Part 55

The motel room was pretty cool. It was the only one vacant and, even though it was a family room, Dick was able to talk the manager dude into letting him have it for the price of a single. "I told him I was worried about falling asleep at the wheel and needed a bed for the night. He said I was way cool for being a sensible young man -- hey! Young man! Cool huh? -- and having consideration for other road users." The room had a double bed and two singles, with a radio/alarm, a table and four chairs, a TV, a sofa, a bench with a jug and cups, and a shower/toilet. Dick picked up the breakfast menu. "Weíd better organize breakfast now."

"Order fucking everything," Greg laughed. "Breakfast for two has gotta feed six!"

"Iíll order it for 7am. That means you guys need to be awake and hiding in the bathroom at 6:45. 6:50 at the latest. K? Anybody hungry now?"

Weíd all pigged out previously at Disney but decided to chip in a couple of dollars each for Coke and snacks. Dick and Greg dropped the breakfast order into the motel office, then walked to a nearby store to collect the munchies and drinks. While they were gone, the rest of us got nude and jumped around on the beds like a bunch of retards on trampolines.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. "Hello?" We froze but didnít answer. There was a second knock. "Hello? Itís the motel manager."

"Fuck!" I said under my breath. We grabbed our clothes off the floor and headed for the bathroom. There was a major traffic-jam in the doorway as the four of us tried to gain entry all at once. After a few moments, we heard male voices inside the room.

"Sorry, officer. I couldíve sworn there were six boys in here instead of the two who booked in."

"Let me take a look around, sir."

We all totally shat ourselves as the officerís knuckles rapped loudly on the bathroom door. "Anybody in there?" We each held our breath as we hoped like hell that the guy would go away. He didnít. We watched the door handle turn slowly, then the door fly open. Nobody was there. He had to be standing to one side with his gun drawn, just like in the movies. Fuck! We were all huddled in a corner, white as ghosts, waiting to be shot like dogs.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!" Our two asshole buds were cracking up big time as we began to realize that it was Dick and Greg who were pretending to be the manager and the officer. We stepped out of the bathroom to see them clutching their stomachs and rolling around on the beds, laughing their tits off.

"You fucking asshole, bastard, mutha fucking, low-life, miserable, fucking...." I ran out of words. "You damn cock suckers scared the fucking shit of out us!" The guys were too hysterical to hear what I was saying, but it only took a few moments before the rest of us were cracking up too. Paul and I dove on Greg while Steve and Kyle took care of Dick. We wrestled them to the floor. "Apologize, assholes." Iíd forgotten about being naked as I sat on Gregís chest. For a fleeting second, I got the impression that he was kind of aroused. "Listen up, dude. You do something like that again, asshole, and Iíll..."

"Youíll what?" he giggled.

I didnít have an answer as I rolled off him. "Iíll think of something. Youíll see."

MTV was still on the tube as I woke. Paul was sound asleep beside me. Empty soda bottles and candy wrappers littered the table. We mustíve all fallen asleep pretty early. I raised myself on one elbow and saw Kyle and Steve in the other double bed. Dick and Greg had the two singles. I swung my legs off the mattress, stood up and stretched for a minute. Man, I really needed that. Itíd been a big day. I killed the TV and walked over to Greg. He was dead to the world, with his mouth slightly open. I entertained the idea for a while of slipping my semi between his lips, but he would have killed me if heíd woken. It was a difficult temptation to resist, though. The sight of his bronzed body sprawled naked on top of the bed with his fat, juicy cock just laying on his belly waiting to be sucked was way awesome. His long, black hair was scattered over the pillow like some toy octopus made of silk. The look on his face was angelic, as though heíd never had a bad thought in his entire life. I knelt down beside the bed and put my lips to his, ever so gently so that he wouldnít wake. I was lucky! As I withdrew, he stirred and opened his eyes.


"Itís me, Daniel. I just killed the TV. It was still on. I guess we all fell asleep."

