Part 122

Kyle parked his ass on the kerb beside me. He was panting, and his long red tongue was hanging outa one side of his mouth. "Why can't people be as uncomplicated as you are," I said as I put my arm around his neck, then got a lick up the face that I hadn't expected. "Jeez, Kyle! Your breath's fucking putrid! But I love ya." I gave him a squeeze but managed to avoid his second attempt to lick my face. "I know you can't understand a word I'm saying, bud, but mom says a guy should be true himself. So what happens? I tell Jason stuff and he fucks off like I've got some kinda infectious disease. So what do I do? Tell the truth to some people and lie to others? And what's gonna happen at school? Is Jason gonna tell every dude that I'm a fucking faggot?"


"Jeez! You scared the fuck outa me!"

"Sorry, man," he said as he sat beside me. "I'm sorry I stormed off like that. It was a shock. I mean, you don't even look gay."

"You mean I'm not all wristy and lispy? None of my buds are. We're just regular guys."

"Not quite."

"So why did you come back?"

"'Cause I like you… not in a gay way, though."

"You got a boner when you watched me work out."

"That's different. It doesn't mean I wanna have sex with you." He took his attention off the road, then searched my eyes.

"I know what you're thinking, Jason."

"Is it true?"

"Yeah. You turn me on."

Some moments passed in silence before he spoke again, this time avoiding my eyes. "I suppose it's a compliment, in a way."

"That's what it's meant to be. Anyway, do you have any idea about how fucking hot you look?"

"I guess I do… but I get kinda freaky when people look at me. It's like I don't know how to respond. It's like I'm scared of…" he trailed off.

"Being close?"

"I guess."

"You weren't nervous when you worked out and I was checking out your bod."

"Somehow, you're different. You don't scare me." He found a twig and began to break it into small pieces. "Well, now that I know what I know, I guess you do scare me a bit."

"Like how?"

When there was nothing left of the twig, he found another and began to snap it. "Like when you were watching me with the weights… you were probably thinking stuff."

"Like what stuff?"

"Y'know…. stuff."

"So tell me."

"Fuck, Daniel! What the hell do you want me to say? Anyway, I'd better jet. Gran's gonna be mad if I don't get home."

"K, dude. Thanks for coming back. I appreciate it."


Well, it wasn't as big a drama as I'd thought, but the dude was still confused. During the walk home, I thought about what mom had told me about dad, and how he'd had a bunch of gay friends. Did he have sex with them? I doubted it. But that didn't mean he couldn't have them as buds.

"Mom? Can we talk?" She followed me to my room and sat on the spare bed. "This is gonna sound kinda weird, mom, but it's about dad's friends… the gay ones. Did they ever hit on him?"

"Is there a gay person hitting on you?"

"Well, not exactly, but it's kinda like that."

"Are you teasing them? Hmmm. You're blushing," she laughed. "You're so much like your father."

"He teased them?"

"Of course, he did! He was very aware of himself, and he was a bit of a showoff -- like someone else in this room. He enjoyed the attention, but he never considered it to be a threat. Do you?"

"Hell, no! Besides, if anybody forced their attention on me, I'd break their f… uh, face."

"Your father's sentiments exactly, and that's why he never felt threatened. People who feel threatened are usually either intimidated by the other person's size, or have doubts about their own sexuality. In any case, all of your father's friends respected him, so they knew the rules. They could go so far, but not any further."

"So what were his rules?"

"They didn't need to be spoken. When you respect somebody, the rules are automatically understood. It's like a sixth sense. And, although your father loved to tease his gay friends, he also respected them, so he knew where to draw the line."

"Were you ever jealous?"

"Of what?" She was genuinely surprised, and I felt like a geek for having asked the question.

"He must've been a totally awesome dude."

"He was. And he had a totally awesome son," she smiled. "Now, is there anything else you need to know?"

"I don't think so… at least, not right now. Thanks, mom. It's way cool to have a mom like you."

At school the next day, Jason joined us for lunch and seemed pretty cool, which was encouraging. It would've been a total bummer if he'd been pissed at me… or Paul, for that matter. Just after the bell rang for class, he took me aside. "You gonna be passing my place later?"


I'd already told mom that I'd be going straight to Paul's house after school to do our homework, and that I'd be home in time for dinner. Paul had finished his last assignment before I had, so he scrambled under the desk and pulled my dick outa my shorts. "Not now, Paul. I can't concentrate, dammit."

