Part 42

I dropped my black BMX on the perfectly manicured green lawn and knocked on Freddie's door. It was one of those big, fancy doors with colored glass panels and a big bronze knocker. He was all dressed up in a cool shirt and baggy jeans. I was naked except for shorts.

"Hi, Daniel. Glad you could make it, man. C'mon in."

I followed his buns through the big house, past all the expensive furniture and out to their private 'jungle'. It was strange to see nobody there. "So, Freddie, what's the story? I can't stay long."

Something caught my eye. It was Dick stepping out from behind a tree. Paul appeared. Jo and Steve came out of nowhere. Then I saw Benny and Lindy. And mom and Greg and Andy. People came from everywhere! Fuck!


I couldn't believe it! Everybody was there! Even the coach. I shook hands 'til my arm hurt. I was loaded up with presents and cards. This was totally awesome! Jack and Jill handed me six envelopes. Three had strange stamps on them. "Freddie emailed your friends who couldn't be here and asked them to post their cards to our address," Jill explained.

'hiya daniel - hope ya have a fantastic birthday party! seeya soon! [ill give ya my pressie then hehehe] loveya - kyle'

'Hiya Tarzan - I wish I could be there but I sent you something special by email :) have a great day my milky boy tarzan - Danny'

'G'day Daniel - wish I could be there to celebrate your birthday with you, hope it's awesome - your Aussie mate, Gary'

'Hi Daniel - it was great meeting you in Cape Town - Happy Birthday from England, and lotsa you-know-whats :) Paul6'

'Hi Daniel - I was gonna send a vacuum cleaner but it wouldn't fit in the envelope :^) Happy Birthday dude - Chad'

'Hello Daniel - Hey man when are you coming to Cali? I'd like to teach you kung fu. :) Happy birthday bud - Jade'

Everyone was talking to me at once. I couldn't absorb it all. I just nodded at all the smiling faces and pretended I understood everything they were saying. Wow! I'd never experienced anything like this before. So many damn people! When the excitement died down a little, mom explained that they'd organized my surprise party today, Sunday, so that I could go to school tomorrow. I had my finals to think about. Cool!

Everybody helped to set up the tables. Jack lit the gas barbecue. There were steaks and sausages and drumsticks and shrimps and I dunno what else. It looked like enough food to feed the whole US army. The tables were piled high with sodas and punch and all kinds of fruit and salads. I'd have to remember to take some stuff home for canine Kyle.

I started to open my presents. A Pearl Jam CD from Freddie. Daft Punk from Jo. Way cool shades from Dick. I put them on straight away. Neato boxers from mom. All kinds of cool shirts from Steve, Benny and Coach. A Nike t from Lindy. I put that on straight away too, and strutted around like I was some famous model, which cracked everybody up. A new pair of baggy jeans from Jack and Jill. A watch from Paul. I read the inscription on the back. 'ILU, Paul, June 1 98'. I glanced at him and saw that his face was all lit up. He was obviously hoping that I'd notice the back of the watch. I put it on my wrist. New Speedos and swim goggles from Greg. And a wallet from Andy with $20 inside. Woohoo!

"Hey guys, I hate to tell you this," I joked, "but I've got another birthday next week!" I hugged everybody and thanked them heaps for being so damn special. This was the best day of my life. Having so many cool friends totally ruled!

About mid afternoon, my buds carried the biggest cake I ever saw out from the house and placed it on one of the tables. It had a bunch of candles on it, plus my name in the middle of the icing. The colors were cream and brown, kind of like my blonde hair and tanned bod. Mom and Jill had baked it.

Jack handed Paul a box of matches. He lit the candles one by one, then stepped to one side to allow me to blow them out. I managed to get all but one of them in one breath. I looked at Paul's smiling blue eyes and blew out the last candle like I was blowing a kiss, and caught a quick glimpse of the tent in his shorts. Everybody sang "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow."

It was getting close to sundown when the adults decided to 'retire' to the living room to 'recuperate'. As soon as they'd disappeared, the guys and I took to the pool in our Speedos. Lindy was wearing a little red bikini. She looked way cool with her small boobs bulging out of her top. Her ass cheeks were covered only by a narrow strip of material that looked like it was gonna be swallowed by her crack any second. The front of the bottom half of her swim suit kind of dipped from her hips down to just above her pubes. Every time she climbed out of the pool to dive back in, she would raise her hands to adjust her top, shaped like two little triangles, which had a lot of trouble hiding her nipples. They stuck out like thumbs.

"Can we see your tits?" Jo laughed.

Lindy pulled her top down for a second and gave us all a quick peek at her milky-white boobs before she dove back in. She was a great swimmer. She could glide effortlessly through the water like a mermaid, then, when she surfaced, her long, brown hair would cling to her face and shoulders.

She shook her head and flicked the water from her face. "You've gotta show me yours now, guys. And I don't mean your tits. I can see those already."

