Part 96

Because of the hot weather, there was a total fire ban in force, so we couldn't make a campfire. That pissed us off big time, and was something we hadn't thought about before we decided to go camping. We were tempted to build a small fireplace anyway, but that would have attracted the water police. Oh, well, we just had to do without.

"So how are we gonna cook stuff?"

"Like what? All the stuff we brought with us is cooked, anyways."

"Yeah, I guess. But not having a fire sucks serious butt."

The sun was pretty low on the horizon as Josh returned to camp. He throttled back and nosed the sleek runabout between our "headlands" and rested the bow on the sandy bottom. We all helped to pull the boat further onshore, then secured a rope to a tree.

"Neat boat, man."

"This is the dinghy, dude. It's what we tow behind the cruiser. That's over forty feet long."

"Shit! Your dad must be loaded!"

"Too loaded. He buys all these toys and hardly uses them. They're a tax write-off for his business. Anyway, I've got a stack of shit for the party. Check it out!"

We took all the plastic bags of stuff back to our mat of palm fronds and started to investigate the contents. "Steaks! But we don't have a fire, Josh. There's a fire ban."

"I brought a gas barbecue. It's still in the boat."

Sure enough, I found a cardboard box stuffed under one of the seats and brought it back to camp. "Cool!"

"The cylinder's full, so it'll last for ages. And I brought some torches. You stick them in the sand and light them. They burn like for hours -- and they don't give off sparks so they'll be OK. Besides, the flame is too small for the water police to notice. They just look like flashlights from a distance."

"Fuck, man! You've got a whole fucking supermarket here!"

"You should see what's still in the trailer! It's got a huge deep freeze. I had to micro the meat before I brought it here. It was frozen rock solid."

Josh set up the gas barbecue 'cause he was familiar with it, while the rest of us sorted out the food which included way cool stuff like tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, salad and bread. There was also a case of beer.

By the time Josh had fired up the barbecue, the huge, molten ball of orange/gold had dipped below the peninsula on the other side of the bay. The deep blue sky was streaked with purple, red and yellow cumulus clouds that reflected their magic colors on the still water right across the bay. A couple of sail boats drifted by on their liesurely way home. The birds had retreated to their resting places for the night. All was eerily quiet and peaceful, except for our excited young voices.

"Hey, Josh!" I said as I lit the first of the torches. "You're still wearing clothes, man."

"Is that a problem?"

"Yeah, it is," Paul laughed. "We've called this place 'Boner Beach'! Woohoo! Check this out, dude!" Paul thrust his hips and stabbed the humid, night air with his proud six inches. "This is so damn wild, man -- being able to show your boner to the stars."

Steve and Benny followed his example and arched their backs, placing the palms of their hands on their tight buns as they pointed their throbbers skywards. All three of my buds looked so deliciously fucking hot, I wanted to blow each of their hard cocks right away -- but I wasn't sure about Josh's attitude.

"You saw us nude before, man, so what's the biggie?"

"Nothing really -- I'm just not used to it." He threw five steaks onto the barbecue, together with a handful of sliced onions and chopped garlic. The air was immediately filled with the tantalizing smell of sizzling food. "Can somebody wrap the potatoes in foil? And there's a pepper grinder... oh, it's OK. I found it."

The aroma of the cooking food caused us to forget about Josh's shyness for the time being. Our rumbling stomachs were ruling our minds. Steve had also gotten his CD player happening to the sounds of Pearl Jam.

"Mayo on your salad?" Josh asked. For a second there, we all thought... but then we saw the jar of mayo in his hand.


As we ate and washed down our food with beer, I decided to suss out Josh. "You ever been with guys like us before?"

"You mean nude?"

"Not just nude -- with boners."

"I've seen some of the guys at school in the showers get kinda hard, but they try to hide it -- except for Phil -- he doesn't mind flaunting it. Actually, I think he enjoys the attention, and he gets plenty of that."

"And you don't like it?"

"It's not that... it's... well, it's kinda private."

"You can tell us, dude. Nothing fazes us." The other three nodded as they filled their mouths with steak and potato. There were obviously times when a guy's stomach was more important than his dick.

"That's because you're all normal."

The four of us immediately choked on our food and cracked completely. "Normal?" I gasped, finally. "Hey, dude, we're a bunch of fucking crazies, but we love it."

"Yeah, I know that -- you're the coolest guys I've ever met -- honest. It's such a buzz being with you guys tonight. But that's not what I meant."

"What did you mean?" Benny's curiosity was getting the better of him even though his mouth was full.

"Well, you guys could be in the showers at school and be just like the others. That's what I meant by normal."

"And you're not?"

Josh chewed on his last piece of steak, then took a sip of beer. "I'm a late developer," he said while avoiding our eyes.

