Part 95

"Jeez, it'd be so damn cool to have a car," Paul lamented after he'd read the email. "We could go on wicked adventures like Jimothy does."

"We've got bikes, dude! Hey, how about we call some of the guys to see who wants to go camping for a few days. We can go down to the bay."

I checked with my mom while Paul phoned his. Then we called the guys. Benny and Steve were OK, but the rest had other plans. That afternoon, we packed our rucksacks and loaded up our BMXs with all the stuff we'd need. Next morning, Benny and Steve arrived at my house, and we all set off from there, taking the back roads to avoid traffic.

Tampa Bay, an arm of the Gulf of Mexico, was about twenty five miles long and twelve miles wide, with certain parts devoted to commercial shipping. But much of it was also reserved for recreation such as boating, windsailing, fishing and camping. We decided to avoid the trailer parks and busy areas, and look for something more isolated. Having our bikes meant that we could follow foot trails through the tropical forest leading to small inlets that would be perfect for a camp site close to the water.

Paul was the first to spot a tiny, sandy beach, maybe three or four yards wide, and about the same depth, at the edge of the trees. It was protected on either side by rocky outcrops.

"What are you doing?" I asked Benny as he studied the rocks.

"Checking for the high tide mark, man. We wouldn't wanna camp here at low tide -- we'd end up sailing around the fucking bay in our tents. Anyway, seems like it's high tide now, so it's cool."

As soon as we'd unloaded our bikes, I ditched my t, shorts and shoes, quickly followed by the others. "Fuck! This is so damn awesome! Being naked in the middle of nature -- like we were on our own private island or whatever. Woohoo!" There were some sail boats on the bay, but they were too far away to cause a prob -- unless the sailors had binoculars. Even if they did, so what? Actually, it would've been cool if they had, 'cause I didn't mind showing off my dick and blonde pubes.

It was a pretty hot and humid day -- probably somewhere in the 90s -- and we were all sweating like pigs by the time we'd erected the two, two-man tents and arranged all our gear. "Home sweet home, boys," I laughed as I stepped back to admire our camp site. "Hey, we should do this more often. It looks so damn cool!"

All the guys were pretty excited, and it showed. Each of us had a semi bouncing around in the fresh air. I wasn't sure if it was because of the summer heat or the fact that we were checking out each other's tanned, sweaty bods. Both Benny and Steve were pretty hot looking teens, not to mention Paul.

"Are you sure it's safe to swim here?" Paul asked as we took to the water.

"One way to find out, dude."

"You mean there could be sharks here?"

"Only small ones, man. The big guys are out in the middle of the bay. The little guys don't eat much."

"It's what they eat that worries me!"

Close to shore, the water wasn't very deep -- maybe three to four feet, so it was rad fun to dunk each other and wrestle like a bunch of crazy, giggling teens without a care in the world. Yup! This was fucking wicked!

At one stage, a sailing boat came to within a hundred feet of the shore. There were a couple of guys and a couple of girls on board, and one of the chicks looked like she was holding a camera. I couldn't resist the temptation to show off, so I waded out of the water and stood on the sand with my boner pointed right at them. The other guys were cracking up something serious, but I'd convinced them to join me on the beach. We stood side by side, with our hands on our hips and our crotches thrust forward. After a minute or two, the boat sailed away again.

"Hey!," Steve said. "What if those pics make it onto the net or something?"

"What if they do? Anyway, that camera would've needed a lens as long as your fucking arm to get any detail, dude, so don't fret."

The midday sun was just too fucking hot for comfort. "Anybody bring an axe?" Steve rummaged through his rucksack. "Yeah, I've got one." We chopped down some palm fronds and made a kind of open-air shelter to shade us from the burning sun as we prepared lunch of sandwiches and Coke.

"So, what's to do around here?" Benny asked as he eyed my blonde crotch.

"Use your imagination, dude." I stood up and twirled my teen meat around. "That's the fun of being out here -- no TV, no computer, no CD..."

"I brought my portable," Steve announced, "and spare batteries."

"Cool. We can have a beach party tonight. That'll be wicked!"

Paul lifted the top off his sandwich and gazed at the filling. "Hmmm, cheese, ham and pickle. Not bad, but it needs something else." His mischievous, electric-blue eyes smiled at me as he raised his eyebrows. "Any suggestions, Daniel?"

"Yeah, I do, cocksucker -- and you knew it already. Who wants a generous helping of fresh Daniel mayo?" That was a dumb question 'cause I got three 'yeses'. "OK, we need to organize this." I took all of the sandwiches, removed the tops and placed each open slice of bread on a mat of spare palm fronds. "K, the idea is that we each jack over the toppings. Then I'll replace the tops, mix the sandwiches around a bit so that nobody knows whose juice is on which ones, and we eat! How's that?" Everybody agreed.

I knelt on the sand beside the palm mat and started to fist my throbbing seven. There was something incredibly cool and stimulating about having an enthusiastic, bug-eyed audience watching me jack off, and probably hoping that they'd get the sandwich with my 'mayo' on it. Pretty soon, my balls tightened and hugged the base of my shaft as I arched my back. I aimed my knob at one of the sandwich fillings and watched my long strands of boy juice jet outa my piss hole and drape themselves over the ham and cheese. When I was done, I covered the sandwich with a slice of bread. "Who's next?"

