Part 94

When I woke next morning, Paul was sitting on my chest with his piss boner dripping pre-cum on my chin. "Rise and shine, Daniel! I've got something for you!" he grinned while roughing up my hair.

"Jeez, can't a guy wake up first?"

"This'll wake you up, dude," he laughed, then slapped my face with his throbber. "It's full of fresh protein, man. It'll make you feel better!"

After I'd rubbed the sleep from my eyes, Paul got me to sit up with my back resting against two pillows. I focused on his bouncing hard six as he arranged his knees either side of my chest, before grabbing the back of my head with both hands. The beautifully sculptured knob of his cut meat was just inches from my face. A glistening pearl of pre-cum oozed from its piss hole and was begging to be licked. Even in my groggy state, I couldn't resist it.

"You wanna suck my balls first?"

The fucker knew that I loved his nads. They were two perfectly-formed ovals wrapped in a hairless sack that hung just an inch or two from the base of his shaft. He moved forward slightly and rested his soft, spongy hangers on my mouth. My nostrils filled with the warm, sensual aroma of his crotch as I took his nads between my lips.

"Oh, fuck, Daniel! I just know I'm gonna blow a whole stack of juice! I'm so fucking horny!"

Paul moved back slightly so that his spit-covered balls popped outa my mouth, then he raised one knee and planted a foot on the mattress just to the side of my head. As he pulled my face closer to his body, he positioned his spread ass cheeks so that his rosebud was in reach of my tongue.

"Lick my ass, Daniel. I love it when you bury your tongue in my hole. It's fucking wicked!"

Paul had one of those assholes that was just so damn edible. Surrounding its pink, wrinkled center was a circle of brown skin that was slightly darker than his natural tan, while his globes were smooth and blemish free. Whoa!

"There's no protein here, dude," I teased.

"Shuddup. We'll get to that in a minute."

I pressed my face to his buns and sent my tongue on its mission of pleasure. I could sense his ass muscles relaxing to allow me to get as deep inside him as possible, while his fingers ran lovingly through my blonde hair.

"Jeez, that feels so damn wicked, Daniel. But I don't think I can hold my load for much longer. I gotta fuck your face like now!"

Paul resumed his original position, straddling my chest and, in the blink of an eye, had sent his rock-hard boner to the back of my throat. "Suck me, suck me!" he cried in a loud whisper. I reached out and grabbed two handfuls of his firm buns.

As my bud's hips moved back and forth, and his fingers dug into my scalp, I kept my lips tightly wrapped around his pumping shaft while my tongue writhed like an angry python around his knob. The salty taste of his pre-cum was becoming more intense, and I knew that this excited kid was gonna offload pretty soon.

He let out a long, low groan as his pubes rammed my nose and his feral dick bucked like a mule on steroids. Wad after wad of his delicious boy juice filled my mouth while I gagged and swallowed for all I was worth. There was so much of his thick, sticky cum that some of it refused to leave my throat until I'd swallowed at least a couple of times. Finally, his awesome eruption had subsided, but the strong flavor of his jizz was still evident on my taste buds.

An unexpected knock on the door sent Paul scrambling toward the spare bed where he was under the covers and pretending to be asleep within seconds.

"Daniel? It's me, Greg. Can I come in?" Greg had a towel loosely wrapped around his narrow hips, but it had fuck all chance of hiding the tent his boner was making. "Just wondered if you were awake, bro."

"So, it's only you!" Paul laughed as he threw off the covers. "I thought it might be Daniel's mom!" He paused to observe Greg's towel, then giggled. "But, then, she wouldn't be making a tent like you've got."

Greg ignored my bud's remark and gave me the 'blow me' look. "I was just wondering..."

"I know what you were wondering, bro. Paul can blow you. I've gotta take a piss." I swung my legs off the bed and headed for the door.

"No! You can't piss!" Paul howled. "Not without me there! Jeez!"

Greg shook his head and sent his long, black hair rocking from side to side. "What is it about you, Daniel, that makes people go crazy?"

"I dunno," I shrugged. "Maybe they were crazy in the first place. Hey! I've got an idea."

Greg wasn't too sure that he wanted be a party to Paul blowing us both simultaneously, but I managed to convince him that it was a totally rad idea. Besides, he was hanging big time to get his rocks off so he wasn't in the mood to argue too strongly about how. He dropped his towel on the floor to reveal his magnificent, coffee-colored piss boner, crowned by his small patch of black pubes. A cheeky grin slowly spread across his Eurasian face, and his chocolate eyes twinkled.

Paul sat on the side of the bed as my bro and I shuffled our feet and got into position. The sight of our two hardons side by side was a fucking awesome spectacle, and one that I figured was making Paul pretty nervous. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and took both swollen heads between his full, red lips. That was all he could manage, so he grabbed our shafts -- one in each hand -- and stroked us while his tongue got busy with our piss holes.

I reached around and slid my finger between Greg's muscular buns until I found his warm, moist hole. After a few moments, he did the same to me. I figured it was true what peeps said about the heat of the moment -- and that almost anything was possible.

