Part 45

All the guys were at my house on Thursday afternoon after school to watch Andy give me boxing lessons. He mostly taught me how to defend myself and to deflect punches. "If Nick is as good as Frank says he is, you'll need to be able to stop his punches and just wait for an opportunity to hit him," he said. "Even the best make a mistake sooner or later."

After that, Andy watched me box Jo. He gave me tips on how to improve my style. I must have been getting better because Jo didn't knock me down once. I didn't knock him down either but, hey. It was a different story with Dick, though. He flattened me with a right cross that came out of nowhere. My ass hit the lawn. Mom totally freaked and rushed over to me. "I'm OK, mom, really. Jeez!" I complained, as I got to my feet. Sometimes, moms could be really embarrassing. The other guys were all cracking up something serious.

Everybody left at about 5:30 except Andy and Greg. Mom had invited them to stay for dinner. My Eurasian bud and I stripped and hit the pool with Kyle. I was dying to ask Greg how he felt about blowing me on my birthday, but I thought he might get mad or something if I mentioned it. He seemed cool enough about everything as we swam, laughed and fooled around in the water, yet I couldn't shake the idea that he might have wished he hadn't done it. Or, maybe it was just me who was feeling guilty. I decided to test him.

I climbed out of the pool and ran around to the deep end as he swam toward me. I stood there like I was gonna dive back in but waited to see what he would do. I had a major boner. When he arrived just below me, he stopped swimming and looked up at my face, but his gaze soon wandered down to my hard teen meat.

"Doesn't that fucking thing ever go down, Daniel?"

"Not while you're around, dude." I paused to study the look on his face but he wasn't giving anything away. I couldn't work out whether he was interested or not. "You know you always make me fucking horny, man."

"Yeah? Why's that?" He grinned and showed his perfect rows of brilliant white teeth. "Oh, yeah," he cracked. "You mean like what happened on your birthday. Well, dude that only comes once a year. You'll have to wait 'til next year before I blow you again."

I dove over his head, surfaced and swam back to him. "Does that mean it's OK? I mean, you don't feel bad or anything?"

"About blowing your candle? Nah, man, it's cool. But, I've gotta tell ya, I wouldn't do it to any other dude. No fucking way, man."

I felt his hands on my shoulders as he dunked me and leap-frogged over my head. By the time I'd surfaced, he was heaving himself out of the pool. I caught a glimpse of his shiny brown globes and cute hole as he lifted one leg, then the other, onto the decking. His hangers bounced. I thought about how much hot boy juice was in them, waiting to slide down my throat. Then he stood and faced me. His beautiful cock was half-hard. "Wanna wrestle?"

"Maybe." I stalled for time so that I could admire his bod from below. He had the absolute best abs. There was a deep vertical line between his two sets of flat stomach muscles that ran all the way down to just above his crotch, and way neato lines that went from his hips to his small patch of black pubes. His legs were fucking awesome the way they narrowed at the knees and then broadened again at the calf.

"Well? You gonna lust after my groovy bod or wrestle, you dumb fag?"

"Who're you calling dumb?" I laughed as I exited the pool. "I'll show you who's the fucking fag, man."

As usual, Kyle wanted to be part of the action, but I had to disappoint him and tell the dog to chill. Meanwhile, Greg was so fucking quick on his feet, it took me a couple of minutes before I could tackle him and bring him down on the lawn with a thump. As I laid on top of his back and tried to grab his wrists, he raised his ass end and threw me head over heels. Then, he lunged at me, but I rolled to one side. He was too quick again, the bastard. I was laying on my stomach when he straddled me and pinned me to the grass. He used his foot to spread my legs while he twisted one of my arms behind my back.

"Gotcha, dude."

I could feel his hot breath in my ear as his long, black hair dangled over my head. His semi was pressed against my ass crack. The weight of his body felt hot and wet against my skin. I had to think of an excuse to make this moment last. "Just lemme catch my breath, man." I dunno if it was my imagination or what, but I was pretty sure his meat was growing harder between my globes as he laid on top of me. I couldn't help wondering if he wanted to fuck me.

"You're an awesome cook, Nancy," Greg said as we all sat at the table. He and I were dressed in our baggies and ts. "Maybe you can teach dad a few tricks," he laughed.

"Watch your tongue, son," Andy joked with a friendly grin. He was a very handsome dude, and I could see something in mom's eyes that I'd never noticed before, like maybe she loved him.