We all moved to the shallow end, checked to make sure none of the oldies was spying, and pulled our Speedos down. We all had major boners -- eight of them in a row, some pointed straight out, some pointed to the sky. Lindy took her time examining all of them with great intensity. She paused at Greg's and looked up at his face. I could tell that he was hanging for a fuck, which made me crack. He glanced at me and knew straight away what I was thinking. I watched his face turn a serious shade of scarlet.

When Lindy arrived at Dick's throbber, she shook her head in disbelief at the sight of his thick, pulsating seven. I guessed she was wondering what it would be like to have that monster jammed up her oyster or half way down her throat.

"So, what's the score, Lindy?" I asked.

"Hmmm, I dunno. And even if I did, I wouldn't say."

"Why not?"

"Cos," she said, and smiled in a shy kind of way.

Mom had had too much to drink so Dick used Jack's Voyager to drive everybody home. Paul and I rode our black BMXs. By the time we'd arrived at my place, mom had already hit the hay. I asked Paul if he wanted to stay for a while. He phoned his mom and got permission to stay for an hour. It was about 7pm.

After feeding Kyle some of the barbecue leftovers, Paul and I stripped for a swim. He grabbed my wrist before I took off the watch. "Do you like my present?"

"Fuck yeah! It's awesome, man. Must've cost you heaps."

"It's not new. I couldn't afford a new one. I bought it in a pawn shop. It's got a new battery, though. Hope you don't mind."

"It's new to me, man. That's what counts." I undid the strap and looked at the inscription. "I bet you had this done so I'd blow you," I laughed.

"How'd ya guess." His blue eyes sparkled.

I sat in the shallow end of the pool so that the water level rose to my shoulders, then leaned back against the wall. Paul stood in front of me and fucked my face. He was getting kind of aggressive in his old age -- his birthday would be on July 1. He loved to grab hold of my head and pump away at my mouth. I loved it too because I knew that it made him feel powerful like it made me feel powerful when I did it to him, or one of my other buds. It was like there was some link between power and sex -- sort of like you had total control, and it made you feel way hot. Anyways, I figured dicks were made for fucking, and not just hanging around waiting for the 6 o'clock news.

I was sure Paul could hear me gagging, but it didn't stop him from ramming his hard six half way to my asshole. I felt his rod stiffen like iron and his knob thump the roof of my mouth as my tongue worked his shaft, and my hand stroked his tight nads. A second later, I tasted his thick, sticky boy juice. He had a whole day's worth to give me. Jeez, his balls must have been overflowing with the stuff! It just kept exploding, jet after jet after jet. Finally, I'd swallowed every delicious, creamy wad.

"Fuck, Daniel. I could stab your awesome face with my boner ten times a day and never get tired of it," he giggled.

We swapped positions. I loved watching the swollen head of my cut peter just before it disappeared between Paul's lips. There was something about the head of a boner that screamed 'Open Sesame'. It was like it had some sort of magic force that made dudes happy to obey its silent but powerful command. Anyway, I gripped Paul's head and slid my fat seven all the way in until I felt my balls on his chin. Then I watched it glide in and out as I moved my hips back and forth. My shaft glistened with his spit. Sometimes my dick went sideways as I thrust it forward and caused his cheek to bulge big time. There was a helluva lotta Daniel meat that was invading his young mouth.

As I pumped my bud's cute face, the taste of his cum was still lingering on my tongue. It made me even hotter to think that I would soon fill his mouth with the flavor of a bucket of my own boy juice. I felt the thrill of the rush coming and pulled his head toward my blonde crotch. My throbber became steel-hard. He fondled my hangers as I groaned and exploded my huge, sticky load. It was just the most awesome feeling to jet a heap of hot cream while Paul's tongue was wrapped around my tender knob. It totally fucking ruled!

Monday was actually my birthday but it didn't seem like it. It was just school as usual except that I was worried about how I'd do in the finals. I'd studied so hard I didn't even blow on Miss Appleby's desk or flop my dick out in Mr Whichway's bio class. A guy's life wasn't meant to be fun all the fucking time, I guessed. Even swimming was pretty boring. Just practice and exercises. Later, in the showers, I noticed the Coach's pubes growing and wondered if he'd ask me to shave him again sometime. He busted me peeking at his giant semi and smiled.

"Hi, mom."

"Hello, Daniel. How was school?"

"OK, I guess." I drank my quota of milk straight from the carton and closed the fridge door. "I hope you don't expect me to get straight As, mom."

"No. But I do expect you to do your best, young man."

"Yeah! I am a young man! Woohoo!"

"Greg phoned. He said he had a wonderful time at the party yesterday, but he wanted to wish you happy birthday today -- your real birthday. I told him it was OK to visit after dinner provided you'd finished your homework."

"K, mom. Thanks, mom. I'll say hi to Kyle and get right on it."

I'd finished all my homework, had dinner and was working out with my chest expander when I answered the knock on my bedroom door.

"Hiya, Greg."

"Hi, Daniel -- working out again, I see. And naked again," he laughed as he closed the door and entered my room.

