Part 19

On the way home from Steve's, Paul and I walked past the big clump of trees. One of them was especially tall, maybe 30 feet or so, and had lots of thick branches all the way to the top. It was only about 10pm but we were protected by dark shadows in case anybody walked by.

After we’d gotten out of our shorts, boxers and ts, I climbed all the way to the highest branch that would support my weight. I walked it like a tightrope to the end and hung on to one of the smaller branches above me. I looked down at Paul as he moved a yard or so away from the shadows and into the dim street light.

I lifted my cock with my spare hand. My piss stream shot out about three or four feet, arced, then plummeted almost vertically to the ground. Paul darted around on the sidewalk with his head tilted back and his mouth open. It was so fucking awesome to watch my 30 feet of unbroken piss splash over his face and chest for maybe a minute or more. As my waterfall started to lose its power, Paul moved closer to the tree. When I was done, I shook off the last few drops and climbed back down. Paul dressed without drying himself, saying that he wanted my scent to stay on him until morning. Cool!

We walked the rest of the way home with our semis hanging out of our jeans. Two women walked past. We heard them giggle once they thought they were out of ear shot. Being a teen was pretty fun!

Paul was chatting a lot but I wasn't paying much attention. I was wondering why he and Dick liked my piss so much. I mean, it was only piss, wasn't it? Then I thought of those pics I'd seen of statues of boys pissing in fountains. Maybe there was something special about boy piss, not that I liked being pissed on. I was way too macho for that kind of shit. Paul peeled off to his house and said good night.

"Did you get all your homework done, Daniel?"

"Yes, mom."

I went into my room and undressed. While reading Kyle’s email, I worked out with my chest expander.
hiya daniel

things are hottin up for your teams arrival here in cape town. my folks have got two double bunks setup in my room for your stay and it looks like a damn school dorm.

hey if ya wanna learn to surf while ya here, if you have time - paul and me can teach you guys. that is in between the surfin that you and me are gonna do anyway - body surfin - hehehehe. the only dude i ever had is my best friend paul and it sounds like youre a sex maniac but im sure i can teachya a coupla things - anyway its gonna be cool tastin somethin different for a change - i can't damn wait - i get hard just thinkin about ya comin out here. paul is tryin to convince his folks to go out on the last night that you guys are here and then we will have his house all to ourselves - maybe we can order pizza :)

anyway besides all that stuff im lookin forward to beatin you in the swim - im always hearin about how good you guys are at swimmin but im gonna giveya a good look at my speedo wrapped buns in the pool.

seeya for now

cant wait for saturday
Before I replied, I finished my workout, then paused for a while to check myself out in the full-length mirror. I wondered whether Kyle would like me. The thought of his Speedo-wrapped buns in the pool made me think it might be worth losing by a body length.

I checked out Kyle's website again to see if he had any new pics. There was one of a blonde guy about my age. He looked a lot like me. The caption read: 'I AM gonna get to know a dude like this a lot better.' Seeing those words gave me an instant boner. Then I followed Kyle's link to Idolz.

The Idolz dude was Jade. He had a way cool site, and an even cooler bod. Wow! I sent him a note and told him to answer me with an email to Kyle because I'd be in Cape Town by Saturday. I also sent him a pic of me taken at Freddie's place. I was standing by the edge of the pool with my hands on my head and my weight on one leg. My throbber was at high mast and you could have put a match down my piss hole.

I felt like jacking off before hitting the hay. After printing Jade's and Kyle's pics and placing them on the floor, I got down on all fours and let my boy beef hang over their faces. Pre-cum dripped on them.

I squatted on my heels and looked at Jade's pic while I rubbed Kyle's face around my balls and hole. Then, I did the same with Jade's pic while I looked at Kyle and thought about where his lips had just been.

I put both pics back on the floor and rubbed my cock head all over their faces and bodies, then jacked off and blew a truck load of juice all over them. Before it could be absorbed by the paper, I got down on all fours again and licked off my cum. The thought of meeting Kyle in just over one day's time scared me and thrilled me at the same time. Woohoo!

"Now, are you sure you've got everything packed, Daniel?"

"Oh! I know what I forgot! A woman about five feet seven with blonde hair!"

Mom flicked the dish towel like a cowboy's whip and stung my cheek. "Ouch!"

"You wouldn't want me tagging along, Daniel. It would make you look like a big sissy. You're quite a young man now and I'm very proud of you."

I blushed as mom hugged me and planted a big sloppy one on my forehead. Mom said she'd bring my suitcase to school at about 3, half an hour before the bus was to take the swim team to the airport. This time, Paul and I walked to school. We both had a major case of butterflies thinking about the trip to Cape Town.

