Part 18

We knocked on the principal's door. After a few anxious moments, it opened and he beckoned us to enter. His face wore a dark, cold, menacing expression. His big office smelt of old wood and furniture polish.

"Let me get straight to the point, boys. I can't prove that you ejaculated on Miss Appleby's desk the other day, but I know you're as guilty as sin. And you want to know something else, boys? I'm personally going to make your miserable, inconsequential little lives hell. You’re both going to wish you'd never enrolled at this school. Am I making myself perfectly clear?"

A blurred figure appeared at the door on the other side of the frosted, glass window. I immediately recognized the long red hair and decided to grab this opportunity. I glanced over at Paul.

"When did you say this dude made improper advances?"

Paul understood right away and lied. "Tuesday. And the Thursday before that.

"What the fuck are you little shits talking about?" the principal roared.

I continued the lie. "Yeah, he's been asking me to suck his dick, too."

"Why, you impudent little...!!!"

I pushed Paul to the floor, then fell down myself, pulling my shorts to my knees as I went. The door opened. Miss Appleby poked her face inside as the principal landed on top of me in a rage. I chose this perfect moment to scream. "Please, sir! Don't rape us! We're just students."

Our math teacher looked totally fucking horrified and left immediately. The principal's face was drained of blood. He was ghostly pale as he stood up. His voice was as nervous as all shit.

"Now, I'm sure you're both very nice boys at heart." He ran a finger around the inside of his collar and cleared his throat. "You've had your little joke with Miss Appleby. Just make sure it never happens again." He mopped his sweating brow and managed a false laugh. "OK, boys. Have a nice day. It's a privilege to have you both at this school."

As we walked back to class, Paul grabbed my arm and stopped me. "Let's skip a period. I wanna talk serious."

We went into the showers. Not a soul was there because all the kids were in class. "K, man. What's this all about?"

"It's you, dammit. It's like you ignore me all the time. I'm supposed to be your best friend, right?" He paused to search the look of guilt on my face. "Well, fucking act like my best friend, Daniel! It pisses me that you're always making such a big fucking deal about Dick. And now there's Steve! What about me?"

The kid's soft blue eyes misted over. I grabbed him by the shoulders. "Paul, you are my best friend. It's just that I'm so fucking horny. I can't resist a cool bod."

"Like mine?"

I nodded as images of the sex we'd had flashed through my mind. "Yeah, dude ... like yours."

"Well, fucking prove it then."

I quickly undressed, then slowly undressed Paul. As I pulled his boxers down over his boner, I kissed its swollen head and rubbed my nose in his small, black patch of pubes. I loved his scent. I asked him to lie on his back on the floor. The cool tiles felt nice on this hot day.

I got down on all fours just below his feet and faced him. I wanted him to see this tongue bath to end all tongue baths. He smiled down at me knowing that I was gonna take him to heaven.

I began by getting his and my pre-cum on my finger-tip and wiping it on each of his toes. I let him watch me suck them all, one at a time, like ten tasty little cocks. My wet tongue worked its way up one leg, then up the other. He spread them so I could lick his inner thighs.

"What about my balls and throbber?"

"Chill, Paul. Don't be an impatient little shit."

I licked all over his six pack and spent a bit of time circling my tongue around his cute, flat navel. Then I worked up to his firm pecs and sucked his ripe, brown nipples. I glanced up occasionally to make sure he was watching my every move.

He placed his hands behind his head. His soft armpits smelt wild and sexy as I licked each of them for a minute or two, then moved over to his face. He closed his eyes as my tongue worked its way around his cheeks, nose and lips. I stopped for a second to take an eyelash off my tongue.

"You gonna lick my balls now?"

"Roll over."

I went back to his feet and licked their soles. He giggled like a baby when I got to his insteps. I licked all the way up each leg, then made long, wet sweeps of his perfectly rounded, firm buns. He opened his legs. I was gonna lick all over his back and shoulders but the sight of his pink and brown hole was just too much to resist. I put my face between his globes and sent my tongue in as far as I could. He tasted so damn rad, kind of warm and savory. I stayed there until my tongue ached.

"Roll over."

"What about my back?"

"Fuck your back. I'm as horny as hell and I wanna tongue your boner and balls."

His hard beef was lying across his stomach. My tongue started at his nads, then made several slow sweeps along the hard muscle under his shaft, causing his dick to jerk with excitement. When I got to his swollen knob, I licked off his shiny pre-cum.

"Daniel! I'm gonna cum any second!"

I quickly laid on the floor and asked him to kneel over my chest. I stroked his boner and fondled his balls. "Watch your juice go in, man." I opened my mouth and pointed his cock at my tongue.

