Part 47

Dick fixed the video camera to a tripod and aimed it at the pool area where we were all fooling around. Every now and then, one of us would climb out of the pool, walk toward the camera, pull a stupid face and say something totally dumb. It seemed funny at the time but, when we watched the video on the tube, it got a few laughs but wasn't exactly Pulp Fiction.

"Let's try something rad!" I suggested.

Steve's face lit up. "Like what?"

"Like our own porno!"

Frank looked worried. "Should I go home?"

"Nah, dude, you're gonna be one of the stars!" I laughed. "Stick around, kid."

Half an hour later we were all back in the TV room watching the video. Most of the guys were sitting on the floor, their eyes glued to the screen. I was sprawled in an easy chair with one leg dangling over the arm. Even though I'd just fucked Jo for the camera, I was still feeling as hot as hell. My seven was laying along my belly and kissing my navel.

The guys were yelling stuff like "fuck!" and "shit!" and "look at that!" as our movie played. It was totally awesome to be watching a close-up of my monster cock being sucked by Jo. Dick had zoomed in so that Jo's face was full-screen with my hands around his head and my throbber sliding in and out of his sweet lips. At one stage, it fell out of his mouth and bounced a few times before he grabbed it and shoved it back in. The sucking scene lasted about two minutes, then it cut to Jo on all fours as I humped his tight ass doggie style.

The part that amazed everybody, though, was when Dick had laid on his stomach between my legs and focused the camera straight at Jo's globes. My boner looked absolutely huge as it pumped his willing hole. For the first time in my life, I could see my own hole as my ass cheeks spread on the back stroke, then closed again as I rammed my meat home. As far as rosebuds went, it didn't look too bad at all. I was pretty pleased with it, actually.

"Shit!" Freddie exclaimed as we all heard the door bell.

Dick turned off the TV and grabbed the video cassette. The rest of us scrambled out the back and into the pool. A few moments later, Freddie emerged from the patio with the new visitor.

"Hi, guys," smiled Benny. "Freddie tells me I interrupted something."

We were soon all back in the TV room watching our movie but, this time, Dick put the VCR on slow-mo. "Check this out, Benny," he said as the screen filled with the image of me fucking Jo.

"Shit! That's hot! Where'd you get the video?" Benny said as he ripped off his clothes and revealed a delicious looking six inches of hard teen meat.

"We shot it ourselves just now. That's Jo and Daniel."

I glanced around at all the faces in the room. They were totally mesmerized by the sight of my buns slowly opening and closing as my giant rod slipped in and out of its groaning host. Every time my balls bounced off Jo's ass, it was like one of those slow-mo action-replays on Sport TV.

I was lounging back in the easy chair with one leg dangling over the armrest. Frank, who was sitting on the floor just a few feet away, would occasionally take his eyes off the TV for a moment to ogle my hole. I think he was wanting to check if it looked the same in real life as it did on video. Something told me that he wanted to get his pink tongue inside me before the day was over.

"K, guys," Dick said as the video ended, "what's next? Who's gonna star in the next shoot? Steve? Freddie?"

I got out of the chair and stood. "You guys think about it while I take a piss."

"That's it!" Dick cried, "we'll shoot a piss scene!"

"Yeah!" Paul was immediately enthusiastic. "I wanna see what it looks like when Daniel pisses on me."

"Fuck you, Paul, he's gonna piss on me!" argued the tall, blonde Adonis.

"Let Daniel decide!"

For some reason, I didn't wanna see myself on video pissing on Paul. It didn't seem right, somehow. At the same time, I didn't wanna hurt his feelings. "It was Dick's idea, Paul. How about you get Benny or somebody to piss on you?"

"K, I guess that's fair."

Ten minutes later, we were back in the TV room watching our latest extravaganza. We'd laid Paul and Freddie on their backs on the grass. They'd formed a straight line with their heads in the center, and their feet at opposite ends. Dick had squatted over their faces so that Paul could tongue his tasty ass and Freddie could lick his hangers. Jo had worked the camera.

The show started with lots of close-ups of tongues, balls, Dick's asshole and fat seven inches. Then it cut to a wide shot of me standing over Freddie's chest with my semi pointed at Dick's open mouth. As the camera zoomed in for a close-up, my piss started flowing -- and not before fucking time! I was busting by then!

The audience was transfixed. The guys could hardly believe what they were seeing even though they'd witnessed the actual event just fifteen minutes beforehand. It was the fact that we were watching it on the tube that made it somehow more exciting. We were porno stars! And pretty good ones!

