Part 51

By the time Iíd arrived home from Gregís place, my house was in darkness, except for the porch light. I put the dog out back and went to my room to say goodnight to Kyle and Steve. That was a lie. I actually went there because I wanted to see if they were sleeping in separate beds. I knocked quietly and opened the door.

"Hi, guys. Itís me, Daniel. Just saying gínight, is all."

Steveís bed lamp suddenly flooded the room with a soft glow. "Hi, Daniel. Címon in for a minute, dude."

As I entered my room and closed the door behind me, Kyle stirred then raised himself on one elbow. "Hiya, Daniel."

Both guys had the covers rolled down and had been sleeping nude. I sat on the side of Kyleís bed.

"Why donít you sleep here for the night?" he asked.

"Canít, man. Paul would be totally pissed. Besides, mom might find out and wonder what the fuckís going on. Actually, Iíd better go." I stood up and went to the door. "By the way, did you guys have a talk last night?" They both smiled but didnít answer. They didnít need to. "Cool. You can tell me all about it tomorrow. Have fun, guys." I winked and left.

Paul was still awake when I crawled into the tent. "Where the hell have you been?" he demanded.

"Who wants to know?"


"You jealous?" I asked as I ditched my shorts and laid on my back.

"No. Maybe. OK, yeah."

"I just had a talk to Greg for a while then said gínight to the guys in my room. Thatís all. You wanna blow me?"

"Not right now, I just wanna hug you."

Paul threw his leg over my stomach and put his arm around my chest. His fingers fondled my blonde hair. I felt his warm, sweet breath on my nipple, and smelt toothpaste. "Daniel?"


"It feels way cool to be close to you like this."

At first light, while I was still half-asleep, I rubbed my nose with the back of my hand because something was tickling. I felt a strange, soft object in my palm. A giant spider was the first thing that came to mind. "Ahhhh!!!" I tried to sit up but my face collided with a wall and forced me down again. By the time my eyes had focused and my ears had recognized Paulís giggling, I realized that the little bastard had been dangling his balls and ass in my face.


"Not just any asshole, dude, itís my asshole! You wanna lick it while I blow your beautiful piss boner?"

As soon as I felt Paulís tight lips wrap around my bursting boy meat, I was in no position to fucking argue. Besides, he had such a cute pair of hairless buns, a totally neat set of hangers and a delicious looking pinkie, the whole damn package was too irresistible to ignore. My tongue would have been the envy of the biggest lizard as it zapped around my budís goodies, making long, wet strokes from his balls all the way up to the top of his crack, pausing on the way to investigate his tasty hole. The aroma of my spit mixing with his wicked scent was incredibly horny. Meantime, my flat hands were massaging his firm, smooth globes.

Paul didnít have to wait long for his breakfast. His lips and tongue were driving my dick crazy with excitement, and his fingers were doing amazing things to my nads. One of his fingers was jammed up my hole as it squeezed, sending the first of my sticky wads into the my budís face. "Oh, fuck! Ahhhhh!" My hands gripped his buns tighter with each eruption of boy juice. My back arched in a subconscious attempt to force my exploding throbber deeper into his throat. Having a dude not only eat your cum but enjoy every wad was the most awesome feeling. When Iíd spent my load, I let him lick the last drop from my tender, swollen knob.

"That was way cool, dude," I sighed. "Thanks a whole bunch."

I couldnít see past Paulísí ass when I heard a voice at the flap of the tent. "Hi, guys. Been having fun?"

I moved my head to one side and saw Kyle and Steve peering through the tent opening. Their toothy grins were wide enough to split their gleeful faces in half.

"Itís OK, Daniel," Steve said before I had a chance to tell them to fuck off, "weíve been doing the same thing, man. Thanks for the little chat the other night."

"Yeah," Kyle laughed, "and your momís in the bathroom so we came out here for a piss."

The word Ďpissí was always magic to Paulís ears. He was out of the tent and kneeling on the lawn in seconds. "K, guys, go for it."

Steve didnít quite get the message. "You mean...?"

"Chill, Steve," his SA bud said, "youíll get used to it. Wait Ďtil you meet Dick and some of Danielís other buds. Theyíll blow your mind."

We stood in a semi-circle around Paul as he whacked himself stupid. "Donít all piss at once," he ordered. "I wanna blow my load while someoneís still pissing."