"K, man. See you in the morning." He rolled over on his side.

"Hey, can I ask you something?"

"What?" he mumbled.

"Are you mad at me?"


"K. Thatís what I thought. Iíll ask the guys to cool it."

"Cool what?"

"What youíre mad at me for, dumbass. All the sex and stuff with the guys."

He rolled over on his back and looked at me with a quizzical expression. "I thought you meant am I mad at you for waking me up." He rubbed his eyes for a few seconds, then cupped his hand around the back of my head and pushed my face down to his crotch. His boy scent was strong, steamy and spicy. I ran my lips and tongue along the underside of his shaft and felt his throbber getting harder. "Letís go to the bathroom so we donít wake the guys."

I knelt on the tiled floor and let Greg stand above me. When ever I saw him towering over me like that, Iíd get a thrill of electric anticipation running through my whole body. I lowered my eyes from his face down to his rock-hard boner staring at me with its one eye, and ran my flat hands up and down the curve of his muscular, tanned thighs. "Thatís an awesome cock, man."

It bounced as he laughed. "I dunno what you see in it, dude, but I ainít gonna argue."

I opened my mouth as he grabbed the back of my head, and let him slide his monster between my firm lips. Pretty soon, he was pumping my face as my tongue worked his knob and shaft. The salty taste of his pre-cum became more intense. I reached around and took handfuls of his taut buns as he rammed his meat as far down my throat as he could, flattening my nose against his small bush of black pubes and draping his balls over my chin with each of his zealous thrusts.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh! Oh, shit! Iím cumminí" I felt his globes stiffen. His cock head thumped the roof of my mouth as the first of his thick wads of cum exploded. His fingers tightened their grip on my hair. His knees buckled. He was trying hard to maintain his balance as jet after jet fired from his swollen knob. I swallowed and gulped like crazy to keep up with his awesome torrent of boy juice, until his body finally sagged with exhaustion.

"Oh, fuck, man, that was just so damn cool," he sighed as he pulled my face to his crotch. I forced the last of his sticky milk down my throat and took his still-hard cock out of my mouth. I squeezed its prominent, sculptured head and licked off the shiny little blob that appeared at its slit.

"Gimme a hug," I said as I stood up. I was surprised that he gave me such a long, warm cuddle. I guessed it was his way of thanking me for giving him such good head. Normally, he wouldnít show this kind of affection, not even in private.

"Do me a fav, K?í he said. "Donít tell the other dudes about this."

"I wonít."

Paul was still sound asleep when I returned to the bed, but the moment I was flat on my back, he rolled over, threw an arm across my chest and buried his head in the crook of my neck. "Such a little wuss," I whispered, "but youíre an OK bud." I placed my hand on his soft, black hair and nodded off to dreamland.

Getting us all to hide in the bathroom at 6:45 proved to be a piss-guzzlerís paradise for Paul. He sat in the shower as we all took turns spraying him with our morning rivers of yellow while he jacked off. Kyle was last in line and aimed his cock at Paulís just as my bud started to shoot his load. It was a totally awesome sight to see Paulís cum spurting out of his hard six as Kyleís thin stream of piss drenched my bud from head to toe. Whoa!

"Fuck! The beds!"

Paul showered while the rest of us ran back into the main room. We fixed the two double-beds to make them look as if they hadnít been slept in, then retreated to the bathroom. It was just before 7am when we heard Dick answer the door. There was a brief conversation and a couple of "thank yous" before Greg gave us the all-clear.

A motel breakfast for two didnít stretch as far as we would have liked for six hungry mouths, but at least it satisfied our immediate needs. Sausages, bacon, eggs, cereal, toast, marmalade and juice disappeared in seconds. After a quick phone call to Dickís mom to let the rest of the parents know weíd soon be on our way home, we showered, dressed and hit the road. Except for Dick and Greg, weíd showered in pairs, and I got to be with Paul. I was glad because he was really hanging to blow me, which he did, and it was right up there with the best. That kid could run ten miles and still suck-start a Harley through a drinking straw.

