Part 20

As the first wave broke over the top of my Speedos, the sudden chill made me draw a quick breath. Kyle was already diving under the breakers and heading out the back. Meanwhile, the two Pauls had taken the bikes, boards and our clothes to Kyle's house and would walk back.

I copied Kyle and duck-dove under the waves until I was in deeper water, and my feet couldn't reach the sandy bottom any more. I would never have believed there was so much blue ocean. But I was in it! Woohoo! When I'd reached my friend, he explained how to catch a wave.

"Forget the dumpers and rollers. When you see a wave with a good curl on top, swim like crazy until you feel it lift you. Then ride the bastard all the way in. Here comes one now!"

I freestyled as hard as I could until I felt the powerful lift. It was a fucking blast! The giant wall of surging water carried me for a long way until it turned into a mass of swirling foam just a foot or two deep. I picked myself up and ran back to the breakers with my hero. As I waited for the next wave, I saw the two Pauls running into the surf.

After about half an hour, I missed a wave that had carried Kyle to shore. I looked around. It suddenly seemed as if I was a long way out. Something invisible was pulling me even further out to sea. I tried to swim to shore but I wasn't making any headway -- just the opposite. When I was lifted by the swell and finally caught a glimpse of the beach, it seemed miles away. I shat myself big time.

Soon, my arms began to feel like lead. Salt water washed into my mouth and eyes. I felt myself sinking. I thought about mom and her breast milk. I thought about dad. I thought about home and the Christmas tree. I thought about my first bike. An awesome peace gradually overcame me, and I let my body relax. It wasn't so bad to die after all.

Something behind me pulled my blonde hair. I gasped for air and started coughing. A pair of arms reached under my armpits and held my chest.

"It's OK, Daniel. I gotcha. Just stay calm and do what I say. Just lay on your back on top of me. I'll tow you back to shore. Just relax, buddy."

I was too exhausted to answer Kyle right away. After a minute or two, I managed to get a few words out. "What happened.?"

"You got caught in a rip, man. But it's OK now. I'm towing you diagonally across it. We'll be fine in a few minutes."

When we'd gotten out of the rip and into calmer water, my mind began to focus on other things -- like Kyle's boner pressing against the small of my back and his hands on my chest. He asked me if I'd recovered enough to swim on my own now. I told him to remain where he was for a little bit longer. Something in my voice, though, must have let him know I was lying. He laughed.

"Have you ever done anal?" he asked softly as we rose and dipped in the ocean swell.

"Once. To another guy."

"So you haven't been plugged yet?"

"No. And I don't wanna be."

I felt Kyle's throbber move down to my ass. Only my Speedos saved me from getting six inches of hard meat inside me. He rubbed his cock between my globes.

"Are you sure you don't wanna be fucked?" He laughed again.

By the time I'd answered "dunno" it was too late. My long pause had already given him the signal to go ahead. This dude was so damn awesome. He was well aware of the power he had over me.

What was happening to Daniel? I thought. I was the tough kid who pissed on other guys, the bossy one, the prankster, the boy god everybody adored. Now, I'd just had my life saved by the funkiest guy I'd ever met. And he wanted to fuck my virgin hole!

Kyle disappeared under the water and I felt my Speedos slide down to my knees. He surfaced with a big, toothy grin and swam around behind me. His meat found my hole. I reached down and pulled one leg out of my Speedos. I felt as though I was opening the gates to Fort Knox. He slowly slid in.

It seemed like he had six feet of throbber, not six inches. But it was way cool to have his hands on my pecs and his monster inside me. It hurt, but somehow the pain was also pleasure. I thought about my dream on the plane. This time, though, we were having sex in the ocean instead of in the air. And, this time, it was real.

He gripped my pecs like he was gonna rip them off. His muscular chest pressed hard against my back as I heard his loud groans just behind my ear. I felt the warmth of his cum in my ass and his cock against my prostate. My ass wasn't virgin anymore, and I was glad that Kyle was the dude who'd stolen my cherry.

It wasn't until we'd gotten to the shallows that I realized I'd lost my Speedos. I covered my semi with my hand and walked up the beach. Kyle was a few paces behind me and laughing his tits off. As I got alongside two girls sunbaking on their backs, I paused, raised my hand to my mouth and pretended to sneeze. They seemed pretty impressed with the length of my bouncing boy meat. I covered my cock again and returned their smiles.

