Part 29

After locking my bedroom door, I turned to find Steve on all fours on the bed, with his ass in the air. I had to laugh. "Hey, man, not so fast! This isn't supposed to be a fucking five-minute wonder, y'know. Let's do it properly, 'specially since it's your first time."

I jumped behind him on the bed and ran my flat hands around his cream-colored globes just below the tan line. His skin felt silky-smooth and warm. I couldn't see a mark or a zit anywhere. There was a light brown circle around his hole. I ran my finger around the pink, wrinkled skin in the center and watched it squeeze tight as his muscles twitched. His balls swung lazily in mid air.

"Just relax, man," I ordered. "Take it easy. Which way would you like it? Doggy or on your back?"

"Which is better?"

"Up to you, man. Doggy, you can't see anything. On your back, you can watch me."

"On my back, then."

He laid on his back and raised his knees above his chest. I grabbed his ankles and draped his lower legs over my shoulders while I explained that it was better for me because I could hold onto the top of his thighs for support. Meantime, his pride and joy was at full mast -- all seven inches of it. I promised myself that I'd eat that magnificent rod of teen beef later.

I let my spit drop onto my boner and used my finger to smear it over, then moved my head forward a little and watched more spit land on his hole. As I rubbed it, his rosebud began to relax and open. More spit. I slid one finger in, then two. By this time, my aching balls were getting fucking impatient!

The expression on Steve's cute face was a curious mix of fear and the joy of anticipation. I reached down, placed my cock head against his hole, then put my hand back on his thigh. I was ready.

I watched him grimace as I slowly slid in, little by little, then paused for a few seconds to let his ass muscles get used to the intrusion of my hard meat. When ever he’d screw his face, I'd stop. When he’d smile, I'd go another half inch. Finally, I was all the way in.

"How does it feel?"

"Awesome! Like my ass has swallowed a fucking fence post!"

"Chill, dude. I'll take it slow at first."

After a few minutes, I began to increase the speed of my rhythm. I could feel my nads slapping against his skin as I rammed home thick seven. I was surprised that his boner was still as hard as a rock, which I took as a sign that he was really enjoying this. I sure was. I glanced down occasionally to watch my cock sliding in and out of his wet, pink hole. His ass muscles gripped me like a vice, and caused my fuck-tool to get even harder.

My fingers dug into his thighs as I sensed the incredible rush of cum getting read to erupt. I pulled my cock back, then rammed it home hard as my balls began to empty their flood of boy juice inside him. I fucked as fast as a rabbit. Zaps of electricity ran through my body and stiffened all my muscles. My loins were on fire. We both moaned as softly as we could manage. I felt the last of my several jets explode as my body slumped exhausted on top of his. Our tanned skins were glistening with sweat. The hot, fresh smell of sex and perspiration filled the whole room.


"Whoa! That rocked big time, Daniel," he whispered. His eyes rolled back and a satisfied smile spread across his face. "Fucking big time."

The hunky package of smooth muscle and long, brown hair wanted to get his rocks off straight away, but I talked him into letting me recover for five or ten minutes while I checked for email.
hiya daniel

missin you stacks, like you wont believe. i miss your smell nexta me. i miss your hard smooth bod and i just miss havin you around - its crazy. pauls movin to england soon so i have had a shitty week with that - i am gonna miss him a whole damn lot - weve been closer than brothers all our life and now its like someones dyin and you wont see them again.

i wanta go to the USA and spend a holiday with ya - wish i could do that for real but theres no way my folks have got that sorta money - they battle just to keep me in school and swimmin lessons.

im gonna go and jackoff to your pics that you sent me now. i miss ya so damn much you wouldnt believe it.


The way he signed off made me go a bit weepy. To think that he felt that way about me was so damn excellent. I was sad to hear about Paul, though. He was a rad dude. I wrote back and thanked Kyle for teaching me how to fuck, and that I'd just fucked the shit out of Steve. I also told him about what mom said about missing him and that I had to get back to my normal life. Normal life?

'as for u visitin the USA kyle, thatd be rad! there must be somethin we can figure out - itd be way cool to see u again.'

I signed off by telling him I loved him too. Then I answered Jade, Danny, Mike, Joey and the others.

"You gonna gimme head now, Daniel?" Steve pleaded.

I stood up and hugged him. Our boners were locked together. I gyrated my hips and sent us both to heaven.

"Stop it, man, or I'll blow right here and now," he moaned. "I'd prefer your funky face."

"Lemme check out your whole body first."

I studied his sweet, young face and clear eyes as I ran my fingers lightly through his long, brown hair and down his cheeks. I placed my palms on his slim shoulders, then slid down to his pecs. They were small but solid muscle. I sucked on each of his brown nipples. How I wished they could cum, too.