The traffic on the I-4 was fairly light. About a mile or two before the Nodsville exit-ramp, I suggested we should stop by and say hello to Bert. Besides, I was starving even though it was only about mid morning. As the Voyager cruised up to the diner, I noticed the old Ford pick-up had one of its front wheels back on.

"Hello? Bert?" Dick banged the bell on the counter a few times. For some reason, the stillness and silence seemed eerie. I was sure something was wrong, but I didnít know what.

"Back in a sec, guys." I pushed the screen door and walked the few paces to where the old Ford rested on a short stack of bricks stuffed under the nearside front axle. "Bert?" Suddenly, I noticed that the pick-up was on a slight angle. I ran around to the other side of the old jalopy and saw Bertís upper body protruding from beneath it. "Shit! Bert?" He looked dead. "Guys!", I yelled as loud as I could. "Hey, guys! Get your asses out here, fast!"

I put my hands under the front fender and tried to lift the truck. Fuck, it was heavy! Within a few seconds, though, the other guys had joined me. We all lifted the Ford while Paul crawled underneath and replaced the second stack of bricks that had slipped from under the axle. When he gave us the OK, we let the weight of the truck rest on the bricks. Kyle was first to check Bertís pulse and breathing. "Heís alive. I think heís unconscious." Kyle patted Bertís cheeks. "Hey, Bert? You in there? Say something."

The old manís eyelids fluttered for a few seconds before he opened his eyes. "Dang! What in tarnation...???"

"Is there a phone here? Weíll call an ambulance."

That did it for Bert. "Ambulance? I ainít goiní nowheres in no damn ambulance and endiní up in some new-fangled, dang hospital fulla kid doctors fussiní around and who ainít started shaviní yet and smelliní like liniment..."

"Easy, Bert, easy. Lemme check for broken bones."

"Ainít nothiní broke, son. The dang truck just toppled over and laid on me, is all. I guess I passed out. Now, get me outa here."

As it turned out, Bert had a few bruises but he was OK. We dragged him out from beneath the Ford and helped him back inside the diner. He told us that heíd been fixing new brake pads to the front wheels and greasing the front end when the bricks gave way. Dick and Greg knew a bunch of stuff about cars, so they completed the job while the rest of us cooked up a stack of Bertís Super Dupers -- including one for Bert.

"Well," he croaked, "Iím not one fer gettiní all dang sloppy and teary about sayiní thanks but Iím sure glad you young whippersnappers decided to drop by. Tell yíall what. Since yíall fixed Maybellene -- thatís what I calls the truck -- yíall can take her for a test drive around the farm. And the burgers are my treat. OK?" His grin revealed about three nicotine-stained teeth in his lower jaw.

"Can I drive it?" I pleaded. "Can I? I mean, itís not like itís on a public road or anything, and I..."

"Sure, son," Bert laughed, then winced from the pain of his bruises. "I can tell thereís a fire under yer ass, young fella. Sure you can drive it. Be my pleasure."

I donít think Iíd ever eaten a hamburger so fast. I was itching to drive that pick-up. "Címon, guys. Eat up! Iíve got a date with Maybellene! Woohoo!"

The farm had a worn, two-wheel track through the fields. It was pretty rough so I couldnít get up much speed, but it was still way cool fun changing gears with the long, floor-mounted stick-shift. Dick was in the cabin with me in case anything went wrong. The rest of the guys sat in the open rear tray. About every ten minutes, weíd change drivers so that everybody had a turn. When I was sitting in the back, I realized what Bert must have loved about this place. It was wide, open space that had all day to do nothing but be free and content. The cattle and horses grazed like they didnít have a care in the world, except for the flies. And, even then, a casual flick of their tail would take care of that.

