Part 32

Chad stood just a few feet away with his funky boner pointed skywards. The rest of us were still standing side by side with our elbows resting on the edge of the pool. It was obvious from the expression on Chad's face that he was really enjoying five pairs of eyes feasting on his hard meat. He cupped his balls in his hand, then slowly stroked his rod. When his fist slid up to the end of his shaft, his knob swelled with extra blood and enlarged his piss hole. Then he smiled down at us with an evil sparkle in his eyes. The smartass fucker knew that we were all hanging big time for a mouthful of that excellent teen beef, and to swallow its juice.

As he dove through the air, his body passed over my head before it hit the water, giving me a chance to eye his dangling throbber and hangers flying through space. I made up my mind there and then to eat them before the day was done. A second later, I heard the splash behind me.

He surfaced near Dick who was standing chest high in the water. Damn! He threw his arms around Dick's neck as the rest of us dove below the surface to see what else was happening. Chad's legs were wrapped around Dick's waist. We watched in awe as Dick's giant seven slid up and down Chad's ass crack. The more Dick rubbed his boner against the dude's ass, the wider apart Chad's legs became. It was obvious that his ass was screaming to be fucked. Finally, Dick's throbber found its mark and slid in all the way up to his big, oval nads.

It was such a fucking horny sight, I looked around to see who I could fuck. Too late! Two arms grabbed my chest from behind as something hard pressed against my hole. I recognized the boyish giggle. It was Jo.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing, man?"

"Daniel, I've always wanted to fuck you. Now's my chance," he laughed.

He was a month or two older than me, but smaller and more delicate. It seemed to me that I should be fucking him, but the pressure of his boner against my ass was sending messages to my brain. My legs opened and let his five inches in.

It's hard to describe what it's like to be fucked. It's not just the feeling of a hard cock in your ass, it's more than that. It's like the dude has power over you. It's like he rules. And, for maybe five or ten minutes, it's way cool to know that you're giving him a rad time. So, it's not like a permanent servant/master thingy ... it's more like doing a friend a favor for a while. It's like lending him your body to have fun with. And if you dig the dude, that rocks.

Anyway, this little black-haired fucker was pumping me like it was going out of style. His chin was on my shoulder. His groans and hot breath were just an inch from my ear, making the whole thing so damn hot! He was making no secret of the fact that he was loving every precious second of fucking me stupid -- like some Daschund fucking a Rottweiler.

As his crotch rammed my butt, he moved his hands from my chest to my head, then back to my chest. He was going totally ballistic! His breathing became heavier. He bit my ear. I heard his long, loud moan as his fingers dug into my chest just before his balls emptied their boy juice into my ass. I was glad for the little dude. I smiled knowing that I'd given him a wild time. OK, so he gave me a wild time, too.

What I hadn't noticed was that Freddie and Paul were doing a 69-er in the spa. It seemed like everyone was as horny as hell today -- yeah, right, like every other day. So that left me and Chad as the only two who hadn't blown their loads.

We went to a quiet corner of the garden in amongst some tropical plants. It was dark, velvety-green, shaded and private. The perfume from the red, yellow and purple flowers made it kind of exotic as well as erotic. I laid on my back as Chad climbed on top of me. His long, blonde hair fell over my face while I stroked the back of his head. His soft, sensuous lips touched mine.

Our hard cocks were against our bellies as he laid flat on top of me. There was something totally hot about the feeling of Chad's solid meat against my skin. It was like it had some special duty to send thrills through my whole body. Chad gyrated his hips. My groin was on fire. Our tongues were in each other's mouths. Our breathing was rapid. The heavy jets of air from his cute nose warmed my face.

I reached down and held his ass cheeks in my open hands, and felt his ass muscles harden. It was totally wild when he did that. I ran my hands around those solid buns and felt the funky curve of his globes. Then I let both my index fingers slip between his crack. His hole felt warm and spongy. It was like I was pressing the remote for the garage door as both his legs opened to allow my fingers to play with his most private part.

Suddenly, he rolled off me and laid on his side facing me. "Lemme try something."

He ran his finger tips over my face, ever so lightly and delicately. He had nice, neat fingers with clean, clipped nails. He felt every bump and curve of my face before he moved down to my chest. The electricity that zapped through his fingers and into my body rocked more than I could ever describe. It was as though I couldn't move a muscle for the pleasure of his touch. My stomach was alive with a million butterflies. He was smiling his cute smile knowing that I was totally at his mercy -- like a dog when you scratch its tummy.

When he got to my stomach, the butterflies went fucking ballistic! But not as berserk as when he touched my throbber. Just the very tips of his fingers lightly brushed my shaft. It was so fucking awesome! Jeez! My dick bounced with every contraction of my ass muscles. Then he ran his fingers over my cock head, gathered the pre-cum and put his hand to my mouth. I licked it off.

"Listen, Chad, I'm gonna blow a fucking bucket if you don't stop. Lemme try it with you."

