Part 48

Steve rode home with us and joined Paul and me at my house where we headed straight for the fridge, as usual.

"How was your day, boys?"

"Wicked, mom! Rad! Dick had a video camera and we made movies of us all fooling around."

"How nice. Did you bring one home?"

"Uh, no. Doh! Shouldíve, I guess." I blushed slightly. "Sorry, mom."

"What a pity. Andy and Greg are coming for dinner. Iím sure theyíd love to see it."

"Yeah. Itís too bad, huh." I managed a sheepish grin.

"Hey!" Paul announced with evil in his blue eyes, "we could blade around to Dickís house and get it!" He watched me intently while I tried to squirm out of the problem heíd mischievously created, the little shit.

"Uh, canít do that." I said as I planned how Iíd kill the dude later.

"Why not?" mom asked. "It would be so much fun."

"Dickís got a pizza run tonight. He wonít be home."

After feeding Kyle, the guys and I sat around the pool talking and laughing about the vids.

"You remember when you guys came around to my place the first time?" Steve reminded us. "And you saw that vid playing? The one I got from a dude at school?" We nodded. "Well, Iíve gotta tellya, that was totally lamo compared to the vids we made today! They rocked! Whoa!"

"You reckon that makes us as bad as the porno stars?" Paul seemed unusually serious.

"Nah, man, the porno stars do it for money," I said, still questioning the validity of my argument. "We just did it for fun."

"I guess so," Paul agreed with some hesitation. "Itís just that seeing ourselves doing all that rad stuff on the tube was kind of weird. Yíknow, like it wasnít really us somehow."

"Thatís the whole point," Steve interrupted. "The whole thing was totally unreal, know what I mean? It was like a fantasy just for fun. Youíre taking it too seriously, dude. Itís not like the whole fucking world is gonna see the stuff we did."

"Thatíd be rad," I laughed. "Imagine if they did!"

As we talked more about the dayís events, I contemplated what Iíd just said about strangers watching our vid. In a way, the thought of peeps jacking off over my body and all that wild sex kind of turned me on. "Do you think porno stars only do it for the money?"

"Sure. What else?" Steve shrugged.

"Well, think about it. When you were watching yourself on the tube, how did it make you feel?"

"Kind of important, I guess. Truth is, I thought I looked pretty damn sexy."

"Me too!" Paul gushed. "I mean, I never thought I could look that hot, yíknow?"

"Did it make you wonder what other folks would think if they saw you doing all that rad stuff? If they saw you nude?" They both agreed that the thought had crossed their minds. "Well, I figure a lot of porn stars do it because they like the attention; they get off on the idea that thousands of peeps will be whacking themselves stupid at the sight of their hot bods. Theyíre exhibitionists."

"Like you are," Steve cracked.

"You should talk, asshole! Youíre always tying your shirt around your waist and showing off your chest."

"Iíd never considered that before," Paul remarked thoughtfully. "I mean, if Iím really as hot as I seemed to be on the video, then I could have maybe millions of fans around the world! Thatíd be the fucking bomb!"

"Only one problem, dude. Our folks."

"Iím not saying Iíd wanna do it, not really, itís just the thought. Itís just knowing that if we did do it, weíd be fucking famous big time! Itís like what we did today proved that weíre as good..."


"Yeah, better than most other dudes who do it professionally. Think about it, man! Thatís a fucking awesome thought!"

It was an awesome thought, alright, and caused the three of us to dwell on it for a few moments, imagining ourselves being chauffered around in Cadillacs and treated like super-stars, signing autographs and being pointed at by giggling fans in fancy restaurants.

"Boys!" Momís voice from the back door shattered our day dreams. "Is Steve staying for dinner and sleeping over?"

Steve ran inside and phoned his mom. She gave him permission since tomorrow would be Sunday.

By the time Andy and Greg had arrived, we guys were skinny dipping in the pool. Itíd been a scorcher of a day with the temperature up around 95 degrees. Even now, at 7:30 pm, it was still in the mid eighties. As Greg stripped and joined us, much of our convo was centered around the brush fires on the east coast of Florida. It felt great to be naked and cool in the water, and here on the west coast far away from the carnage. Andy and mom prepared the barbecue.

The tantalizing smell of shrimps sizzling on the barbie was too much to resist as the aroma wafted over the yard. Our teen, and therefore insatiable, appetites were suddenly craving for food. The guys and I exited the pool to check our dinner. Mom had anticipated a light meal because of the hot weather. Sheíd marinated the shimps in soy sauce, onion, garlic and chilli the night before, then wrapped them in strips of lean bacon. The rest of the fair was green salad, fresh crusty bread rolls, and baked potatoes in foil with sour cream and chives. Yum!

