Part 62

The guest room was so damn cool! The bed was big enough to play a game of football on, except it was too springy and both teams would've fallen over a lot like they'd been wasted. Overhead was a canopy with a gold fringe around the edges and silk curtains at the sides, tied loosely in the middle with thick, woven cord. Tassles hung from the ends. Everything was as white as snow including the plush carpet, but the furniture was mostly mahogany. In one corner, two matching olive green chairs were upholstered in rich velvet with deep-buttoned backs trimmed with polished rosewood.

Paul and I woke about 7am but Jade was nowhere to be found. We guessed he was still on the mountain, so we decided to take a shower. The ensuite bathroom was almost as big as our school locker room except it was a helluva lot fancier. The lustrous white tiles, spa bath, basin and toilet gleamed like new, and the gold taps and fittings looked like something out of a pirateís treasure chest. Two large, green, fluffy towels were neatly folded on the white marble vanity. Beside them were two new toothbrushes, a fresh tube of toothpaste and a cake of oatmeal soap.

"Man, this is like the fucking Ritz or something!"

"Yeah, totally awesome! Woohoo!"

I slid open the gold-framed glass door of the shower and we stepped inside. There was a ton of room for both of us, plus our rock-hard piss boners. Paul knew that I couldnít piss before Iíd unloaded a nightís worth of boy juice so he knelt down and started to suck my skin-splitting seven. I turned on the gold taps while his tight, red lips glided back and forth along my shaft, and his tongue worked my sensitive knob. Jeez, that felt way cool first thing in the morning! I loved watching him blow me when his tanned skin and jet black hair was wet and shiny. He looked way sexier, somehow, with water cascading over his funky muscles.

After a few minutes, I felt my nuts tighten and the electric rush begin its erotic journey. I pulled his head to my crotch, bent my knees and arched my back as my throbber filled his mouth with a bucket of hot, creamy jizz. It was a totally awesome load Ďcause he was swallowing like crazy to keep up with each thick, sticky wad. Damn, that felt wild!

"Iíve got an idea," he grinned. "A vertical 69." He placed his flat hands on the floor and raised his legs in the air so that his shins were resting on my shoulders. "Hold my legs and blow me while you piss on me."

I put my arms around his waist and my hands on his cute buns while I sucked hard on his fat six. It was so fucking cool to be looking at his pink rosebud and his wrinkled ball sac while my lips and tongue worked his boner. It took a while for my dick to soften enough so that I could piss, which was just as well. The moment his first juicy wad jetted into my mouth I felt my piss go. I looked down through the narrow gap between our bodies and saw my yellow river splashing all over his chest and face as his tasty load slid down my throat.

"You guys sleep well? Jade asked as he placed cereal and fruit on the breakfast table. He was still nude. "Try some of this freshly-squeezed orange juice, guys -- theyíre Californian oranges. Weíve got a small orchard on the farm."

"Thanks." I poured two glasses of juice, then handed one to my bud. "Yeah, slept like a log. Even Paulís farts didnít wake me. How come you werenít here earlier? Didnít you sleep?"

"I often go days without sleeping. Iím used to it. It tests my will power. Hey, you guys need clothes? Iíve got plenty if you wanna change out of your Speedos."

"Is it OK if we get nude like you?"

"No problem. When the 'rents are away, I hardly ever wear clothes -- except when my tutorís here. Nudity makes him feel uncomfortable. The property guardís cool, though."

"Youíve got your own personal guard? And tutor?"

"Yeah, well, yíknow, the rents arenít exactly scratching for a dollar. I donít even know what itís like to go to a regular school and mix with guys. Having you dudes around here is cool. I can use the company."

"By the way, youíre not mad at us for last night, are you?" I said sheepishly as we all sat the table.

"Nah," he laughed. "I know you were just curious. Now, dig in guys. A healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

Well, Jade knew all about health, alright. He was in peak condition and it was impossible not to get horny just looking at his lean, tanned physique and long, curly black hair. He had a cool face, too -- kind of noble in a sexy way, as if he had an aristocratic background. But he didnít act like a toff, he was just as natural as the next guy.

Jet and Sally grazed on the nearby grass as we walked naked down to the deserted beach. When we got close to the shore break, Jade showed us how to adjust our face-masks and snorkels. Iíd never been snorkeling before, so this was gonna be totally rad!

We followed Jade out through the small surf to a spot about a hundred yards offshore where there was a reef only twenty feet or so below the surface. Watching his balls and dick underwater dangling below the crack between his firm buns was making me so damned hot I wanted to fuck that delicious ass right there and then. I couldnít help wondering, though, if he would stop me or just let it happen. Woohoo! Maybe Iíd get to find out before we left California.

Soon, my attention was drawn to other things. Iíd seen stuff like this on TV but nothing could compare to seeing the colors of the coral in real life. There were all kinds of shapes -- some looked like incredibly delicate feathers, others looked like weird little trees. And the colors! Whoa! Brilliant reds, purples, oranges and mauves. Even the fish that darted in and out of the nooks and crannies came in every color of the rainbow, shimering like their scales were made of colored silver. It was totally awesome!

