Part 44

It was about 10pm when I'd finished my homework and answered all my email.
Hi Daniel

Sorry to hear that you've gotten yourself into this boxing match thingy. I'm afraid I can't offer much advice because my sport is Kung Fu and it's totally different. What I can suggest tho is that you use your eyes - stare him down like I did with the rattle snakes. Never show fear or you're gone. Between now and the match, convince yourself that you're better than he is, and that you'll win. okay? Good luck bud. Think positive. :)

All the other guys wished me luck too, but none of them knew much about boxing. I remembered what Jo had told me earlier that afternoon, and started practicing what he'd taught me. I stood in front of the full-length mirror and shadow boxed. After a minute or so, I put on my shorts because the sight of my semi bouncing around was distracting me big time. Yeah! Maybe we could have the match in the nude so I could smash him every time he looked at my cock! The thought made me crack something serious.

I reckoned I looked pretty awesome in the mirror as I threw punches into the air and danced around on the balls of my feet. Jade was right. I'd scare the fucker just by looking as tough as I could -- and stare the mutha right in the eyes 'til he was shaking like a leaf. Then I remembered how solid his chest felt when I poked him with my finger -- and how strong he was when we wrestled for a while. He might have had a baby face, but he sure wasn't gonna be any push-over. Damn!

After working out with the chest expander, I hit the sack and was asleep in a second.

"Are you sure all this stuff is in the rules, coach?"

"Yeppers. Special rules for you and Nick."

It seemed totally weird to be boxing nude and to have a third glove fitted to our dicks. I couldn't believe the size of Nick's throbber, though. It had to be three feet long if it was an inch, and about a foot in diameter. The damn thing was so big, I could hardly see the rest of him sitting behind it in his corner. My cock looked like the world's smallest weenie by comparison. Coach fitted my plastic mouth-piece and checked my face guard. "Go get him, Daniel."

The moment the bell sounded, I was up on my feet and on the attack in round one. I couldn't get near the fucker! Then I watched in absolute horror as Nick lifted his humungous beef and brought it down on my head like a giant mallet. I saw stars and heard tweetie birds.

That was no dream, man. That was a fucking nightmare! The best thing about the next morning was looking at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. My zit had almost disappeared. Woohoo!

"I've been thinking about this boxing thing, Daniel," mom said as I poured milk over my cereal and fruit. "Are you sure you want to go ahead with it?"

"Can't back down now, mom. The kids would think I was a wuss."

"I guess so ... a gentleman's honor and all that 'guy stuff' as you put it. Well, I wish you luck, but I also wish it didn't have to happen."

"Don't worry, mom. I'll smash the f ... uh, dude."

"Do you cuss, son?"


"I've never heard you cuss. In fact, I never heard your father ... well, once or twice when he was mad about something."

"You're a lady, mom. Guys don't cuss in front of ladies. At least, I don't."

Paul's black BMX flew out of the drive as I neared his house. "Hi, Daniel. Hey, I heard you're gonna fight that Nick guy."

I lifted the front wheel and pushed hard on the pedal. "Last one to school is a cocksucker."

I beat Paul, as usual, but only by a second or two. We chained our bikes to the rack.

"What do you know about boxing?" My bud had a worried look on his face."Enough," I grinned. "I hope."Jo and Freddie had talked the coach into getting us half an hour in the gym ring at lunch break. Nick was there, watching. So were Paul and Frank. Benny turned up a few minutes later. The coach ref'd as Jo and I danced around, throwing punches. It seemed like I was getting better. My confidence was improving. The little fucker only managed to knock me down once. At the end of the practice session, Lindy was waiting for me outside the gym.

"The whole damn school's talking about it, Daniel. I sure hope you can beat the shit out of this Nick guy."

"You shouldn't cuss in front of a gentleman, Lindy."

That afternoon after school, the whole gang was at Jo's and Freddie's to watch me practice again. Even Dick phoned the pizza delivery place and said he'd be an hour late. He made up some excuse so he could spend time with me. The six-foot, muscular Adonis was totally fucking awesome. If it had been a real fight, I would have been dead -- but he taught me heaps about ducking and weaving, and being light on my feet. "Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee." He even said that I should think about taking up boxing as a school sport. But I told him I wasn't interested. I loved swimming.

By the time I'd gotten to practice with Jo, I was pretty damn good. At least, that's what I thought. Then Frank told me he'd seen Nick fight and that I had to improve a stack if I was gonna have any chance of winning. "Jeez, thanks, dude. I really needed to know that."

All the guys had gone home by the time Jill yelled from the back door. "Daniel? It's Nancy on the phone."

"Hi, mom."

