Part 36

After chaining our BMXs to Saint Tristan's bike rack, Greg and I and walked towards Paul's hospital ward. I could never have imagined having sex in a hospital. They smelt way to clean and clinical, and most of the people had a major case of the sads. Greg reminded me once again not to say anything at all to Paul about my blowing him.

"Hiya, Paul. This is Greg, our new neighbor. He's just moved down from Virginia."

The guys shook hands. It was cool to see Paul looking a lot better -- he was still a bit bruised, but heaps happier. He was due to be discharged the next day. I told him about what had happened with Norman and the girls in the showers that afternoon.

"Sounds like you finally got rid of that asshole. Too bad -- I would've liked to have smashed the bastard myself." He looked at Greg and grinned. "Rad hair, man. Maybe I should grow mine that long."

After spending half an hour with Paul, Greg and I arrived at my place just before 6pm. We dropped our bikes on the lawn, ran into the kitchen and attacked the fridge. I read the note stuck to the fridge door. It was from mom saying that she was at Andy's and to phone her.

"Hi mom."

"Why so late?"

"I stayed back for swimming and then visited Paul. He's fine. Gets out tomorrow. Greg's with me."

"Well, Andy's invited us all around for dinner. Remember to feed Kyle before you leave."

"K, mom. Hey, mom? Can I do my homework before I come? Greg can help me."

"OK, son. But be here at eight. No later."

"K, mom. Bye." I hung up and faced Greg.

"Homework?" he sighed. "Shit! I thought we were gonna...."

"Help me feed the dog."

Kyle went totally ballistic the moment I opened the back door. While he ran in crazy circles around the yard working off his excitement, I heaped some leftovers from the fridge plus a bunch of dry food into his bowl. It was gone in seconds. After he'd chilled a little, I threw a big bone on the lawn to keep him busy.

"K, Greg, time for homework."

"Damn!" he sighed. "Oh well, what subject?"


I stripped naked and dove into the pool. I freestyled to the other end, tumble turned and swam underwater back to my starting point. When I'd surfaced, Greg was standing right above me at the side of the pool. He'd taken off his Nikes, and his toes were hanging over the edge. I wanted to kiss them, but I wasn't sure if I should or how he'd react. He was still wearing his clothes.

"You said anatomy. Do you want to see mine?" he asked with a grin.

"Well, dude, there's only the two of us here. Hint, hint."

He raised his shirt over his head and threw it on the timber deck, then shook his jet-black hair so that it spilled evenly over his tanned shoulders. Fuck, he had an awesome bod! Every single muscle bulged. His definition was totally fucking wild! He pulled his baggies down and stepped out of them as I watched his feet lift one at a time. They were nice looking -- neat and nut-brown. He knew I was interested in them.

"Hey, Daniel, it's not my feet that wanna fuck your face," he laughed.

I looked up and watched him slowly peel his boxers down past his narrow hips until his hard six inches bounced free. It stood straight, and slightly angled toward the bright orange glow of the sunset. His coffee-brown hangers were perfectly round, and packaged tightly in their smooth ball-sack. Between his muscly thighs, I could see the beginning of his ass crack and his firm globes.

When his white underwear fell to his ankles, I held the elastic while he lifted his feet. It was just as I'd expected. This dude was fit and healthy. His boxers were as clean as a fucking whistle except for a pale yellow piss stain. I tossed them next to his other clothes.

His dark brown eyes were smiling down at me. It was plain that he was enjoying the way I was admiring his killer bod. I watched him raise his arms above his head, link his hands and turn them palm-side up. He arched his spine, threw back his head, groaned and stretched. My eyes couldn't help but worship his awesome physique. Every one of his bronzed muscles bulged and strained. His six pack formed a shallow depression beneath his rib cage. His magnificent throbber with its smooth, sculptured knob stabbed the air as he bent his knees.

After a few seconds, he relaxed his body and looked down at me again. "What are you staring at?" he laughed.

"A god."

"I dunno what you see in me, dude, but I'm way glad you like me."

He dove over my head and hit the water with hardly a splash. When he'd surfaced, I asked him if he'd ever done diving as a sport.

"Yeah, at school in Virginia. I was on the dive team. Pretty good, too. Maybe I'll take it up again."

I swam underwater to the shallow end and stood up. "If you wanna fuck my face," I laughed, "you gotta catch me first, asshole." I climbed out of the pool and ran along the decking to the deep end. He lunged at the handrail and heaved himself up. A gallon of sparkling water cascaded off his shiny brown skin. Fuck, he looked hot!

I leapt off the decking onto the lawn and ran like hell. He was just a few feet behind me. I stopped dead and sidestepped just in time to avoid his tackle. He slammed into the grass as I took off again. We were both cracking up something rad.

