Part 64

I'd called Jade after breakfast and arranged for him to meet us on the beach just down from Richard's house. Dressed only in shorts, Paul and I lazed on the warm, dry sand waiting in brilliant sunshine for Jade while we talked about this awesome place.

"Do you wanna live here?"

"It's kind of tempting."

"It's the freedom, man, the open space, the ocean -- a beach practically all to ourselves."

"But what about Dick and Jo and Freddie and Lindy and the guys?"

"Yeah, I'd miss 'em heaps. Maybe we could all move here!"

"Sure, Daniel, like everybody's gonna uproot to live in a place where there are no jobs for the parents."

"Yeah, dammit." I thought for a moment. "Do you remember sitting here the other night watching the sun set?"

"Are you kidding? I'll never forget that for as long as I live."

"It was that special, huh?"

"Was it special for you?"

"Hey, Paul, you're the fucking romantic wuss, not me."

"So? How come you asked me about it?"

"OK, you little shit, it was special, dammit. Jeez, why do you keep wanting me to sound like a wuss?"

"Do you think being romantic is wussy?" Paul's smiling blue eyes searched mine for the truth.

"Maybe not. Fuck, Paul, I wish you wouldn't look at me like that!"

"Why not?"

"'Cause it's like you're reaching down my throat and pullin' stuff outa my gut that I wanna keep private."

It was getting pretty close to mid morning and Jade still hadn't arrived as planned. We figured that he was still on his mountain practicing his Shaolin, oblivious to the real world around him. We decided to walk along the beach to his house.

"This is just so damn rad, man. Miles of beach, endless blue sky, the Pacific Ocean. Whoa! After college, I'm gonna get myself a dandy job in California and buy me a part of this place."

"What kind of job?"

"I'll be a swimming coach. Or maybe I'll learn to be a chef and open a restaurant around here. Pizza with extra mozzarella," I laughed.

"Yeah, that'd be so cool. You, me and Jade -- and maybe some of the other guys."

"You'd wanna come, too?"

"Sure. I wanna be where ever you are."

"Jeez, Paul, there you go with that romantic stuff again."


"What I can't figure is how you wanna fuck just about everything that walks, yet you…" I lowered my voice to a mumble. "Well, I dunno, it's like I'm kinda special or something."

"You are to me Daniel. I mean, other guys turn me on something fierce but I don't love them. When I'm with you, I feel different. I don't know how to explain it. It's like I'd love to suck Jade's dick but it wouldn't faze me if I never got the chance again. But with you…"

Paul's sentence trailed off as though he wanted me to finish it for him. I didn't say anything but I knew what he meant and, in a way, I felt the same. I just didn't know how to express it. As we walked in silence admiring the awesome scenery while thinking our own private thoughts, I remembered how I'd felt about Kyle. It was all so damn confusing because, deep down, I knew that I loved Kyle. Was it possible to love two or more guys equally? And what was love anyway? I couldn't imagine mom and Andy wrestling on the lawn and cracking up like Kyle, Paul and I did when we fooled around. Was teen love different to adult love?

"Actions speak louder than words."

"What?" Paul was surprised at my sudden remark that broke the thoughtful silence.

"Well, I figure it's how you act that's more important than what you say. Y'know, it's called body language. So, if you wanna know how I feel, check out my bod," I laughed.

"Anytime, dude."

After we'd checked the mountain and found nobody there, we went back to the rear gate of Jade's house and pushed the buzzer.


"It's me, Daniel -- and Paul."

"Sorry, dudes, I called Richard but you guys had gone already. C'mon in!"

Jade was waiting at the back door as we approached. A killer teen dressed in board shorts was standing beside him. He had short, brown hair, a smooth, athletic bod with broad shoulders and a small birthmark on his face. His skin was naturally tanned, just begging to be licked forever. He was toying with a soccer ball, tossing it from hand to hand, then spinning it on top of a single finger, making it look as easy as pie.

"This is a friend of mine who's staying for a few days."

"Hi," I said as I slapped his hand. "I'm Daniel."

"Hi, I'm Paul."

"I am not allowed to tell you my name," the stranger said. "Jade wants you to guess it."

"Guess it?" This was totally weird, but we followed the two guys into the kitchen where they'd been preparing a late breakfast. Paul and I had already eaten so we settled for some freshly squeezed orange juice which was just what the doctor ordered after our long trek along the beach in the hot sun. "So what's this 'guess it' thingy? Am I supposed to know this dude?"

"Something like that," Jade smiled.

"You mean like on the web?"


I took a mouthful of orange juice as I studied the dude. "What do you call that birthmark?"

