Part 31

Paul and I showered together. He loved soaping me up. He practically used a whole cake foaming my cock and ass. When ever he put his fingers in my crack, it caused me to automatically lift a leg as if I were some kind of puppet with his pulling the strings. The little fucker got a real kick out of that.

I was still wrapped in my towel, and on the way to my room, when mom asked me to answer the door bell. It was some older dude with a teen. The young guy looked about a year older than I was. He had long, straight blonde hair to his shoulders and a totally groovy face. He seemed kind of familiar. Not only that, he was way cool looking. Whoa! I noticed that his eyes were soaking up my tanned pecs and six pack.

"Who is it, Daniel?" mom yelled from the kitchen.

"Some guys about home cleaning systems," I called back.

"Tell them we can't afford it."

"But it's a kind of work experience thingy, mom. The guy says that his son...."

I stopped talking as mom appeared at the door. The older dude explained that he was visiting Florida for a Kingly Convention and was giving his son field experience. He wondered if we'd be so kind as to give him a chance at learning his trade, and said he would be back in an hour or so to collect his son.

"Well", mom relented, "I don't have time right now because I'm going into town, but if the boys are interested they can hear his spiel and tell me all about it when I get back. And, with a bit of luck, you'll save me from having to clean the house."

The kid's father left straight away. Mom drove off a few minutes later. A whole bunch of cleaning equipment was on the living room floor.

"My name's Chad," the kid said with one of those cute smiles that could sell anything to anyone.

I introduced Paul and myself. We were still naked except for the towels wrapped around our waists, but it was as though the guy didn't even notice. He was too interested in his fucking Kingly. I showed him where the power point was and he assembled his equipment.

"Are you gonna sell these things for a living?" I asked.

"Absolutely! These are the bomb, dude! The seal of perfection from Kinglyness." His young voice burst into song as he prepared for his show. "You can dance! You can jive! Having the time of your life!" He explained that it was an Abba song from the 70s.

Paul and I had to laugh. This kid was really excited about his damn vacuum cleaner. His enthusiasm was infectious, though. I noticed his cute buns as he bent down to plug the lead into the power. A second later, he put his foot on the Kingly switch and the machine whirred into life.

"Now I remember!", I said. "Your website! I've been there. Is that you?"

"Yup, that's me. Chad coolness personified," he giggled.

"I really like that pic of you without a shirt on, standing with the old Kingly."

"You want me to demonstrate the Kingly without a shirt on?"

Both Paul and I nodded. He was one cute little mutha and we wanted to see his chest. It was only fair because he was getting an eyeful of ours. He pulled his shirt over his head without unbuttoning it. His brown nipples were fairly large and totally edible, and his armpits had small tufts of fair hair. He didn't have a very big build, but it was nicely proportioned and athletic. Both Paul and I began to get boners that soon turned our towels into horizontal tents. There was also a bulge in Chad's cool plad pants.

"OK, gentlemen, allow me to begin. One of the Kingly features -- and there are many -- is its superior suction power. Permit me to demonstrate this feature for your edification and total amazement."

Chad was just a tad too exuberant. The vacuum hose caught my towel and ripped it off my waist in an instant. In his haste to extract the towel from the Kingly, he waved the hose around. My throbber disappeared down the nozzle.

"I can see what you mean about suction," I laughed. "Feels fucking awesome."

Chad turned off the power before my entire toy department ended up in the dust bag. "Oh shit, Daniel, I'm so sorry! It was an accident. This is so embarrassing!"

"It's cool, man. Just check my meat for damage.

Chad put one hand over my blonde pubes and the other around the vacuum hose. He eased my cock out slowly. The damn thing was red raw! Paul was bouncing around on the couch, clutching his stomach and cracking up something rad.

"Are you OK, Daniel?" Chad asked. "I feel so bad, man."

"Well, since you're down there, dude, gimme an injury report."

