Part 86

"Greg?" There was no response -- not a word. "Greg? Is that you?"

"I'm so... I'm so... sorry, Daniel."

"Dammit, stop blubbering! Are you calling from the apartment?"


"I'll be there in a few minutes. Don't move! Got it?"

"No, Daniel! Don't come! I can't face you!"

"Jesus Christ, Greg! Will you quit the fucking sorry shit? You're making me mad as hell but not for the reason you think. Now, you'd better be there when I arrive or I'll break both your damn legs." I hung up and turned to Paul. "Sorry, bud, but this is private bro stuff. You stay here."

I dropped my BMX on the apartment drive and ran up the stairs. Greg's front door was slightly ajar. Fuck! He's gone! I rushed inside and took a look around. Every room was empty. "Greg? Greg? Where are you? Bro? Are you here?" As I checked each room once again, I heard sobbing noises coming from the bathroom. I tried the door but it was locked from the inside. "Greg? Is that you?"

"Leave me be, Daniel. I can't face you."

"Dammit, man! What's the biggie? Hey, I've got a damn fine ass, man! You're not the first dude who's been turned on."

"I raped you. I raped my own fucking bro."

"Open the fucking door!"

"I don't wanna fight you, Daniel. Leave me alone."

"Then come out here and hug me, for fuck's sake! I'm not leaving here until you do, dammit!" There was no answer. "K, just think about it. I'm not mad at you and you didn't rape me. OK? You've got a dick and balls and I've got a cute ass. That's all there is to it. I could've stopped you, but I didn't."

"Why didn't you?"

"I'm not sure. Yeah, I was surprised, and I guess I didn't know what to do. But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it." I paused a moment to reflect, then laughed. "You're one mean fucker, bro." I waited for a response, but got none. "Listen up, I'm gonna phone Paul. He'll be wondering what the fuck is happening. Just think about what I said. OK?"

I walked down the short hall to the kitched and punched in my number. Paul had only just answered when I heard a noise. "Hang, Paul. I gotta check something." I dropped the phone and checked the hall. Greg was heading for the front door when I sprinted after him and brought him crashing to the floor with a flying tackle. Within a second, I was on top of him. "You're not going anywhere, bro." He struggled for a short while, then his body went limp as he surrendered all resistance and sobbed uncontrollably. After releasing my grip and rolling him onto his side, I laid down beside him and held his face to my naked chest. "It's OK, bro. It's OK. I love you," I said softly.

A puffing and panting Paul arrived five minutes later. "Is everything OK?"

"Yeah, Paul. We'll see you back at the house. Just give us some time, OK?"

"Cool. See you then. I'll make lunch -- your mom's got a frozen pizza in the fridge."

"Oh, and phone Lindy when you get back. Tell her Greg's OK now."

"Will do. See ya!"

Greg and I remained in our horizontal embrace for probably half an hour without a word being spoken. All I did was hold his head and run my fingers through his long, black hair as his convulsing body emptied the grief and guilt from his heart. I wanted him to take his time before asking him to come home with me.

When Greg finally did stop sobbing, I placed my chin on his head and pulled his face close to my breast. It was so damn nice to smell the sweet perfume rising from his hair. "Let's not talk about this any more until you're ready. OK?" I whispered. "Just know one thing, bro. I'm not mad at you for what happened. Please believe that I love you, and that I totally freaked when I thought you'd run away. Never do that to me again. OK?"




As we left the apartment, a woman opened her door. "Please don't leave your bicycle laying on the driveway, young man. It's dangerous!"

"Sorry, ma'm. It won't happen again. I can promise you that."

Rather than ride the BMX home, I walked alongside my bro, wheeling the black freestyle along the pavement. I figured that this wasn't a time to rush things, but a time to take things slow and easy. We didn't talk at all, but I could sense that Greg was feeling much better.

"Just in time, dudes!" Paul beamed as we entered the kitchen. "The pizza's almost ready. I added a few extra things."

"Like what?" I asked, wondering if my bud had juiced our lunch.

"Olives, sun-dried tomatoes, stuff like that."

"Cool. Let's eat out by the pool."

What was it about dogs that made them think that what humans were eating had to be better than what they were eating? And how come they had big, sad eyes that could make you feel as guilty as shit if you didn't give them a slice of pizza? "Go chew on a bone, Kyle. Atta boy."

"Yeah," Paul laughed. "Follow your master's example, Kyle. Daniel loves bones, too."

Paul's comment had worked wonders! Greg actually cracked up. Neither Paul nor I made a biggie out of it but we were glad to see that Greg was chilling out, at last.

The rest of the afternoon was way cool as we all fooled around in the pool, naked as the day we were born. Paul and I had boners most of the time, and even Greg's delicious semi got hard a few times. Was he being turned on by my butt? Hell! Why shouldn't he be? It was a damn fine butt. Actually, so was his! Greg had an awesomely wicked bod, colored to bronzed perfection by his Eurasian mix. When ever he hauled himself out of the water and spread his shiny, wet, golden buns, I couldn't help gawking at his brown and pink hole, and thinking how fucking inviting it looked. I'd had my tongue buried in that tasty rosebud a few times, but would I ever get my throbber in? Nah. The dude was straight, but I suspected that he was enjoying the attention he was getting, even though he pretended not to notice my swimming toward him every time he got ready to leave the pool. Yeah, right. The teasing bastard knew my peepers were glued to his pinky -- well, at least when they weren't glued to Paul's.