"Hi, son. I've made your favorite pizza. It's in the oven ready to bake. Andy's invited me to Clancy's for dinner."

"Whoa! Clancy's! That's like big time! Totally rad! ... Mom?"

"Yes, dear."

"Are you and Andy like ... uh, getting kinda ... y'know..."

"Maybe," she laughed. "Anyway, enjoy the pizza. I'll be home about 11 or so. And don't forget your homework"

"Mom? Can you hang for a sec?" I put my hand over the mouthpiece and asked Jill if it was OK for Jo and Freddie to have dinner at my place. "Mom? Jill said it was OK for Jo and Freddie to come over for dinner. I owe 'em, mom. They've helped me big time with the boxing thingy."

"OK, son, so long as you don't trash the place -- and don't forget your homework! Oh, and I've already fed Kyle."

"K, mom."

"Oh, and how will the boys get home?"

"Jack's gonna pick 'em up about 9."

As the sun was setting, we walked the fifteen or twenty minutes to my place. Jack was gonna put my BMX in the Voyager later when he came to collect the guys. As soon as we'd arrived at my house, I turned the oven on to bake the pizza. Then, we stripped and hit the pool. Kyle was so glad to see me! It was like he just waited all day long, every day, for me to come home. His big brown eyes were all bright and his tail was going totally troppo. He barked like crazy and made us all crack. He was the best damn dog a guy could wish for.

"Food time, guys!" We all ran naked into the kitchen, but I had to tell Kyle to stay outside. I could never figure out why dogs smelt so bad when they were wet. "Wanna cum on the pizza?"

"You go ahead, Daniel," Jo laughed, "we've got other plans for our juice."

"Yeah, right. And I reckon I know what." I took the steaming hot pizza out of the oven and cut it into slices. It smelt so fucking delicious! Mom made the absolute best. Then, I climbed up on the kitchen bench and knelt over the hot pizza so that my ass and balls were pointed at the guys while I jacked off over the food. I didn't know whose tongue was in my hole or who was was licking my hangers but it felt seriously fucking good. It was only a few minutes before I felt the rush coming and saw my boy juice splatter in long, sticky strands all over the pepperoni and olives.

The only way to keep Kyle away from our dinner out by the pool was to throw him a bone. At last, he settled on the lawn and started gnawing away. I guessed it was because it triggered his wild, wolf instinct to finish off a meal, except that in this civilized neighborhood he didn't have to chase it. Our fridge was his hunting ground. According to mom, bones were good for his teeth.

"Hey!" Freddie complained. "This piece doesn't have any cum on it!"

I scooped a bit on my finger from my piece and wiped it on his. That kept the little fucker happy. "So, what are you dudes gonna get up to?"

"We talked about it," Jo giggled. "We reckon we're gonna give you four balls worth of boy juice -- all at once."

"Hey, you little cock suckers," I laughed at Freddie, "you've hardly got any pubes, man." I turned to Jo, "and yours are still under warranty, man! I reckon I'll be lucky to get one little squirt between the both of you dudes," I cracked.

"Oh, yeah? We didn't jack off today so we could save our cum for ya," Jo grinned. His wicked, black eyes were sparkling with mischief.

"Yeah," agreed Freddie. "And you already know that I can blow fucking heaps because of the last time. Remember? You practically choked on my juice, dude!"

Yeah, I did remember that last time. And all of a sudden I figured I was gonna drown here by the time these dudes were finished with me. "Hey, chill, guys. I was only joking. Cool, K?"

Jo and Freddie got me to kneel on the lawn as they stood in front of me and stroked their boners. They might have been only five inches or so, and hanging from smooth, almost hairless skin, but they looked fucking awesome up close. To tell the truth, they rocked something serious! I was getting pretty excited at the sight of those two iron-hard teen dicks and cute nads hovering just inches from my eyes, and threatening to empty their loads pretty soon. Both guys had cut cocks with shiny heads like helmets, and piss holes that looked like they were about to shoot a bucket. They were already oozing little pearls of pre-cum.

I felt their hands behind my head as they jockeyed for positions. They kept moving their feet around trying to find a spot from where they could both stab my face with their hard meat at the same time. Finally, they were ready. I opened my mouth.

Jo slid his in first. Freddie pulled the corner of my mouth with his finger to make room for his. I felt his beef slide in alongside Jo's. Jeez! Two fucking throbbers at once! I thought my jaw was gonna split in half! They shuffled their feet again for a few seconds to get comfortable, then let me have both barrels. They hung onto my blonde hair and coordinated their thrusts as they fucked my face stupid. I didn't need to keep my lips tight around their shafts because my mouth was stretched to the limit, anyways! There wasn't much I could do with my tongue either. It had nowhere to fucking go because of those two thumping, pumping hotrods jammed in there like two throbbers in a single condom!

