Part 89

Dick and I were in the kitchen preparing breakfast when Greg wandered in, running his open hands through his unruly mop of long, black hair and yawning. "Hi, guys," he said, sleepily. "How ya doin', Dick?"

"Which dick are you talking to?" the Adonis laughed.

It was only then that my drowsy bro, dressed in his boxers, noticed that Dick and I were nude. "Jeez, don't you guys ever wear clothes?" he mumbled, shaking his head.

"Cocks need air, man. It's not natural to keep the fucking things cooped up. You want some pancakes?"

"Sure. I'll just go take a leak, first."

I had to restrain Dick from following Greg to the bathroom. "Chill, man. He's not into that kinda thing."

"Too bad. He's one sexy looking mutha. Jeez, if I had a step bro like him, I'd never leave him alone."

"By the way, how are Jo and Freddie doing?"

Dick flipped a pancake into the air and caught it expertly with the pan. "They're way cool. I see them maybe two or three times a week."

"You still have sex with them?"

"Is the President's name Bill? Sure! Regular as clockwork. We shot another video the other day. You wanna see it? I think their folks are going out today -- we can rock over there later."

During breakfast, Dick and I told Greg about the pedestrian crossing, and that we hadn't been busted. We mentioned the pissing, but not how I'd pissed on Dick. I didn't wanna risk my bro freaking out.

"You'd better think twice about doing that kinda stuff again, Daniel. What if you had been busted and the cops had told your mom? Fuck, man, you'd be grounded for life!"


"No maybe about it, Daniel. It's OK to have cool fun, but you're taking it too far." He glanced at my bud. "Sorry, Dick. I just worry about my bro, that's all."

"No prob, Greg. But you've gotta remember that if Daniel acted like his mom was standing right behind him every minute of every day, what kinda guy would he be?"

Greg chewed on a mouthful of pancake with maple syrup while he gazed thoughtfully at Dick. "Yeah," he said after swallowing, "I see what you mean."

I also understood Dick's logic. How could a guy be himself if everything he did had to be scrutinized by his mom or dad? "Dick's right, man. A guy's gotta be who he is. When parents have a kid, it's not like they read the fucking label before they bring the kid home from the supermarket."

"You would have been left on the fucking shelf, man," Dick cracked, and almost choked on his pancake.

"I know all that stuff, dude," Greg argued. "All I'm saying is that you don't wanna hurt your mom."

"Agreed, bro. But I also wanna be myself, not some puppet." I turned my attention to Dick. "Do your folks know you're gay?"

"Nah, not yet. I've been thinking about telling them but I keep putting it off. My dad thinks I'm super straight 'cause of my bod and how the chicks hang around me like a bad smell. He'd be fucking totalled if I told him he was wrong."

"Y'see, Greg?" I said. "You're straight, so you don't have any of these probs. You don't know how damn lucky you are, bro."

"Guess not," he muttered, shrugging his shoulders, "but I think I'd rather be gay and still have my mom, than be straight without her." He lowered his eyes, putting an end to the convo.

Dick and I paused half way across the pedestrian crossing to see if our cum and piss stains were still visible, but the traffic had removed any trace. "Too bad," I lamented, "it'd be so cool to see them still here -- like some kinda symbol."

"Yeah, like proof that we were here actually doing all that rad stuff. It's just so damn surreal, I can hardly believe it!"

Jo was nude and dripping wet when he answered his front door. "Hi ya, guys! C'mon in! Freddie's out back in the pool."

Jo's cute, tight buns rose and fell as we followed them out to the pergola where I ditched my baggies and t. Dick left his on, though, 'cause he had to hop the fence to get the video. Meantime, I joined the guys in the water and told them about what had happened on the pedestrian crossing last night. They were cracking up something serious but, at the same time, I got the impression that they figured I was stretching the truth. "Word of honor, guys," I protested, "that's the way it happened, dammit!"

"Yeah, sure, Daniel. Tell us another one."

"Dick will back up my story when he gets here. You'll see. Anyways, maybe you guys and me should do it one night."

"No fucking way, man! I'm not that fucking crazy!"

"Me neither!" Jo added.

The Adonis jumped the fence and waved the video in the air. "Got it! Wanna see it now?"

"Maybe later."

"No, Daniel," Freddie yelled, "it's not like the one we did before when you were here. This one's got a story line. Jo and me wrote it. It's totally rad!"

We towelled ourselves dry before sitting on the carpeted floor of the TV room. Dick got nude, then placed the cassette in the VCR and grabbed the remote. "I did the editing. It's got cool titles and everything! We had to take turns in shooting 'cause we didn't have a forth dude to do it for us. But it turned out pretty well. Check it out, man."



Starring in alphabetical order


A BoyJuice Production


Dick hit the pause button. "Hey, you guys got any popcorn or whatever?"

Freddie raced into the kitchen and returned a moment later with some cookies and Coke. When we'd organized ourselves, Dick hit play.

The opening scene was a wide shot of Jo's lifeless, naked body floating face-down on the surface of the pool. His jet black hair drifted lazily around his submerged head. Next, a second body flew through the air and splashed down beside him. Dick surfaced, grabbed Jo under the armpits and dragged him to the shallow-end steps. He pulled the unconscious victim out of the water and hauled him a few yards before gently laying the limp body to rest on the lawn. "Jo! Jo! Speak to me!" Dick put his ear to Jo's open mouth. "Damn! I'd better call a doctor!"

