Part 59

It was almost two weeks before Paul and I were due to fly to California and I was itching for time to pass quickly. To make things worse, a lot of the guys were taking short trips with their folks or doing other stuff during summer vacation so there wasn't a lot to do except play in the pool with canine Kyle and help mom around the house.

On Wednesday night, I couldn't stand the boredom any more so I snuck out at midnight and went to the pedestrian crossing under the orange street lights. I waited for a few minutes to be sure that there was no traffic around and marched out into the center of the road, naked as a jaybird. Jeez it felt way awesome to be standing there with all the stars checking out my bouncing seven. As I jacked off, I thought about the time I was here with Paul and Kyle and Steve. That was just so fucking wild! When I felt my load coming, I let go of my throbber, put my hands on my hips and arched my back. I watched my jets of boy juice shoot skywards, then hit the asphalt a few feet away. It was a total rush!

I returned to the sidewalk and the shadows to wait for my dick to soften. One car went past. When it was out of sight, I walked back to the center of the road and pissed on my cum. It was totally cool to watch my warm stream splashing all over a place where, in just a few hours, there'd be a whole bunch of traffic and people going about their daily business. If only they could see me now! Whoa! Maybe they'd dedicate this spot to a Daniel shrine. The thought made me crack something rad.

Friday was the worst day because Paul usually slept over, but he was out somewhere with his folks. At least California was only a week away. "I'll get it, mom." I answered the phone.

"Hey, Daniel, 'sup? It's me, Benny."

"Long time, man. Watcha doin'?"

"Nothin', man. Just thought I'd call."

"Hey, why don't you sleep over? Paul's out with his folks."

"I'll check with mom."

"Me too."

Benny arrived shortly after lunch and we spent the rest of the afternoon skinny dipping in the pool. All the guys in the school swim team had way cool bods, but Benny's was more nuggetty, more compact and solid. There wasn't an ounce of fat under his tanned, smooth skin -- just lots of wicked bulges in all the right places. Every time he'd haul his dripping-wet body out of the pool, he'd lift one leg before the other, giving me a chance to get an eyeful of his sensational bubble buns and cute asshole. Damn he was making me hot! But I guess he was also checking me out because we both had raging boners.

At one stage, I stood at the edge of the pool and waited for him to surface just below me. After he'd shaken the water from his hair and face, his eyes were glued to my nuts and throbber for what seemed like a whole minute. Eventually, his gaze travelled up my wet body to my face which was grinning down at him. He smiled back. Yes, sir! I figured it was gonna be a pretty hot time in the ol' town tonight.

It was too hot to eat dinner inside the house, so we helped mom with the barbecue. Benny was a bit nervous about being naked at first, but he soon got used to the idea when he saw that mom wasn't paying any undue attention. Pretty soon, we were all getting stuck into t-bone steaks, salad and fresh crusty, buttered bread all washed down with a couple of tall Cokes with crushed ice. Dessert was home-made tropical fruit salad and ice cream.

"Thanks a bunch for the meal, Nancy," he said rubbing his abs. "It was totally cool."

"You're very welcome, Benny. So, you're not doing anything for summer?"

"Yeah, we went to Orlando and visited some relatives, and next week we're going to New Orleans."

"That sounds nice. I've never been there."

"Well, dude," I boasted as I roughed up Benny's hair, "I'm going to Cali! Woohoo!" My bud responded by punching my arm. "Ouch! Hey!"

"Now, now, boys! Stay in one piece at least until you help me do the dishes. Then you can happily tear each other apart."

After cleaning up, mom watched TV while Benny and I showered to wash off the chlorine. Yeah, right. The moment I started soaping his bod, I was as horny as a rhino. I could feel the cake of soap riding the bumps and lumps as I ran it over his muscular chest and abs. Then I replaced the soap in the holder before I ran my hands across his solid, slippery pecs. Man, they were two hard lumps of perfectly defined muscle. He knew I was enjoying it because he made two fists which caused his pecs to jump and get even harder. I let the water wash off the suds, then soaped him up again. I was facing him and our boners kept touching, sending thrills zapping through my whole body. Whoa!

After spending a lifetime soaping his chest and meaty shoulders, I worked down to his abs. When I got there, he contracted his flat stomach making his six pack even more prominent. I loved the deep channel that ran down the center of his abs all the way to his small bush. Fuck, he was hot! Meantime, his fat six inches was standing to attention. I couldn't resist giving it a quick tug occasionally with my soapy hand. It was way cool to watch his face grimace with pleasure each time I did that.

