Part 12

I raced across the room and locked my bedroom door.

"I didn't mean to freak you, Daniel. Sorry, man."

"Fuck! If my mom found you here, I'd be grounded for like ever!"

"Chill, dude. Leave the window open. If she knocks on the door, I'll split."

As nervous as I was, it was still way cool to see Dick sneaking around to my place in the middle of the night. He eyed my nakedness.

"You've got a rad body, Daniel. It makes me so fucking horny."

By the time Dick had gotten out of his jeans, shoes and t, there were two giant throbbers in the room. Well, his was maybe a little more giant than mine. And he had a few more blonde pubes than I did. He reached into the pocket of his jeans before he threw them on the spare bed, and held something between his thumb and forefinger.

"A pea?"

"Yeppers, just your average, green, home-grown, garden-variety pea." He smiled and showed off his perfect teeth.

He explained what had happened at a swim meet once when he was initiated by the home team. A bunch of guys had to use their ass muscles to pick up a pea placed on top of a Coke bottle, then waddle a couple of yards to drop it into a dish without losing it on the way.

"But because you're such a fucking horny dude," he said, "I've been thinking about trying something a bit more rad."

I could hardly wait. The butterflies in my stomach were going ballistic. He got me to lay on my back on the floor and asked me to stick out my tongue.

"Don't drop it, Daniel," he warned as he placed the pea on the tip of my tongue, "or I'll get pissed and go home."

No way I wanted him to go home! His tanned, swimmer's body was an awesome sight and I wanted him to stay for the next hundred years. I curled my tongue around the pea.

He about-faced me and planted his sexy feet either side of my chest. Then I watched his gorgeous buns part as he slowly lowered his ass to my face. I wished he would take forever! His hole was pink, surrounded by a circle of wrinkled brown skin. Not a hair in sight. I was shaking with excitement but I managed to keep the pea on my tongue.

When his flawless, firm cheeks had reached my face, I felt them squeeze. His boy scent was awesome. I tried to lift the pea closer to his hot hole to help him, but his weight flattened my nose and it was difficult to breathe. He squeezed his globes a couple of times and I felt the pea leave my tongue. He raised his ass a few inches, waddled over to my raging cock and released the pea. It was way hard to keep from laughing too loud in case we woke mom.

When it came my turn, I almost had my spread cheeks on his face when I felt his hand brush my ass. I looked down and saw the pea between his fingers.

"What's wrong?"

"I wanna eat your hot hole, Daniel."

"But that's not fair! You said if I dropped the pea..."

"I make the rules, man. Now shuddup and let me taste your pinkie."

I felt Dick's incredible tongue taking long, wet strokes around my hole and all the way up my crack. It was the most awesome feeling to know that this Adonis loved doing this to me. He dropped the pea and held my buns with his open hands. It felt like his tongue must've been an inch inside me. Jeez, it was fucking hot!

My pre-cum had set a new record. It was all over his wicked chest. His had also leaked over his stomach. It looked so damn awesome, I asked if I could lick it off.

"In a minute, dude. I'm having too much fun. Your ass is just too wild!"

Finally, I got to lick his pre-cum off his six pack and mine of his pecs. Then I turned around and knelt over his face so he could lick the rest of mine off my cock. His tongue also made sure there wasn't any on my balls.

Dick had placed the pea back on his tongue before I lowered my hole over his face. After a couple of tries, I felt my cheeks grab the pea. I raised my ass a little and tried to waddle but soon felt the pea escape.

"You lose, man. It fell on my chest. You gotta pay the penalty."

I turned around and saw the pea laying in the groove between his awesome, macho pecs. I leaned down, scooped it up with my lips and swallowed it. "What penalty?"

"Lay down on your back, loser."

"What are you gonna do?"

As I laid on my back on the floor, Dick towered over me, raised one leg and put his foot on my face. I was a pretty tough kid, I figured, but I couldn't help enjoying the feeling of power he had over me. I looked up at that fucking hunk of awesome, tanned muscle and saw his beautiful face smiling down at me. He knew I was loving the 'penalty'. His throbber looked like it was gonna burst any minute and drown me in boy juice.

"Start licking."