"You can stay dressed if you wanna."

He began to remove his clothes. "Nope. Besides, I know you like checking out my bod."

"Who said?"

"You did."

"Oh, yeah, now I remember," I cracked. "Well, it ain't too bad, I guess. Hey! You really had the hots for Lindy yesterday. Your boner was almost splitting its fucking skin!"

"She's one hot babe, Daniel," he said as he threw his shoes and baggies on the spare bed. "I could fuck her stupid."

"No chance, dude. She won't even do it with me. Says she's too young."

"Yeah? Well we'll see about that, dude. Anyways, that's not what I came here for."

"Yeah, mom said you wanted to wish me happy birthday. Oh, and thanks again for the Speedos and goggles, man. They're fucking neato."

"I have another present for you."

"Nah, man, the Speedos and goggles are fine! Totally blew me away!"

"Yeah ... well, that's what I wanna do ... blow you away." He licked his lips.

My jaw hit the floor. "You mean...? You don't mean...? Is that what you mean?"

"Hey, dude, I've been feeling pretty guilty about that uncool trip I dumped on you the other day and I... well... I wanna make up for it."

"You don't have to, man. It's no biggie, K?"

"But I want to. I really want to. It'll make me feel better, dude, like ease my conscience."

The thought of Greg sucking me was just too awesome to contemplate. I mean, this hunky teen was straight. He'd told me a million times not to tell anybody about my blowing him because he was totally para. And here he was asking me if he could eat my dick! "Are you sure?"

"Positive, man. Stand up."

That was totally out of my dreams. Greg had one of the raddest bods I'd ever seen on a dude. He was just so fucking excellent. And his Eurasian face was to die for -- it could melt an iceberg. He knelt in front of me and ran his hands up and down my thighs. He was staring at my boner. I could tell that he was as nervous as hell.

"I dunno if I'm gonna be able to do this right, Daniel. Like I've never done it before, K?" He tilted his head. His moist, chocolate eyes studied mine. Trepidation was written all over his beautiful face. "So, if I fuck up, just tell me what to do, K?"

I ran my fingers through his long, soft, shiny black hair. Looking down at his way groovy face just inches from my cock totally melted me. "Listen, Greg, I dunno if you should be doing this, y'know? It doesn't feel right. Like, it's not what you really wanna do."

"Wrong. It's what I wanna do. I'm just not sure if I know how to do it properly. Lemme know, K?"

His focus returned to my throbber which was dripping pre-cum already. He stuck out his tongue and licked off the shimmering, silver drop. He spent a few seconds tasting it, screwed his face up a bit, then swallowed. I was too fucking nervous to ask him what he thought. He kind of shifted his weight from side to side a bit and ran his tongue over his lips. It was like he was working up the courage to do what he was gonna do. Meantime, the sound of my heartbeat in my ears was almost deafening.

I couldn't believe it when I saw his fleshy, red lips slide slowly down my veiny shaft. Jeez! My fucking meat was in Greg's mouth! Fucking hell! Just that vision alone was enough to make me wanna cum buckets. Occasionally, he would glance up at me to see if I was enjoying it. I must have given him the right signal because his dark eyes smiled.

After about a minute, he got into it, majorly. I could tell that he was concentrating hard on giving me a totally rad time. He was probably remembering how I'd blown him -- using my tongue and keeping my lips tight. I still couldn't believe it, though. It was just so damn awesome watching his long black hair rocking backwards and forwards as his face moved up and down my iron-hard meat. I wanted to grab his head and fuck, but I didn't because I figured it might scare him off. Anyways, just watching that Adonis blowing me was enough. It was totally outta this world.

"I'm gonna cum, Greg," I whispered in a strained voice which cracked and rose to falsetto.

He freaked. He pulled away from my throbber as it exploded my boy juice all over his neck and face. "Oh, shit!" he mumbled. He was a fucking mess. He stood up and gave me a weird look. "Have you got some tissues, man?"

"Can I ask you a favor?"


"Can I lick my cum off your face?"

He didn't answer, so I grabbed his shoulders and went ahead anyway. It was totally fucking wild -- kind of like kissing a straight dude but with the flavor of fresh cum as a bonus. I was sure this would be the last time this would ever happen, so I made it last as long as I could. When I'd licked and swallowed the last of my juicy wads, he smiled at me with his awesome brown eyes. "Happy birthday, Daniel."

He was half way down the front path when he paused, turned, and came back to me as I stood at the door.

"Did I do OK?"

"Not bad for a beginner," I laughed.

He was half way down the path for a second time when he paused again, turned, and came back to me

"Just one more thing, Daniel. Close your eyes."

I felt his lips press quickly against mine. It wasn't a sexy kiss -- more like a friendly kiss. But it was so fucking cool. Yes!

"Night, Greg. And thanks, man."

"Later, Daniel. My pleasure, dude." He laughed and skipped all the way to the front gate, then disappeared into the night.

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