Part 128

As I took pics of Greg strutting his stuff nude, I asked him why he didn't have a boner.

"Gotta leave a bit of mystery, bro."

"Bullshit. How's Kyle gonna judge you if you don't have a boner?"

"Mine's not as big as yours."

"What the fuck has that got to do with anything? Jason's average as well."

"Hey, lemme take a close-up pic of yours and we'll tell Kyle it's mine."

"Yeah, right. A Eurasian with blonde pubes? Besides, he knows every fucking millimeter of mine. Anyway, all this fucking size thing is a load of bullshit."

"Oh? You're not proud of your seven inches?"

"Course I am! But being a guy isn't just about the size of his dick. A guy is a package. Hey, lemme tell you something. You've got the best of both worlds, man -- your mother's Philippino looks and your dad's European looks. Check out your skin, dude. You could stay indoors for a whole fucking year and still look wicked. And your bod is the dope. If you were an animal you'd be a cheetah or a panther or something."

"Cool it, Daniel! You're giving me a swollen head, but not the one you want."

"Tell ya what… think about me giving you a blow job. I'm gonna, anyway, after I've taken the pics."

"It's a bit late."

"Never too late for you, bro," I grinned. Well, that did the trick. His teen meat was at full mast within seconds. "That's better!" As I framed his throbber in the viewfinder, I knew that Kyle would go ballistic. Greg's dick was as perfect as the rest of him, and crowned with a neat, small patch of jet-black pubes. "And you know something else," I grinned as I framed a shot of his face, with his long, black, shiny hair draped over his forehead, ears and meaty shoulders, "I'm gonna tell Kyle that I sucked your dick just after I took the pic."

"You promised me that you'd never tell anybody about that stuff."

"OK, but I don't see what the prob is. Just 'cause I suck your dick doesn't make you gay or anything. I'll bet there are tons of guys like us. They just don't talk about it. Turn around so I can get a shot of that wicked, bubble ass."

"You really think a lotta guys do gay stuff even though they're not gay?" he asked as he about faced. "Huh? A pic of my what?"

"Chill, Greg. You've got a way cool ass." I laid on the floor between my bro's legs, and aimed the camera at his firm, golden buns. "Lift one leg and put your foot on the comp desk."

"Are you taking a pic of my asshole?" Despite his concern, he followed my directions.

"It's cute. Now, lean forward and look between your legs at the lens."

"This is fucking weird. Looks like I'm gonna shit on the camera or something."

"You're too well mannered for that, dude. Besides, I'm down here. So don't. And stop laughing. You'll blur the fucking pic."

Greg was a bit like Jason when he saw his pics on the screen -- dumbfounded. "What are you thinking?"

"Not sure. I've never seen myself like that before."

"That's 'cause you're seeing yourself through my eyes. So what do you think?"

"I think you'd better delete them. I don't want anybody else to see them."

"OK," I agreed, hoping like hell to call his bluff.

"Hang a second. Lemme take another look." As I clicked through the pics, I watched the intense expression on my bro's face. But even after the second show, he was still undecided, and shook his head. "You'd better delete them."

"Hey, it's not as if Kyle didn't see your bod when he and Steve visited Tampa."

"Not like this."

"OK, remember the other night when you said how cool it was to see your cock buried in my face? Well, that was you looking down at me. You weren't seeing how cool you looked from where I was. I was looking up at a god, and I'd just swallowed his load. So that's the way you've gotta see these pics -- like the way I saw you, from my perspective."

"You make it sound too easy, bro. How the fuck am I supposed to see myself from your perspective?"

"Hello? Anybody home? What the fuck do you think you've just seen on the screen? Anyway, listen up. You were the one who wanted to know what Kyle would think of your pics. So here's your chance. Are you chickenshit or what? A few minutes ago, you said you'd risk it."

I could almost hear the cogs whirring in Greg's brain as he tried to make up his mind. "You're right. I did say I'd risk it. OK, send them. If he doesn't like me, too bad. But don't tell him you sucked my cock."

"Why not? I want him to know that the damn thing's not going to waste. Hey, this is Kyle! Not the fucking President! Kyle's cool with that kinda shit."

"So's the President," he laughed. "Oh, well, what the fuck. OK, so tell him. But don't go blabbing that stuff around town. OK?"


hiya kyle

check this out dude - my bro gregs nudies - hot or what? woohoo! and while ur gawkin at his boner think about this - im gonna blow him after i send these pics hehehe - he was kinda freakin about me tellin u but hes ok now - lemme know what u think! and be honest!

daniel 8=======D----- 0:)


"You're crazy."

"You complaining?"

"Guess not. How do you wanna do it?"

"69? You don't have to blow me, though. You can jack me off. It'll save me doing it later. Besides, it's cool to check out your rosebud while you're fucking my face." And it was. Greg had the most awesome pair of buns -- smooth, firm and golden, with the cutest, hairless pinky stuck right in the center.

