Part 39

Greg was wearing a black, green and red head-band around his forehead to keep his long, black hair out of his face. It looked kind of Native American and was totally cool. He had a nice shirt, long baggy pants and boots. His dad, Andy, was all dressed up, too. I had to go back to my room and put on my best stuff 'cause I would've looked too scruffy at the table in shorts and bare chest.

"Mint sauce?" mom asked.

Roast lamb just wasn't roast lamb without mint sauce, I figured. We all piled it on and got stuck into dinner. Everybody told mom what a great cook she was, but she just shrugged modestly and made like anybody could've done it. The conversation was polite but not exactly thrilling. I could tell from Greg's occasional glances that he was dying to get his throbber into my mouth. I guessed Andy was hoping that he'd get some time alone with mom before the night was done. It occurred to me how people could chat away without actually saying what was really on their minds.

We all pitched in to do the dishes. Andy and mom went to the TV room while Greg and I went to mine. I checked for email. All the guys wrote... and I even got one from Paul6 in England. Woohoo!

"How come you've got a River Phoenix poster on your wall?"

"'Cause he's cool."

"Was cool."

"Yeah ... was."

"Doesn't your mom think it's kinda gay having a bare-chested dude on your wall?"

"No, she thinks he looks kinda like my dad when he was a teen. Anyway, if I had pics of chicks like you do she'd probably think I was a sex maniac."

"And you're not, of course," he laughed while watching Kyle's email download. "Is that the dude from South Africa? The one you blew?"

"Yup. And he blew me, too." I wasn't sure I should tell Greg about Kyle fucking me or any of the other stuff we did because he might freak. "He sent me a nudie." I clicked on Kyle's pic. "Check this out, man."

"Doesn't do anything for me, dude. He just looks like some guy with a big dick. Hey! I meant to thank you for getting Freddie to give me his old 486. I've been checking out the news groups, man, and some of those chicks are fucking awesome!"

"Yeah, if you can wade through the fucking idiot spam. Anyways, did you beat off?"


"What did you think about?"

"Fucking their asses off, of course. What do you mean?"

"Didn't you ever think about me blowing you?"

"Yeah, that, too. I think about how it feels with you, but with them doing it."

"Thanks for the fucking praise, dude. I nearly choke to death and drown because of your fucking juice and you talk like you want me to grow pubic hair on my face." I stood up and knocked some stuff off the comp table. "Let's go watch the tube."

Greg grabbed my shoulder as I got to the door and spun me around. "What's eating you? You know you're my best bud."

"What I know is that you fuck my face thinking that it's some chick. Well, I'm no chick, dude. My name's fucking Daniel and I've got a fucking dick." I was mad as hell.

"Hey, man, chill. Come here." Greg led me to the bed and we sat on the edge of the mattress. He put his arm around my shoulder. "You know how I feel about this gay stuff, OK? Until I met you I hadn't even thought about doing it. I mean, it was like totally impossible. I thought fags were chicks with cocks."

"You calling me a fag?" I looked at my feet and avoided his gaze.

"No! You're nothing like I thought gay dudes were. I mean, you're a regular dude just like other dudes. I dunno, Daniel, I'm fucking confused."

I summoned the courage to study his face. "Do you really think about chicks when you jack off?"

"Well, sorta." He looked at me with his chocolate eyes and smiled. "But, if you want the truth, man, I mostly think about..." His focus suddenly scrutinzed the floor.


"Dammit, dude," he said softly as he raised his eyes again, "will you blow me? Like now? It's just so fucking awesome the way you do it."

I cracked up totally. "I'm the ONLY one who does do it to you, man!"

"Yeah, well it's still fucking awesome," he laughed.

"K, but you gotta tease me first."

We both stood up and started unbuttoning each other's shirts. It was so hot to see his tanned chest slowly being revealed as I rolled his shirt over his meaty shoulders and down his arms. His nipples were like ripe, brown berries that demanded to be eaten. Pretty soon all our clothes were on the floor. I scooped them up and threw them on the spare bed, then sat on the edge of mine. Both of us had huge boners reaching for the ceiling.

I was surprised that I didn't have to tell him how to tease me. He just seemed to know, somehow -- like it was instinct or something. He began by standing between my parted legs, with his crotch just inches from my nose. I could smell his wild, spicy scent already. He used his hand to force his throbber down, then let it spring back up and slam against his stomach. He did that a couple of times and laughed when he saw his pre-cum flick on my face. Then he thrust his hips forward and made his hard meat flop up and down and sideways. I had my mouth open in case he decided to stick it in. Damn! I wanted that juicy stick so fucking bad! Suddenly, he totally cracked.

