Part 130

Paul was obviously in the mood for romantic sex as his wet tongue travelled from my asshole to my balls, then along the inside of each thigh. To be loved and appreciated like that meant that I could do nothing but just lay there and enjoy it… kinda like canine Kyle did when I tickled his tummy. I was in another world ... a world of total, mindless bliss.

"Your Bandaid's come off," my bud noted as he took my boner in his hand, "and the blister's burst."

"I guess they don't make Bandaids for dicks, dude. They should make special ones that stretch."

"You're not gonna be able to jack for a few days, so I guess I'd better blow you. Now, or after I fuck you?"


"You don't sound very enthusiastic."

"Hey, man, I'm just enjoying the attention. OK?"

Paul crawled forward until his face was a few inches above mine, and his throbber was pressed hard against my crotch. I was expecting to smell or taste my own ass as his lips touched mine, but I guessed his spit must've diluted any odor, so it was cool. "I'm gonna fuck your lights out, Daniel," he grinned after he'd given me a little peck.

"Could've fooled me."

He spat on his hand a few times, then reached down to lube his cock. He spat a second time on his fingers and moistened my hole. "You getting excited?"

"A little."

"Don't gimme that bullshit, Daniel, you're hanging for my cock big time." And with that, he studied my face as he used one hand to maneuver his knob so that it pressed against my tight hole. I couldn't resist grinning, dammit. "See? I knew it! Your ass is hungry for my dick, Daniel!"

Once the head of his throbber was inside, he placed both hands on my shoulders and kissed me. Slowly, I felt the whole of his rock-hard six inches slide all the way in, until his balls rested against my butt. I used one hand to play with his silky, black hair, and the other to smooth his muscular back as he gradually got into a fucking rhythm while our tongues danced.

Being fucked by Paul was always an awesome experience. Normally, he was dominated by me, especially when I pissed on him, so it was way cool to have him dominate me sometimes. Paul was a pretty sensitive kinda dude, and nowhere near as off the wall I was. But when he was fucking me, whoa! he was about as uninhibited and macho as a dude could get. It brought the raw animal in him to the surface.

Suddenly, he drew a quick breath through his flared nostrils, and made a muffled, moaning sound. He rammed his boner home with an aggressive thrust that jolted my whole bod, and I felt my insides fill with the warmth of his boy juice. He pumped again. Then again. Our teeth clashed, and our lips were bent outa shape. Our chests glided over a thin film of hot, slippery sweat. His fingers were digging into my skin as wad after wad of his jizz exploded within me. His back was arched, and I could feel the tension in his muscles.

After what seemed like a long time, the dead weight of his exhausted body collapsed on top of mine. Then he raised his head and grinned down at me, while his boner got lazy in my hole. "Awesome," he said, softly. After a few moments of searching my brown eyes, he spoke again. "You want me to blow you now?"

"Too late, dude."

He lifted his upper body and peered down at my abs which were shiny with boy juice. "Wow! You blew? While I was fucking you?"

"Your stomach was rubbing against my boner."

"Even so, Daniel, that's fucking awesome!" he smiled. "I guess you really do love me, huh?"

"Sure I do. Just don't ask me to give it a number."

We kissed again for a long time. It wasn't a passionate kiss like we'd had while he was fucking me, but a softer, gentler, more loving kiss that lingered while we enjoyed the closesness of our embrace.

The coolness of the water in the pool was not only a wicked relief from the humidity, it also gave us a chance to clean ourselves.

Suddenly, my bud's wet, black hair broke the surface. "Hey! You haven't pissed yet, have you?"


"Damn!" There was a pause while he studied my grin. "Hey! I know that look, asshole! You're teasing me!"

I swam to the side of the pool, hauled myself outa the water, and stood, dripping wet, with my toes hanging over the edge of the timber decking. My bud was treading water directly below me, and there was an excited look of expectancy on his cute, grinning face. "I dunno where it's gonna go," I laughed as I placed my hands on my hips. "You're gonna have to catch it, dude." I relaxed my bladder and watched my stream jet outa my knob straight toward his mouth. Too easy, I thought, and thrust my hips, causing my piss to gyrate. The more Paul dashed and darted in all directions, the more I laughed. And the more I laughed, the more my torrent snaked and zigzagged through the warm, night air, making it almost impossible for Paul to anticipate where it would land. "Time for bed," I said as I squeezed the last few squirts from my semi, then shook off the final drops.

We hadn't bothered to towel ourselves as we crawled back into the tent. The water evaporating from our bods was a great way to cool down. Nature's aircon. Paul's head was resting on my chest while I ran my fingers through his wet hair. He had one arm draped over my abs, and his index finger was making circles around my navel, like he was doodling.

