Part 82

I couldn't believe it! Greg had changed his mind after just a few minutes? He was as mad as hell before he stormed into the house, but now he was all smiles. What the fuck?

"Hi ya, Daniel."

"Lindy?" Whoa! What was going on here? "I didn't expect you until later," I blurted as she joined Greg and draped her arm over his meaty shoulder. "Hey, we're all nude, dammit. You want us to get our shorts?"

"Nah, it's cool," she grinned. "I've seen it all before. What I haven't seen, though, is what you're going to do to Greg."

"He told you?" My face felt like a fucking furnace. There I was, naked as a jaybird with nowhere to hide. All eyes were on me, waiting for some kind of explanation.

"Yeah," Greg interrupted, "I told her just now. And you know what she said? She said she'd like to join the guys and watch you blow me. How do you like them apples, bro?"

Whoa! This was a whole different ball game. Lindy? Watching me blow a guy? No way! She'd think I was a ... the word 'fag' popped into my brain and shocked the fucking hell outta me. "Hey, listen, bro, I'm sorry I said all that stuff. OK? I got carried away. It's just that..."

"Greg and I have had a few talks about the stuff that's happened since your folks got married, Daniel," Lindy explained, then turned to Greg. "Do you mind if I tell him?"

"No prob."

"Well, it's not like Greg has told me every little, grotty detail, but he's told me enough for me to figure out what's going on here." She took Greg's hand and led him to the lawn where they sat down with the guys. I joined them and put my arm around Kyle's neck. "The thing is, Daniel," she continued, "you've got a strong personality and you influence people more than you realize. It's cool that Greg feels more comfortable with you and your buds than he did before, but you're trying too hard to change him into what he's not. It's like you need to prove that you're right and he's wrong, but nobody's right and nobody's wrong -- you are what you are, and Greg is what he is. It's not a case of what's right or wrong, but what is. Tolerance is a two-way street, y'know."

"Are you studying to be a shrink?"

"No," she laughed, "but sometimes it's easier to see a problem when you're not the one who's involved in it."

Greg extended his hand. "Shake, bro?"

As I took my bro's hand, all the guys cheered and slapped our backs. "Just one more thing, Lindy," I asked nervously, hoping not to receive an embarrassing answer, "did you mean what you said before? I mean, about wanting to watch?"

"Sure, I did. Hey, I'm just as curious as the next guy." Then a mischievous grin spread across her cute face. "But I knew you wouldn't do it, at least not in front of a girl."

"Cool, let's hit the pool. Are you gonna get nude, Lindy?"

"Sorry, guys, topless will have to do. If some of the other girls were here, maybe I would, but not while I'm the only girl here. Shit, even Kyle's a boy!" she cracked, causing my canine bud to wag his tail and lick my face.

For the rest of the morning, we all wrestled and fooled around in the water, and had some way awesome fun. It was interesting to watch the other guys catching a glimpse of Lindy's tits when they could. None of them, except Greg, had the hots for girls as far as I knew. Maybe it was just because Lindy had such cool looking boobs. They weren't all that big, but they were perfectly round and firm, and sported wicked, pink nipples that stuck out like juicy strawberries. And everytime she ran around the timber decking before diving in, her melons would bounce. I was surprised at how horny they were, and how I'd get a boner just by watching them.

On the other hand, I had an almost permanent boner, anyway, from gawking at the guys. Every one of them was a golden-brown, teen god, but especially Dick 'cause he was the tallest and had the most impressive physique. Every glistening, tanned muscle was a fucking work of art, bulging and rippling with even the slightest movement of his body. That dude could've walked into any model agency and demanded the fucking star treatment from day one.

"Hey, Dick," I said as he surfaced alongside me, "how come you don't get into modelling?"

"I was wondering the same thing about you, dude." He used the palms of his hands to smooth the water from his blonde hair. "But they'd have to put barbed-wire around the cat walk to keep the fans from molesting you," he cracked.

"Hey, Lindy," I shouted, and swam over to her. "I've got an idea. Follow me into the house, and tell Greg not to come. It's private."

I grabbed a towel from the bathroom, dried myself, then headed for mom's bedroom.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Gonna have some fun," I grinned. "Mom won't mind, not that I'd ever tell her." I sorted through some of mom's clothes in the wardrobe and chose a yellow dress. "How about this one?"

"You want me to wear that?"

"Nope. I'm gonna wear it. Help me put it on, then make up my face. Mom's stuff is in the top drawer."

The look on Lindy's face was priceless. "Wicked! This is gonna rock!"

As Lindy painted my face and lips, I decided that this was a good time to ask some questions. "How much has Greg told you? About him and me, that is."

"That's confidential. And stop moving your lips. You're smearing the lipstick -- unless you want it on your nose as well." She took a tissue and wiped the excess lippy from my face. "But he has told me how he feels about you. He loves you very much, and he thinks you rule. He said that you've taught him a lot about himself, and that he's a better person now."

"He didn't tell you about... well, other stuff?"

Lindy used the tissue again to clean the red off my nose. "Stop moving your lips, dammit! Anyway, he mentioned a few things, but in a round-about way. I think I know what's happening, though, 'cause I know you so well. Remember the hole in the wall between the school showers? And how you loved to tease the girls? You're a very physical and sensual person, Daniel, so I don't have to be fucking Einstein to figure out what's going on between you and Greg."