"What's so fucking funny?"

"Your eyes, man. They're bouncing every which way like ping-pongs watching my cock. It's just so fucking hilarious!" He laughed so much he had to sit down on the floor for a minute.

"Can I suck you now?"

"Not yet, man," he chuckled as he got up off the carpet. "This is so rad. I never knew my dick had so much power."

He stood in front of me again and let his swollen cock head touch my lips. But, as soon as I tried to lick it, he'd pull it away. At least I got to taste some of his pre-cum. Then he arched his spine, put his hand around the back of my head and rubbed his balls all over my face. They felt soft and velvety and warm against my skin, and smelt totally wicked. Shit! I was getting so fucking horny, I didn't think I could hold out much longer! But, the bronzed asshole had more teasing in store.

While he bounced his rock-hard cock in front of my face again, he reached around and did something with his ass. Then he put his hand under my nose. I could smell his awesome, sweaty odor which sent wild tingles right through my whole body. I must've looked kind of weird sniffing his fingers because I heard him laughing. After that, he about-faced and spread his ass cheeks so that I could get a good view of his rosebud. Fuck, it was beautiful! I wanted to get my tongue so far up that pink thing it'd make his eyes pop. But, I knew if I tried, he'd get mad at me for not playing his teasing game.

"Can I suck you now?"

He turned around again and faced me. "Soon, dude." Then he looked sideways. "Hey! I just noticed myself in the mirror. I've never bothered to look at my boner in a mirror before. So, that's what turns you on?"

"Yeah, well maybe I'm easily fucking pleased, dude."

"Don't gimme that shit, Daniel. I saw the look on your face, man. You love it."

"Are you gonna let me blow you or do I have to wait until I'm in a fucking wheelchair?"

When he'd stopped giggling his tits off, he smiled down at me and pointed his huge throbber right at my mouth. I paused for a second to let my eyes drink in the funky shape of his cut knob. It was like some artist dude had carved it out of peach-colored rubber. The slope from his piss hole rose up to the high ridge of skin that circled his cock head. I opened my mouth and let him slide in all the way up to his small patch of black pubes. I felt his balls caress my chin.

Greg put one hand behind my head and the other on top as he fucked my face like some crazy bull with glazed eyes. I knew he wouldn't blow me so I started jacking off. Every now and then, I glanced up to see him checking his reflection in the mirror, watching his iron beef sliding in and out of my face. I could tell that it was turning him on something rad. I figured if I came out of this alive, I'd be doing OK. I was gagging like hell.

After having teased the crap out of me, I figured he was about ready to blow a truckload. Sure enough, I heard him start to moan as I stroked his balls. His grip on my head became suddenly tighter and his dick got even harder. "Fuck! Daniel! Oh, shit, man! Ahhhh!" His cock head rammed the roof of my mouth and I felt the warm jets of his juice hit my tongue and throat. At about the same time, I shot my load. I didn't see where it went because I was too busy swallowing Greg's thick and sticky milk. It tasted so fucking cool. Finally, his balls were spent and he just stood there holding my face to his crotch and letting his throbber get lazy in my mouth. "Totally fucking awesome, man!" he sighed. "Woohoo!"

After about a minute, he noticed some of my cum on his knee. "You've cum already?"

I let his wet semi slide out of my mouth and dangle in mid air. "Yeah, I jacked off while I was blowing you."

"Too bad."


"Well, for a second there, I thought about blowing you because it feels so fucking rad."

"NOW you tell me!!!"

"Yeah, but it was just for a second. You know how dumb stuff comes into your head for a second and then disappears."

"Well, you thought about it, man -- even for a second. Damn, that would've been so fucking cool!"

"Well, dude, I'm not so sure, y'know? I mean, like I'm straight and it would be so weird to blow a dude. Let's forget it."

"No way, Greg. No way I'm gonna forget what you just said. I'm coming around to your place tonight after midnight and you'd better be there. K? And don't forget to tie the string to your wrist and hang it out the window."

For the rest of the night, we fooled around on the comp and played games. I told him about what had happened in biology with Mr Whichway and he cracked up big time. He couldn't believe I had to stand in front of the class with my throbber bouncing around and all the guys checking it out. Later, I told him I was trying to figure a way to introduce him to Lindy.

"You don't have to, man. A friend of hers invited me to a party."

"What party?"

"Uh ... sorry, dude, I wasn't thinking straight. It's not really a party."

"So, what is it?"