I watched his cute face almost touching my hard teen beef. He lifted my hardon with his fingers and checked every inch of my fat seven. Then he inspected my balls. I thought he was gonna take a whole week down there.

"Everything OK, Chad?"

"Better than OK," he answered as he kept inspecting my throbber and nads.

"Are you gay, Chad?"

"If I wasn't before, I sure am now. Your cock is the bomb, dude!"

"K, so how about we forget the Kingly and you demonstrate your own suction."

Chad's adorable face looked up at me and smiled. He flicked back his long blonde hair and pursed his lips before he kissed the head of my throbber. My pre-cum sparkled on his mouth. I figured he was one of those guys who was gonna savor every second of this trip. We could easily have been here for a month, except for mom coming home in an hour.

I wanted to ask him more questions, but that seemed pretty pointless with his face stuffed full of my hard meat. He reached up and put his flat hands on my chest, then massaged my pecs and erect nipples. His tight lips fucked my boner while his tongue sent wild thrills through my cock head. Meantime, Paul's bug-eyed face was just inches away watching the show. Chad's gagging sounded like he was being strangled but it certainly didn't deter his enthusiasm. His head continued to move quickly, back and forth, along my steel shaft, while spit bubbled from the corners of his mouth.

"Do you swallow, Chad? One finger for 'no', two for 'yes'." He lifted one hand from my chest and raised two fingers.

"I hope you're hungry, dude. Here it comes," I moaned.

Paul shoved his finger up my asshole as my tight balls clung to the base of my shaft. An avalanche of boy cum started thundering down the mountain slope. My whole crotch was electrified. Every muscle tensed and twitched as the first of my juicy wads jetted into Chad's cute face. My cock head bounced off the roof of his mouth as each explosion of sticky milk blasted out of my swollen head. He gagged and swallowed to keep up with the volley of cum. At about the seventh wad, it was over. I felt Paul's finger slide out of my hole. He sniffed it.

"Well," I joked, "seems my cock's still working OK. No harm done. Thanks for the inspection, Chad."

"No problem, Daniel. That was a total blast." I watched him lick his lips and swallow again as he stood up.

"It's OK, man," Paul explained as he unbuttoned Chad's neato plad pants. "I just wanna check out your hose." Paul reached in and pulled out the kid's throbber. It was way cool. It had a nice, sculptured head and long straight shaft that begged to be sucked. I wanted it so damn bad. So did Paul. As we argued about who was gonna suck it, Chad started to crack.

"Hey, guys. This is the first time anybody's fought over my cock. This is total kewlness!" His meat bounced as he laughed. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Whoa!

"So," I asked, "who gets to suck your monster."

"At Kingsly, we have a motto -- the customer is always right. I believe you're the customer," he said with a wicked gleam in his eye.

"Hey, that's right, man! Sorry, Paul. You're a visitor. You can lick the shit out of him while I get a mouthful of this hunk's cum."

Chad got out of his pants and boxers. When he took off his shoes and socks, I got a whiff of his sweaty feet, but it was cool and kind of sexy. He stood there looking like something you could eat for the rest of your life. His long blonde hair fell over his shoulders. His skin was lightly tanned and smooth. Paul's tongue wasted no time in attacking his brown nipples and armpits.

I knelt down in front of this super sales kid and just let my eyes drink in his cock and balls for a little while. It was like the way you look at your food before you eat dinner. Mmmmm! It looked way tasty. I rubbed my face around his meat and pubes to savor his boy scent which smelt really funky and sexy. Then I ran my lips along his hard shaft until I got to his beautiful cock head. I licked the pre-cum oozing out of his slit, then looked up to see his eyes smiling down at me. By this time, Paul's tongue had moved around to Chad's asshole.

I let my lips play with his piss hole and the ridge of his knob for a minute to tease the fuck out of him. My tongue must have been working magic because his face kept screwing up as he gritted his teeth. I figured I was gonna get two balls' full of sticky cum any minute now.