"How come you like my piss?"

"You've asked me that before. Boom, boom… boom, boom."

"What's boom, boom?"

"Your heart. Anyway, it comes outa your dick."

"My heart?"

"Your piss, dumbfuck."

"So, I like your dick, too. How come I'm not crazy about your piss?"

"What am I? A fucking shrink? I dunno. Anyway, you let Josh piss on you at the camp."

"That was different. I was getting him to chill."

"So what did it feel like?"

"Kinda weird, like…" Oops! I had a problem here. "You tell me what it feels like, first."

"It's cool when you kinda tower over me. It makes me feel… it's hard to explain. It's sorta like a worship thingy."

"Hey, you've got a short memory, dude. Fifteen minutes ago, you were fucking my lights out. You were a fucking animal! Big time!"

Paul's body convulsed for a few moments while he cracked. "OK, so it's cool to fuck the dude I worship. So now you tell me how it felt when Josh pissed on you."

"I guess I like to be the man, and being pissed on makes me feel kinda dorky. Maybe I don't have the same kinda worship thingy that you have."

"Are you kidding? You were like some outa control groupie when you met Kyle."

"Hey, this convo sucks, dude. You like piss, Dick likes piss, I can do without it. Who gives a fuck? You wanna post a note on the school notice board saying that we use our cocks to put extra mozzarella on our pizzas? Can you imagine how many freaked-out dudes there'd be?"

"How do you know they'd be freaked out?"

"'Cause most people like to feel safe, man. They keep their fantasies locked away, even from themselves. There's no way they're gonna tell other dudes what goes on in their heads."

"You do."

"That's 'cause I'm crazy."

"Anyway, do you think I'm weird 'cause I like piss?"

"I'll tell you who's weird, man. All those dudes running around killing each other 'cause of politics and religion, they're the weird ones. You wanna see weird? You don't need no porno, man. You just gotta watch the six o'clock news any ol' night of the week."

Next morning, after drenching Paul once again, and leaving him to shower alone, I rocked into kitchen to see mom preparing breakfast. "You wanna hand, mom?"

"Thanks, Daniel. You can slice the fruit. We'll have it with our cereal."

"Did you watch the news last night?" I asked as I peeled a banana.

"Yes, why?"

"Anything interesting?"

"Just the usual. I suppose I'm becoming a bit blasé."

"Is that like French for I couldn't give a… I mean, like you don't care? And should I slice the strawberries or leave them whole?"

"Just halve them. It's easy to become blasé about things. There's so much news and information these days that it's all a bit overwhelming. You watch the news and see the devestation of an earthquake that's killed thousands of people, then you turn your attention to whether you should use basil or thyme in a recipe. It all seems so remote."

"So, is that like when weird things become commonplace, they're not weird any more?"

"Weird is only weird when it's not commonplace."

"What if it really is commonplace, but nobody talks about it?"

"How would you know if something is commonplace if nobody talked about it?"

"Don't you ever get hunches about stuff?"

"I'm a woman, remember. We call it intuition."

"Cool. Anyway, there's a bunch of stuff that I can't really talk about 'cause it's kinda like way personal, but I figure it's not as weird as it seems."

"Well, darling," mom smiled as she placed the milk and sugar on the table, "I can't really comment on something you're not prepared to tell me. All I can say is this: the world if full of people who are convinced that nobody else thinks like they do."

"That's sorta like what I told Paul."

"Does Paul have a problem?"

"Not really. He just freaks out sometimes 'cause he thinks he's weird. But I told him he's cool."

Mom studied the table, and seemed satisfied that everything was ready. "Daniel, we're all weird. It's just a matter of degree. Now, go fetch Andy, Greg and Paul."

After breakfast, I got a call from Dick. "'Sup, Daniel? Where have you been, man?" I explained roughly what had happened since he'd delivered the pizza to Jason's house that time. "Cool! Hey, we're having a bit of a party at Jo's and Freddie's. You wanna come around? And bring Jason! He's a hottie, man. Woohoo!"

"Chill, Dick. I don't think he's ready for that kinda rad stuff just yet. Give the guy some space! Life's not one endless fucking orgy, y'know."

"Oh? You changed the rules? Hey, only joking. If you think Jason will freak, bring him another time. You gonna rock over? I've already called Steve, Frank and Benny. They're gonna be here."

"Hang. I'll check with Paul. Paul?" I yelled, then discovered that he was standing right behind me. "Jeez, dude, don't sneak up on me like that! You wanna go to Jo and Freddie's place today?"


"Hey, Dick, maybe I'll call by Jason's and check to see what he's doing. Can't promise anything, though."

"No prob, man. See you in an hour or so."

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