Part 73

Saturday, August 8 arrived like it was a Honda ridden by Michael Doohan. Mom had hired a suit for me to wear to the wedding. Whoa! I'd never seen myself all dressed up before. I must've studied myself in the mirror for fucking ages checking myself out. Yeah, pretty damn cool.

Mom looked totally awesome, like out of some high-class magazine. I was so damn proud of her I felt like hugging her for hours, but she wouldn't let me crush her white, satin gown. Grandma was fussing around mom like she was some kid dressing up her new doll. Then, mom started weeping. "Sorry. It's just that all of this reminds me so much of the day I married your father."

"I understand, mom, but this time you'll have me there! Woohoo! I didn't get to see the last one."

"Why, Daniel!" Grandma gushed. "You look so handsome in your new suit! You're quite a young man."

The ceremony was held in the local church. Just a small affair with close friends and relatives. Uncle Bob and aunt Sue were there, with their brat, Sam. Actually, Sam looked a whole bunch better. He was growing up and kind of getting hunky. Hmmm. Jack and Jill were there, together with Jo and Freddie. Paul and his folks were invited, and Lindy was the bridesmaid. Greg was best man. He looked a million bucks in his dark blue suit, which matched Andy's, but the way Greg's long, black hair draped over the shoulders of his suit made him look like a well-dressed rebel with attitude.

Being in a church was so damn weird, like you weren't supposed to think bad thoughts. Everbody spoke in hushed tones as if the pastor was gonna whack you over the head with a baseball bat if you talked too loud. It was kinda spooky but, at the same time, it was exactly the right place for mom and Andy to get married. It had real class, and I was so damn proud to be mom's son.

I'd had a while to get used to the idea of mom marrying Andy but to see them standing there before the pastor was something I hadn't visualized before. It was like all our lives were taking a whole new direction. Nothing would ever be the same again. As I watched them, I tried to imagine what it must've been like when mom married dad. Hey! I wasn't even thought of then! Well, maybe I was, but I didn't exist. Now, I was getting a new dad, and a new bro. I'd never had a bro before, although Paul and Kyle had always been like bros to me.

The reception was held at Jack and Jill's house 'cause it was so damn big. The guys who weren't at the wedding, like Dick, Coach, Steve, Benny, Frank and Nick were all there with their folks. It seemed weird that some of us were dressed up to the nines while most of my buds were in baggies and ts. If it hadn't been for their folks, they probably would have been nude. As for me, I was enjoying looking totally cool in my suit, so I wore it all damn night and strutted around like some important business dude.

It was about 10pm when mom and Andy drove off for a short honeymoon at a local resort. The noise from the tin cans tied behind the car must've freaked the whole fucking neighborhood, but it cracked us kids something wicked. A lot of the older guys were laughing, too, until they saw the dark looks they were getting from their wives. What was it about guy stuff that didn't appeal to women?

"Hey, Greg, I feel like wearing this suit to bed," I laughed as I checked myself out once more in my bedroom mirror.

"This is a first, Daniel. You checking yourself out with clothes on."

"Not just any clothes, man. This is way fucking neato. Did you see the way the chicks were gawking at me tonight?"

"And the guys."

"Hey, don't you talk, bro. You were getting your fair share of stares from the guys, too."

"You called me bro."

"Yeah. It's kinda weird, huh?" We faced each other and studied each other's faces for several moments. We were bros. In just one day, we'd gone from buds to bros. "Today is like totally unbelievable, man. It's like some dream. I mean, I'm looking at my bro! I've never had a bro before!"

"Yeah, it's spooky."

Five minutes later, we'd both undressed and were laying nude on our separate beds. "You want me to switch off the light?"

"I guess so."

I figured the moment Greg had gotten undressed, he would have asked me to blow him but he didn't. Something was wrong. "Are you OK, dude?"

"I guess so."

"What's bugging you?"

"I dunno. Everything's different now."

"Like what?"

"Like you and me. It's not like it was before."

"I figure I know what's eating you, Greg. And it's because I'm not."

"Not what?"

"Not eating you," I laughed. "Hey, man, we had this convo before, remember? We're not related by blood, dude, so it's OK if you want me to blow you."

"You really think so?"

"Sure, and even if we were blood related, I'd still wanna eat that killer cock of yours." I rolled off my bed, knelt beside Greg's and searched his big, chocolate, Eurasian eyes. "Listen, bro, I don't see anything wrong with giving you a good time. I enjoy it, too."

"What time is it?"

"Just after midnight."

"Cool! Then it's not my dad's wedding day any more."

I understood straight away what he'd meant. "Yeah, so it's not like we're being disrespectful." I put my lips to his ripe, brown nipple and sucked on its little mountain of hard flesh.

"You've got my anatomy wrong, dude. What you're looking for is down the other end. And it's bigger."

