Part 75

"Hey, guys! Sam says he wants to hang around."

Dick used his strong arms to heave his wet, muscular body out of the pool, then walked naked along the timber decking until he was standing above Sam and I with his hands placed casually on his narrow hips. "So, whatís the prob?"

Yeah, right. Samís eyes were glued to Dickís thick, heavy semi with its big, cut knob dangling in a lazy arc from his patch of blonde pubes.

"Thatís the prob," I said, nodding towards the Adonisís teen meat. "Samís only... how old are you Sam?"

"Old enough," the kid replied without taking his eyes off Dickís steadily rising beef.

"Old enough for what?" Dick smiled with a twinkle in his eyes.

Sam hauled himself out of the water and knelt at the godís sexy, brown feet. "Can I suck it?" By this time, Dickís throbber was pointed straight at the kidís face which was dwarfed by its seven, fat inches.

"Sure, dude. Give it your best shot."

Paul, Jo and Freddie had joined me to watch Sam wrap both his hands around Dickís veiny shaft, then slide his full, ruby lips over the shiny knob. Whoa! As Sam moved his head back and forth, his long, straight, blonde hair swung with each of his sucking rhythms, and danced like fine threads of gold on his young shoulders.

"Fuck, thatís horny!" Jo laughed. "Do you think heíll wanna suck me, too?"

"And me?" Paul and Freddie said in unison.

I didnít answer them. Sure, watching my cousin trying to swallow Dickís monster was making me damn hot, but I couldnít help wondering if he might say something to his folks about this ó or maybe to one of his friends. I didnít trust the little runt as far as I could throw him.

Suddenly, Dick arched his back and grabbed the kidís head. The rest of us watched in awe as Samís face was crammed to capacity with seven inches of feral cock, exploding its juicy load faster than Sam could swallow. After Dick had shot his final wad, we saw his throbber flop out of the kidís mouth and hang triumphantly in mid air. Sam licked the remaining pearl of cum from its piss slit and smiled. "Did I do OK?"

"Yeah, dude, you did just fine. Fucking fine. Woohoo!"

"OK, Sam, youíd better go now," I ordered before exiting the pool.

Sam stood and faced me. "What for?"

"Yeah, what for?" the other guys echoed.

"Heís too young," I answered. "Besides, he might have a big mouth."

"Thatís what I like about him," Dick laughed.

"Iím serious, guys." I turned to Sam. "Youíd better jet, dude."

"Why? ĎCause I wanna have fun? Thereís something you should know, Daniel. Remember that time I slept over? Well, I sucked your dick while you were asleep. And I swallowed your load. So what díya think about that?"

"Yeah, I remember ... and it felt pretty cool."

"You knew?"


"You werenít asleep?"


"How come you didnít say anything? Donít answer that. I know what youíre gonna say. Iím too young, right? So how come Iíve got a woodie? How come I like to suck cocks? My bud Jason and me do it all the time. OK, so we donít have thick jizz like you guys do, but itís still fun and we like doing it. OK? So whatís the fucking biggie? You think youíre so damn smart, Daniel, and you treat me like Iím some kinda kid who doesnít know whatís going on. Well, I know whatís going on, and I wanna have fun, too, dammit."

Even if Iíd known what to say, nobody wouldíve heard me Ďcause of the cheers and clapping from the other guys. Without a word of protest from me, Ďcause I was speechless, Samís lips were wrapped around Joís five inches. Then Freddieís. Then Paulís six. If the kid had had a uterus in place of a stomach, he wouldíve broken the world record for a multiple birth in nine months from now.

"You want me to suck you now, Daniel?"

All the guys were staring at me, waiting for my answer. Oh, what the hell? Who was he gonna tell about sucking five cocks in a single session? "Are you gonna tell your bud Jason about this?"

"No fucking way, man. Heíd be around here in a fucking second wanting to blow all you awesome guys. Itís my secret."

Everybody crowded around to watch as my cousinís lips slid down my shaft, all the way to my blonde pubes. I placed my hands on his head and felt his silky hair. It was incredibly soft and smooth, and looked totally magic as the sunlight created sparkling, dancing highlights at his slightest movement. Within seconds, I was at the mercy of his lips and tongue as they drew my entire focus to my groin. Nothing else mattered. I threw my head back and wallowed in the incredibly sensuous pleasure of his attention. This kid knew exactly what he was doing as he transported me to physical heaven.

Suddenly, I felt a soft, warm wetness in my ass crack. Paulís? Joís? I didnít know, and I didnít care. The sensation of somebodyís tongue jammed up my hole felt so fucking cool that it didnít matter who was loving my rosebud. As I sensed the rush of boy juice coming, I pulled Samís face to my groin and held him tight. A second later, my throbber erupted its furious torrent of sticky nectar down his willing throat.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Fuck! Eat it, Sam!" I groaned. "Eat my cum!" My whole body was being seriously drained of energy as each massive wad exploded ó one after the other. I could vaguely hear the other guysí excited cheering together with Samís loud gulping noises, but I was too busy enjoying the awesome thrill of unloading my juice to pay much attention to anything else. Whoa!