There wasn't a lot of places to run in the backyard, so it didn't take him long to catch me. I felt his strong arms around my waist as I crashed to the ground before his dead weight collapsed on top of me. His throbber was pressed hard against my ass. The warmth of his sweet breath was in my ear and its smell in my nostrils as he gasped for air and giggled like a little kid. I could feel his solid muscles contracting and heaving against my skin, while his hard meat rubbed my ass. His long wet hair covered both our faces.

It was then that Kyle decided to join in the act. He distracted Greg and gave me a chance to escape. I sprang to my feet but was down again in seconds, this time on my back. Greg sat on my chest and pinned my arms to the ground with his knees. I didn't wanna let him know it, but I could've stayed there for the rest of my life, except for Kyle's foot-long tongue on my face. "Fuck off, Kyle. Go eat your bone." He took the hint.

I looked back into Greg's chocolate eyes which were totally mesmerizing. He had incredible power when he wanted to use it. Or was it me who was susceptible to his charisma? Whatever. It didn't matter. I liked being where I was. His grin spread from ear to ear as he caught his breath.

"Blow me, Daniel. I'm fucking aching for it. No more teasing, K?"

I desperately wanted his throbber in my face, but I also wanted him to fucking earn it. "We've got almost two hours, man. Does it have to be right now?"

"What do you mean right now? Just because some girls blew you in the showers today, suddenly you've gotten all high and mighty or something. Don't you like me any more?"

"Yeah, you're OK." I laughed.

"You little shit, you really get turned on by teasing me, don't you? Well, two can play at that game."

He moved his sweaty ass forward and dangled his awesome nuts over my mouth. His throbber looked like it was on a count-down to a space mission. "You see these hangers, Daniel? They're busting to empty a bucket of hot, juicy boy cum down your throat. Would you like that?"

It took all my will power to remain silent.

"Oh, so we're not talking?" He placed his hands under my head and lifted my face to his balls, then swivelled his hips and rubbed his nads around my mouth. His beautiful scent went through my nose and straight to my cock. The feeling of his ball-sack caressing my lips was too fucking much. My tongue leapt out and licked all the way from his ass crack to his nuts. He tasted deliciously spicey.

"Hmmm, so Dannie Wannie wants Greggie Weggie's dickie wickie?" he laughed.

"You know I do, asshole. I can't resist you, dammit." I paused to lick his balls again. "You get me so fucking hot."

He tried to put his cock in my mouth but I turned my head to one side. "No, Greg. It's better when you stand. I like looking up at you. It's more like you're a god that way -- like I was with Lindy today. Just humor me, K?"

As he stood up, I got on my hands and knees and licked the tops of his sexy, brown feet. I just couldn't help risking his getting mad at me.

"Don't take too long, dude. My boner's not gonna stay hard forever."


I licked all the way up his shiny, tanned legs and around the inside of his muscular thighs. Jeez, they looked way awesome! I went straight from there to his hard pecs and soft armpits. I licked every square inch of his sweaty bronzed skin and spent some time sucking his fleshy nipples.

"I'm ready now," I grinned, knowing that he wanted to strangle the shit out of me for tantalizing him.

"About fucking time, you teasing mutha! I'm gonna blow a fucking truckload!"

I knelt before him. Then, as he thrust his pelvis, I moved my head slightly so that his cock missed my mouth and slid vertically along my face until his balls reached my lips. His boner felt heavy and solid against my skin while the taste of his nads was hot and sweaty, and the rich smell of his sexy odor was the bomb! Whoa!

I licked all the way up the veiny underside of his shaft until my lips closed around his perfectly shaped knob. I heard him sigh "at last" as he rammed that awesome teen meat down my throat and filled my mouth with the spicy flavor of his pre-cum.

His hands were gripping the sides of my head while he pumped me like there was no tomorrow. I used the palms of my hands to smooth his upper thighs and hips. I could feel the aggressive rhythm of his fucking action as his steel rod jerked back and forth between my tight lips. I kept my tongue busy working his knob even though I was gagging.

He called my name out loud as his knees buckled and his back arched. "Daniel! Ooer! Fuck!" The head of his rock-hard cock thudded against the roof of my mouth and jetted the first of its thick, juicy wads. It was like my adam's apple was on a fast-forward trampoline as I gulped each sticky load and forced it down my throat. He was groaning like crazy and ramming his small patch of black pubes hard against my face. His fingers dug deep into my scalp. "Oh, fucking jeez!" he yelped.

When his salty load had finally subsided, he collapsed on the lawn and laid flat on his back with his arms outstretched. I crawled over to his heaving, tanned body and licked his meat clean. He opened his dark eyes and smiled at me. "Jeez, Daniel, I can't believe how fucking awesome that was." He paused to catch his breath. "I just can't believe it, man. You rule."