I'd no sooner squatted to soap his smooth, tanned legs than his awesome boner proved too much for me to ignore any longer. I put it in my mouth and began to tongue his swollen knob. He was groaning so loudly I was afraid mom would knock on the bathroom door any minute. Then I began to stroke his shaft with my soapy fist while I kept my tongue working his head. That was it for him. He couldn't stand it any longer! He grabbed my hair and started to fuck my face big time. He'd turned into a wild, uncontrollable sex maniac!

As he pumped my tight lips and sent his balls crashing against my chin, I was having a tough time trying to keep my own load in. I reached around to his ass and began sliding my fingers up and down his crack, while my other hand cupped his nads. He let out a yelp and rammed his cock all the way home. I felt its head bouncing around in my mouth like a cut snake and thumping the shit out of me, while jets of his thick, sticky juice mixed with the soap. It tasted so fucking gross, I had to spit it out. That totally pissed me off, but I figured I'd get a big dose of his pure, unadulterated cum later on.

Well, I got my second chance sooner than I'd expected. He pulled his still-hard dick out of my mouth, soaped his hand and started to jack off. Was this the Benny I knew? Jeez! He'd gone crazy! But, hey, who was I to complain? Within a few seconds he blew another load just as big as the first. It spurted out of his cut knob and draped itself all over my face and blonde hair. Then he scooped up his juice, rubbed it over my boner and started to stroke me.

"Hey, Benny," I smiled. "Wanna suck me?"

He squatted as I stood. I felt his thick, red lips close around my cock. Oh, jeez! It was just so fucking awesome it sent zaps of electricity all through me while his magic tongue had every nerve in my crotch screaming! I couldn't believe this was Benny! He was giving head like an expert, taking my whole seven right up to my blonde pubes. I grabbed his hand and put it on my ass. In a second he had his finger jammed in my hole as he sucked like a plunger clearing a blocked drain. I wasn't sure if he wanted to swallow, so I warned him. "I'm gonna offload, Benny."

He took my dick out of his mouth just as I started to jet long strands of boy juice. He kept my boner pointed at his handsome face, though, and pretty soon his hair, forehead, nose and cheeks were covered in my sticky milk. He left my juice clinging to his face as he stood up and threw his arms around my neck. Now that was the biggest surprise of all! This dude was hugging the shit out of me! I hugged him back. We just stayed there with our arms around each other for a long time. It felt way cool to feel his hard, muscular body pressed against mine and our boners locked together. When we finally untangled, he smiled at me and spoke softly. "Thanks."

"I'll never understand boys," mom yelled from the back door. "You shower to wash off the chlorine and now you're both back in the pool!" We watched her shake her head in disbelief and disappear back inside the house.

Later, in my room, I was working out with the chest expander while Benny sat on the floor watching me. We were both still nude.

"Don't get me wrong, Daniel, but are you gay?"

"Not sure. Maybe. Are you?"

"Not sure either. It's just that..."

I continued working out in silence to give him a chance to collect his thoughts. I had a feeling this was gonna be a deep convo.

"Spit it out, Benny," I ordered, finally.

"Well, when I look up at you stretching that chest thingy, and watching all your muscles pop, it kinda looks hot, y'know. I mean, like I'm a guy, right?"

"According to what I saw in the shower you are."

"Seriously, dude. So I'm a guy looking at another guy working out and I'm feeling horny."

"Not just another guy, dude. You're lookin' at the one and only Daniel," I cracked.

"Yeah, right. I forgot. But how many other guys feel like that? I mean, I don't mince down the street or talk with a lisp or get all wristy and stuff."

"You think all gay guys act the same?"

"Well, don't they?"

"Do all straights act the same?"


"Well, there's your answer, man. Now, show me how you work out with this thing." I handed him the chest expander and sat on the floor. "Lemme see if you can make me hot."

This was the perfect opportunity to tease the fuck out of Benny, and I was gonna relish every second of his misery. He was so determined to get me hot, he was practically standing on top of me as he stretched those springs almost to breaking point. I'd seen a few hot bods in my time, but none better than Benny's. It was kind of like he was wearing a skin size too small as his bulging muscles strained and threatened to split it.

"Are you hot yet?" he asked.

"Gettin' there -- slowly," I mumbled.