"You got a small dick?" Paul asked in a matter-of-fact manner lacking even a shred of tact or sensitivity.

"Not really. It's pretty normal, I guess. I just don't have any pubes. Nothing under my arms either."

"Show us!" Paul said excitedly. Steve and Benny put their plates down in readiness for an interesting revelation.

"It's embarrassing. I sure hope you guys don't laugh." Josh stood and peeled his t over his head, revealing two hairless, creamy colored armpits lit by the flickering light from the torches.



"Your chest man. It's fucking awesome!"

"That's from windsurfing a lot, I guess. Anyway, that's part of the prob. My bod looks as if it should have some body hair. Hell, I don't even have any fuzz on my lip." Josh slid his shorts down his slim but well-defined legs, then stood there in his CKs. "Well, guys, here goes."

Four necks craned for a better view as the guy's dick bounced over the top of the CKs. It was all too much as each of us scrambled across the sand to where Josh was standing. Paul's impatience showed as he pulled the dude's boxers all the way to his ankles. "Wicked cock, Josh," my bud gushed. And he was so fucking right! It was smooth and cut, maybe four inches soft, with a nicely sculptured head and a neat ball sack hanging an inch or two below. But not a single hair in sight -- just smooth, milky skin above and below his tan line.

"Does it get hard?" somebody asked.

"It will if you guys keep gawking at it."

I took a risk and placed my open hand on his thick sausage. Within a few seconds, it began to respond to my touch, and rose steadily until it was a full six or more inches hard and pointing to the heavens.

"Are you guys... sorta... y'know, like....?"

"Gay? We're kinda workin' on it," Steve grinned.

That cracked Josh up big time, causing his boner to bounce and his nads to jerk. Damn, he had a fucking fine piece of furniture that just begged to be licked and sucked.

"Turn around," Steve ordered.

Sure enough, our guest's buns were as smooth as a baby's ass. "Bend over." As Josh's globes spread and the soft, flickering light illuminated his crack, we all checked his perfect, pink and brown rosebud. Again, not a hair in sight -- just acres of delicious, smooth skin.

Josh about-faced and stood up. "Well, now you know why I get embarrassed in the showers -- and why I didn't wanna take my clothes off here."

"Yeah, I can see why," Paul laughed. "You're as ugly as fucking shit."

"He's joking," I said before Josh could mistakenly construe my bud's frivolous comment as an insult. "You're way hot, dude. Way fucking hot! Right guys?" Everybody agreed with unabashed enthusiasm.

"I dunno what to say," our new friend said sheepishly, "except that the people with the trailer next to ours told me that a bunch of guys were camped up the bay, and that they were all nude. One of the girls had taken a photo. Anyway, I was itching to see for myself but I acted all casual like, and said I was going windsurfing. When I got here, I couldn't believe how fucking cool you guys were. I mean, you guys just wander around with boners like it's nothing."

"Are you saying my boner is nothing?" Benny cracked, then stood and slapped it against his wicked abs before squatting on the sand again.

"Anyway, I was kinda hoping that one of you wouldn't have pubes but you all did -- so I figured I'd better leave my pants on."

"Have you ever been blown?"


"Not even by your girlfriend?"

"No way! Especially not by Mandy. She'd puke at the thought of anything like that. She won't even let me touch her tits."

"Do you wanna?"

"I guess I'm kinda curious to know what they feel like. All the other guys at school talk about their girlfriends' tits and such like."

"And blow jobs?"

"I guess they do, but I avoid convos like that. I don't wanna risk them asking me about that kinda stuff."

"Because you're a virgin?"

"Yeah... and I think I'm... well..." His pause was deafening and we all knew what he wanted to say.

"Listen, Josh, don't go putting labels on yourself. OK? We're just four buds who like to have fun -- that's it. No labels. OK? And we're really glad you came around to visit."

"Yeah, you're way fucking cool, Josh," the others agreed.

"And you don't think I'm a freak 'cause I don't have pubes?"

I turned to the others as they sat on the sand. "Hey, guys, I think Josh needs to be initiated into our club. Whaddaya say?"

"Yeah!" they all chorused.

"Initiate?" Josh's voice was clearly nervous. "What do you mean by that?"

"We're a bunch of savages on a primitive island, dude, but we're not gonna boil you in a big pot like we do with the missionaries -- we're gonna eat you alive," I laughed. "But don't worry, dude. You'll survive."

"Only just," Paul cracked.

The atmosphere was perfect for our 'ceremony' -- the isolation and privacy of our little beach, the dancing yellow light from the torches planted in the sand, the warm, humid summer air, the lapping of the waves against the rocks, the sight of five naked teens all with major hardons, and ready for action.

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