I used one hand to finger Jo's hole while I fingered Freddie's with the other. They both had nice, firm, muscular buns that felt way cool pressed against my hands and wrists. The taste of their pre-cum was salty and creamy. After a few minutes, I thought my jaw was gonna drop off. I wanted them to stop, but it was too late. I could feel their stiff meat get even harder as they prepared to shoot their loads of hot gozo. My mouth was totally FULL of rock-solid cocks getting ready to explode!

They both started to moan at once as they pulled my face to their sweaty, smooth crotches. "Suck us good, Daniel. This is so fucking cool, man!" Their boy scent filled my nose as I tried desperately to breathe. So much cum was jetting onto my tongue and down my throat that I couldn't handle it all. I could feel some of it dribbling out of the corners of my mouth and onto my chest. I swallowed as much of their sticky milk as I could force down, but it just kept firing like it was never gonna stop! "Fuck, Daniel! Ahhhh!!! This is so fucking rad!"

Finally, they collapsed on the lawn, spread-eagled, exhausted, but still managing to giggle their tits off. "Whoa, Daniel! Fucking awesome!"

"Bring a camera next time, dudes."

Jack arrrived to collect the kids and return my BMX. No sooner had they driven off, than I was into my homework. It was late and I had a heap of catching up to do. Just after 11, mom knocked on my door.

"Hi, mom, how was Clancy's?"

"Wonderful!" She came in and sat on my spare bed. "Are you always nude when you do your homework?"

"Yeppers. I was nude when you first saw me, mom."

"You're so much like your father, Daniel. He was naked every chance he got. We actually talked about joining a nudist colony at one stage."

"Are you gonna marry Andy?"

Mom totally cracked. "Can't a girl go out for dinner just once and not be swept off her feet?" She composed herself and put her hand on my head. "Daniel, Andy's a very nice person but you don't have to worry about anybody taking the place of your father. At least, not yet."


"Don't even think about it. Now, how's your boxing thing going?"

"Pretty cool. Jo and Dick have taught me heaps so far." I paused for a moment. "Mom? If you did marry Andy, that would make Greg my bro."

"Would you like that?"

"I dunno. I guess it would be cool having a bro."

"Well, one night out at a restaurant isn't the path to an altar. Now, you get a good night's sleep. Oh, and Andy did a bit of boxing in his youth. He's coming around tomorrow night to give you some tips. See you at breakfast."

Before I hit the sack, I shadow-boxed a bit more in front of the mirror. I felt kind of confident but, at the same time, I was worried about just how good Nick was. If I lost the fight on Friday, the whole school would be laughing at me. Maybe I was a fool for trying to protect Frank.

Next day, I told the guys at school that Andy was gonna give me some coaching. They all wanted to come around to my place to watch. I said it was cool. The weirdest thing was when Miss Appleby spotted me in the canteen at lunch. She asked me to join her at her table when I was done talking to my buds. Teachers usually ate in their own lunch room, so it was strange to see her amongst all the students. She seemed sort of embarrassed with everybody looking at her, so I went to her table.

"Hi, Miss Appleby."

She smiled at me with her green eyes and brushed her long red hair back over her shoulders. She was a good looking woman. "I've heard about this fight you're having tomorrow. I just wanted to wish you luck."

"Thanks a bunch, miss." I felt awkward sitting with her and knowing that all the guys were watching. "Is that all, miss?"

"No, that's not all. The principal was thinking about stopping the fight but I talked him out of it."

"You did? Why?"

"I've done a bit of thinking about you ... and I've talked to a lot of the other students about you. It seems you're quite a special young man."

"Who'd you talk to?"

"Never mind. Just let me say -- and this isn't easy for a teacher -- that all is forgiven."


"You know what I'm talking about, Daniel. Sometimes it's not easy for a teacher -- especially a female -- to understand boys or what makes them tick. I was extremely angry at you that morning when I found your ... well, when I saw what you'd deposited on my desk."

I could feel my face burning to a crisp.

She smiled and nodded. "Well, I see by the color of your cheeks, young man, that I'm not wrong. However, Daniel, I want you to know two things. One, never do it again or I'll kill you," she laughed. "And, two, I'm not mad at you any more."

I fixed my gaze on the plastic table top. "Thanks, miss."

She rose from her chair, patted me on the head and walked toward the canteen door. She paused for a moment. "Good luck tomorrow, Daniel." She disappeared from view.

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 Daniel's Diary Part 45