Part 33

I watched Chad's hand waving from the open window of the car as his dad indicated a right turn, then the rented white Ford disappeared from view. I turned and ran up the drive hoping I'd get to see Chad again one day. He was a super dude.

"Hi, mom. I'm home." I grabbed the milk from the fridge as mom came into the kitchen

"I heard about Paul. How awful!"

"He's a tough kid, mom. He'll be OK. I told him I'd visit him again tomorrow. Looks like he'll be in hospital for a few days."

"What happened to your hands, Daniel?"

"Nothing. Just a fight, that's all."

"A fight? With whom?"

After I'd told mom about beating the crap out of Norman, she shook her head for a few seconds and seemed lost for words. "Well, son, I honestly don't know whether to scold you or congratulate you."

I gave her one of my 'awww mom' looks. They worked every time. She smiled and roughed up my blonde hair before she checked my hands, then rubbed some white creme into them.

"Where's Kyle?"

"Andy's taken him for a walk."

"Who's Andy?"

"You've probably seen him. He lives around the corner. I often see him at the supermarket. We were chatting the other day and he asked me if he could help out with the garden. I said I couldn't afford it, but he wouldn't take no for an answer."

"How much is he gonna charge?"

"Nothing. He lives in an apartment and misses his old garden. He just wants something to do. I think he's lonely."
hiya daniel

im back from the week away with the school edu thingy. we checked out lotsa nature and stuff. i even got to ride an ostrich and saw crocs at the croc farm! im glad those dudes dont suck cocks hehehehe

well that thing in the cango caves was cool cos we were all in one group and when they got the chance to go thru the devils chimney - its like a pipe thru the rocks - paul said that he couldnt cos hed hurt his

shoulder and he didnt wanna damage it any more cos we were swimmin later that evenin.

when theyd gone we went behind one of those stalactite thingies and he pulled my shorts down and blew me right there - it felt so fuckin awesome cos it was hot in there and we were sweaty as hell.

and then I did him - he felt so damn big in my mouth and hard like a steel rod and he musta shot a weeks worth and it tasted saltier than normal probly cos of all the sweat.

gotta go! will write more later.
your friend
kyle 8===========> ---- O:)
I hadn't checked my mail for a few days. There were two from Kyle, one from Gary in Oz, one from Danny and a couple of others. I was about to read Kyle's second email when mom poked her head around the door. I didn't know if she saw the huge bulge in my shorts or not. It was a good thing I wasn't naked.

"What do you feel like for dinner, Daniel?"

I knew exactly what I wanted for fucking dinner -- Kyle's and Paul6's boners, but I didn't think mom would be too impressed with that. "We had a really late lunch at Freddie's, mom. I'm not all that hungry."

"I'll make a ham and salad sandwich and put it in the fridge. You can have it later."

"K, mom. Thanks a bunch."

Mom was almost catapulted to Mars as canine Kyle bounded through the door and knocked her off her feet. In the next second, his paws were on my chest and his tongue was forcing sloppy folds to form on my cheek. His breath was putrid. Ew! A middle aged dude appeared soon after.

"Andy," mom said as she picked herself up off the floor with some difficulty, "this is my son, Daniel. Daniel, this is Andy."

Andy's powerful handshake squeezed my fingers which were still sore after the fight, yet he wasn't a big man -- probably about five ten and 150. He had short black hair with touches of silver over his ears. He was friendly looking and kind of handsome for an old dude. He had deeply etched laugh lines around his mouth, and smiling eyes.

"Nice to meet you, Daniel." He turned to mom. "I'd better be getting along, Nancy. I'll pop in sometime that's convenient for you and potter around your garden like we agreed."

Since the dog was there, I figured I'd read the human Kyle's second email after a swim. I threw the Speedos and my d cap on the lawn and dove in, while my canine friend was content with dog paddling. Maybe I'd get around to teaching him freestyle and butterfly one day. That'd be cute.

I put my feet against the side of the pool, bent my knees and pushed. As I floated on my back, I started thinking about the time Kyle fucked me in the sea off Cape Town after he'd rescued me from the rip. I placed my hand on my ass, slid my finger into my hole and pretended it was him -- except that his throbber was a lot longer and thicker than my digit. Shit, even Jo's was bigger than my finger! But it was way cool to remember how it was when Kyle's monster was inside me as we rose and dipped with the Atlantic Ocean swell.

I fed the dog and went back inside. The ham and salad sandwich was excellent. "Thanks, mom. I'll go to my room now and do some stuff."

"Thanks for the detailed description, Daniel. Now, if anybody asks me, I'll be able to tell them exactly what you're doing some stuff."