Dick moved his foot around so that I could lick between and underneath his toes. When I got to his instep, he giggled a bit which sounded way cute. I looked up in awe as I watched his hard meat bouncing around and his six pack harden with each laugh while his pre-cum dripped on my face.

My Adonis friend put his foot back on the floor and knelt down to lick his pre-cum off my cheek and chin. His hot breath and spit smelt fucking rad. I didn't think I could hold my load for another second, but I had another job to do. His other foot. When I'd finished to his satisfaction, he asked me to kneel in front of him.

"After all that hard work, Daniel, you need food," he grinned.

He grabbed the back of my head and slid his throbbing seven into my open mouth. I thought that big, swollen head was gonna go all the way to my ass. I gagged, but I didn't care. My eyes let him know that I was in heaven. He responded by fucking my face so hard I thought my head would fall off. Maybe he did too because he had a firm grip on it as his veiny shaft slid back and forth between my tight, wet lips. His smooth nads bounced off my chin while I worked my tongue like crazy.

Suddenly, I felt the head of his cock ram the roof of my mouth as his load exploded. My mouth filled with the delicious taste of his thick, creamy cum. Jet after jet collided with my tongue and throat. Luckily, he kept his groans soft so as not to wake mom. If only she could have seen me now. Fuck! That was a scary thought!

"Hey, Daniel, you swallowed the whole lot! Selfish bugger."

I smiled up at him as my eyes drank in his shiny, sweat-soaked body.

"K, man, your turn. Anything you like. Just ask."

"Well, Dick, I figure your face is fucking awesome. It'd be rad if I could jet my load all over it and lick it off."

I stood up as Dick knelt before me. He rubbed his face around under my straining beef and let it bounce over his perfect skin.

"Go for it, man," he said.

"I want you to jerk me. Aim my cock at your face when I start to groan."

His hands were pure magic. One stroked my cock while the other massaged my balls. He kept my swollen knob pointed at his mouth. Any minute now, a bucket of my thick boy juice would slam into that Adonis's face. It didn't take long.

It was like in slow motion. The screams in my head were deafening as my whole body stiffened. There was enough electricity running through my body to light up a whole damn town. A long stream of white cum flew out of my cock head and splattered on his cheek. Another hit his nose. Another draped across his forehead. One smeared his red lips. Another rolled down his chin. The last one got him on his blonde eyebrow. He licked the remainder off my knob.

Dick stood up and put his arms around me and let me look at my sticky boy juice clinging to his awesome face. I savored the moment before I began to slowly lick it off, bit by bit. But, rather than swallow it, my tongue offered each tasty blob to his and he gulped them all.

Dick opened the window to its full width before turning to gather his jeans, t and shoes.

"Aren't you gonna dress before you go?"

"I'll dress outside, dude. I wanna leave you with a parting gift."

Dick climbed up on the window sill, squatted to show his hole and let go a huge, loud fart. "Sorry, dude," he cracked as he leapt out. "I meant farting gift!"

I could hear his giggling fading into the night as I rolled on the bed clutching my stomach in hysterical, silent laughter.

Mom brought my eggs, bacon and hash browns to the breakfast table.

"Sleep well, dear?"

"Yeah, mom. Like a log."

"Well, I'm not surprised. You use up so much energy during the day."



"Can I ask you a personal question?"

"Depends on how personal."

"Well, you know how we get sex education at school and stuff."

Mom stopped eating and looked a little surprised.

"Y'know, it's just that it doesn't say a whole bunch."

"How do you mean, son?"

"Well, it doesn't say stuff about doing different things, y'know ... like peas." The word came out of my mouth so quickly I couldn't get it back in. I died right there and then.


"I meant to say, uh, well..."

"So, what's the personal question?"

"Well, did you and dad ... I mean, did you kinda...?"

"Yes we did. We had a wonderful sex life. If it weren't for the contraceptive pill, you would have had about twenty five brothers and sisters." Mom laughed so much she nearly fell of the chair. I cracked up too.

"But did you do it the same all the time?" I asked, nervously.

"Let's put it this way. Your father was very inventive. I lost count of the number of times he had to fix the chandelier." Mom nearly fell off the chair again. "Does that answer your question, Daniel?"

