Part 146

I asked Greg to place his hands on his hips and just stand there like a god for a moment while my eyes feasted on his magnificent throbber. How anybody could resist eating that delicious piece of teen meat was beyond me. It was just so damn perfect, all the way from his neat bunch of shiny, black pubes, to the large, sculptured head, with its high ridge, and gaping pisshole.

"It's called a dick, Daniel. Every guy's got one."

"Not every guy's got one like yours, though. Anyway, there's no such thing as throat-cam, so I'm fixing the image of your boner in my mind so that I'll be able to picture it banging around in there while you're fucking the hell outa my face."

"Looks like an ordinary dick to me."

"If it was hanging off an ordinary guy, maybe it would be. But it's not." I reached around and grabbed hold of his smooth, muscular buns, then pulled him a little closer to my face. "Mmmm! You smell fucking wicked!" I tilted my face to one side, then pressed my nose to his balls. My tongue automatically sprang out and began to lick each of those hairless, killer hangers. At the same time, Greg's hands found my head, and pulled me closer.

"How do I smell?"

"Hot… like sex... kinda spicy… your scent goes straight to my damn brain." I ran my tongue along the underside of his rigid cock, then glanced up at the handsome face that was looking down at me, with its smiling, dark, chocolate eyes. "Is this how Lindy does it?"

"Not really."

"Girls don't understand cocks… not like guys do."

"Some guys."

"You want me to stop?"

"No," he grinned.

"Get a good grip of my head, and fuck like there's no tomorrow, bro."

I felt his fingers press against my scalp as I pulled his heavy boner down, and guided it between my lips. The salty taste of his precum was immediate.

"This is so damn cool. Lindy would never let me do it to her like this."

There was no way that I could answer with a mouthful of bursting boy beef, but I knew what he meant. Lindy would've been more romantic about blowing him. Most girls didn't understand a guy's primal, fucking instinct… the need to thrust your hips and be aggro… the need to hang onto somebody's head like a football and fuck it stupid. Which was exactly what Greg had begun to do. Whoa!

The instinct to gag was difficult to control… a bit like a sword swallower. But the discomfort was worth it, and I figured that's why guys gave better blow jobs. They understood cocks, as well as what was going on in the dude's crazed brain.

I left one hand on my bro's buns, and used the other to massage his balls as the shaft of his throbber kept gliding back and forth between my firm, wet lips. During each retreat, I wrapped my tongue around his knob and tasted more of his precum. And while all that was going on, I was visualizing his cock inside my mouth, and how it must've looked… that big, swollen head stabbing my throat, and my busy tongue lashing his shaft and knob. Fuck! What a sight!

After a few minutes, Greg began to whimper, and the pressure from his fingers on my scalp increased. I forced my index finger into his tight, sweating rosebud, and felt his balls slap against my chin. His cock must've been halfway to my asshole when he shot his first wad of boy juice. Then he retreated for the next tidal wave of salty cum.

His hands were using my head to maintain his balance. His knees must've been buckling big time. He was groaning like crazy, and his throbber was thrashing about in my mouth like some bucking bronco as it exploded wad after wad of thick, delicious jizz.

Finally, he regained control of his legs, but continued to hold my face to his crotch while he allowed his thick meat to slowly deflate in my mouth. That was cool, 'cause it gave me time to force the remainder of his sticky juice past my tonsils.

"You're probably right, bro. If Lindy knew what it felt like to be blown like this, she'd probably think it was cool for me to fuck my bro's face." And with that, he smiled down at me. "You look kinda weird with a face full of pubes, Daniel."

Actually, I would've been happy to let him stand there with his semi in my mouth for ages. I felt joined to him, a part of him, and I could savor the sweet odor from his curlies. But he stepped back, and dragged his cock from between my lips.

"You're one aggro mother, Greg."

"So how come you're smiling? You want me to jack you off?"

"I'd prefer to fuck your cute ass."

"In your dreams, Daniel."

"OK, in my dreams." I rolled off the bed and laid flat on my back on the floor. "Park your buns right here so I can check 'em out while you're jacking me."

"You're totally fucking loopy, bro. How come the sight of an asshole turns you on?" He didn't argue, though. He got down on all fours, then straddled me, and parked his beautiful, bronze globes just inches from my face. Once again, my brain was intoxicated by his deliciously sexy scent.

"Depends whose it is."

"So I should spend the rest of my life walking around on my hands, and have my ass sticking outa my shirt collar?"

"That'd be cool. You could explain to peeps that your dick was actually your tongue."

As Greg's fist closed around my seven inches, I ran my open hands around his silky smooth butt, and studied his wrinkled brown hole. Despite what he'd said, I thought the damn thing was wicked sexy. Woohoo! Then my eyes wandered down to his balls, and his semi swaying to and fro on the far side. What a fucking rad package, I thought. Totally edible!

I raised my head from the floor and zapped my tongue into his tasty hole, and felt its muscles gently squeeze. Awesome! At the same time, his spit-lubed hand was doing a pretty cool job of setting my crotch on fire. He'd also learned how to use his thumb to massage the head of my cock as he stroked me.

"I've gotta admit, Daniel… it feels kinda awesome to have your tongue buried deep in my ass."

"Tastes pretty cool, too."

"Thanks. I really needed to know that. Jesus! You can be so fucking gross, bro!"

My tongue was beginning to ache just as the fireworks began, but I kept my face pressed against the firm flesh of his warm butt while my feral throbber fought with my bro's hand, and exploded a truckload of boy juice in all directions. Every muscle in my bod was tensed, every nerve was electrified.

