Part 142

"You know something?" I asked as I studied my bro's delicious boner. "This damn thing wasn't designed to cuddle and kiss. It's one aggro mother, whoa! So I don't think you should get the guilts about fucking my face."

"Maybe dicks weren't meant to go into people's faces."

"Oh? So how come they do? And how come there's a word for it… fellatio? And some dude wrote a novel about it… Fellatio Hornblower."

"You fucking idiot. That was Horatio!"

"It got you laughing, though. You look so damn cool when you laugh, and it makes your dick bounce. Damn, it looks so cool when it kinda bounces around like that... like it wants attention."

"So… are you gonna sit there for like fucking ever, just gawking at it?"

"Hey! Let's try something different. Kyle wrote me and told me about a thing he did with Steve… 'cept I don't expect you to do what Steve did. It was a 69-er, but kinda cool." I raised my legs, swivelled around on my ass so that I was facing the wall, then leaned back on the bed so that my head was hanging over the side. Greg's killer jewels were dangling just above my face. "It's kinda weird to see everything upside down, but it's totally wicked."

"So what do you want me to do?"

"Whatever comes naturally, bro."

Greg pushed his boner down until it was level with my open mouth, then slid it between my lips. As he leaned forward, I felt his fist close around my hard cock. I wasn't really in a position to move my head back and forth, so I just laid there while Greg got into a fucking rhythm, and sent his rock-solid teen meat plunging to the back of my throat.

The sight of his hangers draping over the bridge of my nose each time he thrust his cock forward was a total fucking turn-on. And between his legs, whenever his throbber retreated for the next assault on my tonsils, I could see his ass cheeks spread, revealing his cute hairless rosebud.

I reached around the outside of his legs and took his buns in my hands. Damn, they felt so firm and smooth beneath my fingers as I squeezed and massaged them! Woohoo! Then I got into the rhythm of helping them open and close in synch with his fucking motion. And all the while, his monster was stabbing away at my face, filling my mouth with the intense, salty taste of his pre-cum as my tongue lashed his sensitive knob.

When I sensed that he was beyond the point of no return, I pushed a finger into his tight hole, and felt his ass muscles squeeze. "Ohhh, fuck!" he groaned. Then his boner went totally feral, and bounced around inside my mouth like it was having a fit. Thick wads of boy juice exploded like there was no tomorrow as I tried to force each sticky dollop down my throat. His balls, which were hugging the base of his shaft, covered my nose. His moist ass kept squeezing my finger. His swollen, pulsating knob kept firing its delicious missiles.

Greg's throbber was beginning to slowly deflate in my mouth as my own cock exploded. With each jet of my electrified jizz, I squeezed his muscular buns, and drank in the intoxicating scent of his balls. How I wished his lips were wrapped around my meat as mine were around his. But it was still the dope to have his cock stuffed in my mouth, and my face pressed against his balls as I offloaded a bucket of boy juice.

It wasn't until I saw Greg grab a tissue and wipe his face that I realized where some of my juice had landed. "Don't blame me, bro. You were in charge of my joystick. Point it away from your face next time."

"Thanks for the blowjob, Daniel," he grinned. "Totally fucking awesome… as usual." He studied the tissue as he might have done after blowing his nose. "By the way, who was on the bottom? Kyle or Steve?"

"Kyle. And I'm gonna write him and tell him about this. It was so damn cool! You were an animal!"

"Are you gonna ask him if he sniffed his finger like you're sniffing yours?"

"What's wrong with sniffing my finger? Smells are interesting."


"Kyle's not a big rosebud fan, either. Steve is, though. And Kyle wasn't exactly complaining when Steve's tongue did a fair bit of investigating."

"I dunno how a guy could do that."

"You keep isolating bits of anatomy, man. Hey, assholes weren't meant to be pretty. But they can be pretty cool when they're part of the right dude."

"I don't think I'll ever really understand you, Daniel. But maybe I don't need to. Maybe just accepting you is enough."

"And do you?"

"Accept you? Dumb question, bro. You already know the answer."

"Hey, did you really mean what you said about donating your heart if I needed a transplant?"

"I guess I'd have to think about it," he grinned.

"Yeah… I figured you were being a bit overly fucking generous. Nice thought, though."

Back in my room, I was about to email Pop and tell him about what happened when I got the sudden impulse to blade over to his house. I checked my watch. 10:30pm. Cool. I'd make it a quick visit.

"Do your parents know you're here?"

"Nope. I kinda snuck out."

"Then kinda snuck back. Besides, I'm buggered."

"I just wanted a quick chat."

Pop shook his head in surrender, then stood aside to allow me inside where I bladed down the hall to the kitchen. "White and one?" I yelled.

"Plus a nip of brandy." His body followed his voice some seconds later as he came through the doorway, then flopped into a chair by the table. "So how did it go with you and Greg?"

"Cool." While I waited for the jug to boil, I sat on the floor, and removed my blades. "You want me to leave my shorts on?"

"Most definitely."

"You're lying," I laughed as I slid them down my legs. "Besides, I like being naked."

"Make that two nips of brandy. Anyway, what did you wanna chat about?"

