exhausted bodies out of the pool and sat around on the manicured, emerald lawn in the bright sun.

"You guys wanna watch a video?" Freddie asked. "It's one of my dad's. I found it in his drawer. It's fucking excellent."

Paul jumped up. "Cool, man! What about you guys?"

"Later, dudes," I said, "I'm too fucked."

"Me too," Dick agreed.

Paul and Freddie ran into the house. When their tan lines had disappeared, Dick picked thoughtfully at a few blades of grass, then looked at me. His cock was almost hard. So was mine.

"I was lying about my girlfriend," he said softly, lowering his eyes to study the blade of grass. "I don't have one."


"Nah. But I have a few gay friends on the Net. I know this way cool dude from Cape Town. He's rad."

"What's his name?"


"You know Kyle??? Shit! He's wild, man! He's way cool. I'm surprised he didn't tell me about you."

I wondered what Dick had in mind as he stood up, went to the grapefruit tree and picked a fruit. He used his thumb to force a hole through the center.

"What are you doing?"

"It's something Kyle told me about. I've been wanting to try it. Now's a pretty good time, I figure."

Dick slid the fruit over his seven inches of rock-hard meat until his swollen head was about half way through the hole he'd made.

"Kneel down, Daniel, and start sucking. And don't argue."

He pushed his meat down until it was level with my face. It was way awesome to look up at the perfection of his tanned, muscular body. The shadows on his sweating skin from the midday sun caused his muscles to stand out even more.

I put my mouth over the open end of the fruit and sucked like I was gonna suckstart a Harley. I could hear him groan as the grapefruit started sliding to the base of his boner and his head began to emerge. I sucked even harder until the grapefruit moved all the way down to the base of his thick shaft, and four inches of his boner slid out of the hole.

Dick's throbber must have been threatening to split from the pressure of being strangled by the grapefruit at the base. His thick velvety veins were showing as I squeezed the grapefruit with my hand and drove him crazy. The juice was running down his nuts and also into my mouth as I continued sucking.

"STOP! I'm gonna cum!"

He pushed the grapefruit forward so that his knob was well back inside it while jets of hot boy juice filled the center of the fruit. His groans caused Paul and Freddie to come to the door.

"Go back inside guys," I yelled. "We'll be in later."

Dick slowly took the grapefruit off his now tender semi and ordered me to place it over my throbber. It felt so fucking cool to slip it over my cock knowing that the fruit was full of his cum. HIS cum! Jeez! Then Dick did the same to me, squeezing the fruit and sucking until I couldn't stand it any longer.

"Shit, man!!! I'm ready! Ahhhhh!"

Dick pulled the fruit over the head of my cock a split second before it exploded with my bursts of cum and moans of ecstasy. There was now a helluva lot more juice in the middle of that grapefruit than nature had originally intended.

The boys came to the door again.

"Hey, you guys! Get back in-fucking-side!" Dick ordered.

He asked me to stand up and face him, then placed the grapefruit between our mouths so that we each had a hole to suck. We sucked that thing bone dry, cum and all. It tasted way fucking cool.

"Kyle really told you about that? Fuck, dude, that is the most rad thing I've ever tried!"

The young guy in the video was humping some blonde chick while Paul and Freddie were doing a 69-er on the floor.

"Need a hand, guys?" Dick got the guys to lay on their sides while they sucked each other's cocks so that we could lick their nads and holes. Pretty soon, they filled each other's mouths with their hot boy milk and drank every drop.

The thought of Kyle made me want to practice my freestyle and butterfly strokes, so I returned to the pool on my own. I had to beat this dude at the school comp in Cape Town.

About an hour later, the other guys came out of the house. Their smiling eyes told me that they had something evil in mind. They stood shoulder to shoulder on the edge of the pool directly in front of me. As soon as I saw their golden piss hovering momentarily in mid air, I dove and swam to the other side.

Dick laughed as I surfaced. "Chicken."

The guys dove in and disappeared for a few seconds. Then, Dick suddenly surfaced behind me and put his arms under my armpits and around my chest. His hands were on my pecs as he towed me to the shallow end.

"What's going on, you pricks?"

"Just hang, man, and let it happen," Dick laughed.

Dick's throbber was rubbing against my ass crack. I couldn't stop my legs from parting. The sensation of his hard seven sliding over the surface of my hole as he held my chest totally rocked. Paul and Freddie, meanwhile, kept surfacing for air, then diving again to lick my nads and suck my hard beef.

Paul came up for more air just as I blew my truck load. Dick was groaning something serious as his hands squeezed my pecs. A moment later, both our sticky wads floated to the surface. They looked like a bunch of little jelly fish. The four of us playfully pushed each other around and laughed as we tried to gobble up as many blobs of cum as we could.