"But you've gotta split soon, and I need your juice." I tried as best I could to ignore him and prevent my dick from getting hard. "How come you don't have a boner?"

"'Cause math doesn't fucking turn me on."

"I don't often see your dick soft. Looks kinda neat, though, like it's gonna piss on me."

"Maybe it will if you don't shuddup."

"Really? Ouch!" I heard the bang as Paul's head connected with the underneath of the desktop. "I'll get a bucket. Hang!" He was back in a moment with the bucket, and had arranged himself under the desk. The next thing I knew, my shorts were down around my ankles. "Any time you're ready."

Whoa! This was weird! Sitting at a desk while I was working on a math problem and letting my piss go? Hey, why not? Seemed like fun. I could hear the piss splashing in the bottom of the plastic bucket but I couldn't see anything -- except my homework. It was a totally rad sensation, though -- something I'd never done before -- and I couldn't help cracking up at the mental image of what must've been happening just a few inches below my math paper.

A hand holding the bucket appeared from the side of the desk. "I'll leave the bucket on the floor for a minute. You want me to blow you now?"

"Do I have a choice?"


There was still a spurt of piss remaining but, before I jetted it, I waited until Paul's lips were wrapped around my knob, then let it fly.

"Hey!" he said after a bit of spluttering and coughing. "You weren't done!"

"I am now. Did you swallow it?"

"Don't ask."

Well, it was totally fucking useless trying to concentrate on my math while my bud's wet lips were riding my shaft, and his tongue was massaging my knob, sending thrills throughout my entire body. I was rock hard in a second. In a strange way, it was more erotic than usual 'cause I couldn’t see what was happening, but I could sure feel it, as well as his flat hands running up and down my thighs while he sucked.

As I sensed my balls tightening and the rush about to begin, everything on top of the desk went out of focus, and I began to groan with the most exquisite pleasure. My whole groin was electrified. "Eat, me! Eat me! Eat me!"

I could hear him gagging and swallowing big time as my massive load erupted in a series of powerful, thick, sticky wads, then disappeared down his willing, young throat.

Jason, dressed in baggies and a white t, was waiting for me as I approached his house. "Hiya, Daniel. You just come from Paul's house?"

"Hiya, Jason. Yeah. He's still grounded, so I kinda hang for a while."

"You guys are pretty close buds."

"The closest."

"I was just about to work out. Got a minute?"


After curling the small barbells for about five minutes in his room, he dropped them onto the bed. "Hey, about the convo last night." He was having some difficulty with what he was about to say, so I decided to let him have the floor. It was his show. "I was gonna workout shirtless, but then I decided… well, I figured you might… well, kinda…"

"Think about stuff?"


"What kinda stuff do you think about when you look at those dudes in the posters on your wall?"

"Not sex, if that's what you mean. But I admire their bods."

"I think yours is better."

"You do?"

"Sure. It's not overdeveloped like you're doing an Arnie or whatever. It's just right. Actually, it's fucking awesome."

"How awesome? No, that's not what I meant. I mean…"

"Sure, that's what you meant, and why shouldn't you? Hey, you've earned that bod, man. You've worked for it. So what are you gonna do? Hide it behind a fucking bushel? Show if off, man. Flaunt it. Be proud of it."

"But that would be like boasting -- like some kinda ego trip."

"Depends on how far you go. Listen, dude, I'm no fucking poet, OK? But how the fuck is anybody gonna get pleasure outa checking out your bod if you don't show it? I mean, nature's been way kind to you, man. People enjoy gawking at bods like yours. It's your fucking duty!"

Jason cracked up totally and had to sit on the side of the bed before he fell in a heap on the floor. "You're fucking crazy, Daniel," he said between gasps for breath. "You make it sound like some kinda responsibility."

"Hey, man, not everybody's a fucking poet or a painter, but they've all got eyes, and they all appreciate a wicked eyeful."

"Do you flaunt your bod?"

"Every chance I get," I grinned.

"And how does it make you feel?"


"Don't people think you're kinda egotistical? An exhibitionist?"

"Maybe they do, but what the fuck? Hey, when a painter puts all his stuff on show, what's it called?"

"An exhibition," he smiled. "But, hey, I'm not like you. I'm kinda shy and…"

"Shuddup and do me a fav. Get naked and workout some more."



"You mean like now? Here?"


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 Daniel's Diary Part 123