Mom was dressed in a bikini top and shorts. Andy had shed his shirt and elected to stick with shorts and sandals. The guys and I were naked. I remembered how Steve and Greg were nervous about being naked when they first got to know us, but they were cool now. It felt totally natural, even though mom and Andy preferred to be Ďmodestí.

As we ate our dinner -- and the shrimps were totally out of this world -- I noticed that Paul and Steve were getting half-hardons from time to time. I was, too. I guessed it was because our minds were occasionally drawn to images of the video weíd shot earlier that day. Those images were incredibly vivid and I doubted whether they would ever leave our minds for as long as we lived.

It was obvious to me that mom, Greg and Andy had noticed our dicks swelling even though they pretended not to be paying any attention. Everybody was too polite to make any comment, and probably put it down to over-active, teen hormones. I imagined them thinking, "Oh well, itís natural. No big deal." If only theyíd known.

I learned later that Andy and Greg were sleeping over, too. As far as I was aware, Andy had never slept in the same bed with mom before. Were they having sex? Were they in love? Would my dad, where ever he was Ďup thereí, approve? I kept my thoughts to myself as we all chatted and laughed over our relaxed and informal outdoors dinner. Mom was positively radiant. I could tell by the gleam in her smiling eyes that she was willing to give her heart to Andy. But what about me? Shouldnít I be consulted? Maybe not. Maybe adults did what they wanted to do without having to consult their kids. I consoled myself by realizing that my real dad would never return and that Andy was a pretty cool guy who could give mom the company and love she needed. Besides, if this romance did end up as a marriage, Iíd have myself a pretty neat bro.

As midnight approached, it soon became obvious to us that a two-man tent wasnít designed to accommodate four guys. I managed to convince Steve and Paul that Greg and I should sleep in my room while they stayed in the tent overnight.

The moment I switched on the light and closed the door, Gregís boner was aching for attention. "Iíve been waiting for this chance all day," he grinned. "Iíve got so much cum saved up, youíre gonna drown, Daniel olí bud."

"Would you still be doing this if we were bros? Like if your dad and my mom got married?"

"Weíd only be step bros. Anyways, I donít see the prob. I figure itíd only be bad if we were bro and sister and actually fucked, yíknow? I mean, like that would be incest, but this is just fooling around."

"Well, I read this article where some guy fucked his broís face and the kidís face swelled up after a while and he ended up spitting a baby out of his mouth."

"Fuck! Are you serious?"

"Sure," I laughed.

I laid on my back on the bed and supported my head with two pillows. My bronzed Eurasian bud straddled my chest and pointed his thick six at my mouth. I narrowed my eyes to focus on its beautifully carved head. He had a magnificent cock -- straight and smooth, with a pair of perfectly rounded, hairless balls hanging from its base. Just a small bush of black pubes crowned his family jewels.

I opened my mouth and let him slide in until my nose was pressed against his crotch. Almost immediately, he grabbed the sides of my head and started to pump. He was making no secret of the fact that heíd been waiting a long time for this. I reached behind him and massaged his firm, muscular buns as his balls bounced off my chin with each thrust of his hips. His dick was almost choking me but it was cool. I wanted him to have a good time. Thatís all that mattered.

After a few minutes, I felt his thick, juicy wads shooting into my mouth. "Oh, fuck, Daniel. Oh, shit!" He was right about saving it up -- there was so much cum I could hardly swallow it all. He mustíve gone a couple of days without a hand job. Most of it felt as though it was sticking in my throat, despite my trying to force it down. The flavor was strong and salty, and tasted totally wild.

I lost count of the number of times the head of his cock slammed the roof of my mouth as he jetted his enormous load. It seemed a helluva long time before he finally stopped groaning and held my face to his pubes while his meat softened. "Shit, Daniel. That felt so fucking nice, I gotta tellya. Fucking nice."

I didnít have to tell Greg what to do next. He about-faced, knelt over my chest and parked his awesome ass in my face. Then he started jacking me off. I ran my flat hands over his smooth, brown globes as my tongue investigated his tasty hole and nads, and my nose drank in his spicy scent. I loved licking him while he jerked me, and having his ass and other goodies so close to me was such a fucking turn-on!

Pretty soon his fist had worked its magic to the point where my nuts tightened and I blew my load. I could hear him laughing big time so my juice must have erupted like a fucking geyser! What a pity it was wasted on my stomach instead of being shot down his throat. Oh, well...

"Hey, you wanna sleep with me in my bed?" I asked as Greg wiped the cum off my abs and chest with a Kleenex.

"Get real."

"K, not a prob, man. Itís cool. No biggie."

"Iím glad you understand."

"Iíll sleep with you in your bed."

"Listen, dude, how many times do I...?

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, youíre straight, AND a fucking party pooper!"

"Seriously," he paused for a moment. "Do you think Iím really that hot? I mean, do you think my bod would turn chicks on like it does you?"

