Part 14

The best part about school was the swim training. I got to check out all the hot bods in their Speedos and, later, in the showers minus their Speedos. Woohoo! I was sure the coach knew I was glancing at his monster and remembering that day when I shaved his body. The other great thing about the showers was getting the chance to show off my semi-hard beef. I liked to walk around the room and just let it hang its full five or so inches on the slack. Freddie had already told me that some of the guys in the j/o club thought about me when they beat off.

One afternoon, I decided to check out who my fans actually were. I sauntered up to the half-circle of naked dudes while twirling my semi.

"What's up, guys? Oh, yeah!" I laughed. "Stupid question."

"You gonna join us?" the big guy asked.

"Nope. I got better things to do with my fucking boner, dude. But I heard I've got a few fans here so I figured I'd give 'em a treat."

I saw a couple of faces light up, including the big guy's. I stood facing the half-circle of dudes whacking themselves stupid. The chest expander exercises had given my body much better definition over the last month or so. I was proud of my tanned pecs and six pack -- not to mention my limp five, which had now grown to its awesome seven inches on full alert.

I raised my arms and put my hands behind my head. Of the ten pairs of eyes glued to my bod, about half were eating me alive. I popped my muscles, then ran my hands over my brown nipples and down to my patch of blonde pubes. My hard beef bounced. I was really enjoying this! I turned around and brown-eyed the group, then used my hand to bend my throbber down between my legs. I felt a tongue in my hole. It was the big guy's.

"Hey, wanker, you're spoiling the view," I barked with as much authority as I could muster.

"Who cares about those pricks?"

"I do. They're my fans, man. They wanna see the show."

I faced the big guy while he remained on his knees. The kids all gathered around, still wanking. I put my hands behind my head so that they could see all of me, the same way Paul liked to. Then I told the big guy to start sucking.

"And make 'em long, slow strokes, dude. I wanna see the ridge of my head pop out between your lips before you go back ALL the way down my shaft. And every now and then, stop sucking and lick the whole length of my beef. Then go back to sucking. I want these dudes' eyeballs to bulge big time."

He did exactly that. It was way cool to be looking down at his handsome face sliding up and down my whole seven, while his tongue was working awesome magic. Whoa! Some of the other kids were jacking so hard they looked like they were gonna pull their dicks right out of their groins. I felt my balls tighten. I was ready for the big finale.

I put my hands around his head and withdrew my cock just as it exploded all over his face. He was fairly dripping with my hot boy juice. I used the knob of my throbber to smear the sticky cum all over his shiny skin.

Almost all of the guys screamed their lungs out at the same time. Buckets of juice flew everywhere as a bunch of busy fists squeezed their swollen cock-heads and enlarged piss holes. Three dudes scrambled over to the big guy and licked my cum off his face. Whoa! My show was a huge success! I bowed like I was some famous showbiz dude getting an Oscar. "Thanks a stack, guys."

Miss Appleby was my math teacher. She was pretty hot looking for a woman of about thirty. I figured if I was gonna fuck a woman, she'd make a damn good start. She was tall and slim, with long red hair. Her boobs could have fed an army.

It was on Tuesday morning when I left home for school earlier than usual. Paul rode with me.

When we hooked our bikes to the rack, the place was almost deserted. We went to Miss Appleby's classroom. It felt kind of weird to be alone with Paul in a room normally full of kids. And those damn awesome boobs.

"Hey, Paul, I've got an idea, man! Let's show Miss Appleby how we're all grown up now."


"Let's leave a message on her desk."

We went downstairs to the basketball court and fooled around for a while to kill time. Neither of us played the game much, but it was fun to dunk a few.

Back in the classroom, the kids had begun to arrive in small groups. Miss Appleby was last to enter the room. She closed the door behind her.

"Morning, boys and girls."

An assortment of mumbles greeted her in return. She walked over to her desk and put her bag on the timber surface, then lifted the bag to inspect the bottom. She used her index finger to investigate something stuck to the leather before returning her attention to the surface of her desk. She wiped her finger on her dress. She was mad as hell.

"Who did this?"

Paul and I assumed the same puzzled expression as the rest of the class, but we were busting to break into hysterical laughter. Miss Appleby stormed out of the room and left the door slightly ajar. The whole class scrambled up to the teacher's desk to see what all the fuss was about. Some of the girls were mystified. The guys and the rest of the girls immediately recognized blobs of boy juice.