"Guess so, mom. It's just that..."

"Listen, my sweet, gorgeous son, sex isn't just for having babies, although in your case it was the greatest gift we could have ever received."

I watched mom's eyes get misty. Mine did too.

"Son, sex is fun, and it's meant to be fun. You'll discover that one day." She paused. "Unless you already have."

You could have fried an egg on my face. Mom just smiled.

"Daniel? Have you experienced sex?"

My eyes darted around the room like I was looking for the answer written on the walls.

"It's OK, Daniel. I'm sure you'll tell me about it when you're ready. Meantime, don't forget to wear a plastic raincoat before you go out in the rain."

Mom actually did fall off the chair that time.

When I got to my room after doing the dishes, mom must've gotten there first. There was a pack of condoms on my bed. I'd just finished sending an email to Kyle when mom knocked on my door.

"Phone, darling. It's for you. It's Freddie."

Freddie wanted to know if I'd come over to his house today. His parents were gonna be out all Sunday afternoon. He said Paul and Dick would be there.

I'd promised mom I'd help her with the housework, so by the time I got to Freddie's place the other guys were already there. Freddie answered the door. His cute five inches were as hard as a rock.

"We figure we don't need the Speedos after yesterday," he giggled.

As soon as he'd closed the door behind me, I was out of my baggies, Speedos and t in a second, but left my d cap on. I followed the kid's sweet ass to the backyard. My meat was already getting hard as I watched his firm buns bouncing in front of me. I thought about the time I'd fucked them. The memory was rad. When we'd reached the pool, we dove straight in and joined Dick and Paul.

After fooling around goosing each other, as well as practicing our freestyle and butterfly strokes for about an hour, we sat around on the grass. Dick was facing me with his legs wide apart. He knew that I was gawking at his semi, hangers and hole. Well, that's when I wasn't looking at Paul's. Nobody had mentioned anything about last night, so I figured Dick had kept his trap shut.

Freddie eventually broke the silence. "Listen guys, talking about sex all the time will make us go blind. How 'bout we talk about school and stuff for a change?"

"Good idea, Freddie," I said as I stood up, "let's have a science lesson."

"What are you doin'?"

"I'm gonna prove the existence of gravity. I don't have an apple like Newton did, but I've got something just as good."

As I walked around behind Freddie, I could see that Dick and Paul had already started laughing. They'd obviously figured what I had in mind. Dick told Freddie not to move or he'd break his arm.

My torrent of piss parted Freddie's hair and cascaded down his horny body until it soaked into the grass. When I was done, he dove into the pool. In less than thirty seconds he was back, though, and joined our hysterical laughter.

"You like doing that, don't you Daniel?"

"What, Dick?"

"Pissing on people."

"Yeah, it's fun."


"Dunno, man, just is."

Dick was way too strong for me. He held me while the other guys tied me to the grapefruit tree. I couldn't budge. They were all laughing their tits off despite my threats to kill them.

"Untie me, assholes! I'll fucking get you for this!"

I kept struggling to loosen the rope but it was no use. Freddie was first to stand in front of me and let his yellow piss stream loose. I turned my head to one side, then felt his warm flood splash on my cheek and chest as he waved his cock up and down. When he'd finished, I looked up to see Dick pointing his awesome mutha at me.

"It's just Coke, man. Sorry it's not chilled."

His jet of piss hit my face before I could turn away. I figured 'what the fuck' and just let it happen as he covered me in his warm yellow liquid.

Paul was next. He looked apologetic, but the others encouraged him.

"C'mon, man. Let him have it!"

Paul reluctantly let his bladder relax. He pissed on my stomach and avoided the rest of me.

The moment Dick untied me, I dove into the pool, gulping mouthfuls of water several times and spitting it out again. Then I stormed into the house alone. I was fucking furious!

The guys had given me half an hour to cool down before I watched them walk into the room, still laughing like crazy. I felt the corners of my mouth slowly begin to curl up. My half-smile turned into a grin. I couldn't hold the laughter back any longer. We all cracked, totally. Finally, I managed to spit out a few words.

"I'll fucking get you for this, assholes."

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