Part 17

I hated Mondays. The best thing about school that day was Paul giving me a zip of the pics we took at Freddie's place over the weekend. When I'd arrived home, I told mom I had a heap of homework to do and went straight to my room. She brought the milk in a minute later. Lucky for me, I hadn't starting looking at the pics on the comp yet. She left and closed the door.

There were some totally rad pics of us swimming, sucking, laughing -- you name it. I selected the best pics of Dick to send to Kyle. One was a close-up of Dick's seven inches dripping pre-cum. The others showed his cool bod and face.
hiya kyle,

drool over these, man - dicks boner is about the same size as mine but he wont be at the swim meet so tuff! hehehe - mine will just hafta do. :)

lookin forward to seein you next saturday - ALL of you!

I clicked on Kyle's pic again and imagined my monster beef sliding between those fucking awesome lips, and my hands holding that mop of black hair.

I closed the car door and buckled the seat belt. Mom stopped by Paul's on the way to Freddie's house. We'd all been invited to dinner to meet his folks and their new 'son'.

Dick answered the doorbell. We followed him inside to the dining room where we all shook hands and exchanged names. There was a big cake in the center of the dining table. I read the white writing on the blue icing. 'Jo - welcome son. Dad, mom & your bro Freddie.'

There were eight of us at the table. Jo, Paul, me, mom, Freddie and his parents -- Jack and Jill, which I thought was fucking hilarious -- and Dick. Dinner was a huge smorgasbord of cold meats, vegetables, fish, bowls of salad and crusty bread. Drinks consisted of three large bottles of Coke and three of white wine. We all tucked in.

Jack and Jill explained how they'd talked with Jo's uncle and sorted everything out. He was glad to get rid of the kid. They were yet to get official approval to foster Jo, but they didn't see any problem with that. Jack was a lawyer. They were going to send Jo to Paul's and my school. Rad!

About an hour after dinner, and a helluva lot of conversation and cracking up, Freddie asked his mom if we guys could go swim in the pool. Paul and I mentioned that we hadn't brought our Speedos.

"Then we'll all skinny dip. Is that OK, mom?" Freddy pleaded.

By that stage, the parents would have agreed to anything. They were all totally out of it from the wine. Dick had already offered to drive mom and I home, so that was cool. Very cool. He was gonna use mom's car and sleep over. Woohoo!

Four crazy teens undressed outside the house by the pool. Baggy blue jeans and ts were scattered on the lawn. It seemed a pity not to take advantage of this opportunity to show my pride and joy to a new audience, so I invented an excuse. "Back in a sec, guys."

I boldly entered the dining room, totally starkers. My slack five inches bounced around as I sauntered casually up to the table.

"Sorry mom, sorry folks, just thought I'd grab the Coke and some glasses for the guys."

I took my time getting the stuff off the table to give those three pairs of eyes a chance to get a good look at my swaying meat. I heard Jack's voice.

"It's pretty obvious you're gonna be a fireman when you graduate, Daniel. That's a helluva hose you’ve got there, fella."

Everybody cracked up, even mom. It gave me an excuse to laugh and let my semi do a dance. Jill was positively awe struck. I also noticed a proud look in mom's glazed eyes before I rejoined the guys by the pool. They were in hysterics after I’d told them what had happened.

"You're just so rad, man," Jo giggled. "You gotta come around here more often."

"I promise." I grinned.

Back at home, Dick and I hugged and kissed mom, then went to my room. I closed the door before we undressed. I laid on my back on the floor.

"Your bed's over there, Daniel."

"I just want you to stand over me for a while so I can look at you."

Dick planted his feet either side of my chest and began flexing his awesome muscles in a kind of sexy way like he wanted to tease the fuck out of me. How I loved those tanned pecs and his cool six pack. Pre-cum dripped from his thick throbber. He turned around and lowered his smooth ass over my face. To see his hairless pink and brown hole, perfect hangers and giant meat just inches away was so fucking incredible. He let me lick it all for a few minutes before he stood up again.

"You feel like a piss?" he asked.

"I got a boner, man. I can't."

"Sure you can."

"It'll go all over the fucking floor!"