I asked him to raise his arms so that I could smell his cream-colored armpits. He needed a shower but his odor was kind of horny. I licked his baby skin and tasted his tangy sweat. Next, I tongued his abs and his flat navel as my finger traced every one of those tight, tanned stomach muscles. I could feel his boner under my chin, and the wetness of his pre-cum smearing my neck.

"Hurry up, man! I'm gonna blow!"

I stood up, flopped on the bed on my back and propped myself up against the pillow. "Fuck my gorgeous face, you horny dude."

He wasted no time in straddling my chest. The swollen head of his long, lean cock rested on my lips waiting for permission to enter. My tongue licked the pre-cum off his piss hole. The sight of his bulging balls hugging the base of his shaft was too wild to resist.

"I wanna lick your balls just for a few seconds."

"Be quick, man. I can't hold out much longer."

He moved his tight nads up to my mouth. My wet tongue darted around his two perfect nuts which felt firm and full of his juice. His throbber was bouncing on my nose and forehead. His boy scent was totally awesome and sent wild messages to my brain.

Suddenly, he grabbed my head and shoved his hard seven between my lips. Within a few seconds, his swollen knob slammed against the roof of my mouth and exploded its huge load. It was delicious. Jet after jet of his sticky milk shot down my throat. I gulped as fast as I could. His face contorted in ecstasy as my tongue worked his piss hole for the final tasty wad. Jeez, I could’ve eaten that stuff forever!

His body relaxed. He took his softening cock out of my mouth, squeezed the head and wiped the remaining drop of cum over my lips. He leaned down and kissed me, then laid on top of me for a while. After that, he helped me with my homework.

We dressed and entered the living room. "I'll see Steve home, mom, and take Kyle for a walk as well."

"OK, Daniel, but don't be too long. School tomorrow."

A few yards down the street, I dropped the lead and let Kyle do his thing. Every tree trunk and post had some kind of fascinating doggy message that only his cute, black nose understood.

"Shouldn't you have used a condom?" Steve asked as he reached up and plucked a twig from a tree.

"You were -- WERE -- a virgin, man." I laughed. "As for me, I only hang with my friends. We don't fuck around, only with each other."

"At school, they always say we should use condoms. They've even put them in the seniors' toilets."

"Yeah, well I guess it's who you hang with. Do you shower in your fucking socks?"

"Sounds like you don't like condoms."

"Hate 'em. Tell you what, though, Steve, if I thought I had to use a fucking rubber, I'd rather go without." I paused for a moment and lowered my voice. "Well, I think I'd rather go without."

"Have you ever used one?"

"Once." I said, and told Steve about that time in Cape Town during the initiation thingoling when I had to fuck that prostitute. "Never again, dude, never again."

I arrived home just before mom went to bed, and put Kyle out the back.

"Get all your homework done, Daniel?"

"Yes, mom. Night, mom."

As I laid on my back on the bed I thought about Miss Appleby. Math sucked because I wasn't very good at it. I wondered if she thought I was fucking thick when she marked my homework. I played with my dick and imagined what she'd think if she saw it hard. Tiredness overtook me and I fell asleep.

The classroom door was closed. I was about five minutes late. I grabbed the handle, turned it and walked in. Miss Appleby's jaw hit the floor.

"Daniel!!!! You're nude! Leave this room immediately and put your clothes on!"

All the guys cracked. The girls were giggling big time, and had their hands over their mouths as I strode into the room and over to Miss Appleby.

"How dare you come into MY classroom like this!"

"Sorry, Miss Appleby."

I grabbed her hand and put it on my semi. Her green eyes were wild with fury but she didn't try to take her red-painted nails away. The blood started to rush to my dick.

"You mean you'd prefer if I came in hard like this, Miss Appleby?" My boner was at its full, rigid, seven inches now.

She was speechless. The whole room went suddenly silent. I climbed up on her desk and stood facing the teacher with my legs apart and my back to the class which would have had a good view of my globes, balls and cock. Miss Appleby was too shocked to do anything by herself, so I put my hand on her red hair and gently pulled her face closer to my throbber.

"How many times does seven inches go into a two-inch round hole?" I asked. "Answer: several times 'til it blows."

The kids cracked.

"Daniel, I... this is most improper... I..."

"Do you like my boy meat, teach?"

It was obvious that she did. She couldn't take her bulging eyes off its big, swollen, cut head. Kyle had often told me how much he loved its helmet shape. When her lips parted a little, I grabbed the opportunity to slide my monster all the way in. I put both my hands on the back of her head and fucked her face like crazy. She sucked and gagged as my iron-hard beef moved back and forth in synch with my pelvic thrusts. My shaft was shiny with her spit. The kids all gathered around to watch. The teacher's loud sucking noises caused most of them to giggle.