"I'll get a tissue," Greg said as he rolled off me, then stood.

"Damn! Why didn't you just linger for a bit longer."

"Linger for a bit longer. Sounds like a song," he laughed, then handed me a bunch of tissues while I remained on the floor. "You're not serious. Right? I mean, maybe I can understand why you'd want my butt in your face while I'm jacking you… but after you've blown?"

"You've got a totally cool butt, bro. But you wouldn't know… you've never seen it," I cracked.

"And I don't wanna. That's why nature put it where it is… outa fucking sight."

"Not outa my sight, though."

Greg sat on the edge of his bed while I cleaned the juice off my stomach and chest. "You really are crazy, Daniel, you know that? But you're also kinda neat in a weird kinda way. I gotta tellya, though, you really fuck with my brain sometimes. It's like you make your own fucking rules. To hell with convention."

"What's convention? I asked as I tossed the wet tissues into the wastepaper bin. Then I sat next to Greg, which made the mattress sag a bit, and forced him to lean closer to me. "You know what I think it is? I think it's a bit like when you mix a whole bunch of colors, and you get gray. So it's like all the red and blue and yellow and green… all the really neat colors… get gobbled up and become boring ol' gray. It's like some kinda compromise."

"Do you think I'm gray?"

"No way, bro. You fucking rock," I grinned. "Trouble is, I'm the only dude who knows it… well, 'cept for Lindy and our folks maybe. Oh, and Paul and Kyle. Actually, most of the guys think you rock, but they're all a bit scared 'cause you're straight."

"So what color am I?"

"Color? Hmmm. I'd say bronze… plus black. But not just any black. You've got the coolest hair, man. Long and shiny, like silk… and it suits your skin big time… golden brown, and so fucking perfect. When you were standing at the edge of the pool today…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah… gimme a fucking break! You went through all that bullshit before. Y'know, sometimes I check myself out in the mirror, and I try to see what you see, but I can't. OK, so I see muscles and stuff, and the color of my Eurasian skin, but there must be a million dudes like me."

"You wanna invite them all around?" I giggled. "We could party big time! Hey, don't put yourself down, bro. There's only one of you. There's only one of anybody. Anyway, you thought those pics of you that I sent to Kyle were pretty neat."

"That was like looking at another dude… like some clone of me who was doing stuff that I could never do."

"But you did."

"Only 'cause some depraved fucker talked me into it."

"Are you sorry I did?"

"So you admit that you're a depraved fucker? No… I'm not sorry you talked me into it. I guess I saw another side to myself. Kinda spooky, though."

"Maybe people were meant to be like rainbows… all colors… not just gray. Y'know, like a box has six sides."

Greg studied my eyes for quite a long time, then allowed his gaze to fall to my lips. I could sense that he wanted to kiss me. "You can if you wanna," I ventured.

Then his eyes met mine again, as if he were suddenly woken from a trance. "I dunno what I was thinking then."

"I do."

"You'd better go. School tomorrow."

"Greg? Why don't you just do what you wanna do? Why don't you just follow your instincts?"

"I am. You're going back to your room, and I'm gonna hit the hay. That's my instinct."

"Wanna gimme a hug before I go?"

We both stood, wrapped our arms around each other, and placed our chins on each other's shoulders. It felt totally damn wicked to be so close to him, and to be holding him, and to have our deep affection for each other being transferred from body to body. I could feel it like some invisible force filling every corner of my being with his warmth, and I was sure that he could, too.

"You wanna gimme a brotherly kiss?"

"How did you know what I was thinking before?"

"Telepathy or something. Anyway, you're probably freaking. But it doesn't have to be like the way you kiss Lindy. I understand the diff."

He relaxed his hold on me, and stood back a little so that our faces were almost nose to nose. For a few moments, our eyes did all the talking. Then he tilted his head slightly, and pressed his closed lips to mine. It was a fleeting kiss, soft and tender, and not in the least bit sexual, but it spoke fucking volumes about the way he felt toward me.

"Thanks for understanding, bro," he smiled. "But you'd better go. Time to hit the sack."

"Hey, do you remember where my face was just a few minutes ago?"

His eyes widened. Then the penny dropped. "Oh, fuck!" He grabbed a tissue and vigorously wiped his lips. "Fucking hell!"

I fell back onto the bed, and dissolved into hysterics. "Hey, it won't kill you," I gasped between breaths. "It was your own damn ass." Then I heard the door close. It was a cruel thing to do, and I'd probably -- no, certainly -- ruined an important moment in his life. But, hey, the guy had to learn to lighten up. It was his ass, not mine. Anyway, I kinda got the guilts after I'd stopped laughing, and found him sitting on the bench outside in the barbecue area.


"Piss off!"

"You mad at me?" I asked as I sat next to him.

"Fuck! You can be so fucking gross!"

"I've got a bellyful of your juice. Is that gross?" I put my arm around his shoulder, expecting him to shrug it off, but he didn't. "Dude, lighten up. People who love each other…" Whoa! I paused a moment to absorb the words that had unexpectedly leapt from my lips.

"Love each other?"

"That kinda slipped out."

"Did you mean it?"


He sat there for a while, staring at the ground, as if he was wrestling with some major mental problem. Then he started to giggle, slowly at first, then leaned back, lifted his legs into the air, and became hysterical with laughter. I didn't know quite what to think, so I watched him convulse, and waited for him to compose himself.

"What's so damn funny?"

"You, you idiot! You're totally fucking crazy. But, hey, I guess I'm stuck with you."

"Is that so bad?"

He threw his arm around my neck. "No. It's not so bad."

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