A close-up shot of a finger punching keys on a cellphone faded to a shot of Dick opening the front door. Freddie was standing there, naked, and holding what looked vaguely like a doctor's bag. "Quick, doc! Follow me!"

Freddie was kneeling over Jo's body, his bag was to one side. "Looks pretty serious."

"Is he dead?" came Dick's voice from out of frame as he operated the camera.

"Close to it, I'm afraid. We've gotta do something fast! No time to waste! There's only one thing that's gonna save this dude."

An edited close-up of Dick's face appeared for a few seconds. "What's that, doc?"

[Back to Freddie] "Boy juice. And I just happen to have some handy. Do you have a pillow?"

The scene cut to a second close-up of Dick's worried face. "Yeah! I'll go get one! Back in a sec!" The six feet of tanned, lean muscle disappeared into the house only to return a moment later. As he sprinted toward the camera, his six-inch, cut semi flopped from side to side until it loomed closer and filled the frame. "Here's the pillow, Doc."

"Nice cock, dude," Freddie laughed as his hand cupped Dick's thick, dangling boy meat. "I might have to make a closer inspection of that awesome thing later on."

Freddie placed the pillow under Jo's neck so that his head tilted back. Jo was having a lot of trouble trying to keep a straight face, though. I could tell that he was on the verge of cracking up totally. But he somehow managed to keep the laughter inside.

Freddie knelt behind his bro's tilted head and used his hand to bend his throbber down so that it would enter Jo's open mouth. "An injection of fresh boy juice, that's what he needs."

"Whatever you say, doc."

Once his boner was deep-throating his patient, Freddie leaned forward and rested on his outstretched hands. "It requires a special technique, commonly known as fucking the face," he smiled, looking straight at the camera. Damn, that kid had a wicked pair of eyes.

Dick zoomed in so that we could see all the close-up detail of Freddie's rock-hard meat sliding in and out of Jo's plump, red lips. Fuck, it looked hot! My leaking boner was hugging my belly and itching for attention, but I figured I'd watch the rest of the video before I attended to it.

"Don't worry about the gagging noises, Dick, that's quite normal for this kind of resuscitation procedure. It shows that the patient is responding well."

I could hear a lot of giggling in the background, so the guys had obviously had a ball when they were making the movie. There was a bit of camera shake every now and then, too, so Dick must've been seriously tempted to crack up something wicked while he was shooting.

"OK," the doc announced in a shrill, quivering voice. "I'm about to inject!" Freddie shifted the weight of his upper body to one hand while he used the other to withdraw his shiny, spit-covered boner from Freddie's open mouth. Dick zoomed in to the max. The screen was filled with Freddie's throbber poised over his bro's face. A wad of thick, white cum exploded from the doc's knob and jetted between the patient's lips. Then another, and another. Some of the sticky jizz missed its target and formed pools of spooge which clung to the corners of Jo's mouth. When Freddie's balls had finally emptied their creamy 'medicine', he manipulated the head of his dick to scoop up the cum that had gone wide of its mark, then plunged it into where it would be most medically beneficial. Woohoo! So rad!

"Is he gonna be OK, doc?"

"Perhaps," he said with a frown. "I'll just check his temperature." Freddie's finger slowly entered his young bro's hairless, pink and brown hole, right up to the second knuckle. "Hmmm, he seems to be responding quite well. But, in my professional opinion, he probably needs another dose of fresh boy juice."

"I've got some, doc! We're in luck! I carry it where ever I go. It's a habit of mine!"

That cracked me up totally, and all the guys were super glad that I was enjoying their performance. Apart from that, it was fucking hot! Whoa!

Dick copied the doc's injection method but, instead of facing the camera, the Adonis about-turned so that his sexy, smooth ass filled the top of the screen as he fucked Jo's cute face. It was just so incredibly awesome to watch Dick's wrinkled asshole twitching as his thick, seven-inch rod plunged down Jo's throat until his long ball sack draped lazily over the kid's chin. Then Dick would raise his shaft, revealing the solid rod of blue-veined muscle that ran the length of its underside, from its base to just before the head. The way cool shape of his swollen knob would become visible for a fleeting moment before disappearing once more between Jo's tight, moist lips on its mission of mercy.

And so this totally awesome sight of face-fucking continued until just before Dick offloaded. He raised his ass so that his throbber was just a few inches above Jo's open mouth. Freddie zoomed in for an ultra-close-up. I could see Dick's wet, pulsating knob emptying its truckload of boy juice down Jo's thoat. Wad after wad after delicious wad! Woohoo! Extreme!

The next thing I saw was Jo sitting up. His life had been saved! Yes! The camera zoomed in until his boyish, smiling face had filled the frame. "Gee, thanks Doc, thanks Dick. I would've been a gonner for sure if it hadn't been for you guys and your magic boy juice."

Editor: Dick

Filmed on location at Freddie's and Jo's place

"Whoa! That was one hot fucking movie, guys! I gotta tell ya, I'm hanging to get my rocks off like you wouldn't fucking believe!"

"So what else is new, Daniel?"

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