Part 103

Before Josh had secured the boat to the pier, Paul leapt off the bow and ran along the wharf toward the trailer, presumably to be first into the toilet. The rest of us cracked up big time when Josh reached into his pocket, produced the key to the trailer and dangled it in the air.

"Damn!" Paul complained as he returned to the boat. "The fucking trailer's locked!"

"Good. You can help us carry the stuff back," I laughed.

Once everything was safely stowed away in the trailer, and the bikes were stacked inside the canvas annex, we suddenly realized that we hadn't had lunch -- the assholes who'd stolen our stuff had diverted our attention away from our stomachs. "If I don't eat something soon, I'm gonna fade away."

"You wanna try this?" Benny dropped his baggies and twirled his semi between his thumb and forefinger.

"I'm not talking about a fucking pathetic nibble, dude, I'm talking food. Major food! But if your weenie is still on offer later on, I might accept." Actually, I was hoping it would be -- it was a mighty fine piece of boy meat.

"We've got a microwave," Steve observed.

"Nah, that's too much like home. We're supposed to be camping out, remember?"

"There's a communal barbecue in the trailer park. We could use that," Josh suggested.

"Cool! Can we go naked?"

"Not unless you wanna be thrown out on your fucking ear."

We decided to keep our shorts on, gathered enough food to feed an army of starving teens, then followed Josh to the park's barbecue facility. It was a covered area with six separate gas barbecues, three of which were already being used. As soon as we'd arrived, all eyes were upon us. Were we feral? Were we legitimate guests of the park? Would we create a disturbance? "Hi," Josh smiled and nodded in the direction of the other people, "I'm from the blue trailer on lot 59. It's my dad's. These are my friends who are visiting for the night." Our bud's friendly gesture seemed to allay any fears the other guests might have had, so we all shook hands as we introduced ourselves.

"I hear your father's in the insurance business," Alf bellowed as he turned a sizzling steak. "So am I. My wife Sally and I run our own show. We do pretty damn well, too! I'm training Michael and Peter, here, to join the business one day. Isn't that right, boys?"

Michael and Peter were obviously his sons, and had just as obviously dined on way too much fried food in their short lives. I guessed they were about eleven and twelve. When they weren't ogling my bod, they were giving the other guys the once over as if we represented something they could never hope to become. Well, for me, that was an irresistible invitation to show off. While Alf launched into his boring life story, punctuated by animated gestures, I discreetly inched my shorts down until they were revealing a smattering of blonde pubes and a bit of ass crack. My buds must've noticed what I was doing, and soon followed suit -- except for Josh. I guessed he had to maintain a certain level of decorum since his dad had a permanent trailer there.

But it wasn't just Michael and Peter whose eyes were devouring our healthy, tanned bods. Most of the adults were also stealing the odd furtive glance, then pretending to be suddenly interested in something else after they'd been busted by one of our group. Naturally, we all started to giggle and most of us had serious tents in our shorts. And the more we tried to suppress our laughter, the more we'd burst into hysterics for no apparent reason. I was pretty sure that the older people must've thought that we were on something.

"You're gonna have to share that joke with us, whatever it is," Sally laughed, blissfully unaware that her husband was only half way through his story. "I'm getting sore ribs here just watching you young men."

"It's nothing," Josh tried to explain. "You know what teens are like, ma'm -- loopy."

When our steaks and sausages were done to golden-brown perfection, we sat around a large, wooden picnic table and ate our food, washed down with Coke, while we chatted about our "war" with the older guys who'd stolen our stuff. We figured they'd probably returned to our campsite and would've been totally fucking pissed to find us gone. "When you boil it all down," Josh boasted, "brains beat brawn every time."

"Maybe," Paul giggled, "but those other people weren't checking out our brains just then."

"Yeah, you guys are gonna get me into deep shit! Just chill. OK? That Alf guy probably knows folks who know my dad."

"So what's he gonna tell him?" I asked. "That we've all got cute asses? Anyway, I gotta go pee. Back in a sec."

The toilet block was just a few yards away across the lawn. By the time I'd positioned myself at the center urinal, Michael and Peter suddenly appeared on either side of me. I didn't need to be a fucking genius to know that they'd followed me hoping to get a glimpse of my semi, so I dropped my shorts to my knees and placed my hands on my hips. "Hi, guys."

Both of them mumbled "hi" but didn't take their beady eyes off my cock as my piss stream exploded into the stainless steel bowl. "How come you can piss like that when you've got a boner?"

"That's not a boner, dude."

"Shit! How big does it get?"

"Seven inches on a good day."

"Can we see?"

"Maybe later. Hey, how come you guys aren't pissing?"

"Well, I kinda thought I wanted to but…"

"That's OK, dude, I don't mind an audience. So who's gonna shake off my last drops?" Two hands instantly arrived from opposite directions to do the honors. "Thanks, guys," I smiled as I pulled up my shorts, "glad you enjoyed the show."

"Don't tell our dad!"


After dinner, we played badminton on the lawn until dark. It was pretty neat fun, and a couple of times my shorts ended up around my ankles following a desperate leap to reach the shuttlecock. The same thing happened to Benny, too. Naturally, we attracted an audience, which grew steadily as the game continued -- but I was pretty sure that they hadn't come to watch the shuttlecock. Alf's wife Sally was positively fucking mesmerized every time my shorts hit the deck.

Once night had fallen, there wasn't a lot to do except swim in the bay. At least we could go skinny dipping in the darkness. Most of the other park guests were either gathered around the barbecue area or watching TV in their trailers. "Who'd wanna come to a trailer park to watch TV," I wondered to myself. Then I felt a pair of hands on my hips and heard a familiar voice behind me.