So who was gonna suck Samís weenie? Nobody asked the question, but we were all thinking it, except maybe Sam. He was still reeling from his huge feast of tasty boy meat. Then, Dick put his hands under Samís armpits and lifted him to his feet. "Iíll blow you now, Sam."


"Something wrong with me?"

"Fuck, no! Itís just that..." Sam bowed his head.


"Nothing much comes out."

"Hey, dude, donít worry about it. Itís cool. Now, what díya say?" The Adonis knelt in front of Sam and looked into the astonished kidís eyes.

"I dunno, man. Itís like..."

"Youíd prefer Daniel? Or one of the other guys?"

"No! I mean, jeez! I mean any of you guys would be so damn cool but ... well, itís like youíre so fucking awesome."

"Ah! I get it. Iím too good for you, right? Listen up, Sam. Nobodyís too good for you. OK? Just remember that." Dick grabbed Samís hands and placed them on his head, then slid his lips along the kidís woodie. At first, my cousinís shocked eyes were as big as plates at the sight of having a killer god on the end of his boner but, soon, he relaxed and began to enjoy it. Enjoy it? Fuck! The kid was in a trance as he fucked Dickís wickedly handsome face.

It didnít take long before Sam threw his head back and let out a yelp like heíd stubbed his toe. All I could see was Dickís face pressed against Samís almost-hairless crotch. Even the kidís balls had disappeared between Dickís lips.

It was about an hour or so later, after weíd been wrestling and fooling around in the pool, that I heard Gregís voice at the back door. "Hey, guys! Lindyís here."

"Ask her to come out here."

"But youíre all nude!"

"So what?"

"Yeah, so what?" Lindy laughed as she walked across the lawn toward the pool. "Hi, guys. The movie was rad! How yíall doiní?" She turned and noticed my cousin. "Hi, youíre Sam, right? I saw you at the wedding, but you were dressed then," she giggled. "Mind if I join you guys?"

Within a few moments, Lindyís clothes had been scattered on the lawn before she dove in. "Greg?" she yelled upon surfacing and flicking the water from her face. "Címon in. Waterís great!"

Greg stood bug-eyed on the timber decking for a while not sure of what he should do. After a short tug-o-war with his conscience, he stripped and joined us. "You guys are all crazy."

"Crazyís cool, man. Peeps donít know what theyíre missing."

Lindy swam a couple of laps and ended up at the shallow end of the pool where Sam was playing with canine Kyle. She stood and thrust her wicked, wet boobs at the kid. "Heís a way cool dog, huh?"

"Iíve never seen them like that before ... tits, I mean."

We all totally cracked before Lindy spoke again. "So what kind of tits have you seen?"

"None. I mean, except for pics in mags or whatever. But not real live ones. Theyíre awesome."

"Why, thank you, Sam. Thatís very nice of you."

"Can I touch them?"

"Cool it, Sam," Greg growled.

"Chill, Greg! Itís only natural for Sam to be curious." Lindy returned her attention to Sam. "Sure you can. Go ahead."

Sam placed his flat hands on Lindyís two perfectly round breasts and fondled them. "Wow! They feel so ... well, yíknow, like firm and big and sexy. And you have such big, pink nipples!"

"Youíve got a boner, Sam."

"Oh! Shit! Iím sorry, Lindy. I didnít mean to. Itís just that..."

"Itís cool, Sam. I take it as a compliment," she smiled, and gave his woodie a little, friendly tug.

Sam may have been taking his new experience very seriously but it was causing the other guys and I to crack up something wicked. Even Greg eventually saw the funny side of it and cracked up, too. And I had to admit that Lindyís boobs were totally fucking horny ó a little on the smallish side but proud and erect as if they wanted the whole world to know how beautifully shaped they were.

"Where are you going, Daniel?"

"I gotta pee, man."

"No, donít!" Dick shouted. "Donít waste it!"

Paul had scrambled out of the pool and joined me. "Can I come?"

"Jeez, guys! Lindyís here! Not to mention Greg! Cool it for Christís sake!"

"Whatís going on?" an inquisitive Lindy asked.

"Guy stuff, Lindy. Just guy stuff. Donít pay any attention."

"Donít gimme that Ďguy stuffí bullshit. Thereís something going on here, and itís about your pee. So, whatís the story?"

"You wouldnít understand, Lindy. Besides, Greg would go fucking ballistic."

"I would?"

"Yeah, you would. Anyway, I donít have time to fucking argue. I gotta pee."

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