Miss Appleby returned with the headmaster. He gave the class a lecture about being responsible teenagers and having respect for our elders. He didn't mention boners or cum or anything, but we all got the message. When he'd finished, he asked for a volunteer to clean the mess off the teacher's desk. Surprisingly, the cum had already mysteriously disappeared.

Between periods, Paul and I laughed so hard we could hardly breathe. I'd only just caught my breath when Paul asked me if I thought Miss Appleby had sucked her finger on the way to the head's office. I cracked up something rad at the thought.

I planted another big milky kiss on mom's cheek. She looked at Paul. "Well?" she said. He obliged and planted one on her other cheek.

We went to my room and downloaded Kyle's email. He was getting really excited about the school swim meet. It was only a week and a half away now. Mike's email worried me, though. He was talking about coming to town. He wanted to meet me.

fuck, man, ur scarin the shit outa me - i told you already that I DONT WANNA MEET! shit man im a teen! and ur 40 somethin! if i get found out my momll kill me! mike ur a nice guy and everythin but i don't wanna do stuff with you ok? im sorry dude but thats how it is - if ur the friend u say u are ull understand - sorry man - stay cool.

Mike's reply came back in less than fifteen minutes. He said he was crying because he didn't wanna hurt me. He promised me he'd never visit my town or talk about seeing me again. I wrote back and thanked him and gave him a big hug.

"Do you think he's a pedo?" Paul asked.

"Dunno. How do you tell?"

"I thought pedos were older guys who liked younger guys."

"Do you like young guys?"

"Fuck, yeah!"

"Do you like older guys?"

"Fuck, no!"

"So, what's that make you?"

It was Thursday when Dick decided to pay another unscheduled visit at about midnight. I locked the bedroom door as he climbed through the window. He was out of his baggy blue jeans and t in seconds.

"Did you bring a pea?"

"Nah, man, I just wanted to come around and chat. I dig being with you."

"Could've fooled me."

Dick roughed up my blonde hair, then got me in a headlock. He was as strong as an ox. He forced my face down to his cock which was a full seven inches of solid beef and blue veins.

"Say hello to Dicky's dickie."

"Hello, dickie."

"Say I think you're a real nice dickie."

"I think you're the most fucking awesome dickie I've ever seen."

"That's not what I told you to say, dude, but it'll do."

He threw me onto my bed and laid on top of me. His boner felt way rad against my stomach. He leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips, then looked deep into my brown eyes.

"I didn't come here for sex tonight, Daniel."

"K, so what do you want on your sandwiches? Salami and pickle?"

He roughed up my hair again and kissed me. It was a long, soft, lingering kiss. It felt so cool. His gentleness made me feel like I was floating.

"I came here tonight just to be with you. I wanted to hold your body and feel your warmth. I wanted to look into your awesome brown eyes. I wanted to know what it was like to sleep with you and then wake up in the morning to see you next to me."

I didn't know what to say. The thought of his being here in the morning scared the shit out of me. "What if mom sees you here naked with a boner?"

"I'll tell her I prefer you."

When I opened my eyes and saw the first rays of the morning sun drenching the room, Dick was giving me a tongue bath. I remained silent as he covered my body in his awesome spit. It seemed as though his tongue loved me more than he did. I rolled over and let him complete the job. I was dying for a piss, but it could wait.

"What a fucking rad way to wake up," I said, finally.

"If you wanna get even for the other day at the pool, Daniel, now's your chance, dude."

We still had about half an hour before mom usually woke. We sneaked down the hall to the bathroom. Dick sat on the floor of the shower as I stood over him. He knew that I didn't want him to piss on me, so he pissed on himself as my warm jet of morning yellow splattered him from head to toe. It lasted more than a minute, or so it seemed. He opened his mouth and drank my last few squirts. Pissing on such a fucking beautiful Adonis felt so way damn cool! And he loved it. He loved me.

We showered quickly and towelled each other before he dressed and vanished through the window. I returned to the bathroom, showered again and dressed for breakfast.

"Is Paul sleeping over tonight, Daniel?"

"Reckon so, mom."

"You two boys get along so well together. Is he your best friend?"

"Never really thought about it. Maybe. Can't a guy have more than one best friend?"