He laid on his back while I rolled onto my side. I let my fingers drift like feathers all over his beautiful body. His skin was flawless and soft. His eyes were closed. He had a kind of pained expression on his face but I knew that it was really pleasure. He just laid there, unable to move, while my magic fingers sent thrills and tingles through his whole body. I spent a while feeling his nipples, which were plump and totally fucking edible.

When my fingers had arrived at his cock, I thought he was gonna blow. "Hey, man, let's not waste it. Feel like a 69?" I grinned. There was no way this horny fucker was gonna say no!

I rolled over onto my back again and let Chad climb on top of me. His cute ass was pointed straight at my face. His boner and balls dangled over my mouth as he knelt. What a beautiful sight! Whoa! I liked being underneath because I got the better view.

I felt his lips wrap around my boner as his monster slid into my mouth. I let him fuck my face rather than raise and lower my head. Too hard, I thought. It was fucking rad when his cock got to the end of the upstroke and I could feel the ridge of his swollen knob bump my lips. Then his steel shaft plunged down again to the back of my throat. I knew it wasn't gonna be long before the fireworks started 'cause we were both too horny after the touch thingy. Our balls were bustin' something wild.

My hands smoothed his perfect ass as I tasted the first of his wads, and heard him groan. I could see his pink hole shut tight with each explosion of his milk. About that time, I started cumming buckets into his face. My whole groin was emptying. I could hear him swallowing like crazy while I was busy doing the same thing. His sticky boy juice was hard to swallow, though. It felt like it was clinging to my throat. But his flavor was fucking wicked. It was the bomb, as he would say. Yes!

We'd no sooner hit the water again when Freddie's mom, Jill, called from the patio. "Paul! The phone. For you. It's your mom."

Paul emerged from the house a minute later and said that his mom had some problem, and that he'd be back in half an hour. It was only a short walk to his place.

Lunch was nearly ready -- hamburgers, salad, fries and Coke. Paul still wasn't back yet. I asked Jill if I could phone Paul's place.

"Hi, it's Daniel. Is Paul coming back here for lunch?"

"He hasn't been home yet. When did he leave there."

"About an hour or more ago."

"Just a second, Daniel. It's call-waiting. I'll be back in a moment."

I held for a while listening to fucking Jingle Bells or something when she came back.

"Daniel. I have to go. Paul's in hospital."

"What? Where?"

"Saint Tristan's. Sorry, I have to go."

Dick backed the Voyager out of the garage as the guys and I finished dressing. We all climbed in and headed for Saint Tristan's. Dick drove like a maniac. If Jack and Jill had known, they wouldn't have lent him their car.

"I keep telling you, I don't know what's wrong with Paul. His mom didn't say! She was freakin' big time."

The nurse led us to Paul's room. It smelt like medicine. Everything was white; white walls, white sheets, even Paul looked white, except for his jet black hair and the bruises. He had tubes coming out of his nose and something stuck in his wrist. A machine blipped nearby. His folks, with worried faces and clasped hands, were sitting by his bed.

The nurse made everybody else wait outside. She let me in because I told her I was Paul's best friend. She explained that Paul was unconscious and concussed, but stable, and that familiar voices would help to bring him around -- hopefully soon.

"What happened?" I asked Paul's mom.

"We don't know. All we know is that the doctor said it was most likely a bashing. He's bruised all over, and there's a possibility of a fractured skull."

"Norman!" I blurted.


"Just some bully at school, ma'am. He doesn't like me or Paul. I reckon that's who did it."

"We should call the police!"

"You need proof. Only Paul can provide that. You stay here. The guys and I have some business to attend to."

The second I strode into the waiting room, everybody asked at once how Paul was. "He's not too good, but he's a fighter. He'll pull through. Anyway, we've got a job to do, dudes. Who knows where Norman lives?"

"I do," Jo raised his hand.

"How come?" Freddie asked.

"Because he hit on me one day and gave me his address. He told me to drop by any time I liked."

Dick drove us to 27 South Avenue. I was out of the Voyager before it had even come to a halt, then raced up the drive and bashed on the door. No answer. I checked all the windows. They were locked. Nobody was home.

I walked back to the car, dejected. I wanted to kill that fucking Norman. Dick started the engine.

"Hold it, Dick!" I recognized Norman and his two hoons walking down the street toward the house. "That's the bastard! It's Norman!"

Everybody wanted to pile out of the car but I stopped them. "No guys, this is between me and that shit, Norman. I wanna handle it alone. If his hoons get involved, you guys can come to the rescue. Otherwise, stay out of it. OK?"

As the big turd and his uglies got close to the car, I walked up to Norman. "Listen up, man, I've got a fucking serious bone to pick with you, shithead."

The three assholes cracked up. "You mean about that wuss buddy of yours?" Norman laughed. "Did he run home to his mommy and cry? Tsk, tsk. Poor little baby."

