Part 69

"Daniel? Are you awake?"

I opened my eyes and focused slowly on a mop of jet-black hair and smiling blue eyes kneeling beside the bed. "Jeez, Paul, what time is it?"

"Only about 6am, but I figured you might take a piss without me."

I rubbed my eyes and shook my head at the same time. "You're totally whacko, Paul. I dunno why the fuck I hang with you."

"Yes, you do," he laughed.

The body next to mine stirred and sat up. "Hi, Daniel. Hi, Pablo."

"You feel like a piss, too, Danny?"

"Soon, Pablo. First, I must eat Daniel's hard meat." He smiled at me. "Me pones caliente."

"Cool. I'll eat yours," Paul gleefully announced as he dove onto the bed and caused it to bounce.

Whoa! What a way to wake up! I just laid there, fondling Danny's hair, while his lips and tongue rode my morning piss boner. Paul was at the other end of the mattress devouring Danny's and making a helluva lot of enthusiastic slurping noises.

"Hmmm," Jade observed as he leaned his shoulder against the doorway of our room, and rested his weight on one foot. "Mind if I join in?" He walked to my side of the bed and towered above me. His mighty throbber, with a pearl of pre-cum glistening on its swollen pink head, was at forty five degrees to his lean, muscular body. I glanced at his low, juice-filled hangers. How could I have resisted? "Stuff another pillow under your head, Daniel, so that I can fuck that gorgeous face of yours."

Danny's was free, so I folded it and shoved it under my head until my mouth was level with Jade's black bush of pubes. He placed one hand behind my ear and slid his silky-smooth monster between my lips until his balls found my chin. His boy scent smelt fucking awesome, and filled my lungs with the spicy aroma of sex. At the same time, I reached around behind him and massaged his firm ass. He planted one foot on the side of the bed to spread his buns. I immediately got the message, and jammed a finger into his warm, moist hole.

Meantime, Danny was setting fire to my groin as he fondled my nads and rode my rock-hard meat with his juicy pair of experienced, Spanish lips. His tongue lashed my knob like a large, crazed mussel, sending the most incredible thrills throughout my cock and groin.

Suddenly, the room filled with the deafening sounds of three teens groaning like wild animals as their explosions of boy juice shot down willing throats. I could feel my cock thumping the shit outa Danny's mouth as Jade's thrashed about in mine like a cut snake. A whole night's worth of his creamy jizz slid down my throat as my Adam's Apple worked overtime to cope with the delicious, salty deluge.

"Jeez, Paul," I complained as my crazy bud knelt on the shower floor in front of three semis pointed at his face. "How long are you gonna take, man? I'm dying for a piss!"

"Nearly there, dude," he groaned as he jacked off. "Nearly there."

The second we heard his first whimper, three cocks sprouted their yellow fountains and sprayed jets of morning glory all over his tanned bod as wads of boy juice erupted from his swollen knob. Whoa! What a fucking sight! We were all still pissing long after Paul had shot his load, but he didn't mind. It wasn't often that he was treated to triple piss.

After that, we soaped each other up and enjoyed feeling each others' horny, muscular bods with our slippery, lathered hands, then towelled each other dry.

If it weren't for Richard's hibiscus 'uniform' shirt, I don't think any of us would have recognized him as we strode naked into the kitchen for breakfast.

"One fucking word outa you guys and I'll re-arrange your fucking faces," he muttered in a voice that croaked with agony and self-pity. "I'm off the booze forever, I swear. Never again."

It was impossible not to crack up totally at the sight of Richard appearing as though he'd just survived being trampled by a herd of stampeding bison. The guy was one helluva sorry mess.

"Drink this," Jade said as he plopped a vitamin B tablet into a glass of water and offered it to the seriously wilted floral display. "Actually, you should have taken it last night before you went to sleep Richard. You're dehydrated."

Over breakfast of flapjacks, honey, fruit juice, milk and cereal, it became increasingly obvious to us that this would be our last meal together. Paul's and my puddle-hopper flight back to San Francisco, and from there to Tampa, was due to depart at 11am.

We spent the rest of the morning chatting, reminiscing, playing soccer on the beach, and riding Jet and Molly for the last time. By about 9am, Richard was well enough to drive the Jag back to the beach house while we four guys elected to return there on horseback along the beach.

"All passengers on flight 211 to San Francisco please go to the boarding area."

Everbody was teary-eyed, even Richard who thanked us for making the last two weeks very special for him. We all hugged and promised that we would meet again some day. "Te amo," Danny whispered in my ear as he held me tight. "Me, too," I replied, my voice quivering with emotion. "You're a killer dude, Danny. You've gotta come to Tampa one day. Promise?" When Jade hugged me, he ran his hand through my blonde hair and gently forced my face to his shoulder. "I love you, Daniel. Meeting you has been so damn wicked." "Same here, man. I'm gonna miss ya tons."

