Part 88

It was a warm and fine night so Greg decided to sleep outdoors. I guessed he just wanted to pretend that he was really in his own room, and I could understand that. Having a room of your own was like majorly important to a teen. It gave you the privacy to do your own thing, and to jack off whenever you felt like it, which, in my case, was often.

I worked out with the chest expander for about ten minutes, while checking out my bod in the full-length mirror. "You're a pretty lucky dude," I said to myself. "You could've been born some kinda nerd or whatever." That got me to thinking about vanity. Was I vain? "Yeah," I smiled at my reflection, "you're a fucking vain asshole who thinks your shit doesn't stink." But what about all the other guys? They were all proud of themselves, too. They strutted around like they owned the fucking world. So was it so bad to be vain?

I stepped closer to the mirror and studied my face. The thing that really pissed me about mirrors was that you couldn't see your profile no matter how hard you tried. You'd swivel your eyes as far to the left or right as they would go, but you still couldn't see your damn profile! Anyway, I just stared at my brown eyes for a few moments. "Are you better than other guys?" I asked myself. "Nope, not better. I'm just proud to be who I am." I was happy with my brain's answer, smiled, and continued my workout.

It was well after midnight when I heard a tap on my window. "Who the fuck...?" I mumbled as I rolled off the bed and moved the curtain to one side. "Dick! 'Sup, dude?"

"Haven't seen you for a while, bud. You feel like going for a walk?"

I could only see Dick's face and chest. The rest of him was obscured by the wall. "Are you nude?"

He stepped back a few paces and raised his arms. "I'm not wearing a stitch, dude," he laughed.

"Did you walk around here like that?"

"Yeppers. I was home in my room and about to jack off when I started thinking about that stuff you'd told me about the pedestrian crossing. It made me so fucking horny, whoa! So I figured I'd call around and see if you wanted to..."

"Hang, man! The last time I tried that, I was with Greg and we got seriously busted."

"You telling me you don't wanna? Am I at the wrong house?" He glanced from side to side. "What's happening to you, Daniel? You getting old before your time or something?"

"Don't shit me, man. I'm still the same Daniel."

"Prove it."

Damn! I could never resist a dare -- besides, Dick's wicked, infectious grin had a way of making you defenceless. The butterflies were already attacking my stomach big time as we reached the crossing where the large, orange light hung from wires suspended above the road. All the nearby houses were in darkness, and the streets were empty of traffic and people. "Are you scared?"

"Yep. You?"

"Shaking like a fucking leaf."

"You wanna call it off?"

"And have you tell all the guys that I'm a wuss? No fucking way, dude." I stepped onto the road and walked to the center of the crossing. When I turned to check on Dick, he was still standing on the sidewalk. I beckoned him to follow me, but several seconds had elapsed before he'd plucked up the nerve to join me.

"This was a way bad idea, Daniel," he whispered. "It seemed cool when I was thinking about it at home, but I'm not so sure now."

"Tell ya what. You go back to the sidewalk and keep your eyes peeled while I jack off. Then I'll do the same for you. OK?"

As soon as Dick had returned to the shadows of the trees, I wrapped my fist around my hard seven inches and arched my back as if to show myself to the aliens. "Check this out, dudes." I was scared shitless but, at the same time, the thrill of being totally naked in the glare of the street light was sending an electrically charged rush throughout my entire body. Fuck! This was so damn rad!

I spat on my hand, then stroked my throbber while using my other hand to massage my balls. Pretty soon, my mind was so focused on the incredibly erotic pleasure centered around my crotch, I'd almost forgotten about where I was, or that I could've been busted at any second.

The wild excitement of jacking off in a public place caused me to offload a lot quicker than I would've normally. Through squinted eyes, I watched my spurts of boy juice fly into the air, then form several little blobs on the asphalt. Whoa! Eventually, after the final wad had exploded from my knob, my quivering muscles relaxed.

"OK, dude, your turn. I'll keep watch."

"Damn you, Daniel. I've never seen anything so fucking horny in all my life! I almost blew my load right here! That was just so fucking awesome! I wish I'd thought of bringing the camera."

"Maybe next time," I laughed.

I watched Dick walk into the center of the crossing, swivel his eyes nervously in several directions, then grab hold of his way cool monster. So that's what I looked like just a few moments before? Jeez! He was right! It was just so fucking awesome to see some totally nude boy-god jacking off in the middle of the road!

The overhead light caused dancing shadows to fall on Dick's six feet of tanned muscle as he tugged away at his iron-hard throbber. Dick had one of the hunkiest bods I'd ever seen -- not big like a body builder's, but perfectly defined, trim and athletic, with wide, meaty shoulders that narrowed to a small waist. It was so damn cool to watch his lats bulge and ripple over his ribs as he jacked himself into a frenzy in the open air under the stars.