Paul's tanned body stiffened. His nuts tightened. A long, white stream of hot boy cum shot into my mouth, followed by five or six more. Before swallowing, I pulled his face down to my open mouth so that he could see his juice on my tongue. Without closing my lips, I let his warm, boy lava slide slowly down my throat; then I swallowed. He kissed me, tenderly. The softness of his plump lips felt so fucking special.

"You wanna get your rocks off now, Daniel?"

"Well, now that you mention it, dude..."

I ordered Paul to lay on his back, then knelt to one side of his head. I asked him to open his mouth slightly. I leaned forward over his face and rested my flat hands on the cool, tiled floor. I looked back underneath my chest at my hard meat sliding sideways between his parted lips. I watched my balls drag across his mouth, then back again until my swollen knob reached the far corner of his lips. I moved forward once more, then back. It was just so wild to see the whole length of my hard dick, plus my nads, sliding back and forth across his cute face. I wanted to watch my cum fill his mouth. I was ready. My voice quivered.

"Hold my cock, Paul, and lemme see it shoot."

He grabbed my shaft just in time and held it a few inches away from his open mouth. I watched every one of my giant wads disappear between his red lips. Fucking magic! I sat back on my heels, leaned down and got a good look at my thick boy juice covering his tongue before he let it slowly slide down his throat as I watched. He swallowed without closing his mouth. I kissed him and tasted the flavor of my own hot sex.

"Great show, guys."

I looked up in horror to see the coach. Shit! He'd been watching! He had his huge nine-inch throbber hanging out of his Speedos. There was a mess of fresh cum on the tiled floor a few feet in front of him. "Swim training is in half an hour. Don't be late, guys." He put his cock back in his Speedos and left.

After training, the team showered as usual. The only thing different this time was that the coach had organized a big-screen TV and VCR in a corner near the lockers. We all sat on the floor as the coach worked the remote.

The screen came alive with deep blues, pure whites, greens, wetsuits, shiny surfboards and glistening bare feet. The title appeared:


It was awesome! Guys were doing incredible things like their feet were glued to their boards. I'd never surfed. The nearest beach was pretty close to where I lived in Florida, but it had no surf because it was on the Gulf of Mexico. I'd never seen surfing like this in real life before, except for once on vacation just before my dad died. I was about five then, so the memories were pretty hazy.

I watched all the faces of the different surfers in the video hoping to see Kyle. He told me in his emails that he surfed. If he could do this kind of stuff, he'd be my fucking hero god for sure! Just then, a young guy came out of the water with a small board under his arm. It must have been one of those body board thingies. He wasn't wearing a wet suit, just shorts. As the kid got closer to the camera, I recognized the hair and those wild lips. He dropped his board on the sand and took off his dripping-wet shorts. Yup, that was Kyle's Speedo bulge alright. Fuck! I wanted to be in Cape Town NOW! I looked at Paul.

"Did you recognize that dude?"

"Yeah. It was Kyle." He searched my eyes for a second. "Promise me one thing, Daniel. Promise you and me can stay at Kyle's house. I wanna be with you all the time."

I handed Paul the milk carton after I'd closed the fridge door.

"You must be excited about your trip to Cape Town, Paul," mom said.

"You betcha, Nancy. It's gonna be so wild!"

"Relax, Paul. There are no lions or tigers in Cape Town. It's civilized."

Paul spat the milk out as he dissolved into hysterical laughter. Mom looked puzzled.

"Is your mother helping you pack, Paul? Daniel won't let me. He thinks he's too old to be mothered."

"Yeah, Nancy. Mom's helping me pack. I've got two identical suitcases. She's packing the one she THINKS I'm gonna take."

We all cracked.
hiya kyle,

man we saw the most wicked south african surfing stuff today on video - and guess what? i saw this really ugly kid who looked just like you hehehe - i hope your balls are workin ok cos youre gonna be a fuckin wreck by the time the weeks over :) i can hardly wait til saturday man - and if you dont take paul and me to the beach im gonna put your throbber in a blender! but not until the day we leave hehehe

ps: man you are soooooo HOT!
I answered the knock at my bedroom door. It was Steve. He had his t tied around his waist again. Paul didn't seem too enthusiastic as the bare, brown chest sauntered into the room.

"So, you must be Paul. Daniel's told me all about you. You dudes are best buds, I hear."

"Yeah, we are." Paul looked as though he wanted Steve to fuck off.

"Chill, man. I'm not here to break up the budship. I think it's cool that you guys are best friends."

We showed Steve Kyle's website and his pics. He was impressed and wished he was going to SA with us. Then, I showed him the pics Paul took of me shooting my load at the digital camera. His eyes were on springs. After that, I gave him a look at the pics we took during the weekend at Freddie's place.

"You dudes are so fucking wild, I can't believe it!" He paused. "Hey! Can you guys make it around to my place after dinner tonight? Say about 8? The 'rents are going out. I could use some company."

Paul and I helped mom set the table.

"I'm glad your mother said you could stay for dinner, Paul. I hope you like roast chicken."