"You said 'fucking'."

"I'll say a lot more than that if you don't stop moving your fucking face!" She applied a little mascara to my lashes, then a touch of eyebrow pencil. "Now, take a look in the mirror."

"Jeez!" It was a complete transformation! I was a totally different person! I looked fucking gorgeous! "This is incredible!" I began to pose like one of those famous models in the fashion mags that mom would leave lying around the house. "I can't believe it! Maybe I should've been born a girl."

"Not with that enormous cock of yours. Besides, we like you better the way you are. Do you have any socks? And a sheet?"

After stuffing the rolled-up socks down the front of my dress, Lindy and I went to the back door, where I stood to one side, holding the sheet. She walked a few paces toward the pool and made an annoucement. "Guys! Listen up! Today is a very special day. You're about to witness the inaugural presentation of Lindy's Model Agency. Please leave the pool and be seated on the lawn." I watched through the window as the guys sat around on the grass while Lindy stepped onto the timber decking. "This will be the cat walk where my first model will parade. Now, to provide an element of surprise, please close your eyes and don't open them until I say so. If I catch anybody peeking, I'll tie their fucking dick in a knot and they'll have to piss sideways for the rest of their lives. Not to mention fucking. Ready? OK, close your eyes."

When I saw Lindy's finger beckon me, I ran across the lawn to the pool decking. I held one corner of the sheet while Lindy held the other. Once I was hidden from view, she told the audience to open their eyes.

"Behind this, uh, curtain, gentlemen, stands one of my newest and most exciting models -- Daniele."

Everybody must've realized what was going on 'cause I could hear them cracking up big time. Then I noticed my bare feet -- they were visible under the lower edge of the sheet. Oh, well...

"When you've all done guffawing like a bunch of adolescent morons," Lindy growled, "we'll get on with the show. And now, may I present the beautiful, the awesome, the voluptuous, the incredible, the breathtaking ... DANIELE!"

Lindy and I released the sheet, which dropped to the decking. I stood there like an idiot for a moment, watching the looks of utter dismay on the faces of my buds. They were in shock -- mesmerized -- completely blown away by the totally unexpected vision which stood gracefully before them. It was only a few seconds before I'd composed myself and began my 'parade' but, within that short time, I'd noticed the expression on Greg's face. His jaw was almost touching the lawn and his chocolate eyes were popping majorly. It was as though he'd seen the most beautiful woman in the world. I figured my new 'image' must've appealed to his hetero nature big time.

For the next five minutes or so, I pranced, danced and posed along the decking to the cheering, laughter and applause of the audience. Even Lindy couldn't resist becoming hysterical, despite trying valiantly every so often to assume the serious demeanor befitting her role as presenter.

The next 'model' to be made up was Steve. I took the opportunity to shower and wash off the makeup. No sooner had I turned on the hot water than there was a knock at the door. "Daniel? It's me, Paul." He let himself in and joined me in the stall. "You were fucking sensational, Daniel, but I'm really hanging to blow you. Better wash all that stuff off your face first, though. I like you better when you're macho."

"Gotta piss first, man."

Paul squatted instantly and opened his mouth as my stream exploded from my piss hole. He took hold of my semi between his thumb and fingers and directed my torrent all over his face until its force had subsided to just a few final squirts. Then, he took my cock into his mouth. His experienced tongue and lips sent instant thrills throughout my entire body, but were especially concentrated around my crotch. I could feel my teen meat growing and thickening rapidly inside Paul's mouth, and forcing his face further away from my patch of blonde pubes.

I placed my hands on his head and fondled his wet, black hair as his lips and tongue continued to work their exquisite magic, and his finger entered my ass hole. "Fuck, Paul," I groaned, "you do that so damn well, man." I threw my head back and let the warm water splash over my face and chest as my bud kept sending me to his own private Paradise.

After a few minutes, my body tensed, and my ass muscles squeezed my bud's finger. Despite his gagging and swallowing, his tongue kept working my swollen knob as it jetted wad after wad of my sticky boy juice into his mouth. I grabbed his hair and pulled his face to my pubes while my balls continued to empty their huge load of hot cum down his willing and busy throat.

"Whoa, man," I gasped as I fell against the tiled wall of the shower stall, "sometimes I forget just how fucking awesome your blow jobs are. They rock something serious, dude."

Paul didn't respond until he'd allowed my spent throbber to get lazy in his mouth, then licked the last pearl of juice from my knob. He gazed up at me with his adoring, electric-blue eyes. "They're awesome 'cause you're awesome, Daniel."

The rest of Lindy's 'parade' was a total, fucking hoot. Steve, Paul, Benny and the guys looked so fucking horny, I could hardly believe it. Dick -- well, Dick looked kinda weird 'cause my mom's clothes didn't fit properly. He was just too damn big. We cracked so much at the sight of 6 feet of Adonis dressed like a woman, our stomachs were hurting.

It was about 2pm when Dick suggested we order pizza from his work for lunch. He always got an employee's discount. Extra mozzarella? With Lindy there? Hmmm.

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