Dick climbed out the window, squatted and opened his mouth. I rested my balls on the sill and aimed my cock at his face. The piss took ages to arrive and, when it did, it was a thin stream because of my hardon. It took forever to finish but I didn't hear Dick complaining. He went over to a nearby bush and pissed on it. He turned around, came back to the window and thrust his weapon at me.

"Suck this, dude."

I figured he wanted to fuck my face through the window like Paul did the other day, so I let his semi slide between my lips. The bastard had saved a bit of his piss which filled my mouth. I spat it out.

"You fucking asshole! I'll get even with you for this!"

He climbed back into the room and we fell about laughing like crazy. There was no way I could’ve stayed mad at Dick. He was just too damn cool.

The Adonis laid on his back on the spare bed and beckoned me with his finger. I sat on his barrel chest, with the head of my cock resting on his mouth. He grabbed my shaft and used it to smear my shiny pre-cum over his lips. His eyes were telling me that he never wanted this to stop.

I about-faced and let him lick my hole and nads while I sucked his hard seven for a few minutes. I moved again so that we were in a 69 position on our sides. It was better that way because we could stop sucking every now and then and tongue each other's holes. Our mental telepathy was working well because we each blew a bucket of delicious boy cum into each other's mouths at the same time. I let his load hang on my tongue for a while to savor the flavor of his thick, sticky milk before I gulped it all down. Then we licked each other's dicks clean.

Next morning, mom was already awake by the time we needed to shower, so we couldn't shower together. Fuck! My piss and cum were wasted on the town sewage system. Mom dropped Dick off at home while Paul and I rode our black BMX freestyles to school.

On the way, we rounded a corner. It was too late to see the kid crossing the road. He jumped out of the way as I braked. My back wheel slid sideways. My foot hit the asphalt.

"Sorry, man." I said.

"Cool, dude. No harm."

He was cool alright. I guessed he was about my age. He was wearing baggy jeans that looked they were gonna fall off his narrow hips at any moment. His t was wrapped around his waist, baring his torso. He was pretty tall and kind of thin, but his lightly tanned chest was way neat. Not big, but sexy. And his face was awesome. He had long brown hair down to his shoulders, and soft brown eyes like a cocker spaniel's.

Paul and I started riding again but we'd no sooner gotten a few yards away when I heard the dude's voice.

"Hey, man! What's your address so I can sue you?"

We laughed and pedalled back. I told him where I lived.

"That's just five minutes from my place, dude," he grinned. "Might see ya 'round. I'm Steve. And, hey, that's a way cool bike, man."

Miss Appleby checked her desk as usual before she put her bag down, but Paul and I had become pretty expert at looking innocent. Math was not my fav subject. I figured if I could measure my throbber, that was good enough.

The best part of Wednesday that week was swim training. My times were improving. I wanted to beat the fuck out of those juicy Cape Town lips next week. The coach said he was surprised at how well I was doing. I didn't tell him why, though.

Late that afternoon, Paul had left my house just before dinner. It was one of my favs. Roast beef and baked potatoes with HEAPS of mom's special gravy.

"Now are you sure you're going to be alright on this trip, Daniel?"

"Sure, mom. I'm a big boy now, remember?"

"Yes, I noticed that at Jack and Jill's place last night."

We both cracked. Wow! Even mom was a fan, I thought.

"Are you sure you want to pack everything, Daniel? I don't mind helping, you know."

"Mom, if you help, it's gonna cost a fortune in excess baggage."

We cracked again. I loved my mom. She was way cool for an adult.

After doing the dishes, I fired up the comp. No mail from Kyle. Damn! Must have had too much homework. That reminded me of my own. Fuck!

It was just after 9pm when mom knocked on my door. I opened it to see Steve. He had his t on this time.

"I was in the neighborhood, dude, so I thought I'd drop by and give you my bill." He handed me a piece of official looking paper. I read it.

"Fifty billion dollars!"

"You don't have to pay it all at once, dude. A million a week's fine." He grinned. "Gotta jet now, dude. Catch ya."