Dinner was way cool -- baked chicken and potatoes with mom's special gravy, plus lots of steamed veges. Dessert was apple pie and ice cream. After we'd all pitched in to do the dishes, Greg, Kyle and I walked to his place to get his homework and bring it back to my house. My furry bud was so totally blown away by all the new smells at Greg's, he didn't wanna leave. His nose was into every fucking thing in the place! "C'mon, Kyle! Hey! Gotta leave now, fella! C'mon! Quick! Atta boy!"

"Done!" I said, as I stood up from the comp and stretched my naked body. "Fuck, I never thought I'd get through all this homework shit. Thanks for your help, Greg."

"No problem, dude. You feel like blowing me now?"

I looked at his delicious boner bouncing around in the air but I had other stuff on my mind. "Hang, man. I've got a couple of things I wanna ask you."


"Well, has your dad said anything about the way he feels about mom?"

"Yeah, he thinks she's totally fucking awesome."

"Like as in getting married or something?"

"Well, he didn't say that, but I reckon that's what he's aiming at."

"Fuck!" I took a moment to let it sink in. "You reckon he'll ask her?"

"Sooner or later, I guess."

"I've never thought about having a father -- I mean, another father." I looked into Greg's dreamy, chocolate eyes. "You know what that'll mean, dude?"

"Yeah, we'll be bros." His irresistible smile was a yard wide like he wanted us to be closer than buds. "What was the other thing?"

"Well, I was kind of wondering about ... like, when we were wrestling this afternoon and you kind of ... well, you were laying on top of me and ..."

"Spit it out, dude."

I took a deep breath and let it out again before I answered. "Were you getting a boner?"


"Did you wanna fuck me?"

"I thought about it."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I thought about it -- that's what it's supposed to mean." Greg's expression became pretty serious. He used his hands to brush his shiny, black hair over his meaty brown shoulders, then nervously scratched his neck. "Listen, Daniel, I'm new at all this, K? Like, I'm getting confused about my fucking feelings, so let's drop the ass-fuck thing for now. Maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't. I don't wanna talk about it."

"K, man, don't freak. I just wondered, that's all. Now, shuddup and plug that hot dick of yours in my face."

"Now, you're talkin', buddy!" he grinned.

I sat on the side of the bed while he stood between my knees and grabbed hold of my blonde hair. The sight of his fat six pointed at my face was so fucking awesome, I just wanted to lick it for hours -- but I knew he was desperate to get his rocks off -- besides, it was getting late and he'd have to go home pretty soon.

I opened my mouth and let him slide all the way in up to his pubes while I fondled his tight, hairless nads. He loved to fuck. He wasn't the type of dude to lay down and just let it happen. He wanted to arch his back, bend his knees and pump like crazy. He loved the feeling of thrusting his pelvis and gripping my head as my tongue worked his piss hole and shaft. He loved the thrill of sending his rock-hard meat back and forth into my face. I knew how he was feeling because that's the way I loved doing it, too. Fucking your bud's mouth totally ruled.

He must have been aching to blow his load because it only took maybe three or four minutes before I felt the pressure of his hands pulling my face to his crotch. His sexy boy scent was drifting up my nostrils as his boner hardened like steel and thumped the roof of my mouth. "Fuck! Daniel!" he moaned, softly. "I'm cummin', man! Oh, shit!" My mouth filled with the hot, salty taste of his boy juice. There was fucking gallons! "Oooo! Fucking rad! Eat me, Daniel! Eat me!" he groaned, as his fingers dug into my scalp and his swollen knob jetted wad after sticky wad. Getting his thick milk down my throat was practically choking me, but it was way cool. I was loving every second of it.

I was totally fucking pissed when mom knocked on the door and said it was time for Greg to leave. I wanted to lick his cute, spicy ass and jack off. Oh well... Before hitting the sack, I decided to check out one of my fav emails from a Canadian dude named Daniel. He fucking ruled big time!
Subject: thank me? thank YOU!!!

Daniel, damn, u are just about the fuckin coolest guy in the whole damn world man!!! If I could get my hands on you...hehe...(or lips maybe, mmmmm) I bet we could have lots of FUN!

Shit, for real, since i read your stories, ive been thinking of you all the time, about all the stuff you done with Paul and about Kyle, hey, do you still email to Kyle and keep in touch? I hope you do, he sounded fuckin awesome! Anyways, i gotta go to school, i hope i hear from u again tonite, your the fuckin COOLEST Daniel!

Talk soon!



Daniel sent me a pic of his face. When I first looked at it, it totally blew me away. He had the sweetest damn face you ever saw. I was like fucking woohoo! Anyways, I got his pic up on the comp screen and started jacking my rock-hard seven. I was so damn horny after blowing Greg, my balls were about ready to bust. I moved the chair away from the front of the comp so I could stand and drool over Daniel's wicked smile. He had these way cute eyes that gave him a kind of gentle expression even though he was a tough little guy, and big, red lips that could suck a cock like anything [so I figured]. He looked tanned and fit, too, from all his hockey and blading.

