Part 68

Richard was already snoring his inebriated head off in one of the guest rooms when Jade produced a camera. "Gotta have some memories, dudes."

"Jeez, we should have thought about taking some pics during the day!"

"Better late than never. You wanna get dressed first?"

"Fuck that, man! Let's take some really hot stuff. Is that a digital camera?"


The kitchen bench had a long, 'L' shaped, marble surface that reminded me of a catwalk at a fashion parade. "I've got a totally rad idea," I suggested, and explained to the guys what I had in mind as we cleared the bench to make way for the 'models'.

Jade was first to hop up and do his thing. He went to the far end of the bench then turned and approached the camera, pausing each step of the way to strike a cool Shaolin pose. His long, black, curly hair hung almost to his meaty shoulders, and framed his handsome, youthful face perfectly. Below on the floor, from where I was shooting, he looked both menacing and yet totally wicked with his uncut throbber stabbing the air at each of his horny poses. Danny and Paul were seated behind me and weren't saying much -- I figured they were too impressed by our host's performance to exclaim anything but the odd 'fuck'! or 'whoa!' As Jade got nearer to me, I took a heap of close-ups of various parts of his muscular, tanned body -- his deep, well-defined chest with its juicy, brown nipples perched on the outer corners of his solid, square pecs -- his flat abdomen and perfect six pack which divided the muscles vertically with a deep, central groove -- his thick, rock-solid teen meat with its pink knob protruding past his stretched foreskin -- his slim, supple hips and powerful thighs that narrowed at the knees and widened again at the calves -- his sexy feet, one flat on the bench, the other with its heel raised and his weight resting on his spreading toes as he posed -- and, finally, his awesome face that commanded so much respect as he looked down at the lens.

"No, man! You go next," Paul laughed as he pushed Danny's shoulder.

"Not me, Pablo, not after seeing Jade do his thing."

"Hey, dudes," I ordered, "chill, OK? This isn't a fucking competition. Everbody's got something different, something special. Now, c'mon, Paul, get up there and strut your stuff."

The most special thing about Paul was just how damn cute he was -- shiny, jet-black, disheveled hair that hung over his forehead like a schoolboy's, electric blue eyes that sparkled with mischief, full, wet, ruby lips whose smile could melt an iceberg, and a personality that drew people like a magnet. As I clicked the shutter, I tried to capture all the endearing features about Paul -- the things that made him stand out in any company, including his delicious six inches that slapped his abs every time he thrust his hips. My bud wasn't built like the rest of us. He had more of a slight physique, yet every one of his muscles was perfectly proportioned, and honed by many strenuous hours in the pool. I paused briefly during the shoot to check out the other guys. Yeppers, they all had boners, including me. Paul was proving beyond any doubt that he was one awesome little fucker! He'd gotten to within a few feet of me when he announced that this would be the final shot. He about faced, bared his cute butt, leaned forward and spread his buns. Click!

"You're next, Danny, and don't fucking argue."

Danny hopped up onto the bench and walked to the far end. I couldn't help noticing his wide, powerful back and wondering what he must have looked like on the soccer field. I figured he must've been a way cool hero to a lotta other guys. "OK, man, go for it." Danny chose to base his poses on the kind of action that happens during a soccer game -- head-butting the ball, leaping into the air [he was lucky the kitchen had a high ceiling], raising one knee, kicking, and blocking the opposition. There were only four of us in the room but I could almost hear the cheering crowd as he went through his paces. Jeez! Imagine if he and his team had played a game in the nude! The fucking school stadium would have been packed to overflowing, with the crowd going totally troppo! Woohoo!

Unlike most footballers, Danny had a certain sweetness about his face, like you wanted to cuddle his warm, hunky body for-fucking-ever. He was well-built, but not like some gorilla. His body hair was minimal, while that on his head was brown and short-cropped. His skin was tanned and smooth, and clung to each popping, stretching muscle like tight, honey-colored elastic. He had majesty and poise. He moved with precision and grace. Most of all, though, he was awesomely sexy.

