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This story is based on an actual event, as told to me by a special friend. I have changed the names and circumstances to protect his identity. I believe that this story needs to be told. It warns of trusting strangers in an unfamiliar environment, the dangers of drugs, and behaviour that can turn violent. MrB

I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist before I answered the door in case I needed to be 'modest'. "Hey, guys, it's only you." Well, it wasn't only Jo and Freddie. There was another guy with them.

"Whaddaya mean only us?"

"Sorry, Freddie, I wasn't sure it'd be you. Here, grab the towel." I threw the towel and watched it drape over Freddie's face.

"Oh, man!" Jo exclaimed. "Jeez, you look so fucking awesome, Daniel. Take a look at that all-over tan! Woohoo! Man, you must've spent every hour in that California sunshine. Damn! I'd almost forgotten how wicked you look!"

Freddie pulled the towel off his head and gave me the once over. "Yeah, awesome. But we didn't come here to lick you to death, man. That'll have to wait. Can we talk? By the way, this is Matt, a bud of ours. We met him just after you and Paul left for Cali."

"Hi, Matt. Sure." I grabbed four Pepsis from the fridge and led the guys into the living room where we sat down. "So, what's eating you guys?"

"Well," Freddie began, "Matt hasn't told us much about his story yet. He wanted to wait for you, 'cause we told him you'd understand." He turned to Matt. "K, dude. Go ahead."

"Well, first off, Daniel, Jo told me about that time at Freddie's house when he didn't wanna go back to his uncle's place. And you and him walked around the streets talking about how cool it would be for Jo to live in a nice house with a family and a bro. Well, I'll never forget that story 'cause you really cared about Jo, and that's why I wanna tell you this story now. I feel like I can tell you about this stuff without you yellin' at me. I haven't told anybody so far."

I could tell that something pretty serious was about to unfold. But, despite Matt's solemn expression, he looked totally fucking edible. This was one cool looking dude! "No, prob, man. Shoot."

"Well, before I met Jo and Freddie, I used to hang with some pretty rough guys -- not all the time -- but sometimes. Anyway, I got invited to spend a week with a guy I used to know. His name is Kim. He's a tall, blonde dude and built like a fucking Adonis, kinda like you only taller. The first day, we just kinda talked about old times and he showed me around the old 'hood. He was being real friendly like, and I felt like maybe he'd changed. It was way cool.
"Then, on the second night, he came outa the shower with this towel wrapped his awesome bod. He was still wet and looking so damn hunky. Anyway, I could feel my boner pressing against my boxers, and he must've noticed the bulge. He let the towel drop to the floor. Fuck! I saw this massive hardon pointed straight at me. It must've been nine inches if it was an inch, and really thick with a big, cut knob. Scared the fucking shit outa me.

"So, do you like it?" he asked.


"C'mon, you're as hard as a rock. Do you like it?"

"I must've blushed 'cause he kept hitting on me."

"You can touch it if you wanna. Hey, yours is kinda cool, too." His hand rested on my boner and it started to jerk like crazy."

"So touch mine, Matt. It's no biggie."

"Biggie!," I thought. "Fuck! It would've put most donkeys to shame. I knew that it was gonna go further than that, though, and I was getting as excited as all hell. I could smell him next to me and his skin was still shiny and wet. A drop of precum was forming on his piss slit. I was as nervous as anything but my hand slowly wrapped around his thick, throbbing monster. He closed his eyes and threw his head back. I knew he was enjoying the feeling of my hand, so I slowly started to stroke him.

"This is a damn long story Matt," I interrupted. "You gonna finish it tonight?"
"Just listen to me, man. I've gotta tell the whole thing so you'll understand when I get to the... well, just listen. OK? Anyway, Kim's breathing was getting heavier and heavier, and he said "swallow me, Matt".
"I put my mouth over his giant head. Jeez! I had to open wide but I managed to get his whole knob in plus about three inches of shaft. My tongue ran circles around his knob while my hands played with his nuts. My brain was fucked up crazy by now. I couldn't believe this was happening, 'cause like this dude was a major hunk and could've had anybody he wanted just by clicking his damn fingers.

"I sucked him for ages before his body began to tense and his muscles stiffened. He tried to pull my face to his crotch but there was no way I could've taken the whole of his throbber into my mouth. Man, you should've seen that thing! I also couldn't swallow everything that he unloaded -- but I swallowed a lot. The rest gushed outa my mouth and ran down his boner, then dribbled over my hand. After he'd collapsed backwards onto the bed, I cleaned up his meat with my tongue.

"I've never had a blow job like that, Matt," he gasped. "Never."

"Then he sat up, pushed me down and started to blow me. It felt totally fucking awesome! I sensed his finger in my crack, then a second finger, and it started to feel uncomfortable. When he tried to force a third finger up my ass, I just couldn't handle it, and pushed his hand away.

"Hey, Matt," he says, "you're still a virgin."

"If that means I've never been fucked, then yep, I'm still a virgin. I'm saving it for someone special."

"Hey, dude, all the girls in town think I'm pretty special."

"Yeah, but I'm saving my ass for someone who hasn't come into my life yet, and maybe won't."

"Hey, Matt,", he said as he jumped up and pinned me down. "You mean you've never been ass fucked before?" I shook my head. "Ever fucked anyone before? In the ass?" I shook my head again. "Fuck, man, you haven't lived yet. You wanna fuck me -- like now?"