Well, I just imagined his full, wet lips sliding up and down my shaft and his sweet, blue eyes looking up at me while I fucked his way excellent face. I thought about my fingers running through his tousled black hair as his busy tongue worked my sensitive knob and ran up the underside of my throbber. I imagined his loud slurping noises as I got close to blowing my huge load of boy juice down his willing throat. Then, it happened. My balls tightened and my knees buckled. My fist gripped my boner as tight as it could. I sucked in a heap of air. My muscles tensed. Jets of my thick cum splattered all over the screen and slowly dribbled down the glass. The intensity of my hand job was so fucking awesome, I could hardly stand upright. My whole body was shaking and crumbling. Finally, my balls were empty, and I licked my sticky juice off Daniel's smiling face. "You're the coolest fucking dude in Canada, man. You totally rock!"

When I laid naked on top of my bed, I thought about tomorrow and the boxing match with Nick. I was suddenly scared. Scared, big time. My reputation was on the line. What would my buds think of me if I lost? I went back to the comp.
hiya kyle

listen man i dunno if this sounds weird but im fuckin scared about tomorrow and the fight with nick and i gotta tellya that ive been havin these crazy thoughts about runnin away if it doesnt turn out right -- u know what i mean? like i couldnt face my buds again if i get the fuckin shit smashed outa me -- im all confused man -- i hope u write somethin cool for me to read when I wake up in the mornin

I had to turn down the red tap a little because the shower was too hot. I stood there letting the water spill over my tanned bod, thinking about today and the fight. I didn't bother to check for email before I came to the bathroom because I was worried about what Kyle might say. Maybe he thought I was some kind of chicken or something. I was totally pissed about writing him that email last night. I was sure he must have thought I was a wuss. Fuck! I should never have sent that fucking email! Then I started thinking about where I could run away to. Cape Town was out because Kyle would think I was lamo. I had cyber buds in Brazil but they'd probably think I was a wuss, too. Maybe I would just hitch some place where nobody knew me, like California or Canada or wherever. I had cyber buds there too.

"I wish I could be at the boxing match today, Daniel," mom said over breakfast, "but the coach told me I wasn't to be there."

"Yeah, it's like a private thingy. Just the coach, Nick, me and a couple of other dudes."

"Well, young man, I suppose you've gotten yourself into this mess, now you'll have to face up to it. Good luck, son. I know your father would have been proud of you."

"K, thanks mom ... Oh! Damn! My homework! I forgot to print it!" I took my bowl of cereal into my room and printed all the stuff I needed for that day. Then I decided to check for email. My stomach was churning like fucking crazy when I saw Kyle's name. I was sure he was gonna gimme shit for being such a fucking lamo.
hiya daniel

listen dude and listen up good. first thing - i think youre gonna whip nick's ass.

hey bein scared is cool - when i ended up in a fight at school i shat myself - for all the same reasons that youre scared. its not bein scared of bein hit - i know that youre gonna handle whatever that dude throws at ya, youre scared of what your friends are gonna think if ya lose.

hehehe they already think youre a hero for standin up for frank - and i think youre a hero too - always have. bein tough isnt just winnin - its standin up to the guy - ill tellya somethin - nick is crappin himself right now too - but for the wrong reasons. ifya beat him then he is gonna look like a right prick in front of his friends - cos theyre not real friends.

win or lose, youre gonna be a hero - cos daniel doesnt stand down for fuckin anythin - well, not the daniel i met in cape town anyway.

run away? and then end up hurtin all the people who care forya - especially your mom who lovesya so damn much.

hey, i remember when i saved ya that day - remember that? well i must tellya somethin i never toldya then. i was shittin myself - not cos i wasnt able to getya to the beach. you are the best friend ive ever met on the net and meetin you in person was so awesome - you were my hero - i was scared that maybe i wouldn't measure up to what you wanted me to be - gettin ya to the beach was one way of tryin to prove somethin to you - i found out later that i didnt need to prove anythin - your were a real friend to me.

hey, i think youre gonna beat the shit outta nick. and if he beats ya up? hehehehe you are gonna get a lotta attention from your buds.

youre a winner all the way daniel - cos you have so many good fuckin friends or is that fuckin good friends - whatever!

loveya dude
cya l8er
"Daniel? What's the matter? Your eyes are all red!"

"It's cool, mom. Don't worry."

"Daniel, if you're worried about the fight today, it's OK. Are you scared?"

"Not any more, mom."

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 Daniel's Diary Part 46