"K, Daniel, one more pic -- a close-up of my Danny dickie, OK?" he laughed as he twirled his throbber in front of the lens. "I want you to remember how I taste and how it feels to have my hard meat up your cute ass."

As I strode to the beginning of the 'catwalk', I wondered what the hell I could do that was different to the other guys. "Dammit," I thought, "I'm good at sex. I'll make those guys so damn hot they'll melt." I'd already asked Paul to work the camera because he'd had previous experience with taking shots of me, and would instinctively know what to look for.

From my very first step forward, I went ballistic. I cupped my balls in my hand and thrust my bouncing seven inches at the camera, while I licked my lips and tried to appear as hot as I could. Then I got down on all fours, brown-eyed the lens and looked back over my shoulder thinking, "get your tongue into my hot, hairless hole, dudes." As I heard the camera clicking, I bent my throbber down between my legs knowing that all eyes would travel from my ass hole to my juice-filled balls, then down my thick shaft to my swollen, sculptured knob.

I stood up again and ran my hands up and down my sweating torso. Then I flexed my pecs and biceps while, at the same time, jabbing my boner into the air. Each of my audience of three had a major hardon. Although I couldn't see Paul's eyes behind the camera, the other guys' peepers were bulging big time. "Woohoo!" I thought. "Those dudes are fucking hooked!" For my piece de resistance, I figured I'd do an Arnold Schwarzenegger. Maybe I was nowhere near as big as that dude, and a lot younger, but, hey, I had enough raw, sexy brawn to tease the living fuck outa my buds. And I did.

We were all hanging to see the pics on Jade's comp but decided to fix a midnight snack first -- cheese, tomato and pickle on crackers plus four tall glasses of chocolate-flavored milk. I hadn't really taken much notice of Jade's room until then. It was much different to the guest rooms and the rest of the house. "I don't like all that ostentatious stuff, man. I like to keep it simple. My room could be any dude's room, and that's the way I like it."

Maybe it could've been any dude's room but not the comp. It was the latest with everything that opened and shut. We gathered around the large, hi-res monitor as Jade clicked through the pics. As each hot image filled the screen, it was accompanied by lots of 'oohs' and 'ahhhs' -- correction -- lots of 'fucks!' and 'shits!'. I figured any one of us could have beaten the hell out of any porn star, but maybe I was biased.

"Hey, what d'you guys think of this stuff?"

"Fucking awesome", came the immediate and uniform reply.

"Better than the pro dudes?"

"Yeah," Jade answered, "but you've gotta remember that we're amongst friends here. The pro dudes are surrounded by strangers -- all kinds of guys with cameras and lights and directors and stuff. When you're in a situation like that, it separates the pros from the wannabes, man. Believe me, I know. My dad's in the movie business, remember."

"Yeah, I guess so. Anyways, I'm as horny as a fucking rhino, and I need something warm and wet wrapped around my boner like now."

No sooner had I finished my sentence than Jade's mouth was filled with my throbbing meat. I saw Paul dashing around behind me, so I lifted one leg and planted my foot on the side of the bed. Within a second, Paul's tongue was making long, wet strokes up and down my ass crack, while pausing on the way to lick my hole. What was Danny gonna do? He silently answered that question by grabbing the sides of my head and placing his romantic Spanish lips on my mouth. I felt his tongue dancing erotically with mine and heard the short, rapid bursts of air being loudly sucked into and expelled from his nostrils.

