Part 41

"I feel like doing something rad, Paul."

"Like what?"

"I wanna blow you somewhere crazy, y'know, like some place totally wild."

"Blow me? I was hoping I could fuck you. I've only done it once before ... in the tent, remember? I made you lick your finger after you'd stuck it in my ass," he cracked.

"K, cocksucker, what do you want me to do?"

Paul asked me to stand, facing the full-length mirror. He got behind me, then I felt his boner press between my globes as his hands ran over my tanned chest and abs. I could see his face looking over my shoulder at our reflections. He was wearing a grin a mile wide. I'd always been a sucker for his toothy smile and the evil glint in his bright, blue eyes. He had a way of convincing you to do whatever he wanted, the little shit.

He used his spit to lube his throbber, then my ass. I felt two of his fingers stab my rosebud to get me relaxed. "Are you ready, Daniel?"

"Yeppers. I won't feel your little weenie anyways," I laughed.

I was dead wrong. It might have been six inches, but it sure felt bigger than that as it slid into my hole and filled me. I watched our expressions in the mirror. Mine looked like I'd just stubbed my toe. His looked like he'd lost a dollar and found twenty. As he pumped my ass, he kept squeezing my pecs -- then he'd run his fingers up and down the lines that defined my abs. I had to admit, it was way fucking hot to look at our reflections and my semi flopping around as he slid his iron-hard, teen meat in and out of my hole.

After a few minutes, I saw his mouth open wide enough to swallow a baseball. His eyebrows nearly hit the ceiling. His peepers looked like he'd just seen a ghost. Then his expression changed again. "Ahhhh, Daniel!" His eyes squinted as he gritted his teeth. I could feel his sweating chest rubbing my back as his pelvic thrusts grew faster and more aggro. I sensed the first jet of his hot, boy milk deep inside me. His grip on my pecs tightened. His teeth sank into my neck. His balls slammed my ass. "Ahhhh, fuuuuck .... Daniel!" I could feel his throbber getting even stiffer as it exploded his juice and emptied his balls. He was pressed so hard against me, he forced my back to arch.

When he'd finally shot the last of his truckload of boy cum, he held me tight and kept sucking my neck. Whoa! This dude was one helluva a little fucker!

"What's that bruise on your neck, Daniel?"

"Uh, nothing, mom. It was, uh ... Lindy. Yeah ... Lindy. I thought you'd noticed it before."

"Reminds me of the times I used to make your father look like he'd just done ten rounds with Mohammed Ali," she cracked.


"Before your time, Daniel."

After breakfast of cereal and fruit, Paul and I headed downtown to see what was up. None of the guys was there, so we fooled around in the games parlor for a while. About half an hour later, Steve arrived with his t tied around his waist as usual, and his long, brown hair draped over his shoulders. He was such a hot look that I noticed some of the other kids giving him the eye -- guys as well as chicks. I decided to try the same trick. I took off my t and tied it around my waist. Paul did likewise. Pretty soon the whole fucking joint was staring at us parading our muscles. Then the manager walked over.

"Sorry, guys. You've gotta look respectable in this place. House rules."

"What if this place was near a beach? What would the house rules be then?"

"It's not near a beach, kid."

"That wasn't my question."

"Just put your shirts back on, OK?"

I could never figure out why guys could walk around bare chested or in Speedos near a beach but not anywhere else. How come it was OK in one place but not in another? Who made these fucked rules? Anyways, we left the parlor with our ts still tied around our waists. A bunch of girls walked past. We looked back over our shoulders and saw them glancing over theirs, which made them giggle. I turned around and, while walking backwards, rubbed my crotch and puffed out my chest. The chicks freaked big time and instantly resumed facing the way they were headed.

"You doing anything Sunday, Steve?"

"Yeah. Going out with the folks."

"Fuck! How come everybody's going somewhere and I ain't?"

When we'd arrived at my house, we decided to watch a video -- Star Wars. It was probably the hundredth time we'd seen it but it was always cool fun. It was one of Kyle's fav movies, too. Then we decided on a dip in the pool. Seconds after our clothes had hit the deck, three brown kids and a black and white dog hit the water.

Steve swam up to me and flicked his wet, brown hair out of his eyes. "Those chicks near the parlor -- what if they'd tried to hit on us?"

"I knew they wouldn't. Too chicken."

"Yeah, but what if they had? Have you done it with a girl?"