"Assholes. When I sat on the kitchen bench, and you checked mine out, you almost had a fucking heart attack." Just then, the jug boiled, and I poured the steaming water into two cups. "And tonight, I was checking Greg's… he's got such a fucking cute ass… woohoo! So he tells me that I'm gross, 'cause I was sniffing my finger after… well... y'know. So I said that he was isolating bits of anatomy, and that assholes weren't meant to be pretty, but that they could be pretty cool if they were part of the right dude. Does that make sense to you?" I added the milk, sugar, and two nips of brandy to Pop's coffee, then placed it on the table. "You can stir it."

"Aren't you having one?"

"Nope… too late. I'll have a Coke, though."

"Help yourself. Yes, you're quite right. Most people view the human body as bits of this or that, and not a whole… that's whole with a 'w'." He took a sip of coffee, then waited for me to sit at the table. "Y'know, Daniel, humans are very strange things, which is why I enjoy writing about them. Today, for example, I wondered what would happen if I tethered a cow and took it to a McDonald's parking lot in full view of the diners, then cut its throat." He paused a moment to chuckle. "What do you think would happen?"

"There'd be a fucking exodus!"

"And why would that be?"

"'Cause peeps don't wanna know that they're eating a cow."

"Precisely. And I'd say that's the reason why they refer to 'beef' instead of cow. Imagine if their advertising referred to '100% lean cow'? By the way, I'm very glad that you chose to sit at the table."

"'Cause you can't see my dick? Hey, why don't I sit on the kitchen bench like I did before?"

"Why do you enjoy teasing me?"

"'Cause it's cool."

"Cool… a word with an endless number of meanings. It explains everything, yet nothing," he smiled. "Youth is such a marvellous thing. So very entertaining. So very much alive. So very uncomplicated."

"Uncomplicated? Hey, Pop, you've got a fucking memory prob. It's helluva complicated being a teen."

"I agree… it can be. But it can also be very uncomplicated, and you're a wonderful example of that. You rock around to my house in the middle of the night, blade down the hall, make coffee… dammit, you take over the whole fucking joint!"

"You cussed."

"And you're not in the least bit embarrassed about invading my privacy, or undressing and flaunting yourself."

"You want me to go?"

"You shouldn't have come here without your parents' permission."

"You didn't answer my question."

Pop took another sip of coffee, then replaced his cup in the saucer. "You know what you are, Daniel? You're a scallywag. You know very well that I don't want you to go. And you're unashamedly manipulative."

"And you want me to sit on the kitchen bench, right?"


"How come you're such a hopeless liar?" I laughed. "Anyway, about assholes. I think Greg's rules. I get so fucking horny when I see it, and I just wanna tongue the damn thing. Same thing happens with Paul, and Kyle, and my other buds. But Greg thinks it's gross. And Kyle told me once that he thinks it's totally yuck."

"Kyle is correct, but you're also correct."

"How can we both be correct?"

"Because there's no such thing as correct when it comes to sexual preferences or activities, provided it's consentual, of course."

I lifted the can of Coke to my mouth and took a couple of mouthfuls before I leaned forward and studied Pop's face. "Can I ask you something really personal?"


"Why did my asshole turn you on? And I know it did, so don't gimme any crap."

"Well, I guess there are all sorts of reasons. For one, it's not something you see every day. One can't even see one's own, and I can think of a million reasons why one shouldn't. Anyway, it's a very private area of a person's body, and I suppose it's almost a privilege to see it... I mean, theirs, not one's own... depending on your point of view. Isn't there another question you'd prefer to ask me?"


Pop took a deep breath, then exhaled thought pursed lips. "Forbidden fruit, Daniel. It's all about forbidden fruit. Once something is declared off limits, we want it. We become curious, and excited about it. We all love the thrill of being 'naughty', and breaking the rules. It's not the asshole itself that's attractive, it's what it represents. It's a no-go zone, the same as our other so-called 'private' parts. If our ears were suddenly declared off limits, and had to be covered in public, the internet would be full of pictures of naked ears. And I'd be writing stories about them."

"Have you always been this crazy?"


"There's something else I wanna ask, but I'm not sure that I should."

"I've got a feeling that I'm gonna need more brandy. Can you pass me the bottle, please?"

I tipped a couple of nips into Pop's cup, then placed the bottle on the table. "When I'm old like you…"


"…will I still like Greg and Paul and Kyle? I mean, the same way I do now?"

"Life is a journey, Daniel. And like any journey, the scenery changes, circumstances change, people change, you change, everything changes. You're asking me if you'll still be the same person in years to come. And the answer is no. You won't be the same person. None of us are. If we cease to grow, we cease to be."

"You're a totally cool dude, Pop, and I think you rock. Big time. But it kinda scares me that I'm gonna… y'know..."

"Be like me one day? Should a sapling be scared of being a tree? Should a cub be scared of being a lion? Should saplings and cubs forever remain saplings and cubs? Daniel, enjoy who you are today, and don't worry about tomorrow."

"Are you happy?"

Pop's lined face dissolved into a broad smile, and there was a twinkle in his green eyes. "Yes, Daniel. I'm happy, and one of the reasons I'm happy is you. Oscar Wilde once wrote that youth is wasted on the young. But I don't think he was talking about you."

"So why didn't he say that wisdom is wasted on the old?"

"Good point," he chuckled.

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