Mom and I saw him to the door. He left, laughing and bouncing all the way down the path. Mom was totally bewildered, so I explained what had happened that morning. When I’d returned to my room, I noticed something written on the back of Steve’s 'bill'. 'Meet me about midnight around the corner near the big clump of trees. I'll give you a discount on the bill.'

It was pitch black. I could hardly see where I was going.

"Daniel, dude! Glad you could make it." His eyes focused. "Hey, man! You're fucking nude! And you've got a way cool boner! Woohoo! This is totally rad!"

I told him about the other night when I went walking around the streets in the nik, and how exciting it was. He got naked and draped his clothes over a branch. His meat was almost as long as he was tall. His hangers hung so low they needed skates. He had smooth skin like a kid's except for a tiny bunch of black pubes.

We climbed the tree. Steve got me to lie on my stomach across two branches so that my hard meat was pointed at the ground. He sat on a branch below and started licking my boner.

"Do you swallow?" I asked.

"Dunno, man. Never done it before. Only ever thought about it."

"Well, my cum is full of vitamins and protein and other good stuff. It'll fatten you up."

Steve's mouth felt like a warm dish cloth. It was like totally boring.

"Listen, Steve. You gotta learn a few things if you wanna get fed. Keep your lips tight around my shaft and..."

I heard footsteps. We froze. The guy stopped just a few feet below us to light a cigarette. His lighter wouldn't work. He fiddled around for what seemed like a fucking week. A flame appeared. He walked on.

"This is fucking wicked, man!" Steve whispered. "My heart's thumping like crazy!"

"Mine too. Now eat your dinner or I'll send you to your room with no TV for a week."

Steve was a quick learner. His lips and tongue soon worked their magic as I hung in the tree in the cool night air. His fingers fondled my balls. Because he was a good boy, I gave him seven huge jets of my thick, sticky boy juice. I heard him swallowing. And swallowing. And swallowing. I couldn't help laughing.

"K, Steve, time for me to have my dinner."

"Nobody's ever sucked me before."

"Really? Then we've gotta make it special. The first time should be da dope."

After we'd climbed down from the tree, I led him to the floodlit pedestrian crossing. We were half-way across when I grabbed Steve's arm. His eyes were nervously darting in every direction.


"Here? You're crazy, Daniel! We might as well be on a fucking floodlit stage!"

"Chill, dude. There's nobody around."

"Not yet, there's not! What if somebody comes? Fucking hell!"

I rubbed my semi against his until he was as hard as a rock. It was at least as big as Dick's, but thinner. My nostrils filled with his hot boy scent as I slid down his sweating body and licked his pre-cum. I looked up at his dog eyes. He was scared shitless.

I took his beef into my mouth and sucked his long stem. My tongue worked around the ridge of his sculptured knob as I pulled his buns toward me. He soon got the idea and started to fuck my face. I gagged but he was too into it to worry about my damn health. After a minute, his body stiffened as the head of his cock slammed against the roof of my mouth. His awesome explosions of boy juice flooded my mouth, wad after wad after sticky wad. He tasted delicious! I swallowed every drop.

He wanted to run for the cover of the trees, but I forced him to stand there under the bright orange street lights until I'd squeezed every last bit of cum from his swollen head and licked it off. We'd only just made it back to the shadows when two cars drove by.

"You've gotta learn to control your nads, Steve. You blow to quick."

"Just as fucking well, man! Those dudes could've busted us big time! Anyways, you can be my official teacher."

"That reminds me, do I still owe you fifty billion?"

"Yeah. But not in bucks anymore," he grinned.

I went to bed that night thinking how awesome it'd been with Steve, then gave mom something to think about the next time she washed my sheets, and went to sleep.

As Paul and I rode our bikes to school the next morning, I told him what had happened.

"I can't believe you, Daniel. You attract cocks like flies to shit."

"Yeah. Except I'm better looking."

"What did you think of the pics I took on the weekend?"

"Awesome, man. We're gonna have to make a video next time."

"For who?"

"For us, dickhead. No way I wanna make my face famous while there's some dude's boner jammed in it."

"Or two boners." Paul laughed.

"Yeah, man, that was so rad when Jo had our three dicks in his face. Fucking awesome!"

When we got to school, we received a message from Miss Appleby. The principal wanted to see us in his office pronto.

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