Part 129

I left the guys to fool around in the pool so I could help mom prepare the barbecue. It was my fav. Well, one of my favs. A mixture of shrimps and small fish fillets marinated in garlic, ginger and soy sauce, then lightly fried on the hotplate. The rest of the meal was a tossed salad, roast potatoes with sour cream and chopped chives, and hot, crusty bread with real butter. Deeeeeeelicious!

As I placed the plates around the table, and arranged the cutlery, mom spoke to me in a hushed tone. "How's Jason coping with being naked?"

"He'll be OK. Besides, he's gotta learn to chill."

"He doesn't have to learn anything, Daniel. He's our guest, and he should be made to feel comfortable here."

"Yeah, right. So he's the only dude who'll be wearing shorts? How's he gonna feel about that? Or if we all wear shorts, he's gonna have the guilts about making us wear them."

"Sounds like blackmail, or, at the very least, peer group pressure."

"Some guys need a bit of persuading, mom. He'll be OK."

"You won't think like this forever, you know. One day you'll be an adult."

I followed mom into the kitchen, then helped her carry the bowls of salad and bread back outside. "So what happens? Like, do you wake up one morning and you're a different person?"

"Something like that."

When everything was in readiness, Andy began to spread the shrimps and fish around the hot plate. There was an instant explosion of steam as the sauce bubbled and evaporated, filling the air with the appetizing aroma of Asian spice.

"Hey, guys!" I yelled as I approached the pool. "Grub time! Come and get it!"

Jason was the last to haul himself outa the pool, then he walked behind the rest of us, hoping that we'd shield him from my mom's eyes. He had nothing to fear, though, 'cause she wasn't paying any attention, probably 'cause she didn't wanna embarrass the dude. When he reached the table, he grabbed a chair and seated himself so that the tabletop covered his lower bod. Wuss, I thought.

"Hey, Jason, you wanna help Andy serve the food?"

"You'd better do it. I might do something wrong."

Well, I guessed God had a way of punishing smartasses. I was standing alongside Andy when I felt a stinging sensation on my dick. I must've looked like I was being chased by a herd of stampeding buffalo as I raced toward the pool, holding my crotch with both hands, and jumped in. When I'd surfaced, all I could hear was everybody cracking up big time, including Jason.

"A Bandaid? Jeez, mom, guys don't put Bandaids on their… thingies!"

"You'll get a blister, and if you don't keep it covered, it might become infected. You wouldn't want your thingy to drop off now, would you?"

Everbody was falling about in hysterics except me. A blister? On my dick? How was I gonna…? Damn! Anyway, my predicament did wonders for Jason. With all the laughter, he'd loosened up in no time, and was soon sitting on his chair away from the table, enjoying his food. One time, he even got up and went inside to the bathroom, then returned without the slightest hint of self-consciousness. A triumph! The kid was cured! Nude was cool! Woohoo!

When it was time for Jason to leave, I took the opportunity to walk him home, and take the dog for a trot. "Sorry for laughing at you, Daniel, but it was just so fucking hilarious. You should've seen the way you headed for the pool! Damn, that was funny!" He cracked up again.

"No prob, dude. It was way cool to see the way you chilled and got comfortable with being naked."

"Yeah. Hey, I was shitting myself at first. But then I noticed how the other guys were chilling and just being natural. After a while, it was like it was no biggie."

"It isn't a biggie, Jason. People just think it is. It's like they're ashamed of their bods or something. I don't get it."

"Don't tell Gran about this, though. She'd go fucking ballistic, and I'd never be allowed back to your place -- ever."

"You gonna jack off again tonight?"

"Maybe," he grinned as we reached his house.

"What are you gonna think about?"

"Being a 10."

Greg wasn't too happy about Paul joining us in my room as I logged on and checked for email, but I'd convinced him to settle.

"Jeez, Daniel, I'd love a dollar for every time you said it's no biggie!"

"Well, it isn't!"


hiya daniel

fuckin hell! how the fuck did you convince greg to pose like that? i remember thinkin how fuckin hot he was when me and steve were in the states for the swim comp but i would never have guessed that he was THAT hot! those pics had my cock drippin big time! seriously tho that dude is like awesome - its how he looks at the camera and you can almost hear him askin you to swallow his juice. aaaagggghhhhh! im gonna hafta call steve and ask him to come over to give my cock a service. i need it like NOW! anyway gregs another 10 for sure and tell him that i also thought that closeup pic of his face was totally damn cool. hes one helluva handsome dude. and hes lucky to have a wicked bro like you. :)

luvya stacks 8=======D----
your friend


"Can I see the pics?" Both Paul and I stared at Greg while we waited for his answer.

"I guess it's OK," he relented after some serious deliberation. "But I don't wanna be here. I'll check you guys in the morning."

"I wonder why he didn't wanna be here?" Paul asked after the door had closed.