On the next dive, Jade led us to a small opening in the rocks and tapped it lightly. In a few moments, the ugliest, scariest looking face appeared. It was a moray eel. Yikes! It had teeth that could pierce steel plate like it was paper! When we'd surfaced for air, I was hoping like hell that the fucking thing wasnít after my dick! The thought of becoming a dickless Daniel was too fucking horrible to contemplate.

On our next dive, we saw a huge potato cod the size of large dog. It was a light, shiny gray color with dark markings dotted around its body. Jade picked up a spiky sea urchin from the sand and turned it upside down to reveal its fleshy underside. He signalled me to take it, then placed the weird creature in my cupped hands. He did the same thing with Paul. Within a few moments, the giant cod swam up to me and started to nibble the flesh from the urchin, working its beak further inside the thing as it ate. I was too fucking scared to do anything except let the damn fish have its way! Jeez! But when I saw it eating Paulís urchin, I realized just how friendly the fish was.

"Now youíve met Fred," Jade laughed after heíd removed his snorkle upon surfacing. "Heís a bud of mine and he loves sea urchins. Normally, cod canít eat them because the urchin has spikes on its back to protect it. I guess Fred thinks Iím pretty amazing."

"He's not the only one."

On the ride back to Richard's place, Jade allowed me to ride Jet all by myself, while he and Paul rode Sally. The powerful, black stallion galloped along the wet sand with effortless ease, as though he had another twenty or thirty miles an hour in reserve. I was glad it was only a short trip, though, because I reckoned a novice could get a pretty sore ass riding bareback over a long distance.

"Gimme a call tomorrow," Jade yelled as he threw a muscled, tanned leg over Jet's back. "Maybe I can teach you guys a bit of Shaolin."

We stood there for a few moments and watched the awesome trio gallop back along the beach. What a totally wicked sight! Jade and Jet were the perfect pair, as if they were meant to be one, united in their god-like splendor.

"So, how's Jade?" Richard asked as we entered the beach house. "Enjoy your stay?"

Paul and I both talked excitedly at once, which only served to confuse the shit out of the walking floral display.

"Well, I think I'll ask the same question later when you boys have had a chance to calm down. But I gather you enjoyed your sleep-over a bunch. Meanwhile, let's think about lunch. Hmmm, bunch, lunch. I should've been a poet."

It was probably the lamest joke I'd ever heard, but because it came from Richard, it was somehow funny and made Paul and me crack.

We followed our hibiscus-infested host down the beach to the "pantry" as he called it, then watched him cast his rod. The lead sinker flew through the air, hauling the fishing line behind it and causing the reel to make a loud whirring noise, then plopped into the surf just beyond the breakers.

"Not a good time to be fishing, guys. Should've been early morning or early evening. But, you never know your luck."

Luck was on Richard's side as we watched the tip of the rod bend to what seemed like breaking point. "Whoa! I think I've got one helluva biggie!" Richard hoisted the rod, then reeled some line in. He repeated that process a number of times until whatever was on the hook was dragged closer to shore. Paul and I ran to the water's edge, such was our impatient curiosity. Something broke the surface. It was glittering silver. As it neared the water's edge, it thrashed about wildly in a frenzied effort to release itself from the hook, but Richard was winning the battle for lunch.

"Fuck! Oops! Sorry, Richard."

"No problem, Daniel, I've been known to use the odd expletive myself during a rush of adrenalin. If this critter could talk, I guess it would be using quite a few choice expletives at this very moment in time. It's giving me the impression that it's not very amused."

"What is it?"

"Commonly known as a fish, Daniel," he laughed as he squatted and released the hook from the still-wriggling prize. "Looks like a snapper, and I'd reckon there's a good two to three pounds there."

Lunch was absolutely delicious, and so was dinner of barbecued chicken and corn cobs dripping with butter. Fuck! This was the life! I was gonna try to talk mom into moving here as soon as I got back home.

"Mom! We had such a rad time there. We've gotta move to Cali!"

"Sorry, darling, I've already made arrangements for us to move to Afghanistan."

After dinner, Paul and I sat on the beach, with our raised knees wrapped in our arms, to chat while we watched the sun set. We saw the scattered altocumulus clouds become gradually consumed by the iridescent hues of golden oranges, reds and purples which became progressively deeper and richer as the shimmering ball of hot crimson perched itself on the far horizon, and began to slowly drag the blanket of stars over itself as if it were going to bed.

"How come there's no steam when the sun hits the water?"

"You fucking dork, Paul," I laughed as I rolled on top of him.

It was the perfect moment for sex -- an abandoned beach, the sound of the surf, the sensation of cool sand against our warm, young bodies, and that incredibly beautiful, early-evening sky lit by the colors of pure magic, punctuated by swooping, squawking gulls. It was as though Paul's and my naked bodies locked together in love was the ideal compliment to the end of a perfect day, and another of Nature's awesome miracles.

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