As we sat down to eat, mom handed me the mayo which made Paul and I crack at the thought of our own mayo. Mom just shook her head, obviously thinking that we were a couple of lunatic, alien dudes.

"Is it just me? Why is it that I don't understand boys at all?" She looked at Paul. "Paul, I think it's wonderful that you and Daniel are such good friends. It's like you're part of the family now."

"Daniel's OK, I guess."

"Now, Paul, you can't fool me. You boys are as thick as thieves. You do absolutely everything together."

Paul and I choked at the same time. Mom was looking at her food, so she didn't notice. She continued. "I think it's very important for boys to have a best friend. I can't imagine what exactly, but I'm sure there are things that only best friends can talk about. Lord knows, a mother can only do so much."

I leaned across the table and decorated mom's cheek with the gravy on my lips. "You rule, mom." As I sat down again, mom leaned over and decorated my cheek. We all cracked.

After doing the dishes, we managed to convince mom to let us go to Steve's place for a few hours. I didn't like lying to mom, so Paul said we had some homework thingy to do, and that Steve had all the stuff in his comp, which was true.

We followed Steve's long brown hair into the living room. His t was tied around his waist, as usual. The house wasn't anything rad but it was nice and comfortable.

We saw the teens on the TV screen fucking. The picture quality was blurred. "Some kid at school lent me the video. I've watched it a few times but, after what I saw at your house today, Daniel, this is fucking lamo. You guys are da dope." He pointed the remote. The screen went blank.

Paul and I took off our clothes while Steve hesitated for a moment, then followed suit. We all had semis.

"How come your t is always tied around your waist?"

"Some guys reckon I look cool. I kind of get off on people looking at me."

"Me too." I agreed. "You're not as muscly as I am, but you look pretty fucking hot." I realized what I'd said just in time to get myself out of the shit. "Almost as hot as Paul."

Because of the way Paul had been feeling lately, I knew it wouldn't be a good idea to have sex with Steve. So, I came up with an idea to have some fun with a cock fight. I grabbed a note pad and pen off the coffee table and handed them to Steve.

"Now, you're the scorer, OK? If my throbber whallops Paul's, I get a point. If his whacks mine, he gets a point. The winner's cock gets to fight yours. We get two rounds of 60 seconds each."

Steve ran into his room and returned with a stop watch. He sat on the floor to one side of us and yelled, "let the contest begin!"

Paul and I thrust our boners at each other. It was a fucking hard game because our dicks flew all over the place like a couple of chickens who'd just spotted a fox. Steve scribbled on the note pad. We were all cracking up something awesome, so I didn't have a fucking clue who was winning.

Paul and I went back to our corners to catch our breath. A few moments later, Steve yelled, "ding, ding!" We lunged at each other again. Pre-cum was flying everywhere. We laughed so much we had tears rolling down our cheeks.

"Time's up!" We watched Steve try to decipher his scribble. "Paul, 57 points, Daniel, 49."

I sat on the floor with the pad and pen. I was glad I'd lost because it was way cool to see those two hard throbbers thumping the shit out of each other -- in fact, I was desperate to get in there and eat them both! A bit of flying pre-cum landed on my lip. It was Paul's. Then again, it could have been Steve's. Hmmm. I licked it off as I kept jotting down the points.

Round two.

The two cocks locked together like a pair of boxers in a hug. The guys' boners began to rub against each other.

"Hey, you fuckers! That's against the rules, dang it! Break!"

They parted and continued the battle until I told them to stop. Steve, 61, Paul, 62. I couldn't guarantee the accuracy, though, because I'd been laughing too much. After we'd recovered from the hysterics, Steve went to the kitchen, brought back a plate of potato crisps, nuts and three cans of Coke, and put them on the coffee table. I stood over the food and started stroking my seven inches.

Steve's jaw hit the deck. "Are you serious, man?"

Paul moved around behind me as I parted my buns to let his awesome, hot tongue in. I loved it when his tongue went all the way from just behind my hangers to the top of my crack, pausing on the way to lick my hole. The expression on Steve's face said he must have been dreaming. In a few minutes, my massive, creamy load hit the crisps and nuts like milk hitting cornflakes. Then, I licked Paul's pinkie while he jacked off.

"Your turn, Steve."

"I gotta tell you, guys, we're out of crisps and nuts. We'll have to eat crackers."

"No we won't."

It took a moment for my message to sink in under the dude’s long, brown hair. "You mean...?"

I took a cum-soaked crisp and put it to Steve's lips. He let it in, chewed and swallowed. His perfect teeth sparkled behind a broad smile. Then he blew his big, creamy load over the snacks. As we ate and drank, Steve acted like it was his first meal in a month. He was loving it.

"Fuck, man. Somebody should make a video of this stuff. It's fucking awesome!" he laughed.

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