"He's still a bit shy, I guess."

As the first of my bro's pics scrolled down the screen, it got a pretty enthusiastic reception. "Shy? Whoa! He wasn't too fucking shy when you took the pics! Awesome!" For the next ten minutes, I counted about nine 'awesomes', six 'fucking hells' and a couple of 'totally wickeds'. "Kyle's right. He's a 10. But I never thought I'd ever see your bro posing like that. Awesome!" So that made ten 'awesomes'. "Anyway, I'm as horny as hell now. Let's go to the tent."

It took a minute or two to convince Kyle that it wasn't a two-man, one-dog tent. Why the fuck did dogs insist on being human? Did I go around pissing on trees? OK, so I did, but I didn't sniff the damn things.

"How's your blister?"

"Don't even talk about it."

"Lemme check." I watched Paul roll over onto his side, then peel off the Bandaid and inspect my wound. "Yep, it's a blister, alright. Needs spit."

"Hey, I don't wanna get a boner, man. The blister will burst."

"It's gonna burst, anyway."

"Daniel? Paul? It's me." My bro's head peeked through the open flap. "Hey, I couldn't sleep without knowing. Paul? What did you think of the pics?"

"So, so."

"Don't listen to that bullshit," I laughed. "He thought they were totally outasight."

"Is that true, Paul? Don't bullshit me, now."

"He's right, Greg. You blew me away. Fucking awesome."

"That's eleven 'awesomes'."


"I counted 'em while you were gawking at my bro's pics."

"Cool," Greg grinned. "Catch ya in the morning! Woohoo!"

"You're turning everybody into a fucking exhibitionist, Daniel."

"Somebody's gotta do the hard yards." I gazed into Paul's electric-blue eyes that were almost hidden behind the tousled black hair that tumbled over his forehead. Damn! He could look so fucking cute when he wanted to.

"What are you thinking?"

"You know what I'm thinking, dude."

"Am I a ten?"

"Nine and a half."

"Don't tease me, Daniel," he said as he tickled the sides of my stomach, and caused me to crack. "What am I?"

"Nine and three quarters." I was squirming and wriggling like a cut snake as he continued to tickle me. "OK, OK! Jeez! I can hardly breathe, dammit! Ten!"

"Ten and a bit?" Then his full, moist lips touched mine and our tongues danced for a while. "Hey," he continued after our mouths had peeled apart. "I've been doing a bit of thinking this week. It's like everybody you know is a fucking ten. And now there's Jason. You remember that German guy who said you weren't special 'cause you had a lotta sex, but that you had a lotta sex 'cause you were special? He was right. And remember when Kyle said not to confuse sex or infatuation with love?"

"What are you getting at?"

"You have a lotta sex with your buds. What I wanna know is, do you love them?"

"Sure I do. You think I wanna have sex with some dude I don't care about?"

"But how can you love so many dudes?"

"Hey, I dunno, man. I didn't make me. It just happens. Anyway, I'm not sure what you mean by love. It's not like I wanna marry the guys. Maybe it's not love. Maybe it's infatuation, like Kyle says."

"I know you love me, though. But how much?"

"You got a calculator? How am I supposed to answer that? Do I love mom more than Greg? Do I love Jason more than Dick? Hey, it's not like awarding points for a hot bod. It's not like mom gets a ten and Greg gets an eight for love, dude. It doesn't work that way. And what about my dog? I love him, too. And what about Kyle? Hey, we were about as close as any two guys can get back in Cape Town, but now he tells me all about Steve and Mark, and his little buddy Wingnut. He's crazy about those guys. And he loves Steph as well. So what am I supposed to do? Ask him where I fit in? That's not the way it works, man. And listen up, Paul, it was your damn weenie that stabbed Kyle's ass that time in his room when we were having a 69."

"Yeah," he laughed. "Hell, when I saw his cute, round ass suspended in mid air like that, it was kinda winking at me. I just couldn't resist it."

"Or Dick's, or Freddie's, or Jo's, or Josh's. So what's with this 'how much do I love you' crap?"

"Crap? I don't think it's crap. I just like hearing you say you love me. It makes me feel special."

"Hey, Paul, what am I supposed to do? Send you fucking roses every day?"

"That'd be cool," he grinned as his eyes twinkled.

"Fuck off, dude. Be serious. I rocked around to your house every afternoon this week after school while you were grounded. And I talked your folks into letting you sleep over tonight. What does that tell you?"

"That you want me to fuck you?" That cracked me up totally. "What are you laughing at?"

"You, Paul. You're fucking loopy."

"And you’re not? Raise your legs, Daniel. All that talk about Kyle's ass has gotten me as horny as a rhino."

I watched Paul's face disappear between my ass cheeks as he tongued my rosebud. Damn, that felt wicked. I wasn't sure how to quantify how much I loved him, but I knew for sure that he loved me big time.

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 Daniel's Diary Part 130