The sensation of my bro's finger in my ass while watching Paul's cute face sucking and stroking two fat cocks was just so incredibly fucking hot that I could feel my rush of cum about arrive a lot more quickly than normal. Greg must've been feeling the same 'cause both of us arched our backs and used our spare hands to grab Paul's shoulders for support.

My knees crumbled. My entire body tensed. Every nerve was on edge. My thrill-charged crotch had become the absolute center of my universe. I felt Greg's ass squeeze my finger. "I'm cummin'!" he moaned.

Through squinting eyes that had trouble focusing, I saw Paul swallowing like crazy, but not fast enough to deal with the awesome amount of cum being emptied by four teen balls. A mixture of spit and boy juice dribbled from the corners of his stretched mouth and down his chin as our wads continued to explode, one after the other, accompanied by groan after groan of pure ecstasy.

It was probably about ten seconds, but it seemed more like a minute before our teen cannons had fired their final juicy salvos down our friend's busy throat. Then Greg and I grabbed our dicks and scooped up the dribbles from Paul's chin and let him lick our swollen knobs clean. Whoa!

Greg was shaking his head in disbelief. "Man, that was just so totally fucking rad! I've never done anything like that before!"

"You've led a sheltered life, dude."

Paul had beaten me to the bathroom door and was already kneeling on the shower floor with his head tilted back when I entered. Greg was the third to arrive, but he elected to use to toilet bowl. "You guys are... well, fucked if I know," he chuckled. "I give up. You're just too fucking weird."

I watched my yellow morning stream splash all over Paul's face, shoulders and chest, turning his tanned skin into a shiny, golden color. Every now and then I'd aim my thin jet of piss at his parted lips and watch it bubble out of his mouth and dribble off the end of his chin like a little waterfall. After I'd shaken off the last few drops, I turned to my bro who was washing his hands in the basin.

"Weird? Like compared to what?"

"Compared to most people," he said as he towelled his hands. "But that's cool, bro. Who says most people are right, anyway?"

"Yeah," I agreed. "And who really knows what most people do in private?"

"Or what they'd like to do if they had the nerve," he smiled, then left the room.

"Greg's pretty fucking cool," Paul said as I entered the shower and turned on the taps. "He's nothing like the guy he used to be."

"Same guy, different attitude."

"Yeah, but you're the one who's made the difference." Paul soaped my shoulders and chest, then asked me to raise my arms so he could do my pits. "It's amazing how you influence people, Daniel," he said thoughtfully.

"You're forgetting something, dude."

"Like what?"

"Like when I was homophobic and you gave me a hard time."

"Turn around so I can do your back. Yeah, but that was a long time ago. You've changed since then."

"Thanks to you."

Paul and I fixed breakfast while Greg showered. Mom and Andy were sleeping in. I guessed they'd picked up a few bad habits from their honeymoon. "Mom?" I yelled from outside her bedroom door. "Breakfast is ready. You want I should bring it in?"

"How wonderful! Just give me a moment."

When she answered the door, I took the tray of food into the room and placed it on the sidetable. Andy was sitting up in bed, propped by a couple of pillows behind his back. I didn't stare, but it was a bit of a shock to see a man in mom's bed. Sure, I knew they'd been sleeping together for months, but it was kinda weird to actually see him bare-chested like that.

"Thanks sweetheart," mom smiled. "You're a darling."

"No prob, mom. Just yell when you want more coffee."

Back in my room, I checked for email. One of them was from my funny bud, Jimothy.

First of all let me tell you that i actually wrote you like a huge long e-mail and then the server took a hike. Dang Nabit! now i have to remember everything i said in the first one... and i KNOW i will leave at least one thing out.

OKAY! lets see, i got me car! He's a damn cool lil guy. Very good at everything. Peeps are a lil confused by his name - BJ. I just tell them to leave it to their imagination. Or i say it means Bad Jimothy. :) But you and i know it means boy juice! Woohoo!

I passed on the torch. Did my deed for the world. I made Draco, my only bi boy friend, start reading your diary. He really likes it... i knew he would. He said he couldn't put the stories down they were so good. The only bad thing is that i have to dish out tons of paper to print them out on. They prolly have all sorts of stains on them now. :) Yeah he's a cutie.

ANYWAY, i love driving BJ. we drove all the way to Boston the other day... you know, just drove and drove along this road and there was Boston. Kinda popped up outa nowhere. So we kinda checked out the shops and such... it was cool! And they've got this place called Harvard Square which was pretty neat. So i figured next time i'd drive to Tampa. Heck, why not? You're there for starters so that's a pretty good reason to drive anywhere! Hell you might even rape me! I'm gonna bring my guitar and maybe i can serenade you outside your bedroom window... you prefer bad moon rising or yellow submarine? doesn't matter... i'll sing something you like... just open your window and yell at me.

well my eyes are hanging out... gotta sleep... i'll let you know when BJ and me are coming! :)


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 Daniel's Diary Part 95