"You tell me."

"Hmmm. Lemme see, you've got a birthmark and a soccer ball. Are you from southern Cali?"

"Could be," he smiled.

"I know who it is!" Paul exclaimed.

"Shuddup, Paul. Lemme figure this out for myself." I turned my attention back to the stranger. "OK, do these words sound familiar? 'A little devil, or a little angel, or just a boy'?"

"Yes, they are familiar."

"And your birthmark is called a lunar, right?"


"And you're captain of your school's soccer team, right?"

He answered with a shy but knowing smile.

"Nah, sorry dude, I don't have a fucking clue who you are." My joke made Jade and Paul crack something wicked.

"Daniel! Stop teasing me! You know who I am!"

Danny and I hugged so damn tight I thought I was gonna collapse from lack of oxygen. And, to make matters worse, Paul was hugging the both of us. Eventually, I was able to stand back, with my hands on Danny's sturdy shoulders, and study his beaming face. "Hola, Daniel's dickie," he laughed.

"Well, dude, I gotta say that I'm not surprised that you get modelling jobs. You're pretty hot! I should be your fucking manager!"

"You wanna manage me when I'm fucking?"

"Jeez! You fucking Spanish-Americans will never understand English."

Well, as it turned out, he understood soccer much better than any of us as we fooled around on the beach. Danny was so damn fast on his feet that he could do just about anything he wanted with that fucking ball. It was like he had an invisible string attached to the damn thing. None of us had a chance -- except for Paul, the little shit, 'cause he was on Danny's team. It wasn't that Jade or I were slow, far from it, it's just that Danny was able to send that ball where we least expected it to go. So, half the time, we were standing on the sand like store dummies wondering what the fuck!

After making a call to Richard to check if we could invade his joint for lunch, we rode bare-back to the beach house. Jet carried Paul and Jade while Dolly carried Danny and me. Danny was sitting up front holding on to the mare's mane while I had my arms around his waist. I couldn't help noticing the depth of his chest and the width of his back. Jeez! I was gonna make a point of never arguing with this Latin hunk. Whoa!

"Hi, boys. Just in time for my latest gastronomic masterpiece! You can disrobe if you… oh, I see you have already. Well, just park your nekkid asses on the deck and we'll eat out in the sun."

As Richard placed the bowls of fresh oysters, shrimps, calamari, salad, bread rolls and various dressings on the timber table, I wondered if there was a boner lurking under his Bermuda shorts. If there were, it would have made five altogether. Jade, Paul, Danny and I all had throbbers but we didn't give a shit. Out here in the massive expanse of Nature's perfection, boners were as natural as the sky or the ocean, and it felt way awesome to be part of a world where there were no unnecessary restrictions.

"Now, boys, I know that I've prepared a pretty wicked lunch, but I didn't expect this reaction," he laughed. "Must be the sea air stirring your loins."

"Do you wish you were a kid again?" I asked after another oyster had slid down my throat.

"Me? No, not really. Y'know, it's not like you wanna be a dog just cos you enjoy his company," Richard chuckled. "There's a time for this and a time for that. I must admit, though, that it's great to have you young whippersnappers around for a while. Kind of puts a bit of life into the place."

"You mean it's boring without us?" Paul interjected.

"Boring? Look around you, son. Does this place look like it's boring? No, I'm never bored up here. Used to be a city dude years ago and got tired of all the rush and fuss. People runnin' around like they were being stung by hornets. So, I made a few dollars playing the stock market and whatever and decided to move up here after I'd seen the place on vacation."

"So what do you mean about we put life into the place," Danny asked.

"You ever been to a zoo, son? You ever see those peacocks strutting around like they owned the damn place? Like they were the most important thing on the face of the earth? Well, that's something I admire about you young whippersnappers. You parade around here nekkid with your manliness stabbing the air just as natural as could be. And you know something? It's refreshing." The travelling hibiscus paused to peel another shrimp and plunge it into a bowl of avacado dip before continuing. "I have a few friends up here but I'm kind of fussy. I don't like stuffy people. I prefer people who enjoy being themselves -- people who are free to express themselves -- people who don't have hangups -- people like you young fellas."

"So, what are you gonna do when we leave?"

"Fish, garden, cook, surf, read, sleep in -- and there's always Jade who rides Jet around here for a visit. I enjoy Jade's company immensely. He's a bright young man and always a great raconteur."

"Is that like a racoon?"

I whacked Paul over the head with a napkin for asking such a dumb question. "He means conversationalist, dickhead."

"So sue me."