I pulled her head to my groin and arched my back. My balls were hard up against her chin as my boy juice erupted in a massive explosion of ecstasy. I heard Paul yell "swallow!" Miss Appleby gulped my thick milk as it jetted into her face. Finally, my cock quit after I'd lost count of how many awesome wads I'd blown. Yeah! That felt fucking wild!

I looked around my room. The morning sun was filtering through the lace curtain as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and looked again. Shit! I was still in bed! I jacked off big time in the shower thinking about my dream with Miss Appleby.

"Do you like girls at all, son?" Mom’s voice sounded pretty serious.

I waited until I'd swallowed my mouthful of corn flakes and fruit. "Sure, mom. I just haven't met the right one yet, although..." I trailed off.

"Although what?"

"Well, there's Lindy I guess. She's OK."

"You'll have to invite her around one day for lunch and a swim."

Later, at school, Miss Appleby obviously hadn't had the same dream I'd had. She gave me a D for math. Fuck!

After swimming practice, Paul had to go with his mom into town. I’d hung around the pool for a while when I remembered about the hole in the wall between the boys’ and girls’ showers. I went inside to find it.

I searched everywhere but couldn't find a hole. Then, something caught my eye. I saw a slight movement between two bricks in the wall when a piece of the painted brick suddenly opened up. Uh huh! The girls had obviously kept the hole plugged until they wanted to use it! I stooped down to peer inside. I could see an eye. It moved away. Then, another eye appeared.

I took a few paces back, still facing the hole, and put my hand down my Speedos. Show time, girls! I massaged my semi until it was as hard as a rock, and turned my togs into a tent. I arched my back and rubbed my hands up and down my inner thighs. I could just make out the sound of excited voices and giggling on the other side of the wall. I imagined a bunch of girls fighting over who would get to peep through the hole, but I didn't care who it was. I just wanted to show off to anybody who was interested enough to watch.

I put my thumbs inside the top of my togs and peeled them down slowly to reveal my small blonde patch. Then down a little further until part of my shaft was showing. I rubbed the Speedo-clad head of my cock with the palm of my hand.

I stooped down again to look through the hole. There was an eye. Then another. Then another. I stepped back and continued my show.

I peeled the Speedos down my shaft until my throbber bounced out like a bucking bronco. The muffled voices on the other side of the wall became louder. I stroked my cock a few times, then stepped a little closer to the peep hole. I wanted them to get a good, close-up look at my knob. I squeezed it with my thumb and fingers to open up the piss hole, and remained like that for a while so that they could all take turns at getting an eyeful.

I reversed a few feet and turned my back to the wall. Using one hand, I pulled my ass cheek to one side and lifted my leg so they could see my pink hole. With the other hand, I bent my hardon down between my legs. The giggling and gasps became even louder.

Time for the finale! I faced the wall again, moved closer to the peep-hole and started jacking off. Pretty soon, long, white strands of my thick cum shot out of my knob and headed straight toward my audience. Sticky wads clung to the painted bricks. After I'd done with cumming, I watched the hole in the wall fill and disappear again.

When I'd returned to the pool, Benny was there doing laps. I asked him if he wanted to ride home with me. We dropped our bikes on the front lawn, drank some milk in the kitchen, said hi to mom and headed out back.

"This is a really neat pool, Daniel."

"You can skinny dip if you wanna. Mom doesn't mind."

Benny's togs hit the timber deck. "I've never met anybody like you before, Daniel. I mean, all that stuff in Cape Town was totally rad."

"Yeah? You mean I'm like weird?"

"No, just rad." He dove in and surfaced. "I think you're way cool, dude."

I jumped in and swam a lap. "What kind of guys do you hang with?"

"Regular guys. But they don't do stuff like you do. Maybe they wanna but just don't have the nerve, y'know? I'm not sure. We don't talk about it -- 'cept maybe for jacking off or whatever."

While we fooled around in the pool with Kyle, I wondered about myself. How normal was I? Was I some kind of freak? "Do any of the other guys at school talk about me?"

"Some do."

"What kind of stuff do they say?"

"Just that you're randy as all fucking hell," he laughed.

"Those cock suckers don't even know me."

"But they know about you."

"Like what?"

"Like what happened with you and Lindy at the movies."

"The little fucking slut! She ratted!"

"Most of the guys don't say anything to your face 'cause they're scared of getting the shit punched out of them."

"Sensible decision."

"But you've got a reputation, dude."

I threw the ball at Kyle and thought for a moment. "What about the gay stuff?"

"There's one guy who says you're gay. Norman, the big dude. He's always threatening to punch your lights out."

"That ugly fucking asshole?"

"His dad's in real estate."


"And before that he sold encyclopaedias."

"The dude's obviously inherited his dad's genes."

"Be careful, Daniel. He's a dangerous mutha."

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