After a while, I could feel my mind and spirit tuning into natureís vibes. It was like being hypnotized. The atmosphere here was so different to living in a town with kerbed roads and cars and neat rows of houses. Even the old side-valve V8 engine of the Ford was just throbbing lazily away at low revs like it was in no hurry to get anywhere. Everything was slow, relaxed and easy. Yeppers, this was about the most peaceful place Iíd ever experienced. I figured a guy could live to be a hundred here, no problem.

Bert was waiting for us back at the diner as the old Ford rolled up to its usual parking spot. "So, how was she?"

"Drove like a dream," Dick smiled as he closed the driverís-side door. "Pure silk. And the brakes are just fine."

When it came my turn to shake Bertís knarled and leathery hand, I couldnít help asking a question. "Donít mean to be nosey, sir, but how old are you?"

"Hundred next spring. Or is that two hundred? Canít remember," he chuckled.

"Well, thanks a bunch for letting us drive Maybellene. She rocks."

"Yeah," he mumbled as he rubbed his white-whiskered jaw, "front shocks are gone. I havenít gotten around to that yet. Maybe next year."

We all cracked and explained to our old bud what we meant by Ďrocksí.

"Well, dangit, you damn tadpoles keep changiní the goddamn language!"

After Dick had made another call to his mom to let everybody know weíd be home soon, Bert waved us goodbye as we drove off and headed back to Interstate-4. We all agreed that being old didnít have to mean being uncool. Bert ruled, big time.

As we neared home, I began to think about Kyle and Steve having to fly out tomorrow. Fuck! Time seemed to disappear like a puff of smoke when you were having fun. I was wishing that Kyle could stay in America but I knew that was impossible. I asked Dick to stop off at Paulís house so that we could borrow his dadís digital camera. I wanted to take some pics of Kyle and Steve before they left for South Africa.

Mom was way pleased to see us as we stormed into the kitchen and headed for the fridge. "Hi, mom!"

"Well! Back in one piece! Thank goodness for that!" She threw her arms around me just as I was about to take a gulp from the carton of milk.

"Awwww, gee, mom, not in front of the guys." My protest fell on deaf ears.

"And thank you Dick for phoning those messages through. It took a big load off our minds, I can tell you."

"Cool, Nancy."

"I suppose you boys are starving!"

"We had Bertís Super Dupers."

"Bertís what?" Momís head was swivelling in all directions as she was told our story in a totally disjointed fashion by six excited dudes, all eager for the spotlight. Eventually, though, she figured it all out. "Well, that was quite an adventure! And Iím certainly glad for Bert that you decided to call in on the way home. He probably owes you his life."

We spent the rest of the afternoon skinny dipping in the pool and taking shots with Paulís digital camera. After weíd used up about half a dozen floppies, we went to my room to check the pics on the comp. I donít think Greg had ever seen himself nude before -- well, at least not like this. I clicked on a pic of him shot from behind as he was diving into the pool. His legs were spread, showing his cute buns and hole, and his hangers and cock dangling in mid-air.

"Hey, Greg! You look way cool, man," Steve laughed. "Iíd love a copy of that one."

"What for?" Greg asked, innocently. "You canít see my face." After a short pause, the dime dropped. "Oh!" We all cracked up. "You guys are too fucking weird." It was only a moment, though, before his serious expression morphed into an embarrassed giggle.

There were some really cool shots of each of the guys, as well as a bunch of pics of us posing together with our arms around each otherís shoulders. As I looked at them, I began to realize that they would soon be just memories, and that Kyle and Steve would be half a world away. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek. I tried to wipe it away before anybody noticed, but Kyle had spotted it. He stood behind me as I sat in front of the comp and rubbed my shoulders. His hands felt strong and comforting as they massaged my muscles, then moved down to my chest as I continued clicking on the pics. Dick must have sensed what was going on.

"Hey, Greg. Time to split, man. Iíll drop you off on the way home." He shook Kyleís and Steveís hands. "Itís been way cool fun, guys. Great to meet you. See you at the airport tomorrow."

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