Jo had stopped the zoom-in at the point where my pissing cock and Dick's face filled the screen. My yellow stream flooded his open mouth, then dribbled down his chin. I'd lifted my dick with one finger [so as not to spoil the view with my hand] and let my torrent splash all over his face before my bladder had emptied. Then I shook off the last few drops.

"No fucking wonder I love you doing that to me, Daniel," I heard Paul say. I had to admit, it did look pretty fucking horny. Woohoo!

The next scene started with a close-up of Dick's handsome face. As he stood flexing his awesome muscles, the camera slowly panned down his smooth, tanned body until it arrived at Paul and Freddie on either side of his iron-hard monster. Their lips ran back and forth along his thick shaft while his big, sculptured knob was pointed straight at the lens. We all sat there, in front of the TV, waiting for his piss hole to erupt with a bucket of juice.

"Slow it down! "Slow the video!" Steve yelled.

Dick pressed the slow-mo button on the remote just as the first creamy wad jetted out of his cock head. It was totally fucking awesome! The long, white strand of cum flew into the air and reached a length of about a foot before it broke away and drifted out of frame. Another followed. Then another. Wow! Meantime, Paul's and Freddie's lips were still working the blonde Adonis's shaft as he emptied his awesome balls. We counted seven giant wads before the last of his cum dribbled out of his slit and just hung there until Paul licked it off. Then Paul faced the camera and showed us the blob of sticky juice on his tongue. He swallowed it, and grinned like an idiot.

The piss scene was just as wild. Dick's and Paul's faces were side by side. Benny had stepped into the frame with his butt to camera so that the view was between the cheeks of his ass, and looking at the guys' faces. We watched his golden stream splatter over those two gorgeous dudes and into their mouths until the torrent subsided. The experience had made Benny so damn hot, he ordered Dick and Paul to stay in position while he jacked off. It was so rad to watch his balls bouncing around below his ass crack while his fist stroked his hard teen beef. Pretty soon, dimples appeared in the sides of his globes as his ass muscles contracted. His nads hugged the base of his cock. Wad after wad of his boy juice fired out of his knob and draped over the guys' faces. What a fucking blast! Nobody had offered to lick off the combination of cum and piss, though, so Freddie threw them a towel.

"You wanna do something, Steve? Frank?" Dick asked as he dropped a new cassette into the camera.

Frank was looking at me with an ear-to-ear smirk. "Can I suck Daniel? I did it once before and he said I was pretty good for a first-timer."

"Tell ya what, li'l bud," I said. "How about I blow you, instead? You can be the star -- just you and me. K?"

"Cool! But after that, can I... well, can I kind of lick your..."

"You mean this?" I turned around and brown-eyed the kid.

"Yeah! Awesome! Woohoo!"

After twenty minutes of filming, we were back inside the house. Seeing ourselves doing all this totally rad stuff on TV rocked big time. It was even more wicked watching it back than doing it in the first place. Well, maybe not but it was still way exciting.

We'd turned Frank's blow job into a kind of play to make it more fun. He was supposed to be the tough guy forcing me into submission. We all cracked up totally as we watched it on the tube.

The scene opened with Frank standing on the lawn with his feet apart and his hands on his hips. Dick had shot from a crouched position which made our li'l bud look taller and more menacing than he really was.

"Kneel, asshole!" he ordered in a voice that was younger than his years.

I obeyed.

"Now get my cock in your mouth and..." He dissolved into a boyish giggle which made us all fall about something serious. The camera was still rolling as it took shots of the trees and everybody at 45 degree angles.


"Now, listen up, dude. Get my cock in your mouth and suck like your life depended on it. K? And keep those lips and tongue workin' overtime, y'hear?"

Frank had figured that was it. End of story. He stood there waiting for something to happen as the camera kept rolling. I'd tried to coax him.

"Grab my hair, man!"


"Grab my hair and shove your dick in my mouth. Order me to eat your cum."

"Oh, yeah, right. Sorry. Grab my hair... no, eat my... what was it again? Dangit"

All of us were rolling around on the TV room floor practically killing ourselves laughing. Even Frank was doubled-up in hysterics. He didn't mind being the butt of the joke. He was a cool dude.


Frank grabbed my blonde hair and drew my face to his small patch of pubes. "Eat my cum, asshole." I looked at his hardon -- probably less than five inches -- and his tight ball sack. They looked way cute but it wouldn't have surprised me if this guy was still shooting blanks.