I grabbed a glass of milk, went to my room, closed the door and got naked.
hiya again daniel

you know somethin? i have never looked in a mirror so much as since you were here tellin me how damn delicious my cock was. i woke up with this enormous boner this mornin, real skin splittin stuff and i went right to the mirror to look at it carefully.

actually i think it looks as good as any ive seen on the net - it stands pretty damn straight and if i push it down it jumps up and slaps me in the gut hard - anyway i got so hard lookin at myself and thinkin about you blowin me, i jacked off right there and had to clean the mirror before my mom came in this mornin.

anyway, i wont bore you anymore hehehehe - i gotta get to class.

your friend
Kyle 8=========> --- O:)
Kyle's email made me as hard as anything. Jeez, he was a horny mutha! I knew every inch of his cock well from the trip to Cape Town, so I could easily imagine what he looked like in front of the mirror. How I fucking wished he was here so that I could feel his hot bod pressed against mine.

I opened the draw and took out the chest expander, which reminded me that it'd been a while since I wrote to Mike. I'd do it later that night, I thought. As I went through my routine, I watched my muscles in the mirror. My body was looking pretty rad. My pecs were solid and square, and the groove between them was getting deeper. My flat six pack was now even better defined, especially when I sucked it in. And my lats stood out like wings against my ribs. Where was Kyle when I needed him? Fucking South Africa!

I checked my seven inch throbber like the way Kyle had checked his. It was straight and smooth with a high ridge around the head. I felt it with my fingers and imagined it sliding between Kyle's juicy lips right up to my blonde patch of pubes. I placed my hand under my balls, put my fingers to my nose and smelt my boy scent. Kyle really loved my smell. He would be licking me crazy if he were here right now.

After working out for ten minutes, I laid on the bed. I remembered how Kyle had told me about his technique for wanking when he thought about Paul. He said he laid sort of half on his side and half on his stomach, with his top leg bent up. I got into position, then I did as he said and ran my flat hand up the back of my leg to my nuts and along my boner, imagining it was his hand. It felt fucking awesome! I kept doing that for a while until I got an idea.

I wanted Kyle to blow all over my face. I laid on my back and rolled myself into a ball so that my knees were either side of my head. My boner was aimed straight at my mouth. I pretended it was Kyle's as I stroked it with one hand, and used my other to put a finger in my asshole. Pretty soon I saw long, stringy white jets of boy cum shoot from 'Kyle's' cock head. I felt them splatter all over my face as my hole squeezed my finger.

When the torrent of juice had finally subsided, I rolled off the bed and looked at my face in the mirror. I was totally covered in jizz. I left it stuck to my skin while I emailed Kyle and told him what had happened, and that I was actually writing this email with 'his' sticky milk all over my face. Then I went back to the mirror and scraped 'Kyle's' cum off my face with my finger, let it linger in my mouth for a while, then ate it. How I wished it had really been his.

I'd just arrived at the house after walking the dog next morning when Dick's VW Rabbit pulled up. It was about ten years old, but he had it looking totally wicked. You could see your face in the shiny black paint. As Jo and Freddie piled out, Kyle jumped into the car. He sat there panting on the front passenger seat with his tongue hanging down about a foot. He wanted to go 'drivies'.

"No, Kyle. Not now," Dick laughed.

I opened the gate and Dick drove the car up the drive. He had the Rabbit fitted with a chrome sports exhaust. The throaty burble sounded way sexy. The guys were all wearing nothing but their Speedos, and I noticed they all had boners. It made me wonder what had been going on in the car before they got here.

Everybody said hi to mom on the way to the pool, then four pairs of Speedos hit the timber deck, followed by four splashes. Kyle made the fifth splash a few seconds later. It wasn't until we'd been fooling around for about ten minutes that I noticed Andy in the far corner of the garden.

"Hi, Andy. Sorry! I didn't notice you there. Hope you don't mind us skinny dipping."

"Hi, Daniel. Hi, guys. No problem. Reminds me of when I was a kid," he laughed, and returned to pruning the roses.

'Damn!' I thought. 'No sex while he's around.'

Jo swam up behind me. I felt his hard five press against my ass. "Not now, Jo." I turned and saw his wicked grin and the wild gleam in his black eyes. He must have really enjoyed fucking me yesterday.

"Maybe we should go back to my pool," he laughed.

"Nah, mom would get suspicious." It occurred to me how he'd referred to Freddie's pool as "my pool", as though he felt that he truly belonged to his new family. That made me feel pretty good.

"Andy?" mom yelled from the back door. "It's your son on the phone."

The moment Andy disappeared into the house, Jo's hard boy beef was inside me -- but not for long. Andy walked up to the edge of the pool.

"Hey, guys, I wonder if you could do me a big favor. I've convinced my son, Greg, into coming around here. He's a very shy boy, kind of unfriendly, even. When his mother died a few years ago, it hit him pretty hard. He's never really gotten over it. Go easy on him, huh?"

The four of us watched Greg emerge from the house, followed my mom and Andy. The kid was wearing a loose, blue tank and baggies. His straight, jet black hair flowed over his meaty shoulders. From what I could see of his tan, it totally ruled -- the color of matt bronze. It was hard to guess his age, though. His body was that of a late teen's, but his face looked much younger -- even a little bit girly.