It was a totally rad sight to watch the other guys wanking themselves into a frenzy on our little, private beach -- but I guessed Benny was probably the hottest, if only by a small margin. Benny had a deep, barrel chest which was perfectly defined. As he stroked his six inches, I couldn't help noticing his bicep bulging, and his long, sexy lat dancing over his ribs. The muscles on his forearm were like steel rods beneath his smooth, tanned skin. Yeah, he was one helluva hot mutha despite his cute, almost innocent looking face.

Steve had a more slender, athletic build, with not an ounce of fat anywhere. Every time he moved, his lean, brown, sinewy body would ripple and twitch as though his entire frame had been wired. And his long, brown hair would tumble and sway like fine silk over his tanned shoulders.

Finally, all the sandwiches had been decorated with fresh boy mayo, and topped with a second layer of bread. We took turns in switching them around so that nobody knew whose mayo was on whose sandwich -- except for me, of course. I'd noticed a small piece of crust missing from one of the slices of bread, and I knew that Benny was the one who'd juiced it. "I'll take this one," I said before anybody else could grab it.

"But what if we're eating our own juice?" Steve laughed as he held the sandwich to his mouth. "Oh, well, too bad if we are." Then he took a big bite and chewed. "Well, whoever's it is, it's cool."

"Must be mine, then," Paul cracked.

After lunch, we decided to investigate the local forest. As we followed one of the many walking trails, we came across a man and a woman, and their teenage daughter. They were all dressed up in shorts and such as though they were going shopping or something, rather than wandering through the dense jungle.

"Don't look, Sarah!" the man yelped, placing a hand over his daughter's eyes. "They're naked!"

"Oh, hush, John," the woman scolded. "They're only boys for crying out loud. They're probably from a nudist colony around here somewheres."

"That's right, y'all," I lied. "There's a whole bunch of us nudists nearby."

"Yeah, we're all nudists," my buds chorused.

"There! You see, John? They're only nudists -- nothing to be frightened of."

"I don't want my daughter looking at... well, at that!"

"For heaven's sake," the woman laughed, "they're only penises, not boa constrictors! Although some of them look like they could be," she added with a wry smile.

"Hush your mouth, woman!" the man mumbled as he ushered his daughter past us. "We came here to see nature, not human pythons."

Once they were out of earshot, we cracked up something wicked. "Jeez, that poor girl. She's probably never seen a real live dick."

"Yeah, but I'll bet her mom's seen a few. Did you see the way she was checking us out?"

We were just a few yards from returning to our camp when we heard a voice. "Hello? Is anybody here?"

The four of us emerged from the edge of the forest to see a hot looking young guy standing on the sand near our tents. He was wearing floral shorts and a yellow life jacket. Behind him, resting on the beach, was a sailboard. "Sorry to disturb you guys..." He paused while his eyes travelled down to our crotches. "Uh... oh, you're naked. Jeez, I'm sorry, guys. I didn't mean to intrude..."

"Hi, I'm Daniel," I said as I shook the dude's hand, then introduced the other guys.

"I'm Joshua, but everybody calls me Josh."

"A sailboard -- way cool!"

"Yeah, I've been out on the bay for like a couple of hours and I saw your camp... that is, I'm kinda dying of thirst, man, and I was hoping you had some water or something."

"A Coke do?"

"Awesome, thanks." Josh was clearly nervous but managed a cute smile as he took the can of drink. He was about five-seven with short, black hair, brown eyes and a pretty fit bod -- probably from windsurfing. "So are you guys gonna camp here overnight?"

"Yeah, probably for a few days. It's kinda cool here."

"I've never been camping before. My folks have a permanent trailer at a park just up the bay a few miles. They're not there right now -- just me. Fact is, they don't come here very often -- too busy."

As we sat and talked, we discovered that Josh's parents were rich folks who spent their time making money instead of having fun. His dad was in the insurance industry and was a member of the 'millionaire's club' whatever that meant. "It means he's sold over a million's worth of insurance -- many times over, actually. He's always going to conferences or meetings or conventions or whatever. It's like I hardly ever see him. And mom's into the social thing big time. We're always having parties."

"So why have you got a permanent trailer?"

Josh was having a lotta trouble keeping his eyes off our semis as he chatted, but he managed to continue the convo without too much hesitation or signs of embarrassment. "I guess they like to boast about it. It's almost as big as a fucking house! Dad lets some of his clients use it as a kinda thank-you gesture. But dad's only ever stayed in it once -- and that was a few summers ago."

"Well, dude, we're just regular folks," I explained. "We don't have any of that kinda stuff -- just a couple of tents."

"Yeah, but I can tell that you guys are having fun. I'm jealous -- really, I am. All my friends ever talk about is going to fucking France for the summer or what university they're gonna go to after they graduate."

"Don't you have any close friends?"

"A girlfriend. But she's kind of arranged, if you know what I mean. Or maybe deranged," he laughed. "She's the daugher of one my mom's socialite friends."

"You don't like her?"

"She's OK, I guess, but we don't have much in common. She doesn't like sailing or skiing, so she never comes with me when I spend time here."

This convo was getting far too weighed down with fucking drama, so I decided to put some fun back into it. "Well, Josh, you've got me all curious about this trailer thingy. Can we go see it?" Paul, Steve and Benny beamed immediately.

"Sure, but it's like a hotel room on wheels, man -- not as much fun as what you guys have here. This is way cool!"

"We're having a party here tonight," Paul interjected. "Y'know, music and a fire and shit. You can come if you like. It's just us. Nobody special."

"You guys are more special that you realize," Josh grinned. "I'll windsurf back to the trailer and bring the boat back -- and I'll bring some party shit with me -- the trailer's full of it. See you about sundown!"

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