Dick had zoomed in as the dude's throbber -- such as it was -- slid between my lips. As the screen filled with the close-up of his boner fucking my face, it began to look more respectable in size. I remembered during the filming that I'd begun to taste his pre-cum, and thinking that maybe the guy wouldn't be shooting blanks after all.

"Shit!" the voice on the video exclaimed, "I didn't know it would feel this fucking good! Awesome!"

The scene lasted only a minute or so before the kid blew his load. Typical first timer. "Yeeeeooooowwwwww! I'm cumin'! Ahhhhhhh! Ooooo! Fuck!" I remembered how his juice tasted -- it was delicious. Dick paused the video so that we could give Frank a round of applause and a pat on the back. I'd never seen a prouder looking dude. His face was beaming with joy.

Jo and Freddie took advantage of the 'interval' to grab some Cokes and snacks for us all. We settled back to watch the remainder of the show. Dick released the pause control.

This was a tricky scene to shoot. Dick had figured the best way was to place the camera on the lawn so that it was aimed at the sky, and use the camera's remote. It worked! I'd stepped into frame and stood over the lens. We could see my boner, balls and ass cheeks, plus my face way up in the distance. I looked about ten feet tall! Then Steve's face appeared. His tongue started licking my hangers. On the other side of the screen, Frank's face came into view. We saw his hands part my buns. He looked down at the camera, grinned, then started tonguing my rosebud. I squatted slightly to improve the show.

It was just so fucking awesome to be watching my cock being sucked and my ass being licked from this perspective. About all we could see of the guys' faces were the undersides of their chins and bottom lips, plus Frank's busy, pink tongue as it wiggled around in my hole.

After a few minutes, Steve had heard me start to groan. He'd taken my throbber out of his mouth and poked out his tongue. We watched my boy juice explode out of my swollen knob and into his mouth. My tight nuts were hugging the base of my solid, veiny shaft. Meantime, Frank's face was pushed hard between my cheeks as I jetted wad after wad of sticky cum. When I was done, Steve looked down at the lens and swallowed, then squeezed the head of my cock to eat the final blob.

We'd pretty well had enough of fooling around with the camera so we decided to hit the pool for a while. But the video images were still so strong in our minds our dicks stayed hard the whole time. After about an hour, we sat around on the lawn discussing what we'd have for lunch. Jo and Freddie volunteered to make ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches.

"So, what did you think, Frank?"

"About the videos? Totally rad, man. I've never seen porno before and I never thought I'd get to star in one," he giggled. "I still can't believe it! Way cool! I thought I looked pretty hot!"

"You did, dude! But, listen up. Don't ever tell anybody about this, K? Nobody."

"Daniel's right, Frank. If this got out, we'd be dead."

"You can count on me, guys. I won't say a word to anybody."

Jo and Freddie arrived with the sandwiches and Coke. We were all starving, so there was a short lull in the conversation while we satisfied our hunger. I took advantage of the silence.

"Time for something serious, guys," I announced. "There's this German guy who emails me and, a while back, he wrote me this fucking novel about safe sex and AIDS. At first, I didn't wanna read it but he kept pestering me about having sex with you dudes and not using condoms."

Frank practically choked on his sandwich. "Who's got AIDS?"

"Nobody's got AIDS, Frank. Relax. It's just that this guy reckons we should take more care if we're gonna fuck like rattle snakes."

"I hate condoms," Dick commented.

"Me too," agreed Benny and Steve.

"Well, I've been thinking about what this dude wrote and I reckon we've all gotta come to some kind of agreement."

"Like what?"

"We've gotta agree that we keep sex amongst ourselves. We're all clean, right?" Everybody nodded. "So, if any one of us has sex outside of our group, we've gotta swear to tell the other guys about it. OK?"

"What about Kyle and Paul6?" Dick asked. "And that Gary guy from Australia?"

"Gary was a virgin. Kyle and Paul6 had only ever had sex with each other before they met us. Anyways, I told you all about what happened in Cape Town. So now's the time to own up. Have any of you guys had sex outside this group, not counting what happened in Cape Town?"

"I've jacked off a whole bunch," Frank admitted and made us all crack. He was a real hit with guys. We liked him a ton.

"K, so the deal is we screw around with each other but nobody else, and if we do fuck an outsider we're honor bound to tell. Agreed?"

"I've got a better idea," Paul interjected. "I say that if we fuck around outside of this group that we use a condom. That way, we stay clean for the group."

Everybody agreed that Paul's idea was fucking genius. It solved everything. There was an obvious sense of relief amongst us as we chatted and laughed over the remainder of lunch.

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