"I was getting to that, bro. It's just that your bod is so fucking cool. It love every awesome inch of it. It's like coffee-colored silk." And with that, I lifted his arm, put my face into his warm, soft armpit and breathed in his tantalizing, savory aroma. Shit, it was awesome! "Damn, I love the way you smell, Greg. It's just so fucking hot!"

He sat up, threw his legs over the side of the bed so that I was kneeling between them and grabbed my blonde hair. "You've got me way fucking horny, Daniel." He flicked his long, black hair out of his boyish face and smiled at me with his deep, sensuous, black eyes. "Wrap your lips around my boner before I blow a fucking truckload all over your sweet face."

I felt the pressure of his hands forcing my face to his small patch of black pubes as his rock-hard throbber stabbed my throat. Each time I drew back my head, he'd pull it forward again all the way to his crotch. I could hear him groaning with exquisite pleasure as I kept my lips tightly wrapped around his thick shaft, while my tongue played with his smooth knob and piss slit. The strong, salty taste of his pre-cum filled every corner of my mouth. I knew he was gonna blow a gallon at any moment.

Sure enough, his six inches exploded its thick, sticky boy juice as his boner thrashed about like a crazed python caught in a sugar bag. It was difficult to breathe, and even harder to swallow his load, but it was fucking worth it. He was in seventh heaven, and I'd taken him there. Finally, he fell back on the bed, arms outstretched, while I licked the remaining cum from his cock.

"Fuck, Daniel! Don't you ever go away on vacation again unless I come with you. You've got no idea how I've been hanging for that", he sighed.

"Am I the only one who blows you?"


"Who else?"


"She's pretty good."

"Not as good as you are, bro. You're something fucking awesome, you know that? Besides, you can't get aggro with a girl. Know what I mean? You can't grab her head and fuck the shit out it like...."

"Mine? Yeah," I laughed. "I thought I was gonna be asphyxiated, but it was worth it. Anyway, dude. I'm as hot as hell now. I gotta jack off, big time... unless you wanna do it for me."

"I'll do better than that, bro. I know I said I'd only blow you once a year, on your birthday, but this is a special occasion -- and it only happens once, so don't get any fancy ideas. OK?"

I laid on my back on my bed as Greg parked his delicious, golden ass above my face and went down on me. His electric lips sent the most erotic of thrills throughout my entire nervous system from the moment they touched my skin-splitting boner. Meantime, my hot, wet tongue was making passionate love to his wrinkled rosebud as his balls rested on my collar bone, and my flat hands smoothed his perfect globes. How I loved his taste and smell, and the feeling of my throbber being excited by his expert lips and tongue. Wicked!

When I shot my load, it was like my brain was totally focused on my groin -- but I was still aware of the sounds of his gagging and swallowing. A straight guy! Eating my boy juice! Whoa! That was just so fucking extreme!

"See you in the morning, bro."

"Lemme check for email first. Maybe Kyle wrote."

"You really like that dude."

"Yeah, he rocks."
hiya daniel

ive been thinkin about your mom gettin married and how you and greg are bros now - it must be fuckin wicked to have a bro like greg - from what youve told me hes fuckin awesome 8=======D----- o:

i guess its somethin like i felt on one of my surfin days.

me and paul were out on the backline at long beach. the surf was pretty big - id say around 4 to 6 feet. both of us were just sittin there watchin everyone. we were both shittin ourselves cos it was the first time wed been out in surf that size and i must tellya that long beach in that size surf rocks. the take off is quick and the wave hollows out somethin fierce so there is only a little bit of water coverin the sand - so goin over the falls in surf that size is definitely gonna hurtya - big time.

anyway paul was the first to see the swell buildin up out to sea.

kyle - what are we gonna do? - paddle for shit out over it or move to the beach?

well movin to the beach wasnt on cos it woulda crunched us before we got there.

i shrugged my shoulders cos i didnt know what to do. so he said

lets go for it - if we get nailed then fuck it.

he was on the peak as the first swell came thru and took off - all i saw was his board flyin up and him disappearin. he had gone right over the falls.

i decided to hang on to the tail of my board and ride it out on my stomach. as the next swell came thru it lifted me up and i saw that i had time to actually stand up - so i did and dropped down the face and did a quick turn - and then i saw it for the first time -

the green room

i was ridin on a glassy face and the peak started to curl over my head. i bent down slightly and then it closed me in. i didnt know if i should laugh or cry. i didnt know what to do when i was in there and i was ridin too far from the face and got caught in the waterfall and got nailed into the sand.

i crawled on to the beach cos i wasnt able to stand up.

the feelin? as i realised what was happenin a million butterflies attacked my stomach and my brain went dead and my animal instinct took over. it was really a case of do or die. okay so i did and died anyway but it was like bein in heaven.

i remember that nite that paul and me made the best love that we ever had. i think it was the nite that we both realised how much we loved each other.

seeya in the green room D

your friend

Kyle 8==========D------
"Who's Paul?"

"A dude Kyle will never forget as long as he lives."

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