"I began to get really concerned about his pinning me down like that, and forcing a situation upon me that was putting me in an almost helpless position. I felt like crying because of the way things were developing out of hand. He must have recognized my fear because he got off me and said, "hey chill, dude. BJs are OK but, one day, you'll understand what I'm saying." A second later, he was down on me, sucking every last drop of boy juice outa my tight balls. He swallowed the lot.

"Whoa, man! This is one helluva story. Lemme get four more Pepsis. Back in a sec." When I'd returned, Matt thanked me for the drink. "By the way," I asked, "are you really a virgin?"
"Yeah. Well, I've fucked two girls and had a bunch of blow jobs with guys, but that's it."

"Are you gay?"

"Yeah, I reckon so."

"K, dude, continue the story."

"Just one thing, Daniel. Do you always go around nude like this?"

"Most times. Why?"

"Nothing. Just wondering. I gotta say, though, that you've got a killer bod, dude."

"Thanks, man," I laughed. "Maybe I'll check yours out later. K, now tell us what happened next."

"Well, that night, I got into Kim's bed and cuddled up next to him. He felt different to any other guys I'd been with. He was big and muscular and... well, I dunno... it just felt awesomely different, like he was strong and he could protect me from anything. My hand rested on his monster boner and I just stroked it. It was so damn big, my fingers couldn't close around it. Then he started to stroke me. It felt cool just to fondle each other without any stress or pressure. Next morning, he woke me when he'd done showering. "Just one thing, Matt. Don't say a fucking word about this to anyone. OK?
"Are you crazy?" I answered. "I'm not that fucking stupid. I don't want anyone to know either!" The Adonis just smiled and got dressed.

"On the Friday, Kim said he wanted to go to a farm out of town, and invited me along. It belonged to a friend of his who had horses on the property. He said we could chill out for the weekend and be back by Sunday night. His dad lent him one of the family cars -- a small Ford truck. The drive was about 80 miles or so. When we'd arrived, it was impossible not to admire the local scenery -- beautiful, green forests surrounded the farm, and a river ran through it. It rocked something wicked.

"That's where I met Slobodan, Kim's friend. He was about thirty, but with a good, smooth, muscular bod and cool looking -- like a film star. He was shirtless and sweating. He approached us and shook my hand as Kim introduced us. "This is Matt, the guy I told you about on the phone." Then he kissed Kim, full on, right in front of me. I'm like whoa! I guess that's when I began to feel a bit nervous about being there.

"As I entered the house, I noticed another dude there. I figured he was about my age -- maybe a year younger. He was pretty good looking except that he was totally spaced out. He was wearing shorts without briefs, 'cause I could see the shape of his cock clearly.

"The inside of the house was just like I'd expected -- high ceilings constructed of dark, timber and supported by thick, wooden beams. The floor was polished timber decorated with scatter rugs. Kim walked over to the younger dude and stood him up. "This is Gaz." Gaz just stared at me and offered his hand. I noticed his pretty strong grip before he sat down again. Kim took something out of a box, placed it in his mouth and lit it. "Want a smoke, Matt?"

"Nope, don't smoke. Thanks."

"Not a ciggie. It's a joint. Wanna pull?" I shook my head."

"Slobodan looked at me with a smile. "Matt, it's a herb. It's grass. It'll help you relax. You're looking as tense as hell, man, and nobody here is gonna hurt you. Here, take a drag." He took the joint from Kim and put it to my lips. I sucked too hard and launched into a coughing fit. Despite that, I could hear Gaz giggling and I felt like kicking his smartass teeth down his throat. I was angry, but I also felt like crying and saying that I wanted to go home. Yeah, right. I would've sounded like a right fucking wuss if I had.

"Slobodan handed Kim a beer and me a Coke. By then, I could feel my head becoming as light as a feather. It was a totally cool sensation, and I was definitely beginning to relax.

"Hey, Matt," I said, interrupting his story. "I hope you don't still do that shit. None of us guys are into that crap."
"Gimme a break, Daniel. Just lemme finish the story, OK? I'm telling you 'cause Jo and Freddie said that you're cool and that you wouldn't yell at me."

"Sorry, dude. I don't like the sound of that Slobodan dude, though."

"Yeah, well you ain't heard nothing yet, man."

"K, tell us the rest of the story."

"It was like a dream world. I watched as Slobodan came up behind Kim and took off his shirt, then kissed him on the neck. His hands slid down to Kim's waist and he removed his jeans. Kim had a raging boner. He wasn't the only one. So did I. Then he undressed Slobodan. It was weird -- like a ballet -- everything was in slow motion. Kim laid back on the table while Slobodan blew him, as he stroked himself. When Kim's boner exploded, Slobodan moved his face away, then took Kim's boy juice and rubbed it all over his boner, which was almost as big as Kim's -- must've been something about the air in that fucking town. Then he took some of Kim's juice on his finger and shoved it up Kim's ass. And I mean shoved! He must've had his whole hand up there! Fucking hell! Anyway, then I watched as he pushed his throbber down and aimed it Kim's hole. Kim's back arched, and Slobodan's donkey cock slid slowly into him. Suddenly, Gaz was into the picture. He was at Kim's head and fucking his face.
"Slobodan looked at me. "Wanna join us, Matt?"

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