Part 80

That night after dinner, Greg was naked at the dining table sketching diagrams of his room -- or, at least, the way he wanted Andy to build it. It looked pretty cool but he was taking forever to make decisions about what would go where, so I decided to check for email.
hiya daniel

i read what you told me about greg and the pedestrian crossin hehehe and its great - brought back a lotta mems about when me and steve were visitin you in florida - gregs gettin the right idea but i think hes gonna start gettin total guilt trips - has to happen - he has to start wonderin about where hes at.

just a while ago i read your note about what happened with paul and greg in the pool - you wont believe this dude but thats exactly the same as me and steve in the pool - WHOA!!!!!!! i felt every line of what you told me. i think you might be pushin greg a bit tho and you could be headed for another prob - cos greg is still seein gay and str8.

anyway i know youll work it out cos youre a blonde himbo hehehe - lemme know what happens!

your friend
8=========D------- *slurp*
Guilt trips? Why would Greg get guilt trips? He was my bro and I didn't want him getting his brain in a knot about stuff. We needed to talk.

"Check this out, Daniel," he grinned proudly as I approached the table. "This is where my bed goes." I followed his finger as he pointed to various parts of his sketch. "And the CD's here, and the comp table goes there, and that's the closet. Cool, huh?"

"Yeah, it rocks. Can't wait to see it built. Maybe we'll swap rooms," I laughed.

"Hey," he said turning his head in the direction of the kitchen, "you ain't done the dishes yet. I cooked, you do the dishes, that's what we agreed. Right?"

"You call that dinner? Ew! Even canine Kyle would've turned his nose up at that slop."

"Then how come you ate every fucking crumb?" he asked as he rose menacingly from the table.

Oops! I was in trouble! I sprinted to the back door and ran to the far end of the pool. Kyle sensed that fun and games were on the agenda and began to get excited. "Not now, Kyle. Down, boy. I've gotta concentrate. My fucking life's at stake here, bud."

Every time Greg ran to one side, I ran to the other. We were both nude and giggling like hell, but there was no way we were gonna make contact until one of us gave up.

"Hey, scaredy cat, let's wrestle on the lawn," he challenged. "Are you a man or a mouse?"

"I'll show you who's a fucking man," I said as I strutted like Sylvester Stallone to the center of the lawn. "Come and get me, dude. Any time."

We were both crouched like wrestlers with our arms outstretched, ready for battle. We danced like warring gorillas for a few minutes until Greg lunged at me. I sidestepped, grabbed him from behind around the chest, then used my weight to force him to the ground where I twisted his arm up his back and got him in a scissor lock with my legs. "You were saying, bro?"

"Damn! Best out of three. OK?"

I released him and we faced each other again, prancing about like a couple of chimpanzees. Greg lunged. I sidestepped. It was a trick! Damn! The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back with him sitting on my chest and pinning my arms to the ground. I tried to roll away but the fucker was too strong.

"You're sitting on my boner, Greg."


"Just thought I'd mention it," I laughed. "You've got one, too, dude."

Round three: This time I got the better of Greg, but Kyle's email was running through my mind. Guilt trips? I decided to let my bro win, although I didn't make it too obvious. I allowed him to get the better of me and to pin me down.

"I win, dude," he announced proudly. "But, I've gotta admit, you put up a pretty awesome fight, man."

"Maybe you won 'cause your straight, bro."


"Let's talk."

"Can we talk later? I'm horny as hell, Daniel. I need to offload. I've got a bucket of juice that's just itching to jet down your pretty throat."

"K, as soon as I do the dishes," I smiled.

"Fuck the dishes! They can wait!"

"No, they can't. You said I gotta do 'em. That's our agreement, right?" I could easily tell by the look on Greg's face that he was fucking furious about having to wait, but it was way cool fun to tease him, even though I was desperate to slide my lips up and down his honey-colored throbber and taste the creamy contents of his hairless balls.

"What are you doing with those plates, man? Scrubbing them so fucking thin that they're gonna float?"

"I'm just doing a good job so you won't fucking complain. Anyway, how do you feel about what happened today?"

"With Paul? I dunno, exactly. I'm kinda mixed up. Before I met you, well, you know what I thought about f I mean, gays."

"You were gonna say fags."

"Well, that's what everybody calls you guys. Y'know? It's like you guys are from another fucking planet."

"We're not, though."

"I know you're not and, since I've gotten to know you and your buds, it's like I dunno what to think anymore."

I put the last dish in the cupboard, placed my hands on Greg's bronzed, muscular shoulders and looked him straight in the eye. "Yes, you do. You've been educated, bro. You're not ignorant like all those homophobes out there who wouldn't know their dick from their fucking elbow. You got a boner when we were wrestling, right? So, what's the prob? Your dick doesn't have a brain so it doesn't get confused. It just does what comes naturally. You get my drift, bro?"