That gave Steve an excuse to be a spectator for a while. As I let my yellow morning stream loose on my kneeling bud, I waved my semi up and down so that my golden liquid sprayed all over his smooth, tanned skin and made it shine. Kyle was next to drench the dude with a torrent of teen piss while Paulís tight fist continued to stroke his hard six. Eventually, Kyle and I stepped back to allow Steve to take over. By this time, the SA dude with the long blonde curls and totally awesome bod was ready for his new erotic experience. It was obvious from the look on Paulís face that he was getting close to jetting his juice. Steve directed his thin river of piss into Paulís open mouth, then down his chest, and back up again. We watched as Paulís knob exploded with a long ribbon of white cum. Then another. And another. Steve pointed his cock at Paulís crotch as the last of the hot piss and jizz combined, forming the jizz into little rubbery balls. Paul smoothed the watery mess all over his shiny skin while Steve shook the last few drops from his meat.

"Man, that was totally wild!" Steve laughed. "Woohoo!"

Day two of the swim meet attracted an even bigger crowd than yesterday. Apart from all the guys on our team, I saw Nick, Frank, Lindy, Dick and Steve there, as well as Greg and Andy who were with mom. By the end of the day, Kyle had won both his heats and was automatically in the finals tomorrow. Damn! he swam like a dude possessed. He was determined to take home the gold. As for me, well I didnít do too badly; I swam two seconds while Paul got a first and third. Benny also made the finals, but Jo and Freddie werenít quite up to scratch. They blew it.

Later, in the showers, I walked up to the coach as he was towelling. "Hi, coach."

"Hi, Daniel. You did well today. Just try a little harder tomorrow."

"You betcha. By the way..." I paused to watch the coach towel his ass and cause his limp seven to bounce like a bucking bronco. Fuck, that was an awesome piece of beef!

The bastard knew I was mesmerized by his monster and smiled. "You were saying?"

"Oh, yeah, I was just wondering if the private race between me and Kyle was still on tomorrow before the finals start."

"Sure is, but after seeing him perform today with two firsts, I donít think youíre gonna win, pal."

"Guess not but, hey, Iíve gotta try."

At the school gates, everybody crowded around for a good olí jaw. I introduced Steve and Kyle to Lindy and her girlfriends, as well as to my other buds. After a few minutes, Kyle grabbed my arm and took me aside.

"Hey, man, itís been two fucking days already and I still havenít plugged that cute ass of yours. Iíve been waiting months for this."

"Well, it ainít easy, man, with you and Steve in my room and us in the tent... by the way, did Steve blow you?"

"Yeah! Thanks for..." He stopped abruptly as mom came toward us.

"Time we headed home, boys. Youíve got a big day tomorrow."

On the way to our house, mom took the long route and showed the guys some of the local sights -- not that they were anything all that spectacular -- just the town and some of the bay area. Both Steve and Kyle were impressed, though. Neither of them had ever been overseas before. They made Paul and I totally crack when they kept saying that America looked just like it did in the movies.

"I hope you boys havenít made any plans for Monday," mom said as she turned into our street. "Andy has a surprise for you."

"What surprise?" I asked.

Mom got out of the car to let me drive it into the garage. "Youíll find out at the barbecue on Sunday."

Before weíd left home that morning, mom had made one of her awesome casseroles and let it simmer all day in the crock-pot. The moment we entered the kitchen, the aroma of the food was like an instant signal for our stomachs to start rumbling. We were all starving. I fed canine Kyle while the rest of the guys helped mom serve dinner.

Even though it was a hot night, the pot roast was perfect, served with buttered, crusty Italian bread and tall glasses of iced Coke. After dinner, we watched Kyleís surfing videos again because mom hadnít seen them. Besides, it was way cool fun laughing at mom laughing at Steve doing his animated commentary between us and the TV. This time, though, he had his shorts on. This dude sure loved an audience.

Tomorrow was the big day -- Finals Day -- but, unlike the quarters and semis which were held during the day, the finals would be held at night, so mom let us stay up later than usual. After skinny dipping in the pool for an hour or so, we sat around on the lawn, talking.

"So, Steve, tell us what happened the other night."

"Well, it was like this," he said as he stood up and prepared for another performance. "I went back to your room, turned on the bed lamp and shook Kyle Ďtil he woke up. He wanted to know what the fuck and all, but while he was cussing, I dropped my shorts."