Lunch had stretched into a liesurely couple of hours, by which time Richard freaked when he realized he was late for an appointment in town. He'd consumed a few wines so Jade offered to drive the Jag. I decided to go with them, leaving Paul and Danny at the beach house.

How I wished I could get an opportunity to drive that bright red rocket as it devoured the miles with consumate ease. What a car! But I was also impressed with the way Jade handled that ton and a half of speeding iron. Man, that dude was all class -- black, curly locks fluttering in the wind as we clocked over 80 mph in the awesome drop-top.

While Richard was talking to some dude in town about business, Jade took me for a quick local tour in the Jag. Crescent City was basically a small town where, I guessed, everybody knew everybody else and just kind of plodded along through life without too much fuss. I could understand why Richard liked living here. Life was easy and cool. After a few miles, the Jag stopped by the shore of a large lake. Suddenly, a sentence formed in my mind and spat out of my mouth before I could even give it any consideration. "I've never sucked anybody in a Jag before."

"Are you sure you want to?"

"Are you kidding, man? Jeez, when I saw you on the mountain naked and, before that, riding Jet -- you looked so fucking awesome!"

"And you don't?"

"What are you talking about? I haven't done anything special."

"You don't need to, Daniel. You are special. You're special even when you're eating corn flakes."

I started to unbutton Jade's fly but sensed that something was wrong. "You want me to stop?"

"I hope you understand this, Daniel," he said softly in his horny French accent, "I feel that I am not worthy of you."

"Fucking worthy? Jeez, Jade, you should take a fucking video of yourself, man! You're fucking totally wicked! Now just relax 'cause I'm gonna suck your uncut dick so bad you're gonna be screaming for mercy."

I reached into his shorts and found his cock which was already hard. At the same time, he pulled some lever that made his seat lay back, then lifted his ass in order to let me drag his shorts down to his thighs. And there it was -- a beautiful uncut piece of juicy teen meat nestled in a patch of aromatic black pubes, just waiting to be sucked dry.

I lifted Jade's throbber but, before peeling back the foreskin, I stuck my tongue inside the tunnel and kind of poked around in there. I could hear him groaning with intense pleasure which meant that everything I'd heard about uncut guys was true. Those dudes were as sensitive as all hell. And they tasted different, too. Salty and spicy. Eventually, I pulled back his foreskin and watched his pulsating, pink head emerge. It was perfectly shaped and moist, with an enlarged piss hole that was threatening to explode with boy juice at any moment.

I slid my lips over his knob and began to work up and down his thick, veiny shaft as his fingers caressed my blonde hair. "Oh, Daniel, I've dreamt about this, but I never thought…. oh, fuck! Jeeeeeeez! I can't believe this!"

Pretty soon I felt his throbber go feral. It banged around inside my mouth like a crazed moth inside a lamp-shade, except that this moth felt more like an eagle. Gallons of hot boy juice shot into my mouth and filled it with his delicious flavor as he raised his ass from the seat and forced my face to his crotch. "Aaaaahhhhhhh! Daniel! Aaaahhhhhhh!" he roared as I swallowed his thick jets of sticky cum as fast as I could.

"Perfect timing," Richard smiled as the Jag pulled up outside the office block where he'd had his appointment. "I walked out here only this very minute. You guys must be psychic. Have a nice tour?"

"Yeah, it was way cool. So, what was the meeting about?" I asked as the floral wonder squeezed his bulk into the small back seat.

"I'm going into business -- a restaurant on the beach."


I could sense something strange as Jade killed the motor once the Jag was parked in its usual spot at the beach house. The path to the front door was littered with fresh blossoms. Then a hand-written note: WE LOVE YOU DANIEL.

"It's mom! It must be mom!"

I opened the door and saw candles flickering on the table which was decorated with Richard's finest silver and expensive china, plus a vase of richly-colored tropical flowers in the center. But mom wasn't there.

"What's going on? Who's coming?"

"You are our guest of honor, Daniel," Danny smiled. "This is for you. We have prepared a special Spanish romantic meal for you. And don't argue or I'll rearrange your face," he laughed.

I was dumbfounded as Danny poured champagne into a glass, while Paul poured a glass each for Richard and Jade. I searched all of their faces for some kind of explanation, but got none. "What is this? This is a joke, right?"

"It's no fucking joke, Daniel," Paul said sternly with his hands planted firmly on his narrow hips. "Danny has taught me stuff about how cool it is to be romantic, so we're gonna be fucking romantic whether you like it or not. So just sit down at the fucking table or I'll break your fucking arm."

I looked at Richard and Jade. "Did you guys know about this?" They both shook their heads, unconvincingly. "Liars."

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