"I suppose so. But usually there's one you like better than the others."

"I like both Paul and Dick."Fuck! I thought to myself. I'd screwed up again big time!

"Dick? Who's ... oh! Freddie's neighbour. But you hardly know the boy!"

"Yeah, well he kind of grows on you pretty fast."

Paul and I raced each other home from school. On the way, we collected his dad's digital camera and a change of clothes. I got home barely a second before he did. We dropped our bikes on the front lawn.

Mom got her usual milky kiss. Two, actually. One from Paul. I answered the phone.

"Hi, Dick."

Dick said that Freddie and his parents were going away for the weekend. They gave him the key and asked him to look after the house. Freddie's parents said it was cool to invite a few friends to sleep over. Then he paused for a second.

"Hey, Daniel?"

"What, dude?"

"About last night. It was rad."


"But I'm sorry about the shower thing."


"I don't want you to think I'm some kind of weirdo."

"You're okay, dude. Don't worry about it. You can buy a drink at my bar any time."

When I'd hung up, mom asked me what I meant by 'bar', and if I'd tasted alcohol.

"No, mom. It was just a guy joke."

I told her about sleeping over at Freddie's house, but neglected to mention that his parents would be away. She said it would be fine, but to phone twice a day to let her know I was OK.

"K, mom. Once at 9am and again at 9:05am."

She flicked the kitchen towel at me.

After Paul and I did the dinner dishes, we went to my room. My bud sat on the floor and watched me do my chest expander exercises. We were both naked and the door was locked, as usual.

"You have such a rad body, Daniel. It's to fucking die for."

"Seems your weenie agrees with you, Paul."

I threw the chest expander on the bed and set about teasing my bud. I grabbed my hard throbber and rubbed its slimy knob around his face. "Don't move a muscle," I ordered as I wiped my pre-cum over his lips. His blue eyes were begging for my thick sausage.

"I bet I can tease the fuck outa you, too!" he said.



I did as he asked and laid on my back on the floor. By now, my dick had softened. He positioned his boner just above my face and began doing pushups. His face was at my other end hovering over my meat in a 69. He told me he'd be watching my cock and, if it hardened by as little as a tenth of an inch, I'd have to let him eat me. I would have anyway.

His rock-hard, six inches slapped my face as he did his pushups, while his hangers brushed my forehead and his pre-cum dripped onto my nose and cheeks. I was determined not to get a boner, though. At the fifteenth pushup, he screamed with delight.

"It grew! Your cock grew! I saw it!"

He'd only been blowing me for a couple of minutes when my flood of boy cum jetted down this throat. He gulped every drop, then licked the remainder off my swollen head. He looked up at me and ran his tongue around his ruby lips. He was in heaven.

"I get to do what I wanna now, cos I won," he pouted.

I laid on my back again as he stood over me. I couldn’t help but admire his tanned, trim body with its nicely proportioned muscles. This was going to be a test of his aim, I figured. He had to try to shoot his load into my open mouth, but he'd told me not to swallow it. I watched him jack off. His body stiffened. His knees bent. He pointed his boner at my face. I felt his warm, wet missiles hit my tongue and lips as he arched his back and groaned. When he was done, he laid on top of me and we kissed, smearing his cum over our faces. We played mouth tennis with his boy juice for a minute or two. But, hey, I got to swallow it. Woohoo!

Dick was in his Speedos when he answered the door and escorted us through Freddie's house. We followed his awesome, tight, muscular buns to the back room where Paul put the camera on the coffee table. Our jaws hit the floor when we saw the girl. The Adonis introduced us. "This is Jo, guys."

We nodded at Jo, hoping that our smiles would disguise our surprise. I guessed it wasn't right to shake a girl's hand. She was fucking beautiful! Medium to longish black hair, long lashes, the cutest face, perfect skin with no make-up. She was wearing shorts and a tank top thingy that ended just above her neat little navel. She had small but firm boobs that stuck out like oranges. Her legs were long and slender. She looked about our age.

Dick stepped out of his Speedos. His magnificent cock was almost hard, and bounced around with each movement of his muscular bod. "Anybody for a skinny dip?" he grinned.

Paul and I removed our baggies and ts, but stopped at our Speedos. Paul must have been as nervous as I was. No way was I gonna get naked in front of a girl I'd only just met.

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