"Hi mom, did ya miss me?" What a dumb question! I figured I was gonna be crushed to death by a thirty-seven year old, blonde woman! "She's my mom, officer! Honest! I wasn't being raped!"

Then Greg threw his arms around me like he was gonna lift me up and carry me all the way home from the airport. "Cool to see you again, bro."

During the drive home, everybody was talking at once -- Paul and I about California -- mom and Greg about the wedding. Yeah! The wedding! I'd almost forgotten about mom marrying Andy. Jeez! I'd been in another world where time had stood still for a while. "August 8, right?"

"That's it," mom smiled without taking her attention off the road. "Just a small ceremony -- a few friends and relatives. Grandma's going to be there."


Shortly after we'd dropped Paul off at his house, and I'd driven mom's car up our drive and into the garage, I was attacked by a flying ball of black and white fur. I was flat on my back in the kitchen, unable to say a damn thing, while that energetic critter's foot-long tongue licked my contorted face as clean as a whistle. "Jeez, Kyle," I managed to blurt eventually, "your breath hasn't improved one little bit, dammit! But, I love ya, ya crazy dawg."

Before lunch, I checked for email. Danny and Jade wanted to know if I'd arrived home safely, and there was a bunch of stuff from Jimothy, Chad, Matt, Kyle, Sean and the other guys. By the time I'd answered it all, Andy had arrived and it was time for a barbecue out by the pool. "Just a couple of laps, mom", I yelled as I stripped out of my t and baggies, then dove into the water. Greg was already in the pool.

"Hey, bro, I really missed you while you were away."

"I figure I know what you missed," I laughed before placing my hand on his head and dunking him.

Over lunch of mom's special shrimps marinated overnight in Soy Sauce and Oriental spices, then sizzled on the barbecue hotplate, plus fresh crusty bread, and potato salad, the conversation was mostly about the wedding and what would happen afterwards.

"Your mom and I figure that Greg and I will move in here," Andy said after washing down a mouthful of food with a glass of chilled white wine. "We'll sell the apartment and, with the money left over from the mortgage, I'll build an extra room on the back of your house for Greg. In the meantime, though, you guys are gonna have to share your room for a while. Is that OK?"

"What? Me share with this ugly reject?" I laughed, then ducked just in time to avoid Greg's open hand.

"Hey, dude," he grinned, "you wanna spend the time in a hospital ward or in your room with me?"

"Now, now, boys," mom interrupted, "settle down and act like brothers, because that's what you'll be in about a week from now."

"Relax, Nancy," the boys are only fooling.

"Yeah, mom, it'll be totally wicked having Greg for a bro, but I guess Paul won't be able to sleep over for a couple of weeks." I turned my attention to Andy. "How long do you think it'll take to build Greg's room?"

"Well, with some help from a couple of healthy teenagers, I figure two to three weeks."

"And it'll give you young larrikins something else to do besides swimming and fooling around on that damn computer," mom added with a wry smile. "Oops, that's the phone. Back in a minute." It was less than a minute as mom handed me the portable phone.

"Hey, Daniel! It's me Freddie. Listen, dude, it's so cool that you're back. I really gotta talk to you, man. It's something really important -- like major personal, man. You're the only one I can talk to. You doing anything right now?"

"Now's not a good time, Freddie. Maybe later tonight."

"Cool. I'll call about seven. See ya!"

"What was that about?" Greg asked as I placed the phone on the table.

"Dunno exactly. Freddie wants to talk about something personal. He's gonna call back tonight."

"Damn! I was hoping you could come around and check some stuff I've done on the comp. I'm getting pretty damn good with that thing."

"Chill, man, we've got tons of time. Besides, in a week from now, you're gonna be all over me like a damn rash."

After cleaning up the barbecue and helping mom with the dishes, Greg and I spent most of the afternoon in the pool while mom and Andy watched a movie. Greg looked as awesome as ever -- well, it'd only been two weeks but it seemed like I'd been away for ages. Every now and then he'd stand on the edge of the timber decking waiting for me to swim up to him. He'd wait a minute or so before diving in so that I could get a good, long look at his bronzed, muscular bod and smooth semi just dangling in the breeze as casual as you like. Jeez, he sure did look fucking hunky! And I figured the teasing asshole knew that he was making me as hot as hell. He must've been hanging real bad to get his throbber back into in my face after so long. "What was about me?" I thought as we wrestled in the pool. I seemed to be hornier than the Bellami Boys on a busy day -- and I was horny every fucking day! There had to be something wrong here. Some kind of genetic throwback to a sex-crazed chimpanzee.

It was about 6:30 when I answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi ya, Daniel. Can I come around? Jo wants to come, too."

"Yeah, Freddie, it's cool. Mom's totally pissed with me, though. I was supposed to be at Andy's place for dinner tonight -- a kind of welcome home thingy after my trip to California, but I explained that you were my bud and you had something serious you needed to talk about. So this had better be pretty important, dude."

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