I laid on my back on the bed, then watched him throw a leg over my chest and position his butt just above my face. For a moment, his balls and boner dangled and wobbled just inches from my eyes. What a fucking feast! "Hold it there a sec, Greg. Lemme just look at your jewels for a little while."

"How little? It's getting late!"

When I was satisfied that the vision of his funky rear end would be forever stamped on my brain, I took his solid six inches into my mouth, and felt his balls rest on the bridge of my nose. I had to narrow my eyes to focus on his wrinkled, pink hole, which twitched a little as I tongued his sensitive knob.

I was too tired, or maybe just too fucking lazy, to raise and lower my head, so I let him do all the work. I just laid there as his boner repeatedly stabbed at my face, and ran my hands around the perfect curves of his smooth buns, occasionally spreading them to get a better view of his rosebud.

From time to time, Greg would lose the plot. He'd be concentrating so hard on what my lips and tongue were doing to his throbber, and my hands to his ass, that he would forget to jack me. Then he'd suddenly remember and give me a few more strokes before losing the plot once more.

When I sensed that he was getting pretty close to cumming, I poked one finger into his moist asshole and felt it squeeze as the first injection of delicious, warm boy juice filled my mouth. At the same time, his fist closed around my boner and tugged at it, but he was too preoccupied with emptying his truckload of sticky jizz into my face to focus on jacking me.

Once his awesome load was spent, and I'd forced every drop of his juice down my throat, he became aware of the fact that I hadn't blown, so he began to stroke my seven inches. Meantime, I was content to leave his thick semi in my mouth, and his balls draped over my nose, while I smoothed his killer globes and used my thumbs to massage his cute hole.

It must've been mental telepathy, 'cause just before I shot my load, I was hoping that he would use his free hand to fondle my balls - and he did. It was a bit difficult to communicate verbally with a faceful of deflating teen meat. Anyway, I had no idea where my juice was going. All I could see was his butt and hangers. But I could sure feel the electric sensation of my exploding knob, and Greg's magic fist riding my shaft. Whoa!

After Greg had grabbed a handful of tissues and cleaned the mess off my stomach and chest, he laid beside me and placed his head over my heart. I didn't ask why 'cause I figured it was one of those moments where body language was more imporant than words. It was just so damn wicked to have him cuddling me like that, and it gave me a chance to run my fingers through his sweet-scented hair, and breathe in his unique smell. "I love you, too, bro," I whispered.

I was surprised to see Jason waiting for me next morning as I opened the garage door to get my BMX for the ride to school. "Hi, Daniel. Can I ride with you? I just wanted to talk to you -- like privately."

"Lemme guess," I smiled as I closed the door, then threw a leg over the saddle, "you wanna know what Kyle thought of your pics, right?"

"Yeah. Did he write?"

I sped down the drive and onto the road. "Yeah, he wrote."

"Hey! Wait for me! Not so fucking fast! What did he say?"

"He gave you a score outa ten," I grinned, slowing down to allow Jason to catch up.


"You wanna guess?"

"Nope. I might be wrong."

"Well, it's above nine and below eleven."

"Wow! Hey, are you serious? A ten? You wouldn't kid me about something like that would you?"

"Yep, I'm serious. He gave you a ten. He said you were fucking awesome."

"Wicked! I've never had a ten outa ten for anything before."

"You always did, dude. You just didn't know it."

"Hey, guess what I did last night?"

"Jacked off?"

"How did you know?"

"I didn't. I was kidding. You serious?"

"Yeah. And I don't feel guilty. I can't believe it!"

"You wanna tell me what you thought about?"

"I'm not sure I should."

"We're almost at Paul's house. You wanna tell me now or later?"

"I thought about you jacking off while you were looking at my pics."

"I was hoping you'd say that."

On Friday afternoon, after school, Paul and I stopped at his house so that he could get a change of clothes, toothbrush and whatever to sleep over at mine. Earlier, I'd invited Jason over for dinner and a swim in the pool. He arrived about 5pm, glanced at the tent, then at Greg, Paul and me in the water.

"Ditch your gear, man. C'mon in!"

"Naked? Your folks are home!"

"It's cool, Jason. We always skinny dip. It's no biggie."

"Do your parents swim naked?"

"Nope, they're adults, remember? Adults don't do rad stuff."

Jason lifted his t over his head, sat on the grass to take off his shoes and socks, then stood again. His eyes were glued to the back door as he dropped his shorts, expecting mom to appear at any moment. Once his boxers had hit the deck, he was in the water within a split second. The rest of us were cracking up big time.

"Hey, man," I laughed, "what are you freaking about? Mom's seen it all before."

"Not mine, she hasn't."

"She will later."

"How do you mean?"

"We not only swim nude, we eat nude. We're having a barbecue."

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 Daniel's Diary Part 129