Danny's lips stayed pressed to mine as he released his grip on my head and allowed his hands to travel up and down my chest and lats. I followed suit and grabbed handfuls of his pecs. I could feel the solid lumps of muscle beneath his smooth, warm skin, while his jutting nipples tickled the palms of my hands. It was all too much -- Jade's lips and tongue riding my boner -- Paul's tongue half-way up my spread ass -- Danny's tongue chasing mine while his sensitive hands explored my upper body. "Jeez! I'm gonna offload, guys!" were the words in my head but, because Danny's face was still pressed hard to mine, all I could manage were several muffled "hmmphh" noises. My three buds kept loving my body as I felt my teen lava erupt into Jade's mouth, and heard his gagging and swallowing noises. It was as though every quivering inch of my body was being made incredibly hot, passionate love to. Hands, faces, lips, tongues were everywhere, sending wicked thrills to every corner of my being as my rock-hard teen meat jetted my sticky boy juice down Jade's throat. Whoa!

"Hey, Jade," Paul said with a serious tone. "I've got this fantasy, man. It's like you're some kind of killer hunk with all your muscles and everything, so..."

"Go ahead and say it, Paul. We're all friends."

"K." Paul took a deep breath and puffed out his cute, sexy chest. "Well, it'd be kinda neat to fuck your face. Y'know, with you laying down on your back on the bed and all, like I'd conquered you in a Kung Fu fight or something."

Paul totally cracked us all up, but Jade agreed that it was a wicked idea. "K, Sampson, you can conquer me. I'm all yours. Besides, you're one helluva cute little mutha."

As it turned out, at my suggestion, of course, Paul fucked the hell outa Jade's face while Danny plugged Paul's butt and I sucked Jade's throbber. That way, all three dudes got off at once instead of taking all goddamn night. When the big moment arrived, and everybody shot their creamy wads of boy juice, they made more noise than a packed Yankee Stadium during a major.

"Are you sure Paul is OK with this?" I asked Danny as I laid on the bed in the guest room.

"Yeah, he knows that I've always wanted to spend a night with you, alone, so he's sleeping with Jade."

"You gonna turn off the light?"

"No. I wanna see you, every part of you, until my eyes can't stay open any longer tonight."

Danny laid alongside me, put his head on my chest and ran his feather-light fingers around my nipple while I ran mine though his hair.

"Que rico estas, Daniel," he said softly.

"What does that mean?"

"One or two lumps in your coffee?"

"Don't gimme that bullshit," I laughed. "Tell me what it means, dickhead."

"You are so hot."

"Yeah, well you're not exactly frigid yourself, dude."

"Eres bello cos me haces sentir importante."

"Well, whatever that means, it sounds fucking way cool."

"It means you are so beautiful and you make me feel important." Danny wiggled his warm body closer to mine and ran his fingers around the contours of my face. "Se siente fantastico recostarse junto a ti."

"Lemme guess. You love sticking your hot Spanish poker up my ass?"

"No, no, you idiot gringo," he smiled. "It means it feels great just to lay next to you."

"Why?" OK, so it was a dumb question but at least I was getting lessons in Spanish.

"Tienes un cuerpo. Adoro tus musculos. Tus dedos se siente bien en mi pelo. It means you have a hunky body, I love your muscles and your fingers feel way cool in my hair."

"Sounds more awesome in Spanish."

"You like my language?"

"Yeah, it's kinda wicked, like hot-blooded or something."

"Si, we are hot-blooded and romantic, too. We love to love. We are the best lovers. Te amo. Do you also love me?" he asked as raised his head and searched my brown eyes with his.

"I dunno, man. What kind of question is that? Do I love you like I love Paul, or like I love Jade, or like I love mom, or like I love Kyle? I love them all but each one is different, like you're different. Hey, I can say one thing, though, I love being with you and it's been a total blast. Will that do?"

"You are so damn macho, Daniel, but it is part of your character and we all love you for it. We don't want you to change, not one little bit."

"Yeah, well I guess I'm kinda..."

"Shhh, no hables solo dejame besare."

I didn't know what he'd said before pressing his moist lips to mine but I guessed it was probably something about "shuddup and just let me kiss you." Damn pushy Spaniards.

[Thanks and hugz to my real-life friend, Danny, one of the original Daniel fans who provided me with the Spanish phrases for this chapter]

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