"Glad to be of service, sir. Y'all come back soon now, y'hear."

Dinner at Andy's was simple and scrumptious. T-bone steaks with mushroom sauce, potato salad, corn on the cob with lashings of butter and ground pepper, and baby green beans sprinkled with chopped almonds. Dessert was blueberry pie and ice cream. The four of us did the dishes, then relaxed in the living room with tall mugs of Irish coffee. I pigged out on the chocolate mints.

"Hey, Daniel. Wanna see my room?"

Greg's room was pretty neat for a teenager's. The walls were covered in posters, mostly of girls in bikinis. There was a two-level bunk in one corner. He explained that it would be handy in case somebody visited. The one thing that was obviously missing, though, was a comp.

"I'd love one, man, but I can't afford it."

"Freddie's got an old 486 in a cupboard. He doesn't use it any more. I'll see him at school tomorrow and ask him if you can have it. It's got a modem and all the stuff you'll need."

"That would be so cool, man!"

"He might want a blow job, though," I cracked.

I was awake at about 5am trying to catch up on the homework I was supposed to do the previous night. Damn that golden boy god! He was taking over my life. Actually, I told Greg last night that I had other friends -- like Paul who was due out of hospital today -- and that I owed them my time too. He seemed disappointed, but I think he understood. I didn't say anything about my plan, but I was gonna find an excuse to introduce him to Lindy.

Before breakfast, I emailed Kyle and told him he would be staying at my house when he arrived in the US. I also told him about Greg and all the other stuff that had happened. I could hardly wait for him to write back.

At school, I got smiles from the teachers because I'd finished all my homework. They must've figured my bloodshot eyes were from hours of study. If only they knew. Later in the day, I spoke to Freddie about his comp and giving it to Greg. He thought it was a great idea because he was gonna give it to charity anyways. I said I'd ask Andy to drive over and pick it up.

Between math and English periods, I went to the boy's toilet. The joint was empty. The only sound was the automatic flush thingies that washed the stainless steel urinals. I walked up to one and pulled my boner out of my shorts. I'd been thinking about Greg, so I was as hard as a rock. My piss wouldn't come. I looked around again to make sure nobody else was there, and figured I'd jack off right where I was, then take a leak. My fist was working my shaft when I heard a young dude's voice. I freaked big time!.


I glanced over my shoulder while I tried to make out like I was pissing. The dude was from a grade below mine -- a smallish, cute-looking blonde kid I'd seen around. I nodded but didn't say anything.

"You must be Daniel. I've seen you in the swim team." He walked up behind me, leaned sideways and checked out my furniture. "Wow! I've seen you in Speedos and I figured you'd have a biggie, but not that big. It's awesome!"

"Hey, kid, I'm trying to take a leak. K?"

"Sure you are," he giggled. His voice lacked maturity. "Hey, listen, it's cool, man. Doesn't bother me. Can I watch?"

"Fuck off, kid, or I'll make you eat it."

The dude didn't move. He just kept gazing at my throbber. Finally, he raised his eyes to mine. "Can I? I've never done it before, though."

"Go see if anyone's around."

He ran to the door, poked his head around the corner and sprinted back. "They're all in class. We're late."

"So, we tell our teachers we were sick or something." I stepped away from the urinal. My seven inches was sticking straight out of my shorts. "Go for it, dude."

The kid grabbed my shaft with his small fist and sucked on my cock head. His lips and tongue felt way cool since I hadn't been blown since the other afternoon with Lindy, so I was ready for a fucking serious gush. "Stroke it faster, kid."

The dude's hand slid up and down my iron shaft so fast it was almost a blur. His head bobbed around as he sucked, and he was making a helluva noise. Occasionally, he'd glance up at me to see if I looked pleased. Then he'd concentrate on blowing me again. It was obvious that this was his first time because he was was trying way hard to satisfy me.

It wasn't long before I felt the rush coming. My throbber hardened like steel in his small fist. My balls tightened. I let out a long, loud groan and felt my cock head erupt with a bucket of boy juice. He kept sucking and jerking as my flood of milk catapulted into his mouth. Woohoo! It felt so fucking wild!

"Stop! Enough! I'm done!"

I watched my meat slide out from between his lips. It was slimy with spit and cum. He looked kind of bewildered. His mouth was shut.

"Did you swallow?"

He shook his head from side to side.

"Is it still in your mouth?"

He nodded.

"Show me."

He stood up and opened his mouth. It was so fucking wild to see my sticky juice all over his tongue and around the insides of his lips.

"Swallow it, dude, it'll make your dick grow as big as mine."

His gaze never left my eyes as he forced my load down his throat with several swallows. When he'd gotten it all down, he smiled. Then he licked my cock clean.

"Thanks for the blow, dude," I said. "What's your name?"


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