By late afternoon, I'd gotten a chance to talk privately to Paul while Greg was inside the house taking a dump. "I know you wanna sleep over again tonight, Paul, but I think it's important for me to be with my bro. He might feel like talking."

"Yeah, I understand. No prob, dude. Maybe I can sleep over tomorrow night."

"We'll see."

Greg insisted on cooking dinner -- probably 'cause he needed to keep his mind occupied -- so I took the opportunity to check for email. With all the fuss, I'd almost forgotten that it was nearly Kyle's birthday. He was gonna celebrate it on a camping trip with Steve at a place called Jeffreys Bay where the Billabong Surfing Champs were being held for a week or so.
hiya Daniel

im pretty damn lucky - i guess im probly luckier than most people ive ever known. yesterday said goodbye to wingnut - he came around with his school tracksuit on and his hair all brushed lookin like a million bucks.

steve and me went for a wave but it was pretty flat and we spent most of the time just sittin out in the pond talkin - we were the only two nutters out there - and some of the guys told us that theyd gone to long beach and it was flat there as well. theres a stacka guys goin to jbay so were gonna meet up with them there.

in the arvie i put all the stuff out that i needed to pack. my mom came to have a look at what i was takin.

hey mom - youre not gonna pack for me?

she laughed - the last time i packed for you you threw most of it out but i hope that youre going to take enough clean underwear and socks.

yeah mom right. hehehe

oh and steve wants you to go around to his house at 7.

oh? i thought i was gonna go for pizza with you and dad.

we will but you need to go to steves first.

so i went around to steves place and he was in his room listenin to music.

hey steve you need to put somethin on under your boardies cos your fuckin nuts are hangin out one side and your dick out of the other.

really? didnt think youd notice - so you want to rearrange them so they dont stick out?

ok so my mom said you wanted to see me.

huh? fat chance - id rather look in the mirror - you are u g l y.

so i put my hand up his boardie legs and grabbed a handful of his nads. im what?

hehe you are u g l y dude - fuck kyle! dont squeeze!

seriously my mom said you wanted to see me.

yeah i remember but i cant remember why now. hey you wanna beer or somethin?

better not a beer cos im goin out with my folks tonite for pizza.

mmm okay.

so we sat there listenin to music and the phone rang.

kyle its your mom - they wanna go to the mall and theyre waitin. ill walk around to your place with you.

so we walk to my house and i go in the door with steve behind me. and the house is quiet.

anyway i walk thru to the den and you wont fuckin believe it - ross - mark - darren - gareth - kevin - jumbo - little joe - and the girls - theyre all there and theres a fuckin cake with candles burnin and they all shout happy birthday and steves grinnin like a cheshire cat behind me. my eyes were burnin like mad.

my mom gives me a huge hug - you didnt think you would leave without us having a small celebration did you? dads got something for you.

Daniel youre not gonna believe this - my dad gave me this box all wrapped up and inside was a brand new fuckin wettie - brand fuckin new - pitch black brand new rip curl wettie - i couldnt fuckin believe it. i just stared at it - my folks musta gone bust to buy the thing. i got a nirvana collection cd from darren and the other guys gave me cards and cash. then i got another parcel.

the card was a surfer and inside it said - hey kyle - bet youre surprised - your folks planned this a week ago but i knew i couldnt be there - thanks for being a big brother to me and for everything. this is just something really small but i hope you like it - wingnut.

it was a quiksilver keyring with a surfer logo on it.

the guys didnt stay too long - they all had plans but it was so cool that they were all there. darren stayed a while and chatted to my dad about how college was goin.

steve gave me a keychain that goes on to the zip of the wettie.

i tried the suit on and it fits like a glove - it is so damn awesome and its a 4-3-2 so its great for cold water.

steve came with us for pizza and we actually had an early nite. i battled to get to sleep tho cos my mind was so damn full of this whole trip and what had happened.

my dads gonna take some time off from work and drive us over the mountain a bit - probly about two hours outta town - he says itll be easier for us to hitch a ride from there.

from there well travel to jbay along the n2 going past knysna - george - plettenberg bay. jbay is about 70km this side of port elizabeth. we reckon that we will probly get there very late tonite or early tomorrow mornin dependin on the rides.

im packed and ready to go. i just needta sort out the vacation reply on eudora mail and a few other things.

its gonna be a rave trip.

ill be thinkin of you and ill also be keepin a diary every day and along the trip.

i hope that you have a good week and i hope everythins cool with greg. ill writeya as soon as i get back.

ill be here for a few hours still so ifya reply ill try and look at it.

cya Daniel
your friend
*huge fuckin hugs*
Whoa! He'd be gone in a few hours! I emailed a quick note, hoping that he'd get to see it before he left for Jeffreys Bay. Damn, what a totally rad time he and Steve were gonna have! And I was so pleased to hear about his surprise birthday party, I got all damn teary -- especially about the new wettie his folks bought for his birthday. He was saving up to buy one for himself, but spent the money on a sufboard for Wingnut instead. Kyle was a one-in-a-million dude, and I felt so fucking proud to be his bud.

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