His rock-hard peter slid between my wet lips until his pubes touched my nose. I paused to soak up his scent again. Jeez, it was way cool! Then I move my face back and forth along that solid, smooth rod, while keeping my lips tight around his shaft and my tongue busy. I could hear Paul's slurping noises on the other side. He must've been sending his tongue all the way from Chad's hole to his tonsils.

I reached up and put my hands on Chad's chest and stomach. I felt his muscles contract as he began to moan. His hands grabbed the back of my head and forced my face hard up against his groin, sending his cock half way down my throat. His tight balls were on my chin. Then I felt the first jet of his hot, thick juice. It tasted way awesome!

His pelvis moved back and forth like crazy as he fucked my face. I could feel his creamy wads of milk exploding on my tongue and at the back of my throat. Even though I swallowed as fast as I could, I wasn't able to keep up with his sticky torrent. It was one huge fucking load!

Chad eventually relaxed. His still-hard cock flopped out of my mouth as he watched me lick the remaining cum from his knob and swallow it. This kid could have sold me a vacuum cleaner any time he wanted.

"My turn!" Paul cried. "Do something rad!"

I went into the kitchen, got a tub of yoghurt from the fridge and came back. Chad and I smoothed the yoghurt all over Paul's cock, balls, buns, chest and feet. It was wild to feel his firm muscles again. He had a way funky bod.

We started with his feet. He lifted one at a time and held onto our heads for balance. Chad's face and mine were just inches apart as we licked the creamy desert off Paul's toes. He had small, neat feet, almost like a girl's. They were tanned like the rest of him and completely hairless.

Next, Chad and I chose a bun each. Paul's globes were firm and perfectly round. When Chad's and my tongues met at Paul's ass crack, we paused for a moment to lick the yoghurt off each other's faces.

"Don't forget my hole, guys." Paul leaned forward, bent his knees and spread his ass.

We took turns licking around his buns and in his cute pinkie. After that, we tongued his chest and armpits. I kept adding more yoghurt to his nipple and pretended it was cum. Every time I glanced at him, he was smiling like he never wanted us to stop. Chad would occasionally have to flick his blonde hair back to stop it clinging to Paul's smooth skin which was sticky and wet with our spit.

And now, folks, it was grand finale time! Chad's face was directly opposite mine as our tongues licked Paul's hard six inches and balls. I heard Paul say something about 'excellent' as Chad reached into his mouth to remove a pube. He dropped it on the floor. I'd have to remember to vacuum it later. If mom found a black pube on the floor there could be all kinds of embarrassing questions. Mine were blonde.

Chad was so enthusiastic, I let him take Paul's throbber into his mouth. I figured I'd get to eat it later. I watched that thick six inches of teen meat slide in and out of Chad's cute face. It was a fucking awesome sight up close, and I knew exactly how it wild it would have felt. His lips clung to Paul's shaft like a fist. His right hand fondled Paul's nads while his other played with his hole. Paul was rubbing his pecs with his own hands. His head was tilted back.

I could tell by the expression on Paul's face that he was getting close to shooting his load. I looked down at the ridge of his cock head as it showed for a moment between Chad's lips. Then it plunged all the way back into the blonde kid's face. He gagged. Paul began to moan.

Paul took his hands off his chest and placed them around Chad's head as he fucked the dude's face like a mad dog. His pelvis was thrusting with unreal force. I hadn't realized that Paul could be so damn aggro! Chad kept gagging and swallowing with every juicy jet of boy cum. Finally, Paul's balls had been emptied. His body sagged as Chad and I licked the fresh sweat from around his hangers. It smelt as good as it tasted.

We had about thirty minutes left to get the place vacuumed. Chad plugged the machine in and away he went. Paul flew around the place like Tinkerbell with a duster. I did the Mr Sheen thingy and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom.

