Part 87

"What this?"

"I dunno. I just checked what Nancy had in the pantry and threw a few things together. It's a stir-fry with beef. My mom used to cook stuff like this."

"Mmmm, tasty! There's a kinda weird flavor I can't figure, but it's way cool."

"Could be the ginger. Hey, listen, bro, I'm really sorry..."

"Forget it. It never happened." I swallowed another mouthful of food. "Damn, this is good! By the way, what's for dessert?"

"I didn't make any."

"Wanna bet?" I cracked. "We'll have it in your room."

"It's not even built yet."

"So? We can pretend!"

When we'd done the dishes, Greg helped me dismantle the spare bed in my room, then assemble it on the lawn where his room would eventually be built. After that, we got the portable TV and my CD player and put them on a small table. Hey! His 'room' was looking pretty neat even though it didn't have walls yet. Anyway, it was good therapy for my bro -- I could see that he was feeling a lot happier. When we'd done arranging all the furniture to his satisfaction, he asked me what I wanted him to make for dessert.

"You've already made it, dude. It's in your balls."

"You mean...? Are you sure you wanna...?

"Nothing's changed, man. You're still the hottest looking bro a guy could wish for. Let's cool off in the pool a while. Last one in's a fag," I yelled as I ditched my baggies and dove in first.

Greg broke the surface just ahead of me. The sparkling water lit by the setting sun, and cascading off his long, black hair and tanned shoulders, looked totally magic. His chocolate eyes were bright, and his wide grin revealed rows of perfect white teeth behind his full, ruby lips. "I guess that makes me a fag, huh?"

"I won't tell anybody," I laughed. "Hey, it's so fucking cool to see you happy again, man. You gotta promise me you'll stay this way forever. OK?"

Instead of answering, he dove and swam behind me. The next thing I felt was his hand on my ass as he goosed me. Yow! A few seconds later, he was at the other end of the pool giggling his tits off. "You want my juice, you gotta earn it, bro."

By the time I'd reached him, he'd hauled himself out of the pool and was standing on the timber decking, twirling his semi around. "Is this what you're looking for, Daniel?" he grinned. It was so fucking cool to see that mischievous twinkle in his sexy, Eurasian eyes again.

His cut dick looked so damn edible with its thick shaft and cool shaped head. As he laughed, his stomach would form a shallow depression under his ribs and cause the outline of his sixpack to become even more well defined. His bronzed skin was wet and shone with a sexy, satin glow from the fading daylight. "Jeez, you're hot, dammit!"

"So come and get me."

The moment I'd hauled myself out of the water, he dove back in, surfacing on the opposite side. I watched him raise one leg and plant his foot on the decking. When he stood upright, he had his back to me, while his face was turned toward me, making sure I wasn't close enough to catch him. "Guess what I've got, Daniel?" he beamed.


"A big, fat boner. You wanna see it?"

I dove in but, by the time I'd surfaced, he'd stepped a few yards further away. This time, though, he was facing me and moving his hips so that his boner was slapping wildly against his abs. "Fuck you, Greg! You're teasing the fucking shit outa me!"

"You want me to come a little closer?" He stepped forward but was still out of reach. He used his thumb to force his boner down so that its swollen head was pointed straight at my face. I could see its enlarged piss hole and thought about all the tasty juice that was gonna explode outa that thing -- and I didn't wanna miss one, single, delicious drop.

"Just a little bit closer," I smiled. As soon as his foot appeared to be within my grasp, my hand shot forward like a lizard's tongue and grabbed his ankle. I had the bastard! Woohoo! He waved his arms around in a vain attempt to maintain his balance but I pulled his leg and soon had him toppling into the pool. Within a flash, I was behind him, twisting his arm up his back and holding him around the neck. "Gotcha!"

"Bit difficult to blow me from around there, bro," he giggled.

"Maybe," I said slowly, with a hint of menace in my voice, "but I could fuck you from around here."

"You wouldn't!"

"Wouldn't I?"

"Would you?"

"Tell ya what. You stop teasing the hell outa me and let me blow you, and I won't fuck your sweet ass. Deal?"


I asked my bro to sit on the side of the pool, dangle his legs in the water and rest back on his elbows. This wasn't a good time for Kyle to come sniffing around, so I told him to go chew a bone, which cracked Greg right up. "Runs in the family, I guess."

"Shuddup, smartass. Just lay back and enjoy it. I'm gonna blow your lights out." Once I'd lifted his throbber off his stomach and sent my lips sliding down its rock-hard shaft, I scooped his balls in one hand and used the other to smooth his abs and chest. Damn, I loved to feel his body while I was blowing him. There wasn't an ounce of fat anywhere -- just lean, solid muscle beneath skin so smooth it felt like warm satin.