"Where did you guys get to?" Paul6 asked as we joined them. My Paul echoed the question.

"Kyle saved my life."

"I had to, man. Iíve gotta kick your ass at swimmin'."

Paulís eyes focused on my crotch. "And what happened to your Speedos?"

"Shark got Ďem."

Kyle and I sat with the boys and explained what had happened with the rip and everything. It was a fucking relief to be on solid ground again. I covered my cock with a small mound of sand as Paul looked at me with questioning eyes.

"Is it true what they say about dying? Like, does your whole life really flash by?"


All three guys peered at me like I was gonna reveal the secrets of the beginning of the Universe or something.

"What did you see?"

"Lotsa cocks."

Paul6 returned to his house and brought back a spare pair of Speedos for me. Before I put them on, I waited until a couple of ten year olds walked past, then stood up and brushed the sand off my semi. I just couldn't resist showing off my cock or, as Paul put it, being a shameless and hopeless exhibitionist.

The four of us surfed again for about an hour. I was half hoping Kyle would rescue me for a second time.

Kyle's dad let us use the computer for a while, probably because Paul and I were guests in the house. We downloaded Jade's email.

Is Daniel there yet? He told me his swim team was visiting Cape Town and that he'd be staying at your house IN YOUR ROOM! He sent me his pic. Do I get any brownie points for guessing what might happen?

Just make sure you keep me FULLY informed of every despicable, disgusting, grotty detail. And don't forget to show Daniel that pic of me on the mountain, the one where I'm practising martial art. He likes my pecs and six pack. :)

Kyle wrote back and told Jade about everything that had happened so far, including saving my life. The image in my mind of those moments was so crystal clear -- like the second I thought I was gonna die, then feeling Kyle's hand grab my hair. This dude was the most important person in my life right now. But, somehow, I had to be the same Daniel I was before I came here. That's the Daniel he liked. That's the Daniel I needed to be.

Kyle's parents said they had some shopping to do and that they'd be back in an hour. Paul surfed the Net while I followed my wild South African friend to his room.

"Gimme a look at that cock I saved today."

My hero slowly pulled my Speedos down until my bronco busted out of the gates. He knelt down, and I watched the most awesome lips in the world inch closer to my swollen head. I'd dreamt about this moment for months. He stuck out his tongue and licked my oozing pre-cum. I was shaking like a leaf but, somehow, I had to dredge up the true, fearless, arrogant Daniel. I got as far as "eat my...." when my throat jammed. He laughed.

"You like me a lot, don't you, Daniel."

"You're OK, I guess."

Kyle took my hands and placed them at the back of his head. He formed his lips into the shape of a hole and looked up at me. His hazel eyes sparkled. Every nerve in my body was screaming. He let my seven inches of hot cock glide into his face-hole until my hangers rested on his chin. He reached up and massaged my pecs.

I watched those wild, fleshy lips moving up and down the length of my blue-veined shaft. His tongue was on fast-forward. His fingers played with my nipples.

I increased my grip on his head. Suddenly, I didn't give a fuck whether he intended to swallow or not. I wanted my boy juice to drip out of his ass. I could feel the rush coming. My balls tightened and my ass muscles contracted. He gagged as my blonde pubes rammed his face. I felt my cock head thump the roof of his mouth. The fireworks exploded. A truck load of Daniel juice shot down my hero's throat. He swallowed like crazy to keep up with the thick, sticky torrent.

"Do you like the way I give head?"

"You should talk to an air hostess I met."

It was cool to know that he'd actually enjoyed giving me such awesome head. I felt more equal now. Maybe I was his hero, too. I studied his hazel eyes. There was something I wanted to know.

"By the way, how many guys have you fucked?" I asked.


We all pitched in and helped Kyle's mom prepare dinner. Paul6 arrived just in time to eat it, the lazy shit. We took the food out by the pool. During the conversation, my mind occasionally wandered as I thought about Kyle's emails and how he and his friends had skinny dipped here. His dad spoke to me.

"How do you think the swim meet will go, Daniel? Are you confident of winning?"

"We'll beat the ... uh, hell out of them, sir."

"When do you start training?"

"Monday morning at sparrow's .... uh, early. The comp starts Wednesday, and the finals are on Friday night."