Dick proved to be a pretty good cook. He got some beef mince and onion and herbs and stuff and made burgers. Paul and I made the salad while Freddie toasted and buttered the buns.

We took our lunch out to the garden and ate while we just talked about stuff and laughed a whole bunch. Dick was a really funny guy. He was way cool at telling stories that cracked us up big time.

Freddie suddenly jumped up and raised his hand. "I'll get the dessert, guys. Yoghurt!" He raced inside and was back in a flash.

Dick took the yoghurt from Freddie."I know exactly what to do with this stuff to make it taste better, guys," he grinned, flashing two rows of perfect teeth. "It's a Kyle recipe,"

The awesome looking dude handed me a cup of yoghurt and asked me to pour it over his body, then told Paul and Freddie to chill out and wait their turn.

"Where do I pour it?"

"My fucking forehead, you dickhead. Where do you think?"

I poured some on his semi and the rest on his pecs.

"Lick it off."

I didn't need any encouragement at all. I chose to lick it off his chest, first. His pecs were fucking beautiful and firm, and his brown, prominent nipples were standing to attention. Then I moved my face down to his monster cock which had become a boner by that time. The taste of strawberry yoghurt mingled with his salty sweat from the hot sun. When my tongue had finished with his thick, veiny shaft and arrived at his swollen head, six jets of his juice filled my mouth and mixed with the yoghurt. It was just so damn fucking wild! I swallowed it all.

Next, it was my turn to be covered in yoghurt, then Paul's, then Freddie's. Freddie went the extra ten yards and put yoghurt in Paul's hole.

Finally, we were all totally fucked from shooting so many loads in only half a day. But it was so damn rad! I thanked Freddie for inviting us around, and thanked Kyle in my thoughts.

The rest of the afternoon was just as awesome. We laughed at feeling the jets of water in the spa hitting our assholes and did heaps of other rad stuff. When it came time for Paul and I to leave, I shook Dick's strong hand again and told him it was way cool to meet him.

"Great to meet you too, man."

On the way home, Paul seemed to be a bit shitty.

"What's the prob, man?"


Are you jealous?"

"Well, fuck, man. You like that Dick dude a lot."

"Yeah, he's way cool. But it's not like you and I are married or anything."

"I guess not."

Paul turned his bike into his drive while I continued on to my place.
hiya kyle,

man! you didn't tell me about dick! i met him today - hes fuckin awesome... almost as awesome as you! anyway dick tried out a few of your sex recipes hehehe - rad! i cant wait to meet u! and listen dude dont worry about those pics of me i sent u - i know u wont post em on the web - i trust u cos ur way cool kyle - happy jackin hehehe

As I sent the email, Kyle's downloaded.
hiya daniel

listen up, i spoke to my folks about ya stayin over at my place when ya come. we do a hostin thingy where we host you guys at our homes. so you and paul and maybe freddie can stay over and you can stay in my room.

my folks are gonna get extra beds but that shouldnt be a prob. ill give ya a treat like i bet paul has never given ya - damn i cant wait - i get hard just thinkin about it.

another thing - i know you guys are good at swimmin but I think youre in for a tough time here - we are gonna whip ya ass - hehehehe. anyway i gotta go to swim trainin - seeya!

what does paul look like, is he as hunky as you are?

your friend
Mom put my plate of grilled steak, fries and salad in front of me. I smothered the meal in ketchup.

"How was your day, son?"

"Way cool, mom. It was totally rad."

"Well that explains everything, dear. Now I understand completely."

Poor mom, she came from another planet. Anyway, I explained what fun we'd had except for the hot bits.

"It's wonderful that you have such good friends, Daniel. And you'll have to invite that new friend of yours around. He sounds like a very nice young Dick."

I immediately choked on my food and turned crimson again. "I'm OK, mom, it just went down the wrong way."

Back in my room, I went through my chest expander exercises and watched my naked body in the full-length mirror. One day, I thought, I might get a bod like Dick's. He was so fucking awesome! At least I was off to a good start with my blonde hair and my five on the slack. And, besides, he was a little older than I was.

I surfed the Net again and downloaded some hot nudies. One of them looked a bit like Dick. I logged off and crashed on my bed.

I couldn't help thinking about that grapefruit thingy with Dick. It was totally unreal when we sucked the juice out of that thing full of our combined cum. Jeez! Totally fucking awesome! And the time he rubbed his hot seven against my hole in the pool while Paul and Freddie were sucking and licking me. I reached down, fingered my hole and thought about it before falling asleep.

The tapping on the window startled me. I rolled off the bed expecting to see Paul or maybe Freddie. It wasn't either of them.


"Sorry to wake you, man. Can I come in?"

I opened the window to let him climb inside.

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