"His folks are with him in hospital right now. He's concussed. He might even fucking die. And I'll bet the whole three of you fucking turds got stuck into him. So you're all headed for jail, you fucking gutless creeps."

The blood drained from all of their faces. They were guilty as shit. I wanted more.

"You and me, Norman. Right here and now, man. And if your ugly hoons have any ideas, check the van parked over there. There are five guys. One's six foot and built like a fucking tank."

The hoons stepped back a few paces like typical fucking cowards. Norman looked over his shoulder and realized he was alone. He was bigger than I was, but I was fucking mad as hell. And he knew it. His eyes were bulging.

He lunged at me. I sidestepped and let his gut collide with my fist. I gave him another hard punch in the kidneys as he gasped and hit the ground like a sack of potatoes.

"Get up, asshole, get up! I ain't finished with you yet!"The blimp dragged himself to his feet and glanced at his hoons. Dick got out of the van. The hoons stayed where they were. Sensible decision.

"Don't depend on your slimy friends, Norman. It's just you and me."Norman took a wild swing at me. I ducked and let him have the full force of a right uppercut, followed by a left straight to the side of his head. His eyes glazed over as he staggered momentarily, then fell back in a heap.

"Get up, you shit, get up! I ain't done!" My hands were hurting like hell but I couldn't give a fuck. The big guy kicked out with his feet and sent me off balance. I was flat on my back as he stood up and tried to lay the boot in. I rolled away, grabbed his shoe and twisted his ankle as hard as I could. He screamed in agony before I let him go and got to my feet. We were facing each other, dancing around like boxers. I wanted to kill the cunt.

He led with a right that grazed my cheek. My left jabbed his nose. Blood gushed out. My right caught his eye and split it. Time for the biggie. I clasped both my hands together and used all my strength to slam my combined fists into his gut. He wheezed and sank to the ground like the Titanic. I saw the heels of his hoons' shoes as they fled down the street as fast as their gutless legs could carry them.

I knelt on one knee over Norman's pathetic carcass, and spoke softly and slowly. "I hope you can hear me, shitface, but I've enjoyed this so much, I wanna do it again sometime. If you wanna stay healthy asshole, stay away from me and my friends." I spat on his face.

Back at the hospital, it was good news. Paul had regained consciousness. He was still groggy, but he was gonna be OK. There was no skull fracture. When it came my turn to sit by him and keep him company, I told him all about what had happened with Norman. It hurt the kid when he laughed, but he couldn't help it. I cracked too. Then I leaned over and kissed his cheek. "I love you, Paul. We all do."

By the time we'd arrived back at Freddie's place, we were starving. It was about 4pm and Chad had only one hour left before his father was due to collect him. They were leaving that night for Utah. I was gonna miss him big time.

Jill had kept the hamburgers and fries warm in the oven. They'd already had theirs, so the guys and I took our meal out by the pool and stripped. It felt a little sad that one special boner was missing, but at least we knew that Paul would be OK. I lifted the top off Chad's burger.

"You like extra mayo on yours, Chad?"


"The best! Fresh from Daniel's mayo factory."

He laughed as I jacked off with my cock pointed at his meal. He stuck his finger in my ass just before I was about to blow my load. I made sure all my boy juice landed safely on his meat patty and onions.

Chad returned the favor, while the other guys did the same with theirs. We all relaxed in the garden chairs and ate our burgers and fries with extra mayo, washed down by Dr Peppers.

"This has been one hell of an experience, Daniel," Chad said as he flicked his long, blonde hair over his smooth shoulders. "I mean, my first sale, the sex, the fight .... it's all so damn awesome!"

"So, what happens in Utah?"

"You know, regular stuff -- school, WBS chat, emails, movies, TV ... the regular stuff."

"No extra mayo?"

He cracked totally. We all did and, while Jo nearly choked on his burger, I had a mental replay of how the horny little dude had fucked me in the pool that day. It was way cool. We'd have to do that again, I promised myself.

"Do you ever think you'll visit Utah, Daniel?"

"Dunno. Never been there, never thought about it. But I guess it would be cool."

"Well, my dad likes you, and I like you, so if ever you're in town, promise you'll lemme know."

"You got it."

After our meal, Dick wasn't satisfied with the Dr Peppers. He wanted something special. We went to the lawn area where he knelt before me and smiled. Chad couldn't believe it.

"Is he really gonna let you piss on him?"

"He likes it. So does Paul. Hey, who am I to deny them what they dig?"

"But it's just so ... well, so ... kind of ... uh, different."

"Don't make me crack, Chad. This is serious business. I gotta get my aim right."

Chad watched as my piss streamed into the Adonis's mouth and bubbled out again, running down the sides of his chin and over his awesome chest. Yeah, it was awesome. I mean, this dude was one funky guy. He was big and strong and built to perfection. Why he loved my piss was a mystery, though. All I knew was that he liked me a helluva lot. Pleasing him wasn't a problem for me.

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