We'd only just finished getting dressed when mom came through the front door. "Oh my goodness! I've never seen the place so clean!" She went into the kitchen and put a bag of groceries on the bench. "My, oh my! You boys have been busy!"

Chad's father arrived at the open door. "Hi, everyone. Robert here. Just came back to collect my son. How did it go, Chad?"

"It was the bomb, dad. It was the most amazing demonstration I've ever done!"

"And they've made the place look like a new pin," mom added enthusiastically as she walked over to grasp Robert's hand. "I'm afraid there's no sale, though. We really can't afford it."

"Well, thank you anyway, Nancy. I'm sure it was a good experience for Chad."

"It sure was, dad," the kid smiled. "More than you know."

We all shook hands and said goodbye to Chad and his father. Mom followed them down the driveway to their car as the phone rang. I answered it. It was Freddie wanting to know when Paul and I would be at his house. I said soon, then told him about Chad and what had happened.

"Are you serious, man? That's totally wild! Hey! Just a second! Has Chad left yet? Get him back!"

I told Paul to go see if Chad had gone already. Meantime, Freddie asked me to hold while he talked to his mom about something. Chad and his father came back through the door as Freddie's mom, Jill, was on the line. I handed the phone to Robert. "It's for you."

After a short conversation, Robert hung up. "Well, Chad, looks like you've got a sale! Jill said they were looking for a complete home cleaning system, top of the Kingly range."

Chad was so excited, he whooped and danced around singing some Abba song. When he'd finally settled down, I made a suggestion to Robert. "Paul and I are going over to Freddie's place right now. Chad can come with us and stay for the afternoon, if it's OK."

"Great," Robert agreed, "that solves my problem. I've got a three hour seminar this afternoon. How about I drive you guys there and come back for Chad about 5pm?"

Paul sat in the front with Robert. I was in the back with Chad. "You'll love Freddie's place, dude. It's got a wicked pool."

"I don't have my Speedos."

"You won't need them."

A brown body rippled beneath the blue-green water before Dick's head broke through the surface. His blonde hair clung to his scalp and forehead as water drained from his awesome, tanned face. I wondered what it was that made eyelashes stand out so much when they were wet. "Hi, guys," he said as Paul and I dove in.

While we fooled around in the pool, the super saleskid was in the house with Jack and Jill demonstrating the Kingsly and showing them a bunch of brochures. Meanwhile, Paul and I told Jo, Freddie and Dick about all the juicy bits that had happened earlier with Chad. We all had major boners as we told the story. Chad emerged about half an hour later waving a piece of paper.

"I did it! I made my first sale! Top of the range! Woohoo!"

He looked at us in the pool, then focused on the Speedos scattered over the lawn. "Hey! You guys are nude!"

"It's cool, man. We only put 'em on to go inside the house," Freddie laughed.

"And, sometimes not even then," I cracked. "Get your gear off, Chad. Water's great!"

Chad folded the contract and put it in his shirt pocket, but his eyes kept darting over at Dick. I didn't blame him. Dick was a fucking Adonis who could attract stares like a celebrity. We all swam over to the side of the pool where Chad was standing, rested our elbows on the tiled edge and watched as he started unbuttoning his shirt.

"You guys gonna watch me undress?"

"Sure," we chorused.

"It's embarrassing."

"Not for us, it isn't." We all cracked.

When he slid his cool plads down his legs, we knew why he was embarrassed. His briefs bulged big time.

"It's cool, Chad. We've all got boners too."

I watched his hard meat bounce out of his briefs like a startled snake. He stood there for maybe ten seconds with his throbber standing straight out then, suddenly, he wasn't self-conscious any more. Instead, he had a wide grin on his cute face. Something had changed his mind, and he was enjoying those five pairs of eyes admiring his goodies. He wasn't built or anything -- kind of slim, but way cool looking -- sort of boyish and funky. His long blonde hair draped over his shoulders. I wanted to eat him again.

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 Daniel's Diary Part 32