We spent most of the day swim training, trying to improve our times. The coach was pretty pleased with us. With any luck, we'd whip Kyle's school's ass. Coach opened a box and handed each of us something in a plastic bag. We opened them. Wow! Flag Speedos in our school colors! I stepped out of my old Speedos to try on the new ones. I couldn't stop my dick getting hard. The coach looked at me and laughed.

"Are you taking that thing as personal luggage, Daniel, or checking it in at the baggage counter?"

All the guys cracked something serious. I purposely took my time pulling up my new Speedos, then let my boner and balls hang over the top. "Is this the way we're supposed to wear them, coach?"

The bus was one of those mini ones, just big enough for the team, the coach and our luggage. I hugged mom and kissed her on the cheek. She was a little misty eyed. We'd never been apart before. A lump grew in my throat.

As the Jumbo sped down the runway, I could feel the rumble of the wheels on the tarmac vibrating the jet's superstructure. Maybe the whole damn thing would disintergrate and we'd be sitting on our seats at the end of the runway with no plane around us. Suddenly, the rumble ceased as if by magic. Something heavy must have slid down the back of the plane because it tilted. The rapid acceleration pushed me into the back of my seat. I looked out the window as the world turned sideways. It was rad but I was scared shitless. After a while, the captain told us that we were cruising at 30,000 feet. The hostess had already told us a bunch of stuff about where the life jackets and exit doors were. Yeah, right. I really needed to know that. Thanks a bunch, dudes.

The team was sitting more or less in a group at the back of the plane while Paul and I were seated next to each other. I had the window seat. The coach was behind us. A hostess appeared in the aisle with a trolley full of food and drinks. I figured she was kind of hot looking so I undid my fly. She handed me a plate of food and a can of Coke, then gave the same to Paul. She moved to the next row of seats.

"What's with the fly thingy?" he asked.

"Dunno yet. Wait and see."

After everybody on the plane had eaten, people dozed off or read magazines. Some watched the movie. The hostess came to our row and smiled. She leaned over to me and spoke in a hushed voice.

"Pardon me, young man, but I thought I'd better tell you that your fly is undone."

"Yeah. The zip's stuck."

"Follow me. I think I know how to fix it."

I followed her swaying hips to a compartment at the back of the plane. It was small and cramped, but nobody else was there. I got back to my seat about five or so minutes later.

"Did she fix your zip?"


I undid my fly and showed Paul the lipstick on my cock.


"Nope. Just a blow job."

"You're fucking amazing, Daniel. What was it like?"

"I think you'd better give her some lessons, pal. She spat out my cum. Pissed me totally."

A lot of the passengers and the team were dozing but I was too excited to sleep. I kept thinking about Kyle, and stared out the window at the fading light.

Kyle’s face was instantly recognizable. He greeted me with a huge grin and an extended hand. I thought it was really weird that we were the only two people at the airport, though. Where had everybody gone? Kyle led me down a long hall and through a metal door. We were standing in a hangar full of small planes.

"Which one would you like to fly in?"

I spotted a sleek looking jet. It reminded me of those awesome fighter planes that you see in movies. We undressed and climbed aboard. I was sitting in the narrow seat behind Kyle as he started the engine, guided the plane out of the hangar and, finally, sped down the runway.

I was looking up at a big white cloud coming straight at us at lightning speed. We zapped through it into blue sky and leveled out. I heard Kyle's voice through my headphones. "I'll put it on auto. Let's have some fun!"

He slid the canopy back and I felt the sudden rush of wind. I followed him out on to the wing. The earth below was an awesome sight, like a green and brown patchwork quilt.

"How do we stop from falling off?"

"Zulu magic, man. Those guys taught me some stuff. You'll be OK. Jump in the air."

"But I'll fall off!"

"Trust me."

I jumped a few inches and stayed with the plane. My feet landed safely on the wing again. Whoa! I tried it a few more times. Fucking wild!

Kyle knelt on the wing in front of me. I looked down at his smiling hazel eyes as he nuzzled my hangers and let my semi bounce around his face. He rolled off the wing, dropped a few feet and extended his arms. He performed a couple of somersaults in the air.

"Come on, Daniel. Fly!"

I stretched my arms and leapt off the wing. Shit! I was fucking flying! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I followed Kyle on a high-speed vertical flight before we barrel-rolled and headed at mach 2 toward earth. At around 5,000 feet we pulled sharply out of the dive and headed at lightning speed for the clouds again. Two naked, tanned dudes flew around like beautiful, free birds with magic powers.

As we leveled out, Kyle duck-dived and came up behind me. I felt his hands on my hips, which caused me to instinctively open my legs. He buried his face between my globes. I couldn't believe the length of his hot tongue. It went all the way in! It was totally wild!