"Not yet." I told Steve about the time Paul and I were at the swim initiation in Cape Town -- and the prostitute chick.

"Fuck, man. That's fucking gross. I don't blame you for losing your boner. She sounds like puke material."

"Boys?" mom yelled from the back door. "I'm going to the mall. I'll be back in time for lunch."

"K, mom."

"Anyways," my brown-haired bud continued, "I was wondering what it's like to fuck somebody. You fucked me once. What's it like?"

"Paul?" I yelled. "Steve wants to try something."

Paul swam over. "What?" He looked at Steve. "What's the prob, man?"

"Nothin', dude. Daniel's just jokin' around."

"No, I'm not! Hey, Paul, go grab an egg from the fridge. Oh! And a bone!"

We watched Paul's cute ass disappear as the back door slammed shut. "Hey, listen Daniel, I'm not so sure..."

"Shuddup, Steve. You're about to find out what it's like to fuck somebody."

"But, what if Paul...?"

"Don't worry about Paul."

Paul came back with the egg and bone and stood at the edge of the pool. I threw the bone to the other end of the yard knowing that Kyle would chase after it and soon be gnawing away, happy in his own little world. I didn't want him poking around while we were doing stuff. I explained to Paul what I had in mind.

"No fucking way, dude! I'm no slut!"

"What about when you fucked Kyle that day when he and I were doing a 69?"

"That was different, man. Watching you guys sucking like crazy made me hot as hell."

"Hey, listen guys," Steve interrupted, "let's forget it, OK? I don't wanna cause any trouble. I'll split and let you guys do your thing." He heaved himself out of the pool and started towelling his wicked bod.

I turned to my bud who was standing above me. "He's a cool dude, Paul. He wants to hang with us. You sure you don't want him to fuck you?"

Paul thought for a moment, then walked over to Steve. They had their backs to me so I couldn't hear what they were chatting about. After a short while, they both turned toward me with wide, cheeky grins spread across their cute faces. It was obvious that they had concocted some devious fucking plan. Paul trotted over, held his dick between his fingers and spun it around like a propeller.

"It was your idea, Daniel. Steve wants to fuck you. I told him what to do with the egg."

I got down on all fours on the grass as Steve positioned himself behind me and broke the egg. He used the white to lube his hard meat and my ass. I thought about that long, seven inches of his and started to get way fucking nervous. Paul knelt in front of me and slid his fat six into my mouth while he clutched at my blonde hair.

Steve placed one hand on my left hip, then pressed his knob against my rosebud. I hoped he was gonna be slow because I couldn't speak a word with Paul's throbber in my mouth. The little shit was laughing his tits off.

I relaxed my ass muscles as much as I could, then felt that awesome boner creeping all the way in. Fuck, it was huge! A moment later, his other hand gripped my right hip.

I was being fucked at both ends. Paul was pumping my face like crazy while Steve was slapping his balls against my ass. As Steve pushed me forward, Paul pushed against me. It was totally awesome! I felt like I was one of those piano accordion thingies.

Paul's grip on my hair tightened as his cock head rammed the roof of my mouth. The kid was groaning big time. "Oooo! I'm cummin'!" I kept working my lips and tongue around his knob and along his shaft as his thick, sticky juice splattered my throat. I gulped it down. I loved the delicious taste of his boy cum.

Meantime, Steve was fucking my tight hole like a wild bull. I had to grip the grass with all my strength to stop from falling forward. By the time I'd heard him scream and start filling my ass with his explosions of hot jizz, Paul's dick had gotten lazy. I felt my mouth filling quickly with something warm and wet. The little shit was pissing! Not only that, he was giggling like some rug rat with his hand in the cookie jar! I closed my throat and let his golden stream dribble out between my lips, while Steve was emptying the last of his ball juice into my ass. Man, that was totally fucking wild!

Later, mom appeared at the back door. "Still swimming, I see. You boys must be reincarnated fish! I'll bring lunch out here."

As we ate our burgers and salad, Steve kept glancing at me with an expression I'd never seen on his face before. He was somehow different, somehow more confident. He had a sparkle in his smiling, brown eyes. I guessed that his first fuck must have been pretty damn cool.

By mid afternoon, the guys had to leave. Then, Andy came around to work with mom in the garden for a while. They said they didn't need any help so I caught up with homework and study until dinner. Meantime, I couldn't help thinking about Monday, June 1st. Nobody had remembered, except Danny from Cali and my bud Kyle from Cape Town.