"I'm not sure. It's just so different to the way I used to think. I gotta tell ya, if Paul had tried that with me a while back, I would've smashed his face in. And yours as well."

"Why? To make you feel better? To prove that you're a man? To prove that you're straight? That's all fucking bullshit, man. Nobody's 100% this or that. I would fuck Lindy if I had half a chance."

"You would? OK, lemme ask you this. I watched Paul sucking you today. What if you'd been watching me fucking Lindy? What would you have thought then?"

I had to consider that question for a while. What would I think? "I guess it would've made me horny to see your boner sliding in and out of Lindy's oyster. And maybe I'd be a little bit jealous."


The answer in my head was "'cause I'd be wanting you to fuck me" but it didn't come out of my mouth. "I dunno, exactly."

"I figure you do, bro, and you're just not telling me. Are we gonna be honest with each other or what?" His chocolate eyes drilled the depths of my very soul.

"OK, OK. Peace out. I guess if I saw you fucking Lindy I'd wanna fuck her myself just to get even with you and prove that I was as good as you are."

"Woohoo!" Greg laughed. "So one minute you're telling me that I'm trying to prove that I'm a man and now you're saying that you'd try to compete with me! You're making fuck all sense, dude."

"Maybe that's the answer, bro. Think about it. Maybe none of it makes any sense. Maybe it's not meant to. Maybe sex is just a thing that happens and it's not supposed to be analyzed like some bug under a fucking microscope by some dude in Coke-bottle glasses who never even jacks off. Come to think of it, what's all the fucking fuss about, anyways? Why is society so hell-bent on checking everybody else's boxers for tell-tale stains? What the fuck has it got to do with anybody except the dudes who are having sex?"

"Reality, man. It's called reality. If you painted yourself green and walked down the street, what the fuck would you expect? To be ignored like you were totally normal?"

"That's not the same thing."

"Yes, it is. If you're gonna be gay and out, then most people will think you're weird."

"Do you?"

Greg studied my brown eyes for a long time before he answered. "Yeah, you're weird. And do me a big fav, Daniel. OK? Don't change."

We hugged each other for several minutes, and I could feel my bro's warmth and affection seeping into every pore of my skin as though I were a sponge that couldn't get enough of his love. Neither of us fully understood all this gay vs straight bullshit, but we did understand one thing -- we loved each other. And that's what really mattered.


I felt his hot breath in my ear. "Yeah?" Maybe he felt mine, too.

"I'm horny, dude. And you've finished the dishes."

"Are you sure I've finished all the dishes?"

"Fucking positive!"

"I'm pretty sure there's one more."

"Stop teasing me, you asshole!"



"I can feel your boner pressing against my stomach."

"And it doesn't have a brain, dude. That's what you said. So go get it."

I slid down his smooth, brown body and knelt before him. For a moment, I looked up at him while he looked down at me. His long, black hair tumbled over his broad shoulders. His solid pecs stood out like a proud warrior's. His skin had a golden, matt sheen, and was wrapped tightly around each perfect muscle. "This is not a gay thing, bro," I said in a soft voice, "so don't get all fucking screwed up about what I'm gonna say. OK? You're a god, man. A fucking god."

"Yeah, right. So what straight dude would say something like that to me?"

"He wouldn't say it, man, but he'd think it. I know he would. Guys aren't blind. There's no way anybody couldn't stop themselves from thinking it. I'll bet even your dad thinks you're a god, but he'd never say it to you. Know what I mean?"

"Not sure." A big, cheesy grin spread across his adorable, Eurasian face. "But my dick's hanging out for some attention, dude."

By the time I'd focused on it, it was pointed straight at my eyes. I looked at the glistening, silver drop of pre-cum oozing from his pink piss slit, and the two perfect, juice-filled hangers dangling from the base of his throbber. Whoa! No matter how many times I'd seen his meat, it looked just as appetizing as ever. Delicious!

I felt Greg's hands on my head as his boner slid between my lips. I reached around to his firm buns and squeezed them as he began to fuck my face. My tongue worked his knob while my lips rode the full length of his veiny, iron rod.

Within a few minutes, Greg's throbber kicked like a mule. A truckload of his salty, boy juice jetted down my throat as my nose was pressed against his bush of pubes, and drank in his scent. He wouldn't have heard my gagging and swallowing 'cause he was making too much damn racket roaring like some crazy-eyed bull humping a heifer!

"I dunno what's right or wrong, Daniel," he finally gasped as I cleaned his slowly deflating boner with my tongue. "But it feels fucking wicked."

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