After a few minutes, he dived to about a hundred feet below me. I followed him. Damn! I wanted this stud's ass! We flew around like warplanes in a dog fight. I'd get right behind him and he'd peel left or right. Suddenly, he stopped and just hung in the air with his mouth wide open. I glided at a snail's pace toward him, with my hard meat aimed at his face like a missile in slow motion. Contact!

We just drifted lazily around in the sky while he sucked me. His awesome, fleshy lips and tongue deserved a fucking medal. Jeez! Naked sex at 30,000 feet with nothing but air and sunshine around us. My nuts tightened and my body stiffened. My balls were on fire. My screams dissipated into the stratosphere.

Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ooooo! Fuck! Kyle!!!

My knob spat my molten boy juice down his throat -- wad after wad after electric wad. In the excitement, my cock slipped out just as the last jet of cum fired. Kyle dived below it and waited for it to fall neatly into his mouth. He flew back up and sucked the remaining glistening drop from my head.

"Please adjust your seat belts. We are approaching Cape Town airport."

My stomach was churning with excitement. I looked out the window and saw the Cape Town peninsula, the mountains and all that awesome ocean! In about fifteen minutes or so, I'd be face to face with my amazing surfer god. I figured I'd better force myself to look cool, so I chatted with the other team members to take my mind off Kyle.

The arrivals lounge was a sea of strange faces. Kyle wasn't there. Maybe he was sick. Maybe he'd died. Maybe he really didn't wanna meet me. I answered the tap on my shoulder and turned around. He was fucking gorgeous! Better than his pictures. Whoa! I wished his lips had a mind of their own and would eat me right there and then.



"Way cool to see ya."

"Cool to see you too, dude."

I was surprised at how calm my voice sounded. On the inside, I was a fucking mess. "This is my friend Paul. Where's your Paul?"

Kyle explained that his Paul would meet us later in the day when we went surfing. His accent sounded weird, but kind of cute. I liked it. Paul and I shook hands with Kyle's mom and dad. They seemed like really cool folks. Meantime, I was hoping that they weren't noticing how I kept gawking at their son. Then I realized that his peepers were pretty busy with me, too. I hoped Paul was able to handle all this.

We unpacked our gear in Kyle's room. I saw the printout of the surfing pic I'd emailed him. It was on the wall with a bunch of other stuff. Typical teen's room.

"This is your double bunk, guys. You can fight over who sleeps where."

I looked over at Kyle's bed. He knew what I was thinking. So did Paul.

After a late breakfast, we met up with Kyle's Paul and went to the beach. My Paul and I were still jet-lagged but we weren't gonna miss this for anything. Kyle doubled me on his bike, which was a helluva lot different to a jet fighter. The two Paul's went together.

"This is confusing, man," I yelled as the bike sped down the road. "How about we call your Paul ‘Pauly Poo-Poo’ or something?"

Kyle laughed. "We'll call mine Paul6 because he's got a bigger dick. Yours is just plain Paul."

"But my Paul's got six inches, too!"

"Yeah, but my Paul's is fatter."

I wasn’t sure if Kyle meant to rub his buns up against my crotch as he pedalled like hell, but he was sure giving me a fucking huge boner. I clung to the underside of the saddle for dear life as the fucking dare-devil tried to scare the shit out of me.

The first thing I noticed about the ocean was the smell. It was way cool -- so fresh and salty. The fine, warm sand felt wicked between my toes as we all crunched our way to the shoreline. Paul6 asked us if we wanted to learn to surf right away. It wasn’t hard to be in awe of those fucking huge waves.

"Later, dudes." I shrugged to disguise my fear. "We'll just watch you guys for a while and kind of get the feel."

Paul6 and Kyle took off their shirts. Paul6 was totally edible. He had a muscly build like mine, but he was slightly heavier. Kyle wasn't so well defined but he was awesome all the same. He also had an irresistible magic about his eyes and personality. He could've easily sold porn to the Pope.

Paul and I sat on the sand and watched those dudes tame the wild blue. Kyle caught a tube, zig-zagged up and down it for what seemed like a whole minute, then somersaulted over the white crest of the wave. He was a god, for sure. Paul and I hardly spoke except for lots of "wows" and "way cools" as we watched the guys perform for us for about an hour.

Kyle dropped his board on the sand and let the salt water from his body drip over my face as he stood above me. At that moment, he could have asked for absolutely anything he wanted. Damn, he was awesome! I watched his powerful chest heaving as he caught his breath. He smiled down at me, revelling in the fact that I was totally spaced out by him. Paul6 arrived a minute later.

"Did you see some of those guys out there, man?" Kyle asked.

"What guys?" I grinned.

"What are you talking about? There are thirty guys out there! Some of them are way cool surfers!"

"They are? Oh, yeah. Sure."

Kyle returned my grin. He knew that I was watching only one surfer. "K, you American land-lubbers. Time to wet your skin."

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