He planted his feet either side of my thighs so that his semi was just a foot from my face. I was almost looking vertically up at him. Beads of sweat trickled down his torso and formed shiny little rivers as they worked their way to his black bush, then dripped from his neat pair of hangers onto my legs. Some dribbled along his shaft and fell off his bouncing knob. And all the while his sweat-soaked skin rippled and danced as the muscles strained and popped.

"How about now?"

"Nearly there."

He about-faced to let me watch his back and buns. Oh, man, that butt was fucking hot! At this point, I wondered who the fuck was teasing who! I could have given my left nad to run my hands over those firm pair of perfectly rounded globes. Jeez! And his back was just a wall of muscle, divided by a deep spinal groove that ended just above his crack. He turned around and faced me again.



"Listen, you fucking asshole, you've got a boner so you must be hot!" He threw the chest expander on the bed and stepped closer until his balls were dangling just over my mouth. "I'll make you fucking hot if it kills me!" He placed his open hands over my ears and began rubbing his hairless balls in my face. It felt totally awesome but I just wanted to tease him a little bit more. Then he started to slide the underside of his cock along my face. The scent from his bush and the smell of perspiration was totally wild, and was sending busy signals to my brain. I couldn't last much longer.



He about-faced again and stuck his ass in my face. My tongue had a mind of its own and shot out like a lizard's into his hole. He spun around. "I did it! I did it!"

"You did it right from the start you jerk," I laughed. "I just wanted to tease you, that's all."

He sat down beside me. "So, we must be gay, right?"

"Maybe. Why do you wanna put a label on it?"

"Because I'm always hearing about how gay guys are proud to be gay and all that kinda shit."

"Not me, man. I'm just proud to be me. You won't see me marching in any fucking parade. I don't need that kinda crap. Think about it man. When you walk though some park or around town, you see statues of guys, right? You don't see statues of crowds. They don't build statues of crowds because crowds don't matter. Individuals matter. That's why they build statues of individuals."

"But what's wrong with marching in a parade?"

"Depends on what the parade is about, dude. If it's about hiding behind a bunch of other dudes because you're insecure, then that sucks big time. I'll change my mind the day I see one lone gay guy marching down the street all by himself waving some gay-pride banner."

"No gay guy would ever do that -- not unless he was loopy."

"You got it, man."

Benny agreed that it was too hot to sleep inside the house, so we pitched the tent in the backyard by the pool. We grabbed some snacks and a couple of Cokes. Big mistake! Canine Kyle was desperate to join the party so I had to get a bone from the fridge. Once he'd settled down, Benny and I snacked for a while and took another skinny dip. It didn't take long, though, for half a ton of black and white fur to hurtle though the air and bomb us. Dogs were the greatest people because they were just so fucking uncomplicated and likeable.

By midnight, it was time to hit the sack. As we laid in the tent, mainly to keep Kyle's inquisitive black nose away from our crotches, Benny rolled on his side and put his hand on my dick. "Did I really get you hot from the start tonight in your room?"


"Which part did you like best?"

"You wanna blow me?"

"You didn't answer my question."

"I will if you blow me."

"Answer first."


"Anyway, I know what it was that you couldn't resist. It was my ass, right?" He didn't wait for me to answer as he scrambled over the top of me and pointed his butt at my face. I fumbled for the flashlight and switched it on. My tongue found Benny's tasty rosebud in a second. "See! I was right!"

Pretty soon his lips and tongue were working their incredible magic on my boner while I was busy licking his hole and balls. Now that we were on target, I switched off the flashlight. Benny was doing such an awesome job of giving me head, I thought I was gonna blow my load too soon. I wanted it to last because it was so damn neat to be making long, wet strokes from his hangers all the way up his smooth ass crack while my flat hands were massaging and grabbing handfuls of his firm, round globes. Yes!

I managed to make it last maybe five minutes before I felt my ass squeeze Benny's finger. Every muscle in my body tightened and the whole of my focus was on my exploding cock head. He gagged a little as my truckload of boy juice erupted and shot down his throat. I could hear him swallowing, so that was cool. I wanted him to eat every drop of my sticky prize.

"You want me to do you now?"

"No, man. I'm gonna wake up in the middle of the night and fuck your face while you're still asleep," he giggled. "Man, you're gonna freak big time when you wake up with my cock in your face. I can hardly wait!" He rolled off me, still laughing his tits off.

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