"Uh, just some dudes getting together for a bit of a rage, I guess. Probably be lamo, anyways."


"Dunno. Forgot."

I wanted to say something about my birthday coming up but I decided not to. Maybe Paul or mom or somebody else would say something -- IF they remembered!

It was lucky we were both dressed again when mom knocked on the door to say Andy was leaving. Later, just after midnight, I climbed out my window and walked around the corner to Greg's place. I was naked. Every time I walked naked around the streets at night I got more and more nervous. One of these days, I was gonna get busted and be in deep shit, but it was hard to resist the thrill of showing my cock to the stars. I imagined all those alien dudes looking through their telescopes and jacking off. The thought made me totally crack.

I pulled the string dangling from Greg's window and waited. My dick was already rock hard from just thinking about what it would be like to have Greg's lips riding up and down my shaft. The idea of some totally straight dude drinking my juice was so way fucking cool!

A couple of minutes went by. I pulled the string again. Another couple of minutes passed. Finally, I saw Greg's profile in the shadows.

"I can't do it, man."

"But you said you would."

"No, I didn't. I said it occurred to me for a second. I've thought about it and I just can't do it, man."

Suddenly, I felt like a total geek. I was standing there naked with this straight dude looking at me like I was some kind of freak. I didn't know what to say.

"Listen, Daniel. You gotta get hold of yourself, man. I mean, like coming around here naked and all. If you got busted, I'd be in the shit, too. What would I tell my dad?"

"You dumping some kind of guilt trip on me, Greg?"

"Maybe you need one. This whole thing is fucking crazy, with you going around naked and wanting me to blow you. It's not normal, man. Think about it."

"Seemed OK when I blew you a few hours ago."

"Yeah, well I've been kind of thinking about that, too. I talked to this chick on chat for a while when I got home and she said I was a sicko."

"You told her what you and me did?"

"Yeah. I was kind of excited at first, then she told me I was twisted. She said I'd better wake up to myself or I'd go to hell."

I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I'd walked here proud as anything showing my dick to the stars. Now, all of a sudden, I felt ashamed to be naked, as if I was some totally uncool fuckwit. I didn't wanna talk to Greg any more. I felt betrayed by the very same dude who'd told me I was his best bud. I crept home, darting from shadow to shadow, hiding my cock with my hand and hoping nobody would see me. I wondered if the aliens were laughing at me.

"You're quiet this morning, Daniel."

"Yeah, mom. Got a headache."

Everybody at school noticed that I was different and quiet. When they asked me why, I made up some excuse. One kid made fun of me, so I punched his nose. He didn't bother me after that. After swim training and showering, Lindy came up to me as I walked out the door. She wanted to know how come I didn't give the girls a show through the peep hole that day.

"You wouldn't understand, Lindy."

"Try me."

We walked to a bench underneath a big tree and sat down. I had to tell somebody, so I told her everything about Greg and how I felt bad about all the sex I was having with the guys.

"I just didn't realize I was going right off the rails, Lindy. I was having so much fun, I didn't realize what a sicko I was."

"Next you'll be telling me that dicks come with an instruction book and a government warning -- Dicks Can Be Addictive, Use In Moderation."

"Don't kid around, Lindy. This is serious. And, anyways, how come you're not mad because I'm gay."

"Are you?"

"I do stuff with guys, right? What do you think?"

"I think you're totally rad. Would you do stuff with girls too?"

"I guess."

"You mean you haven't?"

"Not yet. But even if I did, it'd be like I was having sex with every fucking thing that walked. Greg's right. I'm a sicko."

"We can fix that, no prob, Daniel. I'll tell you what to do. Go home and burn all your rad clothes. Then go to the Opp Shop and get some really uncool stuff and a pair of really thick glasses. Then go on a diet 'til you're really skinny and look like you're gonna pass out. Then stop thinking about sex and get all excited about calculus instead. Are you paying attention?"

I started to crack something wicked. I fell off the bench and rolled around on the grass clutching my stomach. Tears rolled down my cheeks.

"So, Daniel, it seems like you're getting my message."

I'd finally gotten enough air to speak. "Yeah, Lindy. I get it."

"Just remember this, Daniel, and get it through that beautiful, thick skull of yours -- you're sex on two legs, dude. You ooze it. You totally rule. It's just something about you. Do you know what charisma means? If Greg has a problem, it's his problem, not yours. Don't change. Promise me, K?"

"K ... I promise." I got up off the grass, sat beside her and gave her a big slurpy on the cheek. "Thanks, Lindy. By the way, what's charisma? And what's this party everybody's talking about?"

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