"Greg, this is Nancy's son, Daniel."

I introduced Greg to the other guys and invited him into the pool. He said nothing. He just stood there. His lack of communication made us all feel kind of awkward.

"You're probably wondering about Greg," explained his father, laughing to ease the tension. "He looks nothing like me -- his looks belong to his mother. She was Filipino, and extraordinarily beautiful."

Greg's dark brown eyes stared at the ground in silence. I figured I had to do something. Without thinking about my nakedness, I heaved myself out of the pool, walked up to Greg and put my hand on his shoulder. "Great to meet you, dude. Wanna join us for a swim?"

Greg glanced at my semi. "You mean like skinny dipping?"

"He's probably shy, Daniel," mom said. "Give him your Speedos."

I threw my togs to Greg, then jumped back in the water as he disappeared behind a tree to change. Mom and Andy went back inside the house. When Greg emerged a few moments later, and stood by the edge of the pool, he looked totally awesome. His lean, muscular, brown body dove into the water without hardly making a splash. He surfaced near me, with his long, black hair clinging to his head and neck. I watched those white teeth sparkle as his full, red lips stretched into a broad grin. Whoa! His face ruled fucking big time.


"Hey, Greg, no prob, man. It's great to have you here." The rest of the guys gathered around him and welcomed him as a friend.

For the remainder of the morning we swam, wrestled, laughed, chased each other around the garden and did all that other groovy stuff that adults think is dumb. Kyle was also having a sensational time playing with us all. He hardly stopped barking the whole time.

There was no sex, though. It was too risky with mom and Andy around. Besides, I got the distinct impression that Greg was as straight as an arrow. Damn! But he was pretty fun. As the morning wore on, he loosened up a lot. I figured we'd all made a cool new bud.

An hour before lunch, mom drove us to Saint Tristans where we visited Paul. He was doing pretty well. He said he'd be home by Tuesday and that he could hardly wait. I winked at him. He knew what I meant. Then we drove home.

"I'm sorry, Andy, but I recently allowed the boys to run naked around the kitchen and I'm afraid I've set a precedent. They take it for granted now."

"No harm, Nancy. They're just kids." Andy seemed to be enjoying our informal atmosphere. And so he should have! It rocked!

Greg was still filling my Speedos with his awesome furniture as we all helped mom fix the home-made pizza for lunch. The bench was a colorful pile of mushrooms, onions, garlic, peppers, peperoni, salami, cheese, tomatoes, ham and other goodies. Like the rest of the guys, I had trouble keeping my cock from getting hard at the sight of Greg's beautiful body. He was just so damn excellent! I loved the way he kept flicking his jet black hair over his shoulders as he chopped the onions. I remembered having heard the word 'Eurasian' to describe people of mixed European and Asian descent. This dude had the best of both worlds.

The seven of us ate the pizza out by the pool. It rocked totally. Even though Greg didn't really say very much, he was laughing at our jokes and appeared to be pretty happy. At one time, when I'd gone back into the house to get some more paper napkins, Andy approached me and thanked me for making his son feel welcome.

"I haven't seen him this happy in ages, Daniel. I'm so thankful that you kids have given him this chance to come out of his shell."

"He's way cool, Andy. We all like him a bunch."

At about 6pm, Dick drove Freddie and Jo home. As I saw them off, I apologized for not being able to have a raunchy day. They understood, and said they'd had a rad time anyway. I watched the Rabbit burble down the road until it turned and went out of sight. Neato car, man.

Mom invited Andy and Greg to stay for dinner. "It won't be ready until about 7:30, Daniel. Why don't you show Greg your computer and all that megawebby thingy stuff you're always confusing me with?"

By this time, Greg had changed back into his tank and baggies. I was still naked except for my d cap as he watched me log on to the Net. "What do you wanna see, Greg?"

"I dunno. I don't have a computer. What kind of stuff is there?"

"All kinds."

I didn't want to chance it with anything gay, so I logged into a news group that showed teen girls -- well, in between the fucking shithead spammers. I downloaded a couple of pics and noticed his eyes popping fucking big time, so I downloaded some more. The damn fucker was feeling his crotch which made me want to see his cock so bad, but I had to pretend to be as excited about the girly pics as he was. Well, I had an alibi. My meat was standing at full attention, but not because of the pics. That bulge in his shorts was making me super hot.

"You ever jacked off with another guy around?" I asked.

"No fucking way, man."

"The other guys and me do it all the time. It's like normal."

"I'm not sure I'd like that, Daniel."

"Hey, chill, dude. It's no biggie, K? Guys have been jacking off since Adam sprouted his first curly."

I put my hand on his crotch and felt his rock hard cock. He looked a little uncomfortable but didn't flinch.

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