"Iím not a girl, but I guess it would. Only one way to find out, dude. Lemme know when it happens so I can watch, huh? Hey! Iíve got an idea! Letís have some fun! Yes!"

The profile of the tent was barely visible in the soft moonlight as we crept on all fours over the lawn toward it. We could hear Paul and Steve whispering. We worked our way silently to the flap, then stopped to listen.

"Fuck, Steve, your dick is so damn BIG!"

"And your ass is .... ahhh! ... so sweet and tight, man. Oh, jeez! Iím cumminí, Iím cumminí!"

We waited until the guysí groans and moans had subsided before we stuck our heads inside the flap and said in our deepest voices "boo!"

They totally freaked! They tried like hell to untangle themselves from their screwing position and pretend like they were the epitome of innocence, but it was useless. The walls of the tent bulged and strained as a blur of arms and legs flew around the small space in total panic. It was too much for Greg and me. We collapsed on the grass, clutching our stomachs and laughing so much it soon began to hurt.

When two pale and shocked faces finally peered from the tent, their expressions of terror quickly morphed into expressions of absolute outrage. "You fucking assholes!" one of them roared in a loud whisper. That only caused Greg and me crack up even more.

Soaping Gregís body in the shower the next morning was a prize I hadnít expected to win. Iíd managed to convince him that a blow job in the shower was more fun than in bed -- even though it wasnít, really. I lied because I wanted to run my hands all over his awesome muscles and watch the hot water wash the slippery suds off his shiny, bronzed skin. He let me soap him everywhere except for his asshole. "Hey! Watch it, dude," he growled as my hand slid between his firm, round cheeks.

I crouched on the floor of the shower and let him fuck my face. As his hard six glided back and forth between my tight lips, I watched the steamy water form fast-flowing rivers and cascade off his tanned chest and abs. The sight of his glistening muscles and his long, jet-black hair clinging to his scalp and meaty shoulders made the whole thing so much hornier! Fuck, he was beautiful! He was a god.

The salty taste of his pre-cum was soon followed by a rush of thick boy juice. I was happy to gulp it down as he pulled my face to his groin and pumped his creamy load down my throat. It was way cool to know that a precious part of his body was now a precious part of mine.

No sooner had we towelled than Steve and Paul were hammering on the door wanting to use the bathroom. "K, guys, settle! Weíre done!"

Andy, dressed only in shorts, was preparing breakfast while mom was showering in her ensuite. "Morning, boys. Eggs and hash browns OK?

"Fine." It was strange to see Gregís father cooking in our kitchen. Until now, Iíd never seen a hairy chest in this house. I couldnít help wondering if this would soon become a regular occurrence. Things were changing mighty fast around here.

It was a pretty fun Sunday without being anything spectacular. We helped mom and Andy mow the lawn and tend the garden, had lunch, then swam in the pool and chatted until late afternoon when Steve and Paul left for home.

It was over dinner by the pool in the fading light that mom dropped the bombshell. "Boys, Andy and I have something important to tell you."

Momís words were no surprise considering what Iíd already anticipated, yet they somehow seemed foreign. It was my mom talking but she sounded alien. As she explained how it was between her and Andy, I kept visualizing four people in a house that, since dad died, had only ever been occupied by two. For almost as long as I could remember, it had always been just mom and me. Iíd grown to feel comfortable and safe that way. Now, it was all going to change.

"Well, boys, I know this has been a whirlwind romance, but Andy and I have decided to marry. Weíve chosen August 8th -- two months from now."

My future step-father produced a bottle of French champagne from an ice bucket, cermoniously popped the cork and poured four tall, crystal glasses of bubbly. "Hereís to our new family," he beamed.

Iím sure my smiles and congratulations had convinced everybody that I totally approved of the marriage, but inside I wasnít so sure. I mean, I liked Andy and thought Greg absolutely ruled -- it was just the idea of somehow losing mom to another man. I was a teen already and figured I was the man of the house. It was as though Iíd taken over from where dad left off. In two months, Iíd be toppled by a virtual stranger. It was gonna take some getting used to, I figured.

As usual, Paul sped out of his drive to join me as we pedalled to school on Monday.

"Did you do anything with Greg?"

"Did you do anything with Steve? I laughed. "Besides what we saw in the tent, that is?"

"Iíll tell you if you tell me."

"Last one to school is a cock-sucker." I stepped hard on the pedal and raised the front wheel.

Lindy was waiting for us as we arrived at the bike rack and chained our black BMXs.

"Hi, Daniel. Hi, Paul. Have you heard the news?"

"Gimme a break, Lindy, we just got here."

"I thought you might have heard over the weekend. You gave Nick one helluva shiner last Friday. Everybodyís talking about it! Itís so damn cool! Youíre a hero!"

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 Daniel's Diary Part 49