"I've missed you," Paul said softly.

"I've been here all the fucking time!"

"Yeah, I know. But it's not like you and me alone in the tent. I wish we were back in your yard where the only other dude I had to deal with was canine Kyle."

"It'll happen, dude, but it's not like you and I are joined at the fucking hip. A guy's gotta have other friends, y'know."

"Yeah, I know. I'm not complaining -- I'm having a totally cool time. I just wanted to say that I've missed being alone with you, that's all."

"You and your boner, both," I laughed. "The damn thing's itching to get into my ass. I can feel it! It's has hard as a damn rock!"

"Can I fuck you now? Here in the water?"

"Do you remember how?"

Paul ran his hands from my hips up to my pecs and squeezed them. "I figure I could do with more practice, like right now -- and I love feeling your pecs, Daniel. Jeez, they're just so fucking awesome! They make me as horny as hell."

His sweet breath was in my ear, and I felt my whole body succumbing willingly to his passion. His right hand disappeared from my pec as he manouevred his throbber so that its head was pressed against my hole. I leaned forward a little and spread my ass cheeks. "Are the other guys watching?"

"Who cares?"

Slowly, Paul inched his boner further into my ass while his wet hands explored my chest and abs, and his tongue licked the cavities of my ear. "You're the best fuck in the whole world, Daniel," he breathed.

"Cool. Maybe it'll go on my school report."

As my bud cracked, I could feel his iron-hard six inches moving around inside me. It was a totally awesome feeling, and one that never lost its thrill with experience. If anything, it got better.

Pretty soon, he was pumping me like some crazed sex maniac. What was I talking about? The little shit was a sex crazed maniac! His hands were almost causing me pain as they gripped my pecs with a vengeance. At the same time, his teeth were sinking into my neck like a vampire's. And all the while, his balls were thumping the hell outa my ass with each of his maniacal, pelvic thrusts.

I figured the whole damn park would've been able to hear his groans and primal snorts as he rammed his crotch against my buns and jetted his first wad of boy juice. I could feel the warmth of his cum building inside me with each of his aggressive eruptions, then my ass muscles would squeeze his shaft as he retreated in readiness for the next assault. Meantime, assorted "woohoos" and giggles were coming from nearby, so it was obvious that Paul and I had attracted the attention of our buds. Hell, you could've heard the kid for fucking miles!

"Whoa! Daniel! That was fucking wicked," Paul sighed as he eased his cock outa my ass. "Totally fucking wicked!" Then he fell about, cracking up big time.

"What so fucking funny?"

"I'm not sure," he gasped. "I guess one minute I'm wondering if you still like me, and the next I'm fucking your lights out!" And with that, he fell back into the water which swirled over the spot where his head had momentarily disappeared.

"Next time, do it in the shallows so we can watch," Josh laughed. "You guys are way outasight. I can't fucking believe this!"

It was probably close to midnight when we returned to the trailer and ditched our shorts. We were all laughing about who fucked who in the water when Steve noticed something. "Don't look now, guys, but there's a face outside the rear window."

"Who is it?"

"One of Alf's kids -- now the other one's there as well."

"OK, pretend we don't know they're there, OK?" I said. "They followed me into the washroom earlier today and wanted to gawk at my cock while I was pissing. So let's give 'em a show." I went to the rear of the trailer, stood facing the window so that my boner was pointed right at their faces, then pretended to be searching for something in a head-high cupboard. I gave them a good, long look at my throbbing meat before I spoke again. "Anybody wanna blow me?" I asked, turning side on to the window to reveal the full-length profile of my seven, hard inches. "Paul?"

"In front of those kids?"

"Keep your voice down, dude. You'll scare the fuckers away. Anyway, why not? They probably do it to each other all the fucking time."

"Well, if Paul won't, I will," Benny volunteered with a wide grin. "Then you can blow me." Benny didn't wait for Paul to make up his mind -- he was on his knees in front of me within seconds, licking my balls while my throbber bounced on his forehead.

I took a chance and glanced at the window. Michael's and Peter's eyes were riveted to my cock, while the expressions on their young faces alternated between surprise and delight. Even if they had known that I was aware of them, I figured they would've been too interested in the cool stuff that was going on inside the trailer to worry about having been busted. "OK, Benny, go for it. But when I'm about to shoot, pull back and open your mouth. Let's give these kids an eyeful of you getting a mouthful."

Just the sight alone of my thick, solid meat stuffed inside Benny's handsome face was enough to turn me on big time. I could've blown a fucking truckload without the aid of his firm lips and busy tongue -- but they were doing such a wicked job of riding my shaft and knob, every muscle was tensed with unbelievable pleasure, and every tingling nerve was on edge. I was tempted to grab hold of his head, but I was mindful of keeping my arms and hands outa the way so that the kids could get a better view of the blow job. In any case, it didn't matter. Benny's technique was good enough to tighten my aching balls in readiness for the fireworks. "Here it comes, man! Move away!"

Benny held my pulsating throbber down level with his open mouth and extended tongue just in time for my first explosion of boy juice to jet between his moist, red lips. Wad followed wad until a small mountain of sticky jizz sat on his tongue, begging to be swallowed. I was only then that I could focus on the window. Michael and Peter, with their noses and fingertips pressed against the glass, looked as if they'd just seen a ghost. Their jaws were practically scraping the ground. "OK, Benny, swallow -- and lick the rest off my knob." He did as I asked then, within a flash, the faces at the window had vanished.

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