"I wish you luck, but not enough to beat our school," he laughed. "Which reminds me, Kyle tells me his coach has organized a special competition between you two since you won't be competing directly -- you being a year younger."

"Yeah, that's gonna happen on Friday afternoon. Kyle's gonna get a good view of my backside."

Kyle's folks went back inside the house and left us dudes to fool around in the pool. Four pairs of Speedos hit the grass. I knew my Paul was pissed at having been ignored lately, so I decided to make a fuss of him.

I was in the center of the pool as Paul backstroked toward me. I put my arms around him and held his chest as be bumped into me. It was nice to feel his firm pecs again. The other guys were concentrating on dunking each other and laughing.

"I've got a little surprise for you, Paul."

He glanced over his shoulder and smiled at me. His blue eyes shone with the excitement of anticipation as his legs parted. My boner slid slowly into his hole. Damn! I was so hot to fuck his tight, cute ass. He heard me groan.

"You cumming already?"


"What's going on then?"

"Kyle just put his meat in my ass."

Paul glanced over his shoulder. I looked over mine. Kyle looked over his. Paul6 was at the far end of a line of four teens, three with their boners getting ready to jet their loads into three waiting asses. We fucked as if we were rabbits and managed to time our explosions of boy juice. We all blew together. It was way fucking wild!

A woman's voice came from the back door. "Are you boys OK?"

"Yes mom, just foolin' around. Sorry about the noise."

I put my lips to Paul's ear. "Don't worry, buddy. You'll get to blow your load later. I've got something special planned."

The rest of the evening was spent practicing our freestyles and butterflys. After Paul6 had gone home, we said goodnight to Kyle's folks and went to his room. Each of us ditched his Speedos. Three tanned dudes with funky bodies and standing cocks studied at each other. You didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what was on our minds.

"Paul didn't get to shoot his load in the pool. I figure we owe him a favor." I said.

I got a piece of paper and wrote 'BOY GOD' on it, then folded it like a party hat and stuck it on Paul's head.

"What is your command, oh boy god?"

Paul needed acting lessons. He should've known that boy godz didn't giggle their tits off on important occasions like this.

"Worship me!"

Kyle and I knelt before the god and licked his fat six inches and hangers. It was wild to see Kyle's face so close to mine as his awesome lips and tongue worked Paul's goodies. If Paul had been an ice cream, he would have disappeared in seconds. The strong smell of fresh spit and pre-cum was making me so fucking horny.

We stood for a moment and wiped our pre-cum all over the god's boner, then knelt again, taking turns to suck his knob. Paul warned us he was about to explode. Kyle and I stopped sucking and opened our mouths. Paul held his tool and jetted his juice, first onto Kyle's tongue, then onto mine. We each got three big, delicious wads which soon disappeared down our throats. Our tongues touched as we licked the remainder of the juice from the god's shiny knob.

Kyle and I were too fucking randy to go to sleep yet. We asked Paul if he'd like to suck two throbbers at the same time. He knelt as we stood either side of his face. I watched two hot cocks enter Paul's mouth. His lips were stretched to the limit but he managed to get the two swollen heads in. Just the sight of it turned me on big time. His magic tongue worked our piss holes and ridges.

Kyle reached around and fingered my hole. I returned the favor. It didnít take long before his hole squeezed my finger. He must've felt the same thing. Two buckets of hot teen lava simultaneously emptied into Paul's mouth. His Adam's apple bobbed frantically as he gulped every precious drop.

"Kyle, Daniel, listen up, dudes. I know you guys really like each other. Thanks a whole bunch for giving me a rad time just now. I really appreciate it. But I want you guys to sleep together tonight. I mean, in the same bed. I'll have Daniel all to myself when we get back home -- well, that's if you don't include half the fucking neighborhood," he laughed.

I turned Paul around, knelt behind him and parted his beautiful globes. His pinkie winked at me. "I love your face, Paul. Here's a big kiss."

Kyle cracked at the sight of my face buried between Paulís buns.

My hero's solid, naked body felt so damn wicked next to mine as we hugged on his bed. We whispered in each other's ears.

"You're so fucking awesome."

"No I'm not. You are."

"You are."

"Don't shit me. You're the one who saved my life today."

"I'm glad I did. You're a great fuck."

Our whispers turned into boyish giggles. Pretty soon, though, our energy was spent. We slept in each other's arms.

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