After a few minutes, Greg's moans of ecstasy were getting longer and louder. I took his teen meat out of my mouth for a moment to ask him something. "You wanna see what it looks like when you shoot your load into my face?"

He tilted his cute head to one side. "Not sure."

"It's way cool! Paul and I have done it a few times. It's totally awesome to watch. Lemme know when you're about to cum, and I'll hold your dick." I sent my lips down his veiny rod again, and used my tongue to massage his knob which was oozing a heap of salty pre-cum.

A few minutes later, I heard the warning. "Oh, shit! I'm gonna cum!" he groaned with a quiver in his young voice.

I backed off his boner and held it just a few inches from my open mouth. The damn thing had a mind of its own and wanted to buck like a crazed bronco, but I managed to hold his pulsating beef so that each of his powerful wads exploded right on target; straight between my lips and onto my waiting tongue.

When the last of his boy juice had fired, I looked up at my bro's face and swallowed his delicious load. Actually, I had to swallow a couple of times to force the sticky stuff down my throat. Then I squeezed the head of his throbber and licked the final blob of jizz from its shiny, pink slit.

"Whoa! That looked so damn rad! Fucking outasight!"

"Told you so."

"Hey! I just remembered -- you didn't get to have dessert in my 'room'."

"That's OK," I shrugged. "I'll jack off on your bed. You can dangle your balls in my face." I towelled myself before laying on the spare bed which we'd placed on the lawn. I figured my bro wouldn't have appreciated sleeping on a wet sheet that night. As soon as I was ready, he straddled my chest -- facing away from me -- and parked his golden buns just above my head. What a fucking horny sight! "Hey, bro? Can you jack me off? I wanna smooth my hands over your wicked buns and feel your balls rubbing against my mouth."

"You're a real fucking deviant, you know that?"

"Yeah," I laughed. "Deviants have more fun. Just don't fart. OK?"

"You shouldn't have said that, dude," he chuckled.

"You fart, asshole, and I'll twist your balls so hard you'll scream for fucking mercy!"

"OK, OK! Chill! I get the fucking message, dude."

I heard Greg spit a couple of times before he wrapped his fist around my stiff cock. He was getting to be pretty darn cool at jacking me off -- using his thumb to massage my knob as he stroked my shaft. Meantime, I was running my open hands over the flawless, golden skin of his globes, and spreading them to watch his wrinkled hole stretch and contract. Whoa! That looked so damn hot! At the same time, his hairless nads were bouncing around on my face in time with his jerking action.

As soon as I'd sensed that I was about to offload a bucket of Daniel juice, I lifted my head slightly and ran my tongue along the hard muscle between his hangers and hole. Just as my tongue entered his spicy, tender inner sanctum, my whole body tensed and the first of my sticky wads exploded like a shower of fireworks. The combination of his clenched fist riding my constantly erupting throbber and my face pressed against his firm buns was just so fucking awesome, I wanted this moment to last forever. But, of course, it didn't. My twenty seconds of total bliss ended with Greg rolling off me and sitting on the grass next to the bed.

"I don't think I'll ever understand you, Daniel," he said with a friendly smile.

"What's there to understand, bro?"

"Did you mean what you said in the pool? About fucking me?"

"Well..." I took a moment to consider my answer. "Yes and no. I mean, I would if you wanted me to."

"What does it feel like? Y'know, to have a hard dick up your ass?"

"Hard to explain. It's kinda painful at first, but then you get used to it."

"So, if it hurts, why the fuck do you do it?"

There was no simple answer to that question. "I dunno, exactly. All I know is that it's like a sort of giving thing. It's like you wanna please the guy who's fucking you -- but it's gotta be the right guy."

"And I'm the right guy?"


"I still don't understand." He shook his head, then used one hand to brush the hair from his eyes. "I mean, like I'm sure I'd freak big time if you fucked me."

That caused me to crack up something serious! "Sorry, bro," I said while slapping the mattress with my open hand and trying to catch my breath, "but just the thought of you hanging off the end of my seven inches is like fucking hilarious! Damn, that's funny!"

"And you hanging off the end of my six isn't?"

"No." I leaned forward and ran my hand through his feral, black locks. "I think you're way cool, Greg. You're the coolest step bro a guy could want. You'd better believe it. You can have my ass any time you want it." Whoa! What had I just said? "Well, maybe not just any time but, y'know, so long as I'm in the mood," I grinned. "Gimme a little friendly peck on the mouth."

He hesitated for a few seconds as his sexy, black peepers studied mine. Then his face dissolved into a cheeky smile. I closed my eyes and felt his full, fleshy lips gently press against mine. It was just a few seconds worth of warm-hearted affection but it coursed through my veins like a white-water raft and made me feel as though I was floating on a blissful cloud of brotherly love.

"Lemme tell you something, Greg. I'm just so fucking pleased that my mom met your dad."

"Me, too, bro."

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