Over dinner, mom and I chatted about stuff like how cool my buds were, but she didn't say anything about Monday. "And remember, Daniel, I'll have to leave early tomorrow morning to see your grandmother. I'd invite you along but we'll be doing her shopping and I know how bored you'd be with that."

"It's OK, mom. I'll fool around with Kyle and do some more homework, I guess."

After doing the dishes, I went to my room and checked for email.
hiya daniel :)

only one day to go man before your big day! i wish i was comin to your party. i bet you got heaps of dudes comin! lemme know how it goes huh and what kinda pressies you get :)

mine's on july 1 - a month after yours - damn i wish paul was here to celebrate it with me - i fuckin miss him like hell

anyways im lookin forward to meetin you again soon when our swim team comes to the US. that should be so damn rad!

cya! 8===========>---- hehehe

I threw myself face-down on the bed and cried like a baby in my pillow. What was I gonna tell Kyle? That my friends had forgotten about my birthday -- even mom? That all my buds cared about was getting their fucking dicks up my ass? Life sucked big time. I didn't want Kyle to worry so I wrote back and lied.
hiya kyle

yeah man just one day and two sleeps to go - i got heaps of peeps comin to my party and like its gonna be too fuckin wild! i wish u could be here to meet all the guys but u will anyways cos ure comin to florida soon - well dude i got heapsa stuff to do so id better jet


Yeah, right. Heaps of fucking stuff to do. Like nothing. I got Kyle's nudie up on the screen and thought about all the awesome stuff we did in Cape Town. I remembered that night when he was laying on top of me and telling me how he wanted to remember my face. He'd made me feel so damn special when he slid his hard meat into me and said, "is this how you wanna remember me, Daniel?"

I printed his pic and stood it against the head of my bed, then laid on my stomach, got two pillows and put my dick in between them. I looked at Kyle's way cool pic while I fucked the pillows. Shit! What would mom say if she saw cum stains on my pillows?

I placed one pillow on top of the other just below the pic, and pretended that they were Kyle's chest. I sat on them and started jacking off in his face but, every time I felt like I was gonna blow, I stopped stroking. I wanted this j/o to last as long as possible.

I kept thinking about stuff that Kyle had said to me in Cape Town. Like the time he rescued me in the sea and asked me if I'd ever done anal before. And how it felt when his whopper slid into my ass as we bobbed around in the swell. And how his hands felt on my pecs as he pumped the shit out of me. I would never, ever, forget that time -- the first time I'd ever been fucked by anybody besides Paul. And I was so glad it was Kyle who had done it. That made me wonder if Steve was glad that it was my butt today instead of Paul's.

Finally, I felt the rush coming and my balls tighten. I watched my jets of juicy boy cum splatter all over Kyle's pic. I imagined his tongue licking it off his lips, and his hazel eyes smiling up at me. I used the head of my dick to smear the cum all over his face. Then I held his face to mine and licked my sticky milk off him. How I wished my hero could have been here now. Just the two of us to celebrate my birthday. At least he remembered.

Mom had already gone by the time I woke up on Sunday morning. I fed canine Kyle, then had my own breakfast. I didn't feel much like eating, though. It was gonna be a long, boring day. My doggie bud knew there was something wrong. He kept licking my hand and giving me those big, sad eyes. "Sorry, Kyle. Later"

It suddenly clicked! Yeah! All the guys were talking about some party going down and, then, they all disappeared on Sunday -- today. What was all this shit? How come I was left out? Was all that stuff about liking me just a whole bunch of crap? It had to be. They were all fucking liars. But why? Why would they lie?

After I'd showered, I figured I'd get the rest of my homework out of the way. It had to be done, and the end of the school year was coming up real fucking fast. If I didn't get good grades, mom would be disappointed. She'd always said that my dad had high hopes for me when he was alive. I wondered if he was in heaven now wishing me happy birthday.

It was about midday when I'd finished. I answered the phone.

"Daniel? It's Freddie. Howya doin'?"

"Kinda shitty, Freddie."

"Me too. I'm home alone. How's about comin' around?"

"Not today, Freddie. I'm feeling kinda down."

"Me too. I could sure use some company."

"Sorry, Freddie. Some other time, maybe." I hung up.

Ten minutes later, the phone rang a second time.

"It's me again, Daniel. Listen man, I really need some company. I got something important to tell you."

"OK, Freddie, but only for a little while. K?"

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