"Woohoo! And what happened then?"

"He rolled over and went back to sleep."

We all totally cracked up. Steve was such a funny guy, the sort of dude who loved to pretend that he didnít understand what we were all laughing at. He continued the story. "So, then I thought about what youíd said about him checking out my bod, so I knelt over his chest and told him to look at me. Would you guys like me to demonstrate?"


"OK," Steve grinned, sensing that he was about to earn an Oscar for a sensational performance. He pushed Kyle to the ground and stood over him, planting his feet firmly on either side of his budís chest. "Now, you must understand, dudes, that this re-enactment is for dramatic purposes only. I was kneeling during the actual event. But this looks better." We all cracked again at his devilish expression and the way he wiggled his eyebrows like a magician about to saw his assistant in half.

"So, I kind of flexed my muscles and let my dick wobble around a bit and asked him what he thought."

"And what did he say?"

"Big fucking deal."

By this time, we were all clutching our stomachs and cracking up something serious. Even Kyle was hysterical.

"Hey," Steve complained, feigning disappointment, "you guys are giving me the impression that you donít believe me. You guys suck!"

"No, seriously, dude, what really happened?"

"OK," Steve giggled as he sat back on the grass with his legs wide apart. "You see this thing?" He paused while we all took a good look at its perfect cut head and smooth, white shaft. "Iíve been wanting to ram it down Kyleís throat in my dreams but I thought it would never happen -- that is, until I had that little chat with you and Paul the other night. So, when I got back to your room, I told Kyle about what youíd said."


"We blew each others lights out."


The laughter subsided pretty quickly as we each eyed Steveís crotch and the cool way he was resting back on his elbows. His boner was kissing his flat, well-defined stomach, and his hairless oval balls just hung there full of tasty juice. It was obvious that there was only one thing on everybodyís mind.

Kyle wasnít about to waste this opportunity. Heíd been hanging to pork my ass for the last couple of months and now was his big chance. He waited for Paul to crawl over to Steve and bury his face between the dudeís muscular thighs, then he grabbed a pillow from the tent and shoved it under my ass. He laid on top of me, gazed into my brown eyes for a minute or two and gradually lowered his lips to mine. My mind filled with the images and sensations of that last night in Cape Town when heíd asked me how Iíd like to remember him. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist, then ran my fingers through his thick, black hair as our tongues danced. Fuck, it felt so damn awesome to be in his power again.

He sat back on his heels and let his spit fall onto his throbber, then used some of it to massage my hole with his finger. "Want me to use a condom?"

"Have you been with anybody?"

"Only Paul before he went to England. "Have you?"

"Only the guys. Nobody new."

He manoeuvred the head of his throbber to my relaxed hole and slid it in just a little, then leaned forward and rested his warm weight on my chest. "Tell me if it hurts. Iíll be gentle," he whispered.

As he slowly slid all the way in, we were kissing passionately so there was no way I could have said anything. Not that I wanted to -- I knew that my muscles would soon fully relax and it would be OK. Gradually, he increased the tempo of his thrust until his balls were slapping my ass, and my whole body was being shoved backwards with each of his aggressive pumping actions.

When I sensed that he was getting close to shooting his truckload of boy juice, I increased the pressure of my knees against his waist, and ran my flat hands up and down his broad, muscular back and along his hard lats. His skin was hot and slippery. His nostrils flared with his uncontrollable snorting. Finally, he took his lips from mine and buried his face in the crook of my neck. I felt his teeth biting me and heard his muffled groans. I tightened my ass muscles as his jets of warm cum filled my insides. After one more long groan, his body shuddered for a moment, then his full weight collapsed, exhausted, on top of me. We laid like that for a few minutes before the sounds of splashing water and teenage giggling brought us back to the reality of the backyard and the swimming pool.

"Hey!" Paul laughed after having surfaced from a dive. "Whatís that on your neck?"

I instinctively placed my hand on my neck to feel for whatever it was that Paul had noticed. The other guys swam over to me.

"Oh, shit!" Kyle cried.

Steve flicked the long, blonde curls from his face and peered at my neck. "Oh, jeez!"

"So what is it, you assholes? Tell me!"

"Iím sorry, man," Kyle said with a grin. "I guess I bit you too hard."

"What? Oh, no! How the fuck am I gonna hide this thing? Whatís mom gonna say?"

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