After a few minutes, his knees buckled and his back arched. He was a few yards away from where I was standing, but I could still see the wads of thick, sticky cum exploding from his bucking teen meat as his fist pumped his balls dry.

"Man, that was just so fucking outasight!" he laughed as he joined me on the sidewalk. "Woohoo! I'm gonna remember that for-fucking-ever!"

"You're not the only one, dude. I didn't realize how fucking awesome it would be to watch a guy doing that, instead of being out there with him."

"Hey, you wanna piss?"

"Now that you mention it..."

"Cool. Let's go back out there."

I watched Dick sprint back to the center of the crossing before I'd realized what he wanted me to do. Piss on him out there? Hadn't we taken enough risks already? Oh, fuck it. What the hell? I stepped off the kerb and walked toward him. As I approached, he got down on his knees in readiness for the flood.

It had always intrigued me why guys wanted to do this kinda thing. I mean, if you didn't know Dick or Paul and saw them walking down the street, you'd think they were just regular guys -- well, good looking regular guys. But you'd never think that they were the type of dudes who enjoyed being pissed on. Then again, it wasn't the kinda thing they'd have stamped on their foreheads, either.

Anyway, I aimed my semi at the dude's open mouth and let my piss stream loose. Actually, it was kinda cool to watch it bubble out of his mouth and form a couple of little waterfalls that dribbled off the bottom of his chin. About half way through, I aimed my yellow jet at other parts of his handsome face, then at his killer pecs. Pretty soon, the Adonis was all shiny and wet -- and, I had to admit, his smooth, tanned skin looked totally fucking hot covered in my warm, lustrous piss.

When I'd fired the last few squirts and shaken off the final drops, he wanted to know if he could piss on me. "Nah. Sorry, dude. It's not my scene, but it's cool doing it to you."

"OK, no prob. You go back to the sidewalk and watch me."

I'd only just arrived back to the safety of the shadows when he aimed his semi at a 45-degree angle. Suddenly, a thin but powerful jet of liquid erupted from his piss hole and arced several feet into the air before it broke up into separate snake-like ribbons. I watched them splash noisily to the asphalt and form a rough circle of shimmering piss that reflected the orange light from the overhead walk-sign.

On the way back to my place, we were still totally fucking hyped about the rad fun we'd just had, and talked and laughed about it all the way home.

"You'd better take a shower, dude. Stale piss stinks something serious. Ew!" Dick talked me into taking a shower with him, and why not? Hey, this dude's bod was a classic, and soaping him up was always the bomb.

"Can I ask you something personal, Dick?"


"Are you vain?"

"How do you mean? You mean do I love myself?"

"Yeah, kinda. It's like I'm running my soapy hands all over your muscles -- and I've gotta tell ya, man, they feel fucking awesome! Whoa!"

"So do yours." He ran his wet hands over my pecs and erect, brown nipples. "Your bod is just so damn cool, Daniel."

"Yeah, but... I mean, like, do you know how awesome you are? Y'know? Do you check yourself out in the mirror and stuff?"

"I guess I do. But it's like when I see you, I don't think about my own bod, I think about yours, and how it turns me on big time."

"Same here. I was just wondering about vanity, though, and what it is, exactly. Like, you see nudie pics of dudes on the net and they're strutting their stuff. Do you think they're vain?"

"I've never really thought about it. But I can tell you one thing, bud. There's no way some shy dude is gonna get naked in front of a camera and wave his fucking throbber around for the whole world to see."

"So, you're saying they're vain?"

Dick took his time before he answered me. I could almost hear his brain ticking over as he soaped my back and ass, especially my ass. "You've got such a fucking wicked pair of buns, Daniel. It's a wonder Greg's still straight."

"You didn't answer my question."

"Well, man, I'm no fucking shrink, OK? But I figure those guys know how hot they look and they just get a buzz outa showing off."

"So they're vain?"

"Think about it, dude. Is a comedian vain? He knows he can make peeps laugh, so he gets up on stage and makes jokes. Is that vain?"

"I guess not."

"And some singer dude like Tay Hanson knows that he's got heaps of fans who love to watch him make music. Is he vain 'cause he likes to sing?"

I turned around to face Dick as I let the water rinse the suds from my body. "K, so if I know that my bod turns dudes on, it's OK to show it off and tease guys?"

"Sure! Why not? I know that my bod gets guys excited. So what am I gonna do? Hide it?" he laughed. "Hey, it's fun to turn guys on."

"Yeah, you're right. It's fun. So it's not a vain thingie."

"Lemme ask you something. Do you think you're superior to other dudes?"

"Hey, that's a question I asked myself tonight. No, I don't think I